1.0 / March 16, 2014
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Space Turtle is a fun spaceship game where you dodge obstacles andsee if you can get the highest score. Guide the space turtlethrough the galaxy in this game of wit and nerve. Upcoming Features1. leaderboards 2. custom backgrounds 3. custom music 4. No adsoption

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    Space Turtle
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    March 16, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    1117 10th street NW Washington, DC 20001
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Wormholio is a great new IO game featuring worms. Use turbo speedto boost your worm past others and eat all the food you can.We arealso working on features that will put this game up above the rest.With many more features like our Spaceships IO game. But as of now,it's single player only. But the good news, is that there's nolag!Play wormholio in the subway! No internet access needed. We'readding multiplayer soon but are working on ways to dramaticallyspeed up gameplay.Please email us at [email protected] torequest other features! And visit venatus.io to view updates tothis and other games!