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Space Arena 3D is a simple space shooters game with colorfulgraphic.Blast down all the opponents and asteroids before theyimpact on your spaceship - be careful they can appear anywhere. Ithis game you need to shoot down all the enemies spacecrafts anddodge meteor storms in order to survive. shoot down as many enemiesas you can and get the highest score.Features:-Easy gameplay andcontrol-Survival mode-Nice music and sounds-LeaderboardEnjoy!

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    Space Arena 3D
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    June 10, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Awesome Apps!
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Motion Detector Plus 1.0.9 APK
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Motion Detector Plus automatically shoot photos when motion oncamera is triggered.Quick tutorial:-Go to settings menu (gear wheelicon on main screen) and adjust all settings as you like.*tip: uselower sensitivity level in low light areas!-Place device on desiredplace and don't move it-Press start / stop button (it is placed lowmiddle area of the screen)-Percentage bar will show how much imageis changed in percentage (when motion is triggered)-When percentagebar comes to value that you have set in settings menu (insensitivity level option) it will turn red and camera will startshooting images (also alert will pop up with message "motion hasbeen detected")-All captured images will be saved into your gallery- in same place where images are saved when you shoot photos withnormal camera application (in case you didn't check the "save to SDcard" option)And that's it!!! As you can see everything is verysimple!!! All taken media will be saved in to your gallery or onyour SD card.You can now open images using any image viewer app.This app can be great way to provide safety, security andprotection for your home or workplace.Motion Detector Plus alsoenables you to use some of these options:- Activation time (thetime required to pass before the program get activated)- Samplerate (time between two taken photos)- Number of pictures to shoot(number of pictures that can be captured when motion is detected)-Picture resolution- Send sms message (when motion is detected)- SDcard / phone or tablet storage-Instant foto capturing when motionis detected- Sensitivity level (motion sensor)*User could decide amotion detection sensitivity form 0 to 100The sensitivity of thedetection is varied by surrounding light conditions. So, recommendto test and choose the best option for the given areas. To test,try to change detection area positions and the size of the detectorto get the best results.Thank you for using Motion DetectorPlus!Enjoy!
Red Bouncy Ball -classic bouncing game in blue sky 1.0.1 APK
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Game is insanely simple and addictive, all you need to do is tocollect golden coins as much as you can.Whenever you tap the screenbouncy ball will change movement direction.Watch out for asteroids!If you hit one game is over.During the game more and more asteroidswill come to get you.So bounce your ball smartly to avoid themall.Thank you for playing bouncy ball!Enjoy!
UFO Lander - lunar mission 1.1 APK
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Main objective of UFO Lander game is to pilot a landing module asit prepares to touch down on the landing platforms. It is inspiredby good old retro lunar (moon) lander game with modern graphics andchallenging puzzles and you will need to be very good interstellarpilot to accomplish the mission and to successfully finish cosmicexpedition. Game start cosmic location is galaxy fhritp - 241543903and you are flying alone, without your casual fleet . Game is verychallenging and requires fast finger reflexes and logical problemssolving. Watch out when you are trying to land on the landingplatforms! If you hit the platforms to hard your UFO will explodeinto pieces! Gravity will always pull you down so landing sometimescould be very hard. Also you shouldn't fly over level borderbecause critical radiation level outside the border is very highand it is also very cold. In case you've skipped over the borderyou will get red alert warning from local space agency and if youdon't go back to your galaxy, space jet will set on fire andexplode in few seconds! In that case you will be unabled toaccomplish your space mission. Number of score points is dependedon remaining fuel after UFO has landed on all platforms, so try topilot your UFO smart and efficiently and to use fuel as less aspossible! Strike for the best! Game contains 20 challenging levelsin which you will need to resolve different puzzles and avoidobstacles like asteroids, rock, spikes, crystals, lasers, ice, etc.Some of them are extremely hard and tricky so be careful but someof them even monkey can solve. Come on space invaders jump in intoUFO, turn on ignition and see what is it feels like to be an alienlost in endless space simulator. Universe is waiting for you! Jointhe space armada and become a lunar lander master! UFO lander gamecontains the following features: -20 levels -Awesome graphic-Leaderboard -Achievements -You can upgrade fuel capacity, handlingand acceleration of your UFO ***** Are you ready for UFO landingsimulator adventure? ***** 120hz game. Made in Arandjelovac *****Music used inside the game is provided by NCS Track: Syn Cole -Feel Good (NoCopyrightSounds release)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1ULJ92aldE Syn Cole facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/SynCole/?fref=ts ***** Thank you forplaying UFO Lander - lunar mission! Enjoy!
Fast Finger! 1.0.1 APK
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How long can you protect your fingers from upcoming obstacles?!FastFinger is a fun, single touch high score game. Don’t hit anythingwith your finger or else game is over. Compete against your friendsusing in game leaderboards to see who can survive thelongest.Features:- Leaderboards and Achievements- One Touch ControlScheme- No In App PurchasesThank you for playing Fast Finger!Enjoy!
Space Basketball Shoot Mania - dunk through space 1.0.2 APK
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Your task is very simple, just tap the screen to make ball tobounce and avoid upcoming obstacles.For every avoided obstacle youwill score 1 point. There is no limit how much points you can getand how high you can climb into space!Also, you can upload yourscore into Space Basketball Leaderboard and compete with otherplayers!Thank you for playing Space Basketball!
Camera Color Picker Pro 1 APK
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Camera color picker pro allows you to pick up the color from thecamera and get RGB and hexadecimal values of that color.Cameracolor picker app is very simple, you just need to point crosshairto desired color and RBG (red, green, blue) and hexadecimal valuesof that color will show on bottom of the screen. You don't have totake a picture, everything is happening in real time.Thank you forusing Camera Color Picker Pro!
Underwater Bubble Shooter - bubble buster game 1.45 APK
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Underwater Bubble Shooter is the fast and furiously fun bubbleshooter that’s all about popping bubbles! Gameplay is very simple,you just need to tap the screen with the finger when crosshairarrow is pointed on any bubble on the screen. There is no strictorder which you need to follow when you popping bubbles. You needto figure out the easiest and the fastest way to pop and blast allthe bubbles on the screen. Every level is possible to complete inmultiple ways. Score is directly dependent on time that is leftafter completing the level. With better score you will gain morelevel stars and for every star you will gain 10 upgrade points thatcan be used to get more bullets, more time per level and to slowdown rotation of the crosshair arrow. Try to complete all 150levels and become bubble blaze genius! *Features: -150 levels-achievements -great underwater graphics -awesome sound effects-classic leaderboard (you can compete with entire world) * * * * *Background theme song is provided by http://www.purple-planet.com/* * * * * Thank you for playing Underwater Bubble Shooter - bubblebuster game! Enjoy! I welcome comments, suggestions and pleaseleave a review. Thanks!
Radiant Space Fighter 1.0.3 APK
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Radiant Space Fighter is a simple space shooting game with colorfulneon graphic.Classic asteroids shooter in glow neon style.Blastdown all the opponents and asteroids before they impact on yourneon spaceship - be careful they can appear anywhere. It his gameyou need to shoot down all the enemies spacecrafts and dodge meteorstorms in order to survive. shoot down as many enemies as you canand get the highest score.Join space nerf war.Features:-Amazingglow neon graphics-Easy gameplay and control-Survival mode-Nicemusic and sounds-LeaderboardEnjoy!And don't forget to leave areview!