1.5 / June 8, 2012
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This app is a fun game people can enjoyplayingat anytime. Engaging in Combat an enemy ship, shootinglasers, anddodging asteroids to stay alive.

App Information Space Battle

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Math With Suen 1.5 APK
This is the mathematical application for you!This application is for students and teachers that are looking forreferences in the subjects of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, andCalculus. The main protagonist for our application is Mr. Suen! Inour app we have various formulas that maybe needed by students orteachers.It will provide people who stuggle with mathematics a boost intheir learnings! Although we target to the New York State studentsin middle and high school we do encourage everyone that’s in middleand high school throughout the US to download this usefulapplication. This will make the students life easier within thefour subjects.
QuickLearnPro 1.5 APK
This app is for little kid who goestokindergarten. It helps them to learn animals name faster andeasierway.
That's the Country 1.5 APK
It is an app where the outlines ofcountriesare shown and you have to guess the name of thecountry.
MoloToHelp 1.5 APK
This app helps people who suffer fromdementia;it helps them remember letters in a specific order. It’sextremelyeasy to use and when you guess the letters correctly, theuser seesa huge green check but if people guessed wrong you see ahuge red X.It’s a fun game to improve your memory and hasdirections if youdon’t know what to do.
Brace Yourself 1.5 APK
If you’re looking to learn on how to makethesefascinating bracelets this is the app for you! You’ll enjoythisamazing application that shows you how to make different typesofbracelets. If you’re worried about if your not advanceddon’tbecause he have three levels for beginners, intermediatelevel, andadvanced level.They’re fashionable and you can find one in bracelet standsbutisn’t it more special when you make one of your own? That’s whynotonly do we forward this application to teen but adults ofbothgenders. This application will make you very successful ifyoulearn and decided to learn how to make a fashionablebracelet.
Hearing 3.0 APK
App will help you locate hearingaiddispensaries in Manhattan
Elderly Help 1.0 APK
BETA VersionWill send a notification to a family member if the phone sensesashock (e.g. elderly person falling), this app is targetedtowardsthe elderly hearing impaired since they have more difficultywithbalance. You have the option to stop the message if you are OKoraccidentally drop your phone.
Share the Road 1.0 APK
This app will, eventually, allow you toreportNYC Road issues to the DOT. Take a picture, add your address,and adescription and the app does the rest.This app was created by a pair of high school students fortheNYC Vision Zero Initiative.