1.3.3 / April 11, 2017
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An amazing new puzzle game created by Reddoak- Software House. Space Hexa Puzzle is a funny game with the samelogic of Tetris. To play is enough to insert the blocks in thecorrect place and to complete the puzzle. Space Hexa Puzzle is anexciting puzzle, it's very easy to play and pleasant for all theages.

Move the hexa blocks to fill the panel, to win the levels and toconquer the CONSTELLATIONS.

To start you have only to choose a constellation and to play allsixteen levels. You'll learn in simple and fast way. This game isan explosion of fun and the graphic interface is reallySPATIAL.


Drags the blocks and insert all of them inside the correctframe
Complete the puzzle
Unlock the levels
Conquer the Constellation
Are you wrong? Don't worry and take your time. There are nolimits!

Every levels has 16 planets to unlock
There are six Constellations to conquer: Andromeda, Cassiopeia,Hydra, Virgo, Pegasus and Orion.
If you complete the level successfully, you win an hint useful forthe next frame. Over 100 galactic puzzles are an incredibile sourceof fun and unbelievable challenges.

The app is available for tablets and smartphone. You can play alsooffline. You don't need of Wi-Fi.

Relaxed now, enjoy yourself, sharing with your friends and staytuned for the next updates. A new way of COSMICentertainment.

App Information Space Hexa Puzzle

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