1.0.18 / February 26, 2014
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It's dodge or die!Tilt your phone vertically to avoid the enemiesfor as long as you can -- the more you get hit the harder itgets!Collect the bonuses to boost your score and save your life!Howlong will you last?

App Information Space Dodgers

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    Space Dodgers
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    February 26, 2014
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    Android 1.5 and up
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    549 A POMPTON AVE #238 CEDAR GROVE, NJ 07009
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The first step to controlling a dream is realizing you are actuallyasleep. To help you do that, Lucid Dreamer will play a series ofaudio and/or visual cues during your sleep cycles. When you wakeup, you can record your dreams with our free, secure, PIN-protectedDream Journal. Your entries can be written or voice recorded, canbe tagged, and you can even log technique metrics. The Journal alsocomes with built in access to our free, online Dreammunity systemso you can always access your dreams from anywhere and easily sharethem if you’d like. If you want to get even more advanced or tryadditional techniques, we’ve also built Lucid Dreamer Pro directlyinto this free version. The Unlock All package can be purchased for$6.99 and includes unlimited access to all of our techniques andextra features: + Reality Checker - Stop looking at your hand,counting your toes, or whatever habit you've been trying to form.The Checker can remember to do it for you, when convenient for you,and then alert you by sound, vibration, or even notification up to287 times per day. + Paralyzer - Sleep Paralysis is a state inwhich your mind is awake, but your body is completely asleep. Thistransitional state can be used to achieve lucidity and theParalyzer can help you enter into it. + Da Vinci – Although hard toget used to, cycle adjustment techniques can help you be far moreproductive throughout the day and even experience more frequentlucid dreams. Da Vinci can help you plan, and adhere to, the bestcycles for you (default: Uberman Polyphasic Sleep Cycle). + CustomMusic Selection – Use your own audio cues, Binaural Beats, or evenrecord your own voice for use with the Dreamer. + Dreamscapes,Focalizer, Subliminator – Everything you see, hear, think about,and experience throughout the day has a direct impact on thecontents of your dreams. These pre-sleep visual augmentations toLucid Dreamer are designed to help you focus and direct thosecontents via color psychology, focal imagery, and rapid visualstimulation. -- When you’re lucid dreaming, the only limit is yourown imagination. Carpe Noctem.
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Welcome to How To: a new way to create, share, and learn onAndroid.With How To, not only can you view guides made by usersfrom all over the world, but you can share your own with the clickof a button, too. For the first time ever, -anyone- can create astep by step guide for Android with no programming experiencerequired at all! The only thing people need to see your work is HowTo. And the best part is: it's 100% freeAnd to show you just howeasy it is to create a guide using How To, check out the guideabout it or visit the site: http://guardanis.com/howto.phpIf youhave any trouble, you can view our Frequently Asked Questions page:http://guardanis.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=28001 Pleasekeep in mind that I cannot respond to comments, so if something iswrong, please report it to [email protected] and I will fix it.
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Remember that sliding puzzle game where you had to solve the puzzleto see the picture? That's this. But with colors.Each level startsby showing you the picture you need to solve. Your job is justthat: figure out how to slide the pieces back into the correctplace in the shortest amount of moves.Good luck!
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Don't touch the clouds.
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Has your computer recently been attacked by a virus that yourever-so-expensive antivirus software hasn't been able to kill?Wellwhy don't you try attacking it yourself?Computer viruses can bemuch easier to destroy than you would think, and you don't reallyneed much experience at all to do it! Who knows, you may even learna lot while trying to do it...Let this guide show you the commonsteps on how to manually remove a computer virus that's hauntingyour computer.And the best part is, it's free!
Reaction Tester 1.25.91 APK
Reaction Tester is a simple Android app designed to test yourreaction time.Instructions: Hold your phone with one hand and use afinger on your other to touch the 5 randomly spawning buttons asthey appear. The time from the moment the button spawns to themoment you click on it is measured in milliseconds.Your reactiontime is based on how quickly you can see and react to the buttonsas they spawn in random locations on your screen.Your best andaverage reaction times will be displayed on screen.Below 300 m/s:ExceptionalBelow 445 ms: GoodBelow 550 ms: AverageAbove that: Seekimprovement
Quitter 1.0.09 APK
Quitter is the ultimate tool in your mobile arsenal when trying toquit smoking. Not only will it help you determine the real reasonsbehind your smoking habits, but it is designed to help motivate youthrough its character's messages, built-in achievement system, andyour social network.Its main features include:Tracking of cravingsand relapses – One of the most important features of this app istracking when, where, and why a relapse occurred. When you have, orgive into, a craving, you will be able to open the Quitter andimmediately add an entry into the system for a date, time, GPSlocation, and a selectable reason for why it occurred. StatisticalAggregation and Display – Another major focus of the app, if notthe most important, is the display of the tracking data. Using aseries of graphs, charts, and lists, Quitter will show you enoughinformation to help you understand the root causes for your smokinghabits. Messages – Like the quit smoking commercials on television,this application will also periodically display messages that aredesigned to incite the desire to quit. These messages will containpublicly available health information, encouraging comments,graphical images, and other various things that may help inspireyou to quit. Achievements – Quitter comes stockpiled with anAchievement system for your progress. The more cravings you resistand the longer you go without a cigarette, the more achievementsyou will unlock.Social Networking – Quitter will also focus on theuse of your social network to help motivate you. You have theoption to regularly share your quitting progress with Facebook tonot only show you, but the people you care about, how you are doingin relation to your quitting progress.
Space Dodgers 1.0.18 APK
It's dodge or die!Tilt your phone vertically to avoid the enemiesfor as long as you can -- the more you get hit the harder itgets!Collect the bonuses to boost your score and save your life!Howlong will you last?