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White fluffy kittens are lost in space and they are really sadbecause of that! They are cold and scary, they just want to sleep,play and eat, not to explore deadly space. Charge your space lasergun aka portal teleporter, designed specifically for kittens, andtry to save every kitty! Space Cat: Laser Pointer Sim – meet theSPACE CAT!What an incredible landscape - fluffy astronauts flyingamong stars. Start your laser in time and teleport kittens to thespecial box, where they will be in safety. Space is a really badarea for such cute creatures – they must be sleeping all day longon the sofa or on the lap of the owner, so you have to stop thisspace journey. Help these cats today, and one day someone will helpyour cat!Gloomy classical music will help you to undestand thesecats feelings. There also are meteors - don't waste your blasterenergy for these heartless things. Yes, your blaster can run out ofenergy and you have no charger in the space, so you'll loose. Andlaser kittens will be here forever. GAME FEATURES:- Exploremysterious outer space;- Master real laser gun and practice inshooting;- Improve your laser pointer;- Help space kittens;- Youcan shoot and you can not to shoot;- There are cute cats, becauseeveryone loves cats.Space Cat: Laser Pointer Sim – crazy spaceshooter campaign with laser guns and so on. Meow!*** This games isjust a joke. No animals were harmed while developing and testingthis product

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    Space Cat: Laser Pointer Sim
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    November 9, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Россия, Новосибирск, 630064
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