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One small step for you. One light-year for chopper! Hop aboard thefantastic space chopper Adventures and start your adventure acrossthe boundless cosmos. On a rocket built by an 11-year-old genius,you’ll use your “walking energy” to fuel the ship, allowing you todiscover fascinating planets! Throughout the universe, you’ll alsoencounter delightful lost space creatures that will need your helpalong the way. It’s truly the adventure you’ve been waiting for!Thegame starts out slowly, but the speed gets faster and faster, andthe obstacles seem to close in on you. Can you keep going withoutwiping out? You must make it to the end! Are you up for thechallenge? Importantly, there are powers along the way as well ascoins you can collect which enable you to continue your game fromwhere you left off as well as obtain other items from the games ingame store.You are in Rocket and it’s supposed to cross the spaceof endless black holes and loop times, so only possible way for youto get back to earth is collect those Time gems and buy your wayback to earth in from the black holes!! But getting those coins isnot really easy! No one has ever made back, they either crashed orlost in Space, so a good tip for you is Don't Get lost and Don'tDie in space!!!It’s a fun, ad-free game to help you pass the time.Hold the screen to fly up, release the screen to fall, and see howlong you can go! Dodge the walls while collecting coins and oils toincrease your score. The difficulty increases with distance; wallsbegin to speed up, spin, and even move! The game stores yourhighest score, which can be reset in the tutorial section. Enjoy!Now it's possible to record your game play - simply enable soundfrom settings.Easy sharing is done with every play community. Spacechopper Adventures is a demanding arcade game from creators of manyGames. Will you pass all the levels or will you set the new worldrecord in endless mode? Space chopper Adventures is physics basedarcade & adventure game with touch controls, procedurallygenerated stages. The main draw of the game is progressing throughrandomly generated obstacles and saving as many score as possibleat the risk of exploding or falling to the space. Players will beable to purchase new helicopters, upgrade armor, engines and rescuegear and complete challenging missions while aiming for the topscore. Google Play Games leader boards are supported.This game doesnot contain in-app purchases. No content is blocked via in-apppurchases. All game content can be earned in game. We hope youenjoy our game and consider supporting us by reviewing it andtelling others about it. Your support helps enable KanttGames toproduce more games.Join space chopper Adventures and his friends asthey goes on an endless running space. Journey will be across thebeautiful space and their native wilderness, through neighboringvillages.**** Game Story ****: Your Captain has upset the Martianand now you are fleeing Mars with some spaceships closing in. Youneed to defend your ship long enough to get to safety. Use thetouch to aim your cross-hairs on the target. Look out for mines;keep a close eye on your shields.Space chopper Adventures is a fastpaced game, if you need to improve game speed, you can reduce thenumber of Obstacles in the star-field and turn animations off.These options are available in settings selected from the menuscreen. Likewise if the difficulty setting is too high then thiscan be changed in the settings.***** GAME FEATURES ****-- Ultraendless game with best graphics -- amazing game play and easy toplay one touch control game-- One of the hardest game -- Simple,easy yet hard to stay on top of Leader boards!-- optimized to runon all device easily

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    Space Chopper Adventures
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    October 22, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Assalatu ImaduddinEasy namaaz (Nemaz,Nemaaz) (Namaaz Sunt e Nabvike Roshni main) is a basic and very useful Android Application forkids and adults to understand how to offer prayers.This is acomplete guide of Namaz and its also has 40 Asaan Masnoon Dua'swhich is essential for kids and adultsto learn and read every day.This book show the Asaan Tareqa of Namaaz (Nemaz,Nemaaz). This bookTargets Muslim society. This book also help Haji or hajis duringHajj This book will teach you diyanet. This book also help you tofine correct or right salah times.App has thesefunctionalities:1)HD format images2)Full listing.3)Easy navigationof Duas and Namaz4)Easy User interface.5) u-verseThis app contain:*Four (4) Kul Shareef * Ayat ul Kurseh* Duaye Qanoot* Wazu kayFaraez* Emaan ka Biyan* Six Kalmai (Kalemah, Kalimeh, Kaleemah)*Taharat Ka Biyan* Wazo ka Tariqa* Gussal ka Tariqa* Tayammum KaBiyan* Namaz Ka Biyan* Namaz e Jumma* Namaz Ki Niyyat* Azan(Azaan)* Takbeer ya Akamat (Taqbeer ya Aqamat)* Azkar e Namaz*Tasmeeh (Tesmeeh)* Namaz Ka Tariqa* Mard ar Aurat ki Namaz ka farq(Way of Nemaar for male and female)* Guide of All Namaz* MasnooDuaeen* ezan vakti* U-verse (uverse)* namaz saatleri* namazvakitleri* namaz vakti* ezan (Azaan, Azan)* ezan vakti (azan vakti,azaan vakti)
