1.0.4 / October 23, 2019
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Space Dodger 2019 - is a fun online space arcade game. It is a gameperfect to kill time. Well, cosmonaut, that's the future, you arenow a lonely space explorer, all you have is your spaceship andskills to drive it. In the galaxy, you will meet aliens and youwill be plunged in the battle of worlds. Dodge alien attacks anduse their weapons against them! You know, you can feel this is ahard arcade game. Aliens are tricky and can win. The spaceship hasonly one life and you will have to start over if the aliens win thebattle of the galaxy. Any alien race is unique and has its ownunique spacecraft, each space battle will give a new gameexperience. Upgrade the armor of your spaceship, build your spacebase, collect improvements in battle, divinely dodge and become thebest space dodger in 2019 :) Key features of the game: - Arcadeplaying control with one hand. Click to control your space dodger.Choose to control the joystick or tapping on the left and rightsides of the screen. - More than 40 of spaceships for playing.Select any ship and play! Ships differ from each other in look. Anyship can be explored for free. - Many upgrading features. Improveand upgrade your spacecraft for the gold that you will get afterpassing every galaxy. You can upgrade your ship's armor to improveits survival rate. The higher your level, the more expensive thenext upgrade will be. - You can build of space base. Build it andit will mine gold from planets and asteroids. It will mining evenif the game without the Internet, it helps you for upgrading. -Boosters in battle. During the battle, after dying of aliens theycan drop the secret technology directly into outer space. Pick themup to: restore your health, send self-directed missiles to theenemies, call the assistant, activate the protective field or getrid of the threat them missiles. - 170 of galaxies. Cosmos space isendless, there are many galaxies. Galaxies are different andinhabited any aliens. In every galaxy you will fight with severalwaves of aliens and at the end will be a battle with the boss. Itwill be a difficult game because the bosses have a lot of health.Cosmonaut, if did you like to conquer space, then leave a goodreview! Write to us: - mail@blackbears.mobi -https://www.facebook.com/blackbearsgames/

App Information Space Dodger 2019 - galaxy casual arcade game

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    Space Dodger 2019 - galaxy casual arcade game
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    October 23, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Black Bears
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    Russia, Tambovskaya Oblast, Tambov, Studenetskaya 9
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