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After years of research and effort, humans have finally discoveredagood enough fuel source that is within their reach, on a smallnewlydiscovered planet named Gradis. its been decades since Earthwas outof all organic fuel, humans dug every place that couldpossibly haveoil reservoir to the point that looking for fuel wasno longerefficient anymore. now its 2062 and Humans needed whatscientistscalled "CT-52", short for "Cosmic Trace-52" but it iscommonly knownas "CTrace" or "Citrus", NASA started a spaceprogram to mine theresource from the planet it was first broughtfrom, but the missionwas a failure due to an attack ofunidentified flying ships whichslowly overheated the drones to thepoint that citrus on the shipunderwent a chain reaction, explodingthe drones before they couldreturn. they seem to be planning andpreparing for a space war andwe need the resources to protect thehuman kind. You are hired tomake sure extraction drones reachesback at base safely, using thehighly advanced "IAD-18", which isgalaxy's lethal battleship known.Equipped with multiple blasters,Freeze Explosion and evenoverloading itself, creating a massivewave of molten plasma, usingup all the power core charge inprocess. power core is what powersthe ship's functionalities andarsenal, it keeps generating andstoring power for use, make sureto use the stored powerefficiently. IAD-18 is capable of beingintegrated with AlienUpgrade Processors which can be found duringbattles and then usedto upgrade the ship functionalities.Extraction Program sends Squadof 100 drones at once with oneIAD-18 to protect them, trust us, itsthe most efficient way.. andwe believe in you. you are our defenderafter all. but remember,longer we fight, harder the aliens attack.Gameplay: -control theShip's movement using touch or tilt. -Shootthe alien invadersusing cannons. -defeat UFOs before they damageour drones, whiledodging the counter attacks. -wait for power coreto charge so youcan use different abilities like freeze, multiplecannons orRepair. Features: -Special Attacks. -Level up andUpgrade. -3DGraphics -GooglePlay Leaderboard support -No ADS! -Morecontentcoming soon.. Credits: Art, music and SFXbyhttps://freesound.org/people/211redman112/https://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/https://www.flaticon.com/authors/pixel-buddha

App Information Space Attack: Power Invasion

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    Space Attack: Power Invasion
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    March 26, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Buried Seed
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