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Stick Mad is a game that pushes the boundaries of your speed andreaction. The splendid 2D effect scene enables you to experiencethe imaginary traps and barriers. Now, let's control the ball andconquer the world by overcoming challenges. Stick Mad is a jungleadventure platform game. So get ready for Stick Mad adventures.Howfar can the Ball can go In the worlds of Obstacle?Play as Stick Madas you jump and spin your way across stunning 2D environments.Swipe your way over and under challenging obstacles are in thisfast and frenzied endless running game. Try the new balance ballgame and avoid the fall!Stick Mad is the new balance ball gamewhere all you need to do is to avoid the fall! Maintain yourbalance and do not fall. Roll, Balance and play as a ball in apuzzle to cross the obstacles and reach the destination every levelis a puzzle; it requires high level of balance and stay away fromthe edges or you may fall.In this free 2D game, we have packed itfull of challenging levels to test your skill for balance andprecision. Keep rolling in this Solve each obstacle as a puzzle androll your way to the next level! You gotta keep rolling to bewinning in this free game. Balance and roll your way on top of theleaderboards. Stick Mad is best game ball with smart leveladventure. Stick Mad is not ultimate 'one more tries' game but youshould try once! Featuring is only one soundtrack, simple one touchand impossible gameplay. Push your skills to the limit as you jump.TAP then HOLD to jump continuously. Avoid spiky obstacles and rollyour ball to cross challenges as long as you can. Collect secretCoins to find lucky.Stick Mad a is a fast paced arcade game with abuilt in ticket dispenser, where players are challenged to hit thetarget scores to move onto the next level and try to beat thehighest score. The better the player is, the longer they are ableto play and Avoid Obstacles!Speed is absolutely critical for anyoneintending to play this game. You must calculate and understand yourmoves right from the onset of the game as there’s no time to thinkabout what to do immediately the ball gets into motion. The ballloses gravity within no time, and, therefore, players must be quickenough to ensure that the ball is off the ground whenever itapproaches the spikes and obstacles. Fortunately, there aredifferent levels of the game, it’s always best to start off thepuzzle as a beginner and slowly advance towards becoming an expertplayer.How to play?Drag the ball left or right to avoid allobstacles and try not to fall off the track! Challenge your speedwith the rhythm of the music and try your best to win eachround!Features: • One-touch control with simple operations•Stunning 2D worlds and effects• A challenge to test your ultimatespeed and fast reflexes!
Robo Space Adventure 1.5 APK
Robo Space Adventureis a platform game that combines old schoolgame play with modern playability. Jump and run with Hero in thisplatformer through 80 exciting levels. Collect all coins to getmore points and buy additional items in store. Robo Space Adventureis a journey of super boy. In heat jungle, Mario must pass so muchthreats to run to target world. On his road, he can use weapon tokill monster but weapon is hidden in somewhere.Robo Space Adventureas in classic platform games with a journey of super smash boy. Inthe super world boy must pass so much threats to run to targetsuper world.Super Bros runs and jumps across platforms and atopenemies in themed levels. Robo Space Adventure has simple plots,typically with Robo Space Adventure rescuing the kidnapped Princessfrom the primary antagonist. These include a multitude of power-upsand items that give Mr. Bros special magic powers such asfireball-throwing and size-changing into giant and miniaturesizes.Robo Space Adventure with Lep in this award-winningplatformer through 120 exciting levels. More than 100 millionplayers to date can't be wrong.It's a beautiful sunny day inLeprechaun Village. Super Mario and his friends are enjoying thesun. But suddenly dark clouds approach and lightning illuminatesthe sky. Evil trolls appear, who steal the elves' gold and kidnapall the villagers. Super Mario is the only one who escapes. Now itis his task alone to save his friends and family. Help him defeatthe nasty trolls in this beautiful adventure. Jump and run throughLep's World 3 and enjoy yourself on 5 terrific, wonderfullydesigned worlds with 120 levels. Classic jumping game, bring backyour memory of childhood! Robo Space Adventure is a classicplatform game. You can get exciting experience of jumping &running. It combines the old school play and new arcade elements.This is the most challenging adventure! Take you back to yourchildhood!Jabber’s golds were robbed by evil Monster. For takingthe gold coins back, Jabber starts his adventure. Jump to beat theMonster. Collect coins, gold, acceleration props! Hop aboard thefantastic Robo Space Adventure and start your adventure across theboundless cosmos. On a rocket built by an 11-year-old genius,you’ll use your “walking energy” to fuel the ship, allowing you todiscover more than 50 fascinating planets, like Caramel Apple,Octopus Cavern, and more! Throughout the universe, you’ll alsoencounter delightful lost space creatures who will need your helpalong the way. It’s truly the adventure you’ve been waiting for!Get ready for the adventure! The best Space adventure game is withRobo Space Adventure. Best space game of this year! Refresh yourmemory of arcade games but this time it is much harder, muchsmarter and much faster on space and with aliens!You are in Rocketand Robo Space Adventure is supposed to cross the space of endlessblack holes and loop times, so only possible way for you to getback to earth is collect those Time gems and buy your way back toearth in from the black holes!!Robo Space Adventure is the greatestplatform adventure for your android! Everything has been carefullydesigned for you to have a lot of fun! We warn you, it´s not aneasy game so good luck!The game Features includes:- 5 beautifulworlds(more coming soon)- 30 awesome levels(more coming soon)- 40+different enemies- 4 different characters- 6 different costumes- 8different bullets- Upgradable characters- Achievements-Leaderboards- And a lot more features!
Horse Racing Pro 1.2 APK
GIDDY UP!It’s time for Horse Racing Pro! Compete against the bestriders in the world. Break into a gallop and face all kinds ofobstacles to win! The immersive 3D environment really sets thestage. Choose your favorite stallion and race to the victory in theultimate challenges against your competitors. Play for pride, butdon’t let it “run” away from you and prevent you from winningwithin the allotted time. At the same time, balance your horse’sstamina with the need for speed! Jump over hurdles and dodge muddypatches to cross the finishing line first. Earn extra cash forevery clean jump and use the cash to buy better horses. Upgradeyour horse's abilities to win all the races and become the WorldChampion!Buckle up for the cargo truck transporter job with HorseRacing Pro. As heavy vehicles driver; drive the zoo truck to horsesdestination. First of all you need to load farm animal from cityzoo and then transporting them to farmhouse stable. Be vigilantbecause transporting untamed horses is a tough job. Animalstransport is no less than extreme Horse Racing Pro adventure. Steeryour Horse carefully. Move this heavy Horse Racing Pro to itstarget with precision and accuracy. Horse Racing Pro is waiting forhis Arabian horse to saddle and become the wild champion of 2016.The most addictive endless Horse Racing Pro game is here. Takecontrol of the wild horses attached to a Rider and dodge theobstacles.Get ready for a wild ride. Transporting these animals topets shelter, safely is going to be so much fun. This heavy racinginvolves animal control. Play the most exciting RUN game on GooglePlay. Make your horse run throughout the day in amazingenvironmental game play! Take control of your Favourite HORSE whochooses to remain one of the fast running animals! Horse Racing Procombines natural run simulator and fast paced action with manyexciting environments and different locations, making up afantastic and one of the best games in arcade category of GooglePlay!Are you ready to take up the challenge for fast Horse RacingPro? Do you think your horse can flow free like a wind? If answeris yes, then be ready to face difficult challenges ahead and enjoythe 3D graphics and environment. Good Luck! Here’s the catch: Thereare number of hurdles placed on your way to break your speed. Jumpover obstacles and dodge muddy patches to cross the finish linefirst. Earn extra cash for every clean jump and use the cash to buyfaster and stronger horses. Upgrade your their abilities to win allthe races and become the World Champion!Play the Horse Racing Prowith your family and enjoy the complete flying action.You willdefinitely find Horse Racing Pro addictive. This can be enjoyed byboys, girls and adults equally. Good Luck and become the next HorseRacing Pro Champion. Try out other games by the KanttGames.As thegame progression allows you to move ahead as the jockey you need topurchase new and better horses. You can’t win through all racingtracks with a single horse. Visit the stable, get new horses andget on the tracks. Dodge your opponents, jump over obstacles, andgallop your way to victory. Horse Racing Pro is a 3d game withmultiple stallions and several race tracks. The faster you finishthe race, higher the points you win. Enter different horse racingevents and enjoy the 3d immersive environment with realistic soundeffects and opponent intelligence.Horse Racing Pro Feature:-- Tilt& Swipe to dodge the obstacles-- Jump to avoid being HIT andcollect coins-- Collect BOOSTERS to run faster -- Make it RUN asfast as possible! -- Easy and Smooth CONTROLS -- Pass through thechallenges successfully to make higher score -- Beat your friendshigh score and challenge them.-- Play this exciting game and sharewith your friends for more fun.
Run and Jump 2D 1.2 APK
Run And Jump 2D, the hit sequel to the wildly popular Jump game,includes all the same ninja climbing fun in entirely new,heart-pounding settings with all new enemies and power-ups. Run AndJump 2D is now 100% more deluxe! Jump your way past sea monsters,witch doctors, snakes, monkeys, fire-breathing dragons and enemyobstacles. Collect shields and amazing new power-ups along the way.Hit three matching obstacles in a row for a bonus power-up boost.How far can you get? Stay alive!With over 100 million downloads,Run and Jump 2D is one of the most popular mobile games of alltime. Accept no substitutes! Feel Park our now! Dash as fast as youcan. - From the makers of Run and Jump 2D. More than 6 millionaddicted players can't be wrong!Quickly jump over and roll throughobstacles, as fast and as far as you can. Try to beat otherplayer’s high score on up to 10 different tracks. But brains aren’tthe only thing you can eat as the Run and Jump 2D gets into fullswing. Devour the bonuses and power-ups to activate the Giantobstacle with multiple lasers shooting out of its many eyeballs,sneak around the cities as a netherworld Ninja.Run And Jump 2D is afun-packed thrill-ride of destruction, excitement and tasty brains!Who can gather the biggest collection of charging obstacle? Can yousurvive the gaping chasms, powerful bombs and streets filled withtanks with at least one flesh-eater still on its feet? Join the RunAnd Jump 2D and find out!How high can you jump?Journey up a sheetof graph paper, perpetually jumping from one platform to the next,picking up jet packs, avoiding black holes, and blasting baddieswith nose balls along the way. Laugh with delight as you blow pastother players' actual score markers scribbled in the margins. Andbe warned: this game is insanely addictive!Red Alert! Evil minion’sobstacle wants to squeeze the planet into a square shape. Who's gotthe balls to save the world? Oh yeah, that's right! Run and Jump 2Dto the rescue! Roll, jump and bounce through 60 exciting levelsfull of adventure. Make your way through tricky traps and defeatall monsters. Let’s challenge how far you can go with Run and Jump2D! Enjoy swinging action with simple ONE-TAP control! Aim the topin Rank Ratings, as well as Leader boards.Features: - Manyfantastical worlds to play in - Space, Jungle, Snow, Frozen Ice. -Trippy obstacles to avoid.- Mad platforms to jump on (Broken,moving, disappearing, shifting, EXPLODING…) - Global leader boards,fun achievements! Beat your friends’ scores!Run and jump on thehigh-rise buildings! Dodge the obstacles and performmissions.Collect and upgrade bonuses. You sit peacefully at the bareating soup - when suddenly you see serial killer known fromnewspaper. It's not a good sign, so RUN FAST, RUN! Run And Jump 2Dis brought to you by KanttGames. Run at the industrial area indusk! Let's take stick man far who is running.How to play -* Jumpfrom building to building by tapping the screen.* If failed to jumpto building, stick man will fall down.Press JUMP to jump forward-In midst of jumping, you can jump again (Double-Jump)- You can hangonto Balloon Tree and edges of floating grounds- Game is over ifyou hit the birds or fall- You can continue game at every 50 musing Gold* You will be able to use "continue" if dosomething...How far you can go by running on buildings!?
Virtual Magic Piano 1.1 APK
Play any song like a PRO without any practice. Real Virtual MagicPiano is the best multi touch learning, gaming and freestyle pianofor android. The Packed is with 6 Full Octaves, recordingcapabilities, various, music and beats playback features, beautifullightening animations.Learn how to play the piano easily. Play anymusic, chord, melodies in this interactive app. This is the bestpiano for Android. You can play and record music in this fun game.Virtual Magic Piano - Play Piano on Your Phone Have you everdreamed of becoming a music maestro? Playing Chopin or Beethovensongs on a grand piano? Now your dream can come true with VirtualMagic Piano! Virtual Magic Piano is a FREE piano game that everyoneis raving about these days. The rule of this music game is prettyeasy: tap on the black tiles and don’t tap on the white tiles.---#Virtual Magic Piano TOP features: #---• Awesome game design andgraphic.• Simple to play, difficult to master.• Smooth gamingexperience.• New Game PlayThis real perfect piano comes with lotsof great features and modes including:★★LEARNING MODE★★In learningmode, you can learn how to play the piano for free! Master eachlesson in a fun and interactive way. Lessons include how toposition your fingers on the piano, understanding the elements ofthe keyboard, groupings & naming of the various keys, notes foreach position, staffs, clefs and chords. After taking the lessons,you'll learn how to read notes and play any song like a PRO.★★GAMEMODE★★Compete with friends and family, break world records in theleader board, and accomplish achievements and many more. You canplay the Virtual Magic Piano with any song including local music onyour device. Some pre-loaded songs include Twinkle little stars,Jingle Bells and merry Christmas, silent night, rap, disco, countrymusic etc. Unlike all other piano apps, you are not forced tofollow the fixed instructions (animated dropping bar).Virtual MagicPiano is specially designed to enable you to play in any speed,effortlessly.You can play your song slow or fast, all depend on youand your mood and your style.With 40 million downloads on GooglePlay, this app is one of the best effortless instrument apps andgames for your Android tablet and mobile phone! Please try it andplay your favorite songs without any practice. Play piano on yoursmartphone. It comes with single and double piano keyboard, 6octaves per keyboard and different sound banks. Sounds are a studioquality and they are taken from a real piano.You can use it forlearning, showing lessons or you can record your play. Piano cannow record your music in MIDI format so you can play it onPC!Virtual Magic Piano has 128 musical MIDI instruments and over 12studio-quality, sampled voices. Expendable instruments areunlimited with external Sound font files (.sf2). There are morethan 50,000 songs from our content partners are available.In theupcoming version, we will add multi-touch, note velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend, sampler, full feature recorder, MIDI sheet musiceditor, sensor force, multi-level volume change, recording, cloudload & save, co-op via WIFI and Bluetooth, full grand piano'soctaves, many skin, theme and visual effect, localized key namelabels, window animation, looped playback, hardware acceleration,tablet optimized, pen and s-pen support, haptic feedback and fullscreen option.This free virtual keyboard can load any MIDI file(.mid or .midi) and Karaoke file (.kar) and played in easy andcomfortable way. This is the best and easiest to use piano app forAndroid. Play and record songs on this free and beautiful pianoapp. Perfect Piano is an intelligent piano simulator design forAndroid phones and tablets. With in-built genuine piano timbre,this app can teach you how to play piano and amuse you at the sametime!Features- No annoying banner ads- Ability to record songs andplay them back- Different timbres Synth, Acoustic, Bright pianosettings
Jet Mouse 2D 1.2 APK
Jet Mouse 2D is a blast on to your Android device. Simple one touchgame play! Complete objectives whilst earning coins to buy some ofthe awesome jet packs and powers.Spend coins in the store to grabpower ups or upgrades to provide more oxygen and health, or a shinynew jet pack. Join our little cute Mouse; take the jet to catchcoins. He has mastered the engineering of the jetp but still ishaving trouble getting it to fly - help her along the way and missout the obstacles (some move!!!). Do you prefer games with stickbackgrounds but still like the nonstop action and awesomeheart-pounding thrills of more intense games? Check out Jet Mouse2D, one of the coolest new family games from where you can fly withthe craziest characters ever seen in a game, fly with themouse!Hunt and fight and win an extra exp bonus and a chance tocollect the solider drop. Use the items you collect to Upgrade yourgear and buy new Jets and Characters. Choose from variety ofHelmets, Overall Vest, Boots, and Jet for your tiny mouse. As youplay and grow in gear and levels you will get more State Pointsthat you will use carefully to strengthen your Character, adddefense Accuracy to increase your Speed. You get the more coins youcan earn and the better Avatar you will have, compete with skilledCharacters on your place in the top scores charts and become thebest tiny puppet with the largest kill strike - double kill, multikill, ultra kill, unstoppable!Why be a bird, when you can be aflying Mouse? Make your way across the map as you gather cheese toeat. Make sure to avoid incoming cats that will be ready destroyingyou once collided! The dream is each of us everyone. Even thelittle mouse - dreams of becoming an astronaut and go to the moon.Our hero wears a jetpack and off to meet adventure. On his way, ourflying mouse meets a wide variety of enemies, pass the differentlevels. Along the way the mouse to collect the stars, collect coinsto buy weapons and upgrade your stuff. All enemies are insidiousand dangerous, everyone owns distinctive skills. All the littleanimals differ from each other, they are the real monsters. Fun andcrazy times as Jet Mouse 2D fly through strange colorful balls. Oh,and watch out for those stinging yellow jacket bees! It’s enough tomake anyone crazy. This is crazy fun! Use your skills to help theMouse collect gold and silver coins to unlock new characters, evenone in an airplane! After lift-off, simply touch the screen toascend and release to descend. he want to start an excitingadventure, would you join him?Keen reflexes are your best weapon toavoid the obstacles in your path. These include cats, dogs,dirtybunny,lasers,twister and monster.** How to Play **Tap the devicescreen to make Mouse use her jetFeatures of Jet Mouse 2D: -Beautiful cartoon & hand drawn like graphics- Fun physics basedgame play (swing a mouse along jet to get forward)- Make your runthrough various landscapes (temple ruins, waterfalls andjungles)•Unlimited Levels of play•Best Mouse in the world with ajet •Mind blowing graphics •Slow to fast speeds as you level!-Unlock special powers such as a jetpack, chili speed boost andeagle ride- Cloth your mouse differently (gas mask)- Differentkinds of ropes (vines, snakes, burning ropes etc.)
Offroad Horse Simulation 2016 1.1 APK
Welcome to Offroad Horse Simulation 2016. Take a ticket for OffroadHorse Simulation 2016 mega event. Get ready to simulate at bridgesover the sea, Offroad Horse Simulation 2016 in the city and startyour challenge. Pick and drop travelers from and at differentparking points. So don’t wait more! Start racing with your charterhorse. Accelerate Offroad Horse Simulation 2016 faster, earn morecash and unlock next heavy-duty public transport vehicles. InstallOffroad Horse Simulation 2016 and leave new ideas and tips.Try ourOffroad Horse Simulation 2016 4x4; it is a unique game play fromthe driver's cab, stay behind the wheel. Play with your friends inthe passage of the speed! Arrange the race on the big city as ajoke! Collect all the cans of gasoline! Beat friend’s high score!We drive the longest stretch for some time! Will appeal to all!Thank you for playing with us, leave us your feedback andevaluation and we will make our game even more interesting andbetter!You can choose from many different awesome passenger bussesbefore starting a new Offroad Horse Simulation 2016 challenge. Youcan be a fast horse hill driver while being behind the wheel of anAWESOME passenger cart. For all Offroad Horse Simulation 2016lovers the ultimate driving test has just arrived on your mobiledevice. Get to drive a different passenger horses while drivingaround in the beautiful hills. Playing this Off-Road HorseSimulation gives you many hours of nonstop horse fun! Each gamelevel has its own Offroad Horse Simulation 2016 challenge. PlayingOffroad Horse Simulation 2016 have never been this much fun. Wepromise. So get in your horse and get to experience the best gamefeeling ever… The most realistic Offroad Horse Simulation 2016 onAndroid. Drive through endless forests, deserts, dangerousmountains, and through snow-covered terrain. This game is in alphatest, and we would be very grateful if you appreciate ourendeavors. Soon we will add an option to choose a horse, add cartuning, online statistics, and also new modes.Game is created tobring realistic Offroad Horse Simulation 2016 experience on mobiledevices. Simulator comes with 9 different horse, true physics, andprofessional horse control system! You will drive horse in mountainrocky environments, in the winter on the snow, races on groundroads and safari.Once you are in your passenger cart your levelmission is to drive save towards the finish. As a driver you gettowards your destination by following the directions on your ingame screen and by simply following the hill roads. Finishing theawesome in game levels require a unique combination of precisiondriving and hill speed driving. Are you ready for the ultimateOffroad Horse Simulation 2016 challenge? Face the challenge and beready for some speed driving as a daredevil Off-Road HorseSimulation. Accurate physics engine that can deliver the mostrealistic racing fun possible. Drive through real forest. Do notget lost! A realistic 3D graphics and large open maps chase lastdoubts.****GAME FEATURES****- Real dynamic game feeling withendless fun.- Easy controller.- Realistic acceleration.- Beautifulgraphics.- Accurate physics.- Real Russian forest.