1.4 / September 5, 2016
(3.8/5) (634)


You are an agent of special task forcemissionguaranteed for you to back your city from enemies and killallterrorist. Enemy alerted they are ready for battle. Commanderofforce decide in meeting not attack with forces because iftheyalerted are know this they will launch a nuclear missileanddestroy your country. Mission guaranteed for you to takethischallenge and clear this city from terrorist’s n order to makethecity &world safer for mankind. You will attack on enemynighttime when most of enemies not there and they don’t thinkanybodycan attack on night time. Commander Sam briefing you takesthischallenge and proofs yourself you are hero of your country andbestof luck.
If you are looking for action games this is best thirdpersonshooting game of 2015 with smooth graphic, stunning features,easyand quick guide from radar to see enemy movement. I am reallysureyou will love this game.
It is 100% FREE, runs smoothly on your devices! And requireinternetconnection.
How to Play:
1. Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate yourgunleft, right, up or down
2. Move forward, backward, left or right withjoystickcontrols
3. Tap Fire button at bottom right to fire any selectedweapon
4. Detect enemy using the radar
5. You have to find weapon and health kit as well to survive
• Excellent 3D graphics & best sounds.
• Fabulous city environment.
• Best third person shooting game.
• Trace your enemy from radar and see their movement.
• Totally free game
Done be wait and install and start to play game here myfacebooklink you can see my other games as well.
Your valuable feedback and comments will surely help us to dothebetter job, so don’t forget to leave your comments.

App Information Special Street Fighter 2015

  • App Name
    Special Street Fighter 2015
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  • Updated
    September 5, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
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Show your sniper skills and destroy thevariety of traffic cars in the sniper traffic shooter 2015 game.Destroy modern cars with your semi auto gun and use your scope toshoot cars from distance. You have to get 200 points in limitedtime and move to next level. Every next level will be morechallenge for you to make 200 points in short time period.Features!• Free to play.• Realistic and modern 3D graphic.• Variety of traffic cars to destroy.• Latest modern sniper rifle.• Unlimited vehicle models.Download free game and start to destroy traffic and show yourskills. Hope you like this game and please give me positivefeedback and best wishes..........
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The Northern areas of Pakistan have been hitby a severe earthquake. This destroyed each and every thing. Lotsof casualties are reported. Thousands of people become homeless.They have no shelters to stay and no food to eat. They are helplessand in need of help. You are the aviation officer in military andyou fly an Air ambulance helicopter. It’s your job to fly to thoseaffected areas and pull out the people who are in stuck therehelpless.It’s the time of emergency. Everyone is in danger because of theearthquake. You have to pickup these people and drive take them tosafe zones where they can get help.You have to take those people from the affected areas and fly themto the hospitals and rescue camp which are specially build forthem.People are in trouble. The roads are totally destroyed. The onlyway to get to them is through air. So fulfill your responsibilitiesand help them.It is a test of your flying and landing skills within this game.The helicopter is equipped with simple controls. Are you up toaccept the challenge in Air Ambulance Simulator?Feel what a real air ambulance aviation officer would feel in realemergency situation in this Heli ambulance simulation game2016.The helicopter rescue mission of the game will be hard, as you willhave to land properly in the emergency area. And then again takeoffwhen the people get on the helicopter.Take your ambulance helicopter from the base camp and carefullyland on the indicated area. Improve your aviation flying skills tothe best level and show that you are the best pilot.HOW TO PLAY:Swipe left joy stick to control the movement.Swipe right joy stick to take off and landing.Tap pause button to pause the game.FEATURES:Realistic emergency situation environment.Simple touch and swipe control.Real time animations.Control is comfortable and smooth.Different challenging levels with different tasks assigned.Pick up the patients from helipad and drop them nearhospitals.Improve your flying skills.
Monster Shark Hunter 1.7 APK
Keep ready yourself for the horrifying seabattle to hunt the giant hungry shark. Start your glorious sharkhunt now Show your skills to hunt the wild sea monster. Sharks arethe most deadly aquatic creature and predator of wild sea life.Target these sharks and hunt one by one. Hunt the monster shark andcomplete level. This is awesome game which one of the best seahunter smart game among all smart game you ever played.Feature!• Awesome sea hunt• Virtual 3D simulator• Challenge to hunt the monster sharks• Amazing graphic• Excellent sound effect• So don’t wait, just download and start hunting.
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Commando stealth killer is best action gamethat you ever seen. You are the special commando of military agencyterrorist attack on your city and they took a hold of all city andthat is really threat for your country and nation. They kidnappedyour scientist. They torched him and want to secret informationabout atomic bomb. If they successful to take secret informationfrom him then they can broken your security lock and that will bedangerous and harmful. Military agency officer’s cal a meeting andthey choose you for this mission. Because you already proved manytime your special skills and complete missions recently. Being apart of special military agency, you are assigned a special missionto rescue the scientist who have been made hostage by terrorist inthe main city of your country. You have to proof your commandostealth skills to rescue the scientist from those terrorists inorder to make the city and world safer for mankind. you have tokill all terrorist and when you killed all terrorist you have reachon finishing point there will somewhere stand red car that showingon radar you have to have take car and go on next missions.If you are looking for Commando Games that is the best action gamecollection, smooth graphics. Stunning features, easy and quickguides. I am really sure you will like this game and love to playthis game. Soon this will come with new version and with newmissions.How to Play:• Touch the screen for look anywhere left, right, up or down.• Stick controls Move forward, backward, left or right withjoy.• Tap Fire button fire.• Detect enemies by the help of radar.• Increase your Health pick up health box.• Pick up ammo radar will help you to find ammo.Features: Excellent environment. Fabulous sound effects. Easy to controls and play. Third person shooting game. Exciting shooting war environment. Smooth 3D graphic and enjoyable real stealth game.Download Commando Stealth killer and have a fun enjoy awesomegame collection.Don’t be wait download and enjoy free action game here is facebookpage hope you like my games and give positive feedback andsuggestions to improve my games.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spiritapps/495806530567081?ref=bookmarks
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Mario real spirit run is very interesting andenjoyable game with awesome adventure. You can choose your favoritecharacter whatever you want, casual or prisoner. You are runningand police behind you they are following you and you have to escapefrom police. On the way lot of obstacle and hurdles get passed allhurdles and escape from police. The path is full of suspense andunlimited action.Controls:This game is easy to useJump- swipe upwardsRight- swipe rightLeft-swipe leftDown- swipe downFeatures! It’s totally free game and easy to play. Nice adventure with awesome graphic. 2 character game you can choose which one you like. Share your best score on leading board and challenge to yourfriend.This game is suitable for all kind of genres from kids, girls andboys of all ages.Don’t wait install and enjoy your favorite game and give me yourpositive feedback……………….Best wishes…………
Extreme Drive Free Race 1.1 APK
Bring fast driving experience to a whole newlevel. Race the knockout GT race and become a champion of knockoutrace. Real cars, real track, real time racing with stunning graphicand wonderful environment. Top world class cars collection and bigsurprise with totally free. Knockout race on beautiful tracks withenjoyable sound.So keep ready, fasten your seat belts, push the accelerate pedaland start your favorite knockout GT racing game. You can chooseyour favorite car and this knockout GT racing game is on Knockoutsystem. You have to drive fast and intelligently and this is timeto show your driving skills and become a champion. If you come onlast position you will be eliminated and will be out of race.Features!• Simple racing game and easy to play.• Amazing 3D graphic.• Modern cars collection you can choose your favorite.• Knockout challenging game.• Beautiful tracks.• Free to download.• Realistic car sound effect.This is my facebook page hope you like it and see more gamescollection.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spiritapps/495806530567081?ref=bookmarksDon’t be wait install and start to play your favorite game and giveme positive feedback
City Air Helicopter Simulator 1.1 APK
Are you daring enough to swing and fly chopperin the air? Ever dreamed to be air force pilot? Be prepared to be aamazed in this real world simulation fly one of the most famoushelicopter above in the beautiful big city. You have to steering& fly commercial euro helicopter in this beautiful citysimulation over city. Making you way to the designated helipadwhere you must land the helicopter to complete each 12 l excitinglevels. Be careful when you flying the helicopter to avoid hittinginto the buildings if you hit on anything helicopter will be crashand mission will be failed. This game will help you to become thebest helicopter pilot out there. So do you think you can take acontrol of helicopter and fly as a best pilot through the city toget the helipads avoid of crashed. This game will give you one ofthe best fun and exciting time with fly the helicopter through thebeautiful real city.In this simulation game you will play 12 extreme missions levelseach level contain unique challenges and touch skyline. No anyviolence in this game.Features of City Air Helicopter Simulator:• New improved helicopter physics• Extremely challenging 12 levels• Free flight mode for flying simulation• Wonderful 3D graphic• Real helicopter sound• Beautiful big buildings cityLike us on facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spiritapps/495806530567081?ref=bookmarks
Race Real Car 2015 1.5 APK
Drive the real car is a fun and exciting sportcar racing game and show your skills on wonderful mountain trackthat is amazing track. This track full of tunnels, bridges andclassy mountain you will realy enjoy this track with real sea andbeautiful views. Drive the most beautiful and powerful racing carthat have multiple control tilt and button you can control bothway. This mountain track has many checkpoints. This is time to showyour skill you have to drive intelligently and reach on checkpointbefore time and get highest point to complete this lovely track.And you have to keep control your car if your car falling down frombridge or outside road game will be over and you have start againto complete this track. Drive your sport car and enjoy mostbeautiful track. You will drive in beautiful tunnel, bridges, hillsand near to sea with full enjoyable music that keep you relax.Feature!• Multiple control mode, tilt and button.• Smooth and realistic car handling.• Wonderful game design and the most stunning graphic.• Exciting and hot background music that will really impressyou.• Checkpoints on track.• Touch brake button to slow down and accelerator button.Are you ready for the challenge? Show your friend your excellentskills.Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of thegame.