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Arabic Learning is equally important for Muslims and Non-Muslims.Now a days there are lots of Arabic language applications areavailable in market. But major problem of those apps are notdesigned for beginners. Speak Arabic language for beginner’s useseasy Arabic learning techniques so anyone can learn and speakArabic easily.Simple Arabic conversations and phrases are taught inthis application with proper audio and pronunciations so beginnersof Arabic language can learn and speak Arabic quickly and efficientway. Via this application users can also search any word in Arabicdictionary for his daily life conversations.Arabic dictionaryprovides thousands of Arabic vocabulary collection offline. So nowlearning and speaking Arabic is not a big issue because of SpeakArabic language application.Now all those people who want to learnArabic for their religious believes and business purposes can speakand learn language through their own languages such as English andUrdu. Those who cannot speak English language can learn Arabiclanguage for beginners in their native Urdu Language. Fun Arabiclessons improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation like noother language learning method. Beginner or advanced learner,traveler or business professional with a tight schedule? The appworks great and dynamically adjusts to your needs.Features:LearnArabic Sentences of Daily UseLearn Arabic Words and MeaningLearnArabic GrammarLearn Arabic Tenses * 6,000 words with images toillustrate words, phonetic transcriptions and pronunciationrecordings by native speakers.* Vocabulary covers 15 thematictopics divided into 140 subtopics. * The entire vocabulary has beentranslated into 59 languages:✔ English ✔ Afrikaans ✔ Albanian ✔Amharic ✔ Azerbaijani ✔ Belarusian ✔ Bengali ✔ Bosnian ✔ Bulgarian✔ Catalan ✔ Chinese ✔ Traditional Chinese ✔ Croatian ✔ Czech ✔Danish ✔ Dutch ✔ Estonian ✔ Tagalog ✔ Finnish ✔ French ✔ Georgian ✔German ✔ Greek ✔ Hebrew ✔ Hindi ✔ Hungarian ✔ Icelandic ✔ Igbo ✔Indonesian ✔ Irish ✔ Italian ✔ Japanese ✔ Kazakh ✔ Korean ✔ Latvian✔ Lithuanian ✔ Macedonian ✔ Malay ✔ Mongolian ✔ Nepali ✔ Norwegian✔ Persian ✔ Polish ✔ Portuguese ✔ Brazilian Portuguese ✔ Romanian ✔Russian ✔ Serbian ✔ Slovak ✔ Slovenian ✔ Spanish ✔ Swahili ✔Swedish ✔ Thai ✔ Turkish ✔ Ukrainian ✔ Urdu ✔ Vietnamese etc.Aftergo through Arabic lessons of this application any Arabic studentwill be able to speak Arabic fluently and can make sentences andphrases in Arabic. Daily Conversations in Arabic Language is alsotaught in a very effective manner in this application. ArabicDictionary is also provided for Arabic learning students who are atbeginners or intermediate level.Arabic is very important languagefor Muslims and non-Muslims as Holy Book of Quran is in Arabic andmost of the Muslims learn Arabic in their childhood from differentsources to recite Al Quran and offer their Salah five times a day.But most of them require some Arabic teacher to learn Arabic, whichis very expensive and time consuming technique to Learn ArabicLanguage.Arabic Language for Beginners is designed for suchstudents of Islam who want to learn Arabic language easily withoutworry of costly education and expenses. They can learn Arabicanywhere any time using their smart phones for free. Education ofArabic is not so easy before. Here you can learn Arabic alphabets,grammar and vocabulary with proper pronunciation. Arabic is one ofthe top ten widely spoken language in world today. Arabic is nativelanguage of world's leading economical Arab countries such as SaudiArabia, Dubai, Bahrain and other Middle East emerging economicpowers. So if any one of you want to visit any of Arabic countriesfor performing religious duties as Hajj or Umra at Mecca andMedina, or whether visiting these Arabic states for recreationaltrips or to do jobs. Download now Speak Arabic Language in 15 Daysfor free on your android devices.

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Pakistani Food Recipes By Chef Zakir & Zubaida Apa 1.2 APK
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Now a days an important question of every home is that what to cooktoday or Aaj kya pakayen? Because if there are four persons inhome, they all have different tastes. Especially when we talk aboutbachay their khana choices are very different and mostly mothersare not able to give their bachay proper nutritional diet. So webring this application Bachon ke Pakwan especially for chotaybachon.We are confident that there is something for everyone and weare constantly adding new recipes. All recipes are published foryour convenience and are both suitable and tasty enough to be eatenby anyone without food allergies, as part of a normal diet.Thereare all kinds of food recipes, though, including healthy MorningMuffins and all recipes have full instructions and ingredientslist. There are recipes that families will like, such as smoothies(with white tea and strawberries), Egg muffin breakfasts withsprouted grain muffins and egg white or egg, burritos and thingskids like.Now, cooking any dish means you have to know all theingredients and condiments that are required for preparing them.More importantly you have to know the exact amount of thecondiments and the spices required for cooking them. Perfectmixture of spices and ingredients will help you to create the rightmagic regarding the dish.Aaloo Paratha,Aloo Pakora Chaat,AndaPakora,Bihari Paratha,Bohri Chicken Cutlets,Bread Pakora,CheesyTandoori Aloo,Chicken Cheese Paratha,Classic Omelette,CreamyChicken Boti,Daikon Paratha,Frozen Parathas,The most delicioushandpicked, mouthwatering, special Pakistani recipes in one app.Contains delicious recipes for your children. Recipes in your locallanguage: Urdu (اردو). A must have for foodies.Indian Recipes Freeapp has the largest offline collection of Indian Foods and Recipes.This free recipe app has more than 10000+ quick master chef recipesspread across six major categories Non-Vegetarian to Vegan,Vegetarian, Drinks/Beverages, Deserts, Snacks and Sweets.All therecipes in this easy cookbook have been organized and cataloged sothat you can relate the recipes by Categories, Cuisines andIngredients.Tempting Chinese and Pakistani 150+ recipes areavailable in your mother language Urdu. Free Recipes app offersdelicious recipes by most renowned chefs in Pakistan like ChefZakir, Chef Zubaida Apa k totkay, Chef Gulzar, Chef Zarnak, ChefRida Aftab, Chef Shireen Zulfiqar, Chef Tahir, Tarla Dalal, AkshayKumar.Pakistani Free Recipes app is a complete guide for you if youare a food lover. We added many basic and mouth-watering cookingideas in this app. Try meatballs, vegetable mixtures, chickendishes, beans, egg fried rice, pasta and many more chef recipes.The most superior chicken recipes, salad recipes, Chinese recipes,authentic italian recipes, Gobi recipes, healthy salad recipes,vegetarian food recipes, seafood recipes all in one app, So you canmake a statement with healthy and well cooked food. There arecountless benefits to add on Beef, radish and Butter in your diet:It's considered to be good for health. Choosing lean cuts of meatis very important to extract nutrients like zinc, iron, protein andB vitamins. This amazing app is the replacement of Recipe kits andcookery books, get you cooking scrumptious meals Every recipe isdescribed in three sections: About This Recipe; Ingredients;Directions; Easy as that. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicatedand we help you to prepare great foods, with simpleingredients.Masala TV Recipes is an application which have morethan 300 delicious recipes in Urdu and English Language. All theseare pakistani,asian recipes which can be made easily in home. Ifyou have little interest in cooking then you must have thisapplication. Very helpful for all who want to start cooking or foreveryone related to the field of cooking and khana pakana. DownloadBachon ke Pakwan to get yummy recipes for your cute and sweetbachay.
Arabic Learning for Beginners - Urdu, English more 1.1 APK
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Arabic Learning is equally important for everyone who LearnEnglish, Urdu and other Languages. Basic problem is for beginnersto Learn Arabic because now a day’s most of the applications arenot focusing on Simple Arabic learning for beginners, they areusing difficult techniques to teach Arabic.Fun Arabic lessonsimprove your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation like no otherlanguage learning method. Beginner or advanced learner, traveler orbusiness professional with a tight schedule? The app works greatand dynamically adjusts to your needs.Features:Learn ArabicSentences of Daily UseLearn Arabic Words and MeaningLearn ArabicGrammarLearn Arabic Tenses Learn* 6,000 words with images toillustrate words, phonetic transcriptions and pronunciationrecordings by native speakers.* Vocabulary covers 15 thematictopics divided into 140 subtopics. * The entire vocabulary has beentranslated into 59 languages:✔ English ✔ Afrikaans ✔ Albanian ✔Amharic ✔ Azerbaijani ✔ Belarusian ✔ Bengali ✔ Bosnian ✔ Bulgarian✔ Catalan ✔ Chinese ✔ Traditional Chinese ✔ Croatian ✔ Czech ✔Danish ✔ Dutch ✔ Estonian ✔ Tagalog ✔ Finnish ✔ French ✔ Georgian ✔German ✔ Greek ✔ Hebrew ✔ Hindi ✔ Hungarian ✔ Icelandic ✔ Igbo ✔Indonesian ✔ Irish ✔ Italian ✔ Japanese ✔ Kazakh ✔ Korean ✔ Latvian✔ Lithuanian ✔ Macedonian ✔ Malay ✔ Mongolian ✔ Nepali ✔ Norwegian✔ Persian ✔ Polish ✔ Portuguese ✔ Brazilian Portuguese ✔ Romanian ✔Russian ✔ Serbian ✔ Slovak ✔ Slovenian ✔ Spanish ✔ Swahili ✔Swedish ✔ Thai ✔ Turkish ✔ Ukrainian ✔ Urdu ✔ Vietnameseetc.Whereas this application use easy Arabic learning techniques,so the beginners can also learn Arabic within ten to twentydays.After go through Arabic lessons of this application any Arabicstudent will be able to speak Arabic fluently and can makesentences and phrases in Arabic. Daily Conversations in ArabicLanguage is also taught in a very effective manner in thisapplication. Arabic Dictionary is also provided for Arabic learningstudents who are at beginners or intermediate level.Arabic is veryimportant language for Muslims and non Muslims as Holy Book ofQuran is in Arabic and most of the Muslims learn Arabic in theirchildhood from different sources to recite Al Quran and offer theirSalah five times a day. But most of them require some Arabicteacher to learn Arabic, which is very expensive and time consumingtechnique to Learn Arabic Language.Arabic Language for Beginners isdesigned for such students of Islam who want to learn Arabiclanguage easily without worry of costly education and expenses.They can learn Arabic anywhere any time using their smart phonesfor free. Education of Arabic is not so easy before.Here you canlearn Arabic alphabets, grammar and vocabulary with properpronunciation. Arabic is one of the top ten widely spoken languagein world today. Arabic is native language of world's leadingeconomical Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain andother Middle East emerging economic powers. So if any one of youwant to visit any of Arabic countries for performing religiousduties as Hajj or Umra at Mecca and Medina , or whether visitingthese Arabic states for recreational trips or to do jobs. Every oneshould know how to speak and write Arabic. So they can learn Arabicgrammar, and can also learn how to make sentences in Arabiclanguage.Today most of Muslim people want to learn Arabic not onlyto fulfill world's need but also as they believe that on the day ofJustice All mighty Allah ask them questions and the wholeconversation among person and angels after death will be in Arabic.So one must learn Arabic Language to do all Arabic conversationwithin this world and also life after this world.Download nowArabic learning for beginners for Free and learn Arabic language inmost effective and convenient way.
Islamic Quotes in Urdu – Aqwal e Zareen in Urdu 1.0 APK
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Islamic quotes and sayings in Urdu is a android based app forMuslims who want to know famous Islamic quotes mention in Quranabout life what is Islam and how a Muslim should live his lifeaccording to Islam.Islamic quotes and sayings in Urdu includesQur’anic ayah hadith and quotes by different Sahabas like HazratUsman Hazrat Abu Bakr Hazrat imam Hussain imam Jafar Sadiq HazratAli Hazrat Umar Farooq about teaching and virtues of Islamcollected by different resources like Quran or different authentichadees books.Islamic quotes and sayings in Urdu contain wide rangeof Islamic quotes by different Anbiya which include:Islamic quotesabout lifeQuran quotesQuotes on loveQuran quotes onfaithInspirational Islamic quotesHadith of the dayQuran quotes ondeathBeautiful Quran quotesEducational quotesPowerfulquotesBeautiful quotesMarriage quotesIntelligent quotesHoly Quranquotes on RamadanHadees of the dayWedding quotesIslamic quotes andsayings in Urdu contain famous Islamic Quotes by Anbiya withpictures. Muslim shall paste Islamic quotes on picture with zoom inzoom out feature. Islamic quotes and sayings app contain filtersMuslim shall allow to set Islamic quotes with picture onbackground. Muslim shall also allow to share Islamic quotes withfriends and family through different messenger or socialwebsites.Islamic quotes and sayings contain Hazrat Ali quotes inUrdu which include Hazrat Ali history where Hazrat Ali born fromwhich family Hazrat Ali belongs to Hazrat Ali childhood Hazrat Alifamily tree. Hazrat ali quotes and hadith about life that how hespent his life and relation with Hazrat Muhammad SAW Hazrat Ali kibahadari ka waqia.Islamic quotes and sayings contain Hazrat Usmanquotes in Urdu which include Hazrat Usman history Hazrat Usman inMakkah Hazrat Usman ka laqab Hazrat Usman services to Islam HazratUsman family Hazrat Usman quotes about life Hazrat Usman thirdcaliphate in history of Islam Hazrat Usman Ghani kishahadat.Islamic quotes and sayings contain Hazrat Umar Farooqquotes in Urdu which include Hazrat Umar history Hazrat Umar kawaqia Hazrat Umar relation with Hazrat Muhammad SAW Hazrat Umar kifamily hazrat umar quotes about life Hazrat Umar getting the titleof Al Farooq Hazrat Umar migration Hazrat Umar as a counselorHazrat Umar ka insaf Hazrat Umar as a Second Caliph in MuslimHistory.Islamic quotes and sayings contain Hazrat Abu Bakr quotesin Urdu which include Hazrat Abu Bakr history Hazrat Abu BakrSiddique ka laqab Hazrat Abu Bakr sidiqi family Hazrat Abu BakrSiddique quotes about life Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique ka waqia HazratAbu Bakr as a first adult to accept Islam Hazrat Abu Bakr gettingthe title of as-siddiq how Hazrat Abu Bakr spending his wealth inthe way of Allah Hazrat Abu Bakr as a companion of prophet SAWHazrat Abu Bakr had the strongest eeman (faith) among ummah HazratAbu Bakr as a first caliph of Islam Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique kishahadat.Islamic quotes and sayings contain Hazrat imam Hussainquotes in Urdu which include Hazrat imam Hussain history Hazratimam Hussain ki family members names Hazrat imam Hussain relationwith Hazrat Muhammad SAW Hazrat imam Hussain quotes about lifeHazrat imam Hussain Roza Hazrat imam Hussain in Mecca Hazrat imamHussain Karbala Hazrat imam Hussain ki shahadat.Islamic quotes andsayings contain imam Jafar Sadiq quotes in Urdu which include ImamJafar Sadiq history imam Jafar Sadiq in Madinah Character andVirtues of Imam Jafar Sadiq imam Jafar Sadiq knowledge and learningabout Islam imam Jafar Sadiq Niaz imam Jafar Sadiq quotes aboutlife imam Jafar Sadiq Roza Imam Jafar Sadiq sayings.We are alsoworking on Hazrat Usman Ghani Sayings & Quotes on Photos HazratAbu Bakar Sayings & Quotes on Photos Hazrat Umar Farooq Quotes& Sayings on Photos Hazrat Ali Sayings & Quotes on PhotosKarbala Shayari, Nohay & Marsiay on Photos for increasing theMuslim knowledge about famous Anbiya and about Islam.
Naat Sharif 12 Rabi Ul Awal - Best Naats Lyrics 1.0 APK
Injeer Apps
Rabi ul awal naat shareef is a complete islamic portal of naats formuslim brother and sister of all over the world who used to recitenaat sharif in milad.Rabi ul awal naat shareef is a easy to useandroid based app design for muslims who celebrate rabi ul awalwhich is the 3rd month in islamic calendar as a month of birth ofHazrat Muhammad Saw.Rabi ul awal is also known as eid milad unnabi.Rabi ul awal naat shareef app list a wide range of naat whichwould be recite by muslim brother and sister in milad Mawlid ormavlit mulud in different style or accent which means birthday orcelebration day.Recite of Naat shareef is the religion activitywhich is performed on special islamic events in islamiccalender.People who recite naats are called as naat khawan.The naatkhawan believe that who recite naat will get reward from Allah.Naat shareef contain words of love with Hazrat Muhammad Saw whichexpress love,admiration for Hazrat Muhammad Saw.Naat sharif isbasically collection of poetry which is sung without music in lovefor our last prophet Hazrat Muhammad Saw.Naat sharif recite inspecial eid milad un nabi event in south asian countries likePakistan and India with different styles according to theirculture.Rabi ul awal naat shareef is a complete naat ka khazana formuslims which contain naat ki kitab naat sharif by top pakistaninaat khan which include hussain razas awais raza qadri mr binjunaid jamshaid owais raza qadri sabri hafiz tahir qadri misterbean baloch ehsaan tahmid farhan ali qadri hafiz tahir qadri harrisj umair zubair qadri maher zain ismail hussain aqsa abdul haq ahmedbukhatir abdul qadir abdul samad abdul raqib abdul salam kausarrazvi jharkhandi abdul wakeel huriya rafiq ahmed raza qadrizulfiqar.The top famous naats sharif include ik khawab sunawan naatmaula ya salli wa sallim pyari maa mujhko allah hu rang madani zahrab aana karam mangti hoon baar Naat sharif naat books in urdurecite on different islamic events of islamic calendar specially oneid milad un nabi event in different styles to show the love withHazrat Muhammad saw.naat ki kitab urdu also provide variety ofnaats sharif in different languages like urdu naat for urduspeakers sindhi naat for sindhi speaking people punjabi naat forpunjabi speakers pashto naat for pashto speaking people and englishnaats for english speakers.The top famous naats sharif include ikkhawab sunawan naat hum ko bulana ya main madine chala pukaro yarasool-allah al nabi sallu alaih aye saba mustafa bhar do jholicharo taraf noor chaya chamka mahe noor ka ALLAH Ho ALLAH Ho AyeSabz Gumbad Wale Karun Nazara Aa ker Lagiyan Nay Maujan Likh RahaHun Aahl-e-Sirat E Rooh Ul Amin Ko Aaj Aaye Nabiyon Ke SardarAarizey Shams-o-Qamar ik khawab sunawan naatRabi ul awal naatshareef app is a easy to use app which contain top famous naatshareef lyrics by top naat khawan which user can share with theirfriends and family using different messengers and read and recitein milad and getting rewards from Allah in the form ofblessings..include Rang e Chaman Pasand Na Ahista chal KaramMangtha hoon Allah Allah Kaliyan Zulfan Wala Jub Gumbade KhazrapeJaga Jee Lagaanay Ki Dunya Nahi Hai Hum Faqeeron Ko Madinay Ki GaliHazir Hey Darey Daulat Hamd-O-Sana Ham Per Nazar Huzoor Uheeen ApKi Rahay Gam Nahi Chordey Dil Se Hazaar Baar Madinah Tujhe SalaamChalo Dayaar-e-Nabi Ki Jaanib Bheek Ataa Aye Nabi Muhtasham HoArsh-e-Ulaa Se Aala Mere Nabi Ka Roz Apni Nisbat Se Mein Kuch NahiHoon Allah Nabi Da Naam Layea Aashiqo Wird Karo Sallay Alaa Aaj KiRaat Allah Hoo Allah Hoo Allah Nabi Da Naam LiyeWe are also workingon Rabi Ul Awal Photo Frames-Eid Milad Un Nabi Editor Happy NewYear 2018-Christmas photo Frames and Photo editor- Pakistan flagphoto frame & stickers which is the one of the best photoediting apps which allows users to edit their photos by add framesin photos and also apply effects and filters in photos which makeusers photo more attractive and beautiful
Hazrat Abu Bakr Quotes – Aqwal Zareen in Urdu 1.0 APK
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Hazrat Abu Bakr full name was Abu Bakr aṣ-Ṣiddiq Abd Allah ibnUthman. The lineage of Abu Bakr joined that of Muhammad in theeighth degree in their common ancestor Murrah ibn Kab. In Arabic,the name Abd Allah means "servant of Allah". One of his earlytitles, preceding his conversion to Islam, was atiqe, "the savedone". Muhammad later reaffirmed this title when he said that AbuBakr is the "atiqe" (the one saved from hell fire by God). He wascalled Al-Siddiq (the truthful) by Muhammad after he believed himin the event of Isra and Miraj when other people didn't, and HazratAli confirmed that title several times. He was mentioned in theQuran as the "second of the two who lay in the cave" in referenceto the event of hijra, where with Muhammad he hid in the cave inJabal Thawr from the Meccan search party that was sent after them,thus being one of few who were given direct mention in theQuran.Imam Jafar al Sadiq famously narrated how the title Siddiqwas given to Abu Bakr from Hazrat Muhammad. Imam Jafar was a directdescendant of Abu Bakr from his maternal side, as well as being adescendant of Hazrat Ali from his father's side. Imam Jafaral-Sadiq was also the successor of the Naqshbandi Sufi orderbelieved to be originating from Hazrat Abu Bakr himself. ImamMuhammad al Baqir, the father of Imam Jafar Sadiq, also called AbuBakr with the title Siddiq.Much of the available knowledge aboutProphet Muhammad comes through Hazrat Abu Bakr's daughter, HazratAisha. After the death of Hazrat Abu Bakr, her brother Muhammad ibnAbi Bakr was raised by Hazrat Ali.Sayings of Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.W):Tell Abu Bakr from my side to offer Salat to people(Muslims). [In absence of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W)] (Bukhari,Muslim, Tirimzi, Ibn-e-Majah).We bring you most known and rarestories of Hazarat Abu Bakar for adults. These stories are worthreading and full of moral values and lesson full stories thatsimplifies and provides significant ways to perform daily routinesand tackle life issues in a mature and Islamic guided ways. Thesestories will provide you sufficient knowledge about the personalityof Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) that also helps in upbringing our kids tothe right path as per Islamic guidance and those adopted by Sahabas(Sahaba-e-Ikram R.A) Share it, spread it and pass on the knowledgeto your friends and true beloved ones and keep us updated via yourratings and feedback so we improve further.Hazrat Abu Bakar RA kiZindagi, Hazrat Abu Bakar RA Bahadur Karname, Hazrat abu bakar keAqwal.saying of hazrat abu bakar. Hazrat abu bakar ki hadees inUrdu. Hazrat abu bakar k faisly. Hazrat abu bakar quotes in Urdu.Hazrat abu bakar aqwal in urdu. Hazrat abu bakar aqwal. Hazrat abubakar as. Hazrat abu bakar a.s aqwal. Hazrat abu bakar app. hazratabu bakar book. hazrat abu bakar bani. hazrat abu bakar bangla.hazrat abu bakar ki baatein. hazrat abu bakar ki batein. aqwal ezareen hazrat abu bakar. aqwal e zareen hazrat abu bakar in urdu.hazrat abu bakar quotes in english. aqwal e hazrat abu bakar.hazrat abu bakar ke aqwal e zareen. hazrat abu bakar farman.HazratAbu Bakar said to the enemies of Islam that we will not doinjustice with children of Prophet Muhammad when he became Kaliphahof Muslims. Hazrat Abu bakr always said their children that to lookon the face of Hazrat Ali (R.A) is also worship of Allah.ahlesunnat wal jamaat. nade abu bakar, nade abu bakar dua, nade abubakar wazifa, nade abu bakar se mushkilat ka hal, nade abu bakarkabeer, nade abu bakar full.We are also working on Quotes of HazratAli (A.S), Hazrat Umar (R.A) Quotes, Hazrat Usman (R.A) Sayings andImam Hussain (A.S) quotes and poetry related to Karbala.Downloadnow Hazrat Abu Bakar Quotes on Photos application for free toexpress your grief in this Muharram and love with Panjtan Pak andSahabas, especially with First Kalipha of Muslims Hazrat Abu BakarSidique (R.A).
Karbala Shayari, Nohay & Marsiay on Photos 1.3 APK
Injeer Apps
Muharram, the first Islamic year has its own historical valuebefore and after the incident of Karbala.Before the mostdevastating and sorrowful incident of Karbala took place in 61 AHin which the grandson Imam Hussain (A.S) of our Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) fought the huge army of Yazid and martyred with his 72Companions and Family members, the same month was treated as monthof respect and before spreading of Islam the Kufar of Arab alsorespect this month.But after 10th Muharram 61 AH when Imam Hussainfought with Yazeed army in the battle field of Karbala on the bankof River Farat and after killing and sending thousands of yazeediarmy soldiers to hell at the time of Asar Imam Hussain martyred inthe name of Allah, Muslims all over the world do Azadari to recallthis sorrowful event of Karbala.In mostly parts of world Muslimsspecially shia muslims do Majalis Imam Hussain, do Matam and Listenand read Nohay and Marsiay. Marsia and Noha is basically thatpoetry or shayari which briefly explains the cruelty of Yazeediarmy on the friends and family of Imam Hussain (A.S). KarbalaShayari : Nohay and Marsiay provides you a vast number of Marsiasrecited by noha khwan Nadeem sarwar and poet Dr. Allama Iqbal andalso Quotations of Imam Hussain (A.S) to be write on your photosand make them profile pictures and allow to share on differentsocial media platforms with their friends and family members.Anyone of you can write visuals Muharram messages and listen MuharramNohas and also can work on moharam gif 2017 images as well as setthose images as Muharram wallpaper on your smart phones.Now you canread Muharram Marasiya via reading through your smart phone screensand can set Muharram Images as greeting cards and send Muharramwishes to your friends and family members. Moharam photo frames arealso available in this application where you can set Muharram photoframe of year 2017 and 2018.Imam Hussain (A.S) wordings related toMuharram quotes are now available as Muharram sms on this Ashura2017. Now you can write poetry and shayari of Karbala on Ashuraphoto frames to wish loved ones Muharram greetings with Muharramlatest GIF images.You can get online images of Muharram tazia andmuharram juloos doing Matam-e-HussainSo this Muharram, writemarsiay and quotes of Imam Hussain on your photos and tell theworld that we muslims never ever forget the sacrifice of ImamHussain and his companions along with his family (Ahl-e-Bait) , andtill the day of justice we will continue to do Majalis and azadariby reciting Marsiay and Soz o Salam in month of Muharram andSafar.Shia Muslims during Muharram do different things and withdifferent intentions. Shia Muslims observe and respect Muharram asthe month that martyred Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammadand son of Ali, in the Battle of Karbala. They mourn for Husseinibn Ali and refrain from all joyous events. Unlike Sunni Muslims,Shias do not fast on the 10th day of Muharram.[3] In addition thereis an important Ziyarat book, the Ziyarat Ashura about Hussein ibnAli. In the Shia sect it is popular to read this ziyarat on the"Day of Ashura", although most of the Shias try to read ZiyaratAshura every day and they send salutations to Hussein ibn Ali.Toadore your photos with ashura frames install this app.Feature :✻Capture a new image with your camera and apply an amazing photoframe to it! ✻ Select an image from gallery and apply an amazingphoto frame to it!✻ Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag thephoto to fit the Eid frame as you like! ✻ Muharram Ashura PhotoEditor 2017 Lattest app supports all screen resolutions of mobileand tablet devices. ✻ You can Save Your work after editing.✻ Youcan share it instantly on social networks like Whatsapp, Facebook,Instagram or Twitter!Download now Karbala Shayari and Kalamapplication for free to express your grief in this Muharram.
Arbi Seekhen – Arbi Urdu Bol Chal 1.3 APK
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Arbi Seekhen is an educational application developed to educatenon-Arabic speakers to the language. Arbi Urdu Bol Chal is usingArbi Urdu Keyboard, Arbi Urdu Dictionary. The fundamentals ofArabic language can be learnt using this app. This app is veryuseful for people who are traveling to Middle East for the firsttime and want to learn Arabic. Arbi Seekhen is equally importantfor Muslims and Non-Muslims. Now a days there are lots of Arabiclanguage applications are available in market. But major problem ofthose apps are not designed for beginners. Speak Arabic languagefor beginner’s uses easy Arabic learning techniques so anyone canlearn and speak Arabic easily. Simple Arabic conversations andphrases are taught in this application with proper audio andpronunciations so beginners of Arabic language can learn and speakArabic quickly and efficient way. Via this application users canalso search any word in Arabic dictionary for his daily lifeconversations. Download now Arbi Seekhen in Urdu in only 7 days forFree and learn Arabic language in most effective and convenient wayin only seven days of time.
Hindi Stories - Moral Stories in Hindi 1.2 APK
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Stories in hindi is a collection of inspiring stories with moralstories in hindi.Those moral stories are inspired by famous storiesof Ram, Vikram betal, hanuman, ravan, bhagwan and seeta (sita) .Enjoy the huge collection of story in hindi and kahaniya in hindi,the collection of short Stories in hindi, Hindi Kahani, Free HindiStories, moral stories and inspirational stories which gives agreat life lesson and shiksha mitra. Short Motivational Stories inHindi and Inspirational stories help you and your friends to becomemore positive in life. The simple and entertaining stories ofTenali Raman with morals stories about Tenali Raman Stories andVikram Betal stories .These stories of Vikram Betal Or somebody maysay it Bikram Betal are really very much inspiring and gives a lotof knowledge about our past, history and also tells us about thevarious things happening in our life. It gives us an opportunity toface us the truth of life. While in other stories like hanumanstories in which Shri Hanuman is regarded as the God of power orbhagwan, strength and knowledge. He is known as the ‘param bhakt’of lord Rama and is the incarnation of Lord Shiva so these Storiesof Hanuman is based on Indian Epic Ramayana in which "Lord Rama"sends his devotee "Lord Hanuman" to find his wife "Goddess Sita"who had been abducted by Demon King Ravana at his Place Lanka.Ifyou want stories to read then you can read books online and canread many short stories in hindi. Many people want someinspirational and motivational stories to teach everyone in form ofhindi kahani, Bachon ki kahaniyan, Bachon ki kahaniyan in hindi andkahaniyan in hindi. This “stories in hindi” app also have cartoonstoryThis hindi story book and motivational stories in hindi app isa collection of famous Panchatantra Hindi stories. Somemore famousstories like Panchatantra stories which also have Ram, Vikrambetal, hanuman, ravan, bhagwan and seeta (sita) stories. Sita Ramrefers to the Hindu goddess, Sita, and her husband, Ram, or Rama,so in this app we have so much interesting stories which you wouldlike to know.Hindi kahani is a cultural part of India. People loveto read Hindi story book and motivational stories in hindi.Kahaniya in hindi and Stories in hindi is a hindi story book whichhave a lot of kahaniya in hindi. Indian people read hindi kahani,Hindi kahani of krishna is very famous. Kahaniya in hindi isawesome hindi kahani app.Read Nani-ma ki Kahaniyan, BetaalPachchisi, Singhasan Batisi, Akbar-Birbal, Tenaliram, Panchtantra,Panchtantra ki Hindi Kahani, Lok-Kathayen, Sheikh Chilli ke Kissieall in one App. This App contains various stories of Akbar-BirbalBachon ki kahaniyan in hindi, Tenaliram, Panchtantra, Lok Kathayen,SheikhChilli, Ram, Vikram betal, hanuman, ravan, bhagwan storiesand seeta (sita) ki kahani told by Dadi amma and Nani Amma.In Shortstories in hindi we have many Shri Ram Bhajans stories which letsenjoy few famous Lord Rama Bhajans/Devotional stories like KabhiRam Banke, Shri Ram Chandra,Tere Maan Mein Ram and Kabhi KabhiBhagwan which are very inspirational and motivational stories.Youcan also Search our hindi stories using words like hindi story,hindi stories, hindi kahani book, Bachon ki kahaniyan in hindi,Dadi Maa Ki Kahaniya hindi, Dadi Maa Ki Kahaniya in hindi, Dadi Maaki Anmol kahaniya in hindi, Dadi Maa ki Anmol kahaniyan, kahaniyain hindi, Hindi Kahaniya, moral stories in hindi, hindi shortstories with moral, moral stories in hindi, dadi ma ki kahaniya,majedar kahaniya, Bachon ki kahaniyan in hindi etc. We have MoralStories in Hindi like:Motivational Stories Funny StoriesDadi/Naniki KahaniyanRaam storiesVikram Betal StoriesHanuman StoriesRam vsravan storiesBhagwan hindi storiesSeeta (sita) ki kahaniIf You likeHindi story book then download & rate 5 stars on this awesomekahaniya in Hindi