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Space shooter: alien shooter, one of the best shooting game In thevast universe, many other planets in existence, in there, there areo lot of aliens with high intelligence. Their scientific level hasflourished, with spacecraft, astronauts, missiles ... and modernweapons of mass destruction. In those aliens, some are good people,there are also evil forces with the intention of invading otherplanets, the earth is one of their goals and space war explodes.They are space invaders. In space shooter: alien shooter: You are awarrior, with level and modern weapons in hand, your task is todrive the fighter aircraft to destroy the enemy, aliens, protectthe earth's peace. All in your hands, peace of earth is waiting foryou. In this game you will experience great emotions. As the gameprogresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft tounleash its full lethal capacity. How to pla space shooter - alienshooter: - Touch screen to move the ship - Shooting to kill allenemies (alien, ship, boss, invaders). - Collect items - Upgradespaceship - Change your weapons. Features: - High quality graphics.- Amazing lighting and special effects - Ability to use activeskills during the space battles. - Beautiful levels with immersivemissions to complete. - Upgrade your, wepons, guns and lasers. -Includes bosses! - Endless - Multiple extreme boss battles. - 10rounds for each levels - More levels on various difficulties. -Daily gift - Leader board global. - Lucky circle. - Three mode:Easy, Normal, Hard Download and play the space shooter: alienshooter game right now to experience great levels of emotions. Ibelieve that, this is the best shooting games, the best games toattack space invaders Like and follow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/tohgamesonline/

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    November 26, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    TOH Games
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Shadow Fighter 2, this is one of other verion of Shadow Fighter. Inthis version, we improved a lot of things with great script,characters, enemies and graphics. Shadow Fighter 2 - ninja fightinggames is an excelent action games, an excellent fighting games.This is also one of the best offline Role-playing game (RPG) and itis also one of ninja fighting games. This fighting games is anaddicting game and adventure games. You will go through 5 zoneswith forest, desert, mountains and Shadow Fighter will bring youthrough series levels with amazing experiences. There are series ofzombie battles and monster battles in levels. In each level, youwill experience a fierce battle. In this, you will be hero to fightthe dark forces: zombies, monsters. Your skill will be upgradedafter each level In this fighting games, you can use a variety ofweapons, equipments to attack enemies. In this Shadow Fighter 2 -ninja fighting games. It will bring you from zone 1 to zone 5(level 1 to level 50) with three mode: normal, hard, extremely hardThere are five different heroes characters for your choosing: 3Ninja, Horse, Witch After every 5 levels there is a powerfullmonster boss, to destroy this enemy, requires you to be clever,skillful... This battle will give you the fun feeling and wonderfulfeeling. * Features of Shadow Fighter 2 - 5 heroes characters: 3Ninja, Horse knight, Clergy - Levels: 150+ - Mode: normal, hard,extremely hard - Amazing graphics, effects and sounds - Moreweapons, equipments to attack zombies, monsters, devil - Dailyquest - Shop... - Unlock characters and equipments by watchingvideo * How to play in shadow fight: - Tap running button to run -Tap jumping button to jump - Tap slashing button to slash - Morespecial attack skills It is free fighting games to download andplay. Let's download and experience this adventure games and shareyour with friends right now! This fighting game will bring you tothe most awesome adventures and I believe that it will give youmore good time and amazing experiences. You will be addicting thisaction games. Fanpage: - Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/tohgamesonline Please give me somefeedbacks for Shadow Fighter 2 - ninja fighting games to help us toimprove in next verion! Email: game@tohsoft.com
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Bubble shooter is a shooter game, exquisite picture quality, funlevels, not required internet, completely free, best time to passthe level! Bubble shooter is an addictive game with a lot oflevels. This is an epic game, exciting levels. What is more, thisbubble shooting game for free! Bubble shooter game, this is aclassic bubble match 3 game. Pop, tap and tilt your way throughover a lot of puzzles with excitement and packed with adventure!This is one of the best bubble shooter games and one of the bestshooting games. How to play: - Easy to play, start by choosinglevel that you want. - Aim and match the bubble you want to shootin the bubble. - Match 3 or more same bubbles to make them burst. -Shoot and remove bubbles to get more scores. - Shoot all thebubbles on the screen to get to a new level. - More kinds of cutecharacters and levels are waiting for you to unlock - At the end ofgame, you will be awarded coins according to the score - The gamewill give you the stars based on your performance in the game, thehigher the score the more stars - The higher score you got, themore coin will be awarded. Feature: + High quality graphic + Highquality music + Easy operation but lots of fun. + Completely free +Well designed level, not only fun but also a lot! + Gorgeousspecial effects and beautiful images. + Many interesting props(power balls) to help you pass game quickly + A combination ofmultiple bubbles + No wifi, no internet required. This bubble gameis free to download and completely free to play. It is good foryour kids, good for family, adult and for everyone. If you likebubble shooting game, It is worth to try. Let's play it! I wish youhappy with this bubble game. Enjoy this bubble game! If you haveany question or suggestion, please send us email: game@tohsoft.com.Thank you everyone for playing this bubble shooter game!