1.4 / December 18, 2015
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Space Shooter is the space arcade gameforAndroid! Fly through the space and destroy waves ofattackingaliens! Be prepared for the final battle!

* This is a cool shooter game for the Android. Thumbs up!-Android App Review Source

* An action game that's entertaining and will challenge eventhebest gamers! - AndroidGuys

* Best Android Deals recommendation! - Best Android Deals

- More than 20 stages of continuous game play with 3difficultylevels
- full screen fast alien formations and attacks!
- Excellent soundtracks

App Information Space Shooter

  • App Name
    Space Shooter
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    December 18, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Tchoko Apps
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email tchokoapps@gmail.com
    Ekounou Straße 12 44135 Dortmund
  • Google Play Link

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• It’s an interactive application with sixengaging kids games or activities:• Learn to count numbers from 1 to 10.• Writing and spell numbers• Identifying greater and smaller numbers• Find missing numbers and arrange them in ascending and descendingorder.• Learning number names• Connecting dots to form a picture with a sub-activity to solvethe puzzles.• This Kids Math app is one of the extremely useful, education freegames for kids because the activity of counting numbers has beenpresented in an innovative manner for kids apart from being free onthe Android platform.• This application does well as a missing number game for kids alsoapart from serving as a useful aid for learning number counting. Ithas the potential of being one of the most useful games for mathfor kids.• This fantastic math problem solver helps children to learnmathematics with ease. Some examples of these types of conceptinclude:• Greater than and lesser than• Find missing number• Arrange numbers in ascending and descending order• If you are looking for a free math app to install, then this mathgame app is the ideal for the preschooler, kindergarten, andchildren of grade 1. Available for free at Google Play Store, thisapplication will serve effective brain-refreshers for your childand toddlers.• This free kids game is fun and intuitive game for babies,toddlers and children. A child-oriented application having mathgame for kindergarten, preschool and grades grade 1, grade 2.• After playing this cool math game, your kids definitely willcalculate faster.• In this math training your task is to pass all 60 cool mathlevels of the game. During each level you have to answer to 10 mathquestions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,fractions, mixed operations, finding greatest and smallest numberse.t.c).• This is a perfect and cool math workout for your kids and aperfect challenge for you!• In this game you will find many different types of mathoperations• This game is a connection of math and memory. You will need toopen pairs of tiles with the same value. This is not an ordinarymatching game. The tiles contain not only numbers, but alsomathematical expressions.• Kids math will definitely help your kid to make more progress inschool math.• Learn multiplication Table from 1 to 12, easy and fun. TimesTable Math Games for your kids.• Practice multiplication and guess all math puzzles! Solvemultiply test and pass school exam.• With the help of Math numbers & counting for kids your childwill:• Learn the numbers• Learn to count to 10• Learn addition and subtraction• Remember the order of numbers from 1 to 10 and backwards• This is an educational math game for your kids and maybe foreveryone. This is a good brain test and you can improve yourcounting, sorting, writing and do math calculations in a verysimple way to learn.• A fun and challenging way for kids to practice basic math skills.Reveal the image, by solving the math equations.• During each level You have to answer from 5 question to 10 mathquestions:• Counting• sorting• Writing• Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division• Fractions, Mixed Operations• Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication anddivision.• A fun game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication ordivision.• Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, division.• love and math• math apps• basic math• math mind brain tease• step by step math• cool math• math games for 3rd graders free• math games for kinder graders free• math games• 7th grade math lerning• math help• king of math• learning math• pocket math• math quiz• simple math• math solver• math tricks• math training• math workout
