1.72 / March 24, 2014
(3.8/5) (35)


Space Quest Alpha is a vertical scroller where you are exploringthe outer reaches of the universe. Stunning graphics allow you toimmerse as you travel through space and blast through meteors,avoid mines, collect minerals, and battle enemy ships. Watch forpowerups and avoid debris. Use the accelerometer to control yourship and touch the screen to fire, or don't fire and try to see howlong you can go without hitting anything. There are quite a fewhidden things and more are in the works. Also in the works is alanding sequence and home base attack. I work a full time job anddo this on the side, if you have any issues please contact me and Iwill address them asap. Have fun!This is like space invaders meetsafterburner.:)*Space Quest Alpha is a top scrolling shooter thattakes you to places out of this world.*Gameplay is controlled byaccelerometer tilt. Touch screen to fire or toggle upgrades.*SpaceQuest is like Space Invaders on steroids with a touch of Zaxxon andXevious.

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    Space Quest Alpha
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    March 24, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    5114 joe bond trail, murfreesboro, tn
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Color changeable custom candle lets you control how big you wantthe flame. Mood light toggle lets you set the phone down and enjoya light show all for free. Included now is a sleep timer if youwant to set the device to close the app on it's own. Also includedis a short time waster game since some reviewers seemed to thinkthe original was a game, now there's something to play with if youare bored. The mood light is great for getting that cranky kid tocalm down and also wonderful for ambiance when jamming some tunes.If you like it feel free to help me out by purchasing one of myother applications. Thanks, Kenneth.a54*Side swipe to bring upmenu, touch to adjust color*Mood light features a color changeablecandle and ambient lighting effect*Mood light offers the user tochange the flicker travel*Very relaxing candle scene*Dot Matrixtime waster game*Sleep Timer*Any suggestions email from the app andI'll try to make it happen and if you are willing to give me a a 1star review, at least give a reason.
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Added pinch zoom and better control! New features are comingsoon!Probably the most advanced photo editor on Android in manyways. Allows full size or near full editing photos. Make photosthat look just as good on your computer as they do on your device.Only editor on the market that allows you to skew your photos.Fully custom matrix style filters allow a completely endlesscreation of filters or just use the prebuilt one. Whether you are aphoto professional or just like to tinker, this is your app. Makememes, cards, or complex photo montages with an easy to useinterface. Multiple layers allow you move photos wherever, applyeffects, merge, load new images, crop, erase, you nameit.--Features include--*Endless filter selections*Custom colorframing and sizing*Fully skew images to create complex perspectivephotos*Crop directly from the background image to create customphoto areas for editing*Complex top layer cropper allows croppingwith individual radius corners*Add picture frames if you like fromour selection*Add text, change text style, color and size as youcustomize your photos*Add shadows if you like*Advancedblurring*Eraser allows you to control size, blur, and shape as youtrim away to allow the background image to show through. Thisallows some extremely complex editing only seen in full fledgeddesktop editing.*Save images, share images. More features arecoming available