1.1 / January 13, 2017
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Prepare for the horror withterrifying“Sparkling skull” live wallpaper!
Let the fear overwhelm you every time you look at the screen!
Skull is caught by sparkling energy! It’s not ordinary – itisgreen!
The skull is so scary and creepy!
It’s like death is coming from hell!
The skull is the sign of death and shadow side of the world!
Skull stands for death and mortality.
It reminds that everyone has sins!
Sparkles symbolize eternity of life.
Skull is one of the oldest and most powerful of all symbols.
It has been used to symbolize both side of the world andthereforehave diverse meanings to different people.
For some people it represents death and evil, but others viewskullin a different way.
Skull may symbolize protection, strength, power,fearlessness,wisdom and even immortality!
The symbolism of a skull is that it reminds of temporaryexistenceof mankind in this physical world on the Earth.

Please mind that the actual speed of animation depends onyourdevice characteristics (screen size and resolution; CPUfrequencyand number of cores; RAM size).

Select animation speed by your own discretion:
– enter "Live wallpaper" menu and select installed wallpaper;
– enter submenu with settings;
– tap "Animation speed" entry and make your choice;
– press "Back" button and then "Set wallpaper" ("Apply").
If you are not satisfied – please repeat the above steps andselectanother speed value.

Pay attention: antivirus may falsely detect threats (someantivirusprograms regard possible appearance of advertisingasmalware).

Skulls symbolism has always been a representation of mortalityanddeath, but through years has also become a greatfashioninspiration.
One of the more common meanings behind the image of the skullis'memento mori' - Latin for 'remember you must die.'
The thought might seem depressing at first, but it is actuallyareminder to live life while you can.
This amazing free live wallpaper will always be there on yourphonedisplay to remind you to live your life the best youcan!
Download and set free live wallpaper with burning skull!
Stunning image of burning skull is waiting for you, so downloaditfor free!
Show your free wallpaper to your friends and family and remindthemthat life is short!
Download this free live wallpaper and beautify your phonewithawesome skull background!

Are you brave enough to set this scary live wallpaper?
If you are a fan of the dark side and like gothic themes andscaryskulls, then this free live wallpaper will be aperfectchoice.

Enjoy free live wallpaper with sparkling skull!

App Information Sparkling skull live wallpaper

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    Sparkling skull live wallpaper
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    January 13, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    5,000 - 10,000
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