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• Learn German is the easy and fun new way tolearn German - Our app encourages your kids to learn speakingGerman quickly, to learn german alphabet and german basics.• If you want to learn German in a Hurry then this is the rightapp!!• You can learn German for free – Our app helps your learn basicsof German in a very short period of time. This app will teach youGerman language in a very interesting manner without getting youbored!• This app is very helpful for beginners as well as for kidsbecause it teaches you German in a very easy way.• Learn german flashcards introduces you to the more common wordsand phrases first, so that by the end of first day itself you canform your own basic sentences which are not just academic but alsopractical.• Course begins with teaching you the German Alphabets which arethe basic necessity to learn German.• Nouns and verbs are included in the app are mainly those whichare commonly used in speaking German.• You will speak german properly only when you will be able topronounce german words correctly.• German easy phrases teaches you the perfect pronounciation ofwords through audio visual aids. Pronounciation of words isaccording to German accent.• Our app has a never ending vocabulary of German words. Bylearning through this app you will be able to carry out aconversation in German successfully.• Phrasebook in this app consists of easy phrases which are easy tolearn. To initiate testing of what you have learnt this appconsists of Flashcards. Flashcards are easy and effective way ofremembering words. Gender quiz helps you to improve your genderidentification.• Covers all aspects of the the language i.e Speaking, Reading,Writing• Over 10.000 words and phrases with images.• Get the FREE vocabulary app right now!• 700 words with images to illustrate words, phonetictranscriptions and German pronunciation recordings by nativespeakers.• Commonly used and practical words selected.• Makes you practice prounciation of words properly.• Effective methodology to teach German within a month.• Includes Flashcards that helps in easy learning forbeginners• Vocabulary covers 22 thematic topics.• 3 difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.• Learn German app is absolutely FREE!• With Tchokoapps learning apps, you can german basics and germancourse prouncition.• learn more than 1000 words through image illustration, recordedpronunciation and native• Learn german for beginners is perfect for anyone who wants tolearn German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.• German flashcards contains over 800 commonly-used German wordsand vocabularies for travelers and beginners.• If you are traveling to Germany, make sure you bring this appwith you!• learn how to speak german for free, quickly and easily by thephotos, whoever was your language, with a simple and interestinggames to teach German• wonderful and easy app to learn how to speak german and how topronounce german in a simple way by images, so that each word havephoto about it and there are possibility of recurrence hearing thespelling, pronunciation, the application also includes games andfun tests to learn the German language easily and how to pronouncegerman.• Whatever their native language you will be able to learn Germanby images from this application• Whether you are a French or Japanese or Chinese, arab or italy orspain , or any nation , you can learn German through thisapplication easily• Using this application you can learn the German language for b1and german nouns.• Quickly learn the most frequent German words and travel phrasesbefore your holidays or build a solid vocabulary in just 10 min perday• Learn german phrasebook while driving, running or doing houseworkin listening-only mode.
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The application 'English and french core "includes more than 2,000 words in English for travelers andbeginners. This application allows you to learn from our Englishtutor . He works hand in hand with you so that you train to talkand listen wherever you are and whenever you want. Learning Englishhas never been easier.specifications• Words and phrases commonly used in English• Quiz• Internet not requiredClasses to learn are:1. Animals2. Body3. Buildings4. Clothing5. Colours6. Communication7. Emotions8. Favorites9. Food10. Furniture11. General12. Greetings13. Human world14. Jewellery15. Jobs16. Landscape17. Location18. Music19. Numbers20. Plants21. Prepositions22. Pronouns23. Relationship24. School25. Shape26. Shopping27. Sports28. Time29. Tools30. Toys31. Travel32. Utensils33. Weather
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Space Defender 1.7 APK
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Space Shooter X is a free shoot 'em up(shmupor STG) and an action pack "bullet hell" (also calleddanmakugames) where your mission is to shoot the enemy ships andwinbattles against big bad bosses and travel through the galaxy.Inspired by Raiden, the old school Japanese shooting game,thereare tons of unique enemy ships and bosses, each equippedwithspecialized weaponry and ability.While Space Shooter X is easy to handle, you need more thanfastreflexes to master the game. To survive in each level, you needtorecognize attack patterns and use different power upsatappropriate time against the correct enemy.Upgrade your ships with several levels of lasers, spreadbullets,homing missiles, torpedoes, speed power and powerfulbombs. Thepower ups stay with you until you die and you willaccumulate morepower as you collect the same power ups.The graphic is an exhilarating visual treat, with cool musicandsound effects providing intense experience for hardcore gamersandcasual gamers alike. In addition, you can submit your core tobothglobal and you country leaderboard. So you know who's thetopplayers are in your country.There are tips and how to strategies in the About/Help pagewhereyou can learn what each power up does, how to gain extra liveforfree and how to get full power- ups without having to wait forit toappear.If you're into free space shooter games, asteroid, shmup,danmakugames, shoot em up or bullet hell, Space Shooter X is foryou.Download it now!
Learn Russian 3.9 APK
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With the app "learn Russian" can make (alreadyin preschool) and adults in a fun way with the Russian languagefamiliar to children. With the help of many pictures you candevelop a basic vocabulary of key vocabulary playing. The thusgained knowledge can then be checked in a quiz.Through the built-in speech output, it is especially possible totrain the correct pronunciation.features- 22 categories with more than 600 flashcards- Learning Mode- Quiz mode- Adjustable font size and color- Good Speech- Many large well recognizable images - so is this app. very wellsuited for preschoolers- Automatic scrolling of flashcardsCategories- Bathroom- Farm- construction site- Letters- body- Colors- Garden- Vegetables- In the city- Keller- Clothing- Kitchen- Musical Instruments- Fruits- Vegetables- school- Spielpatz- At the beach- Animals of the World- Animals in the jungle- Transportation- numbers
Shoot the Fruit 1.0 APK
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Shoot the Fruit (Spinny Circle) is nowactuallya CIRCLE with all new graphics and sounds but still thesamegameplay you love!!!Watch as the ball bounces and changes colors, tap to rotateandspin the circle to the correct color before the ball lands orit'sGAME OVER. How long can you last in Shoot the Fruit(SpinnyCircle)!? Can you become the king of Shoot the Fruit(SpinnyCircle) Bounce?Warning: This is a crazy, addictive, challenging,minimalistgame.*All sounds and graphics we're made directly by naughtybits.Allcopyrights and trademarks for Shoot the Fruit (Spinny Circle)arelicensed directly to naughtybits - we have made changes withallnew sounds and graphics designed exclusively by us that donotviolate any copyrights*Shoot the Fruit (Spinny Circle) is now actually a CIRCLE withallnew graphics and sounds but still the same gameplay youlove!!!Watch as the ball bounces and changes colors, tap to rotateandspin the circle to the correct color before the ball lands orit'sGAME OVER. How long can you last in Shoot the Fruit(SpinnyCircle)!? Can you become the king of Shoot the Fruit(SpinnyCircle) Bounce?Warning: This is a crazy, addictive, challenging,minimalistgame.*All sounds and graphics we're made directly by naughtybits.Allcopyrights and trademarks for Shoot the Fruit (Spinny Circle)arelicensed directly to naughtybits - we have made changes withallnew sounds and graphics designed exclusively by us that donotviolate any copyrights*Your goal is to keep the ball bounce inside the circle as muchasyou can. A very addictive game!Do not forget that as time goes by accelerating the ball. Staytuned, we will continue to be updated.Key Features:- Incredibly addictive arcade gameplay- Many achievements to collect- Online Leaderboards and Achievements- Beautifully simple controls and designFor millions of fans around the world, Fruit Shoot become theoneof best juicy arcade game!Now Fruit Shoot 2 comes, new special fruits introduced, shoot itandyou will enjoy more exciting!New Features:- New arcade field- New special fruit, more power and more exciting- New action scene, Freeze/Frantic/Accelerate- More user friend shoot controlFeatures:- Beautiful scenery and great animation.- No time limit, 20 arrows total.- Easy and precise archery controls.- 3 difficult archery tournament: easy / normal /hard .- Leaderboards in friends circle and world.So join it, more combos shoot and become the top player!Play fruit shooter 3D like never before. Outstanding graphicsandbeautiful detailed backgrounds. Shoot the fruit on boxes andgetmore score as you can. You feel real effects of physics onfruitlike bounce on the ground. Hit all fruit one by one and getthemaximum score within given time. You will enjoy beautifulsceneryin the background like mountains, trees and greenfields.Features:- Outstanding graphics and beautifully detailed backgrounds- Easy controls- Beautiful scenery.- Free to play.- 4 unique levels with different view.How to play:- Move player with joystick in left bottom corner.- Tap on middle area on the screen to control playerrotation.- Set the cross aim on the fruit and tap on fire button.