2.0 / June 23, 2014
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Space Crafter is Endless game which takesplacein space.
You just need to complete the missions and tasks assigned inmissionmenu.
Every good play without any lose by you will be notified.
You can buy different speedups, powers and with yourcoinscollected.

How to Play & Features:
- Continuous Touch to move player up and down.
-Single Touch emit a projectile.
-Player Mode will change when collect power up and speedups.
-Earn coins to buy new spacecraft and powerful props.

App Information Space Crafter

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Space Crafter 2.0 APK
Space Crafter is Endless game which takesplacein space.You just need to complete the missions and tasks assigned inmissionmenu.Every good play without any lose by you will be notified.You can buy different speedups, powers and with yourcoinscollected.How to Play & Features:- Continuous Touch to move player up and down.-Single Touch emit a projectile.-Player Mode will change when collect power up and speedups.-Earn coins to buy new spacecraft and powerful props.
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