1.0 / December 15, 2017
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Speed Car Adventure is easy to play you have just to avoidcarsenemies and earn coins as much as you can. Game Play: MultipleCarsUp To 30+ Level Three different cars Two driving positions

App Information Speed Car Adventure

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    Speed Car Adventure
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    December 15, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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Jumping zombie 2015 always collect more Pumpkin by Running, hoppingand Jumping.To prevent hunger, the Jumping zombie 2015 needs to eatPumpkin in order to survive and avoiding foods. Please help thezombie by running and jumping across the level. Jumping zombie 2015like to eat Pumpkin but you have to overcome many obstacles likemushroom and obstacles such as rocks and trees that prevent Jumpingzombie 2015 from eating his Pumpkin. If you begin to play it, youwill be addicted to it and fully immersed into the gameenvironment. It's more challenging and fun than it seems!This gamecan be played by any user of any age. You wont find any violencethroughout the game which having a lot of levels.Top Features- 105different Levels- Clean and colorful graphics- Smooth userinterface- Phone and Tablet support- Music and sound effects- Playfor all ages- Game is free, no purchase required.- No Violence,crude pictures in the game (Suitable for kids and children)No doubtthat this is the #1 best Adventure games ever made - "Jumpingzombie 2015" on Android. Your ratings inspire us to make cool newfunny games so please don't forget to RATE US :-)Zombie Jumping2015 always collect more Pumpkin by Running, Jumping and hopping.Toprevent prevention hunger, the zombie Jumping 2015 Needs to eat inorder to survive Pumpkin and Avoiding foods. Please help the zombieby running and jumping across the level. Jumping 2015 zombie liketo eat Pumpkin goal you-have to Overcome Many obstacles likemushroom and obstacles Such as rocks and trees prevent preventionThat Jumping from eating zombie 2015 His Pumpkin. If you begin toplay it, