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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You are on a special mission!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Welcomein the Special Law Enforcement Squad! So you think you're toughenough for this squad? Show us what you're made of, and maybe youwill grow in rank swat games officer! The criminals took over lot’sof buildings and vehicles, it’s time to take it back on all cost!Disable bombs and clear the properties, the lives of the citizensare in yourhands!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Challenging swat games missions!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Withthe 20 challenging swat games mission you will be have lot’s offun! Clear properties, disable bombs, sneak around to take evidenceand much more in Special Law Enforcement Squad! In this swatsimulator everything is possible, are you ready to find out thepossibilities in this dangerous shootinggames?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Unlock all kind of shooting games weapons!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Witheach dangerous shooting games mission you finish you will earn yourhard earned cash. Buy and unlock some heavy weapons, and upgradethem one for one! Unlock Pistols, Heavy Weapons, Consumables,Assault Rifles and Special Weapons in Special Law Enforcement Squad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Special Law Enforcement Squad - Shooting Games Features:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~▶Become the best swat games officer googleplay has known▶ Differentkind of missions to make it more fun▶ Unlock all kind of weaponsand accessories▶ Take down all the dangerous criminals▶ Don’tforget to rate us or give us feedback! Help us make more swat gamesand making our shooting games better! Our players are veryimportant to us at Mobilegames. We want to make better shootinggames and also swat games that you, as our players like! Let usknow in the comments, or any other social media what you would liketo see for our next shooting games! Make the fun for yourself andIf you like criminal games then please don't forget to rate thisgame!

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    Special Law Enforcement Squad
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    October 26, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Nijkampenweg 33 7815GB, Emmen the Netherlands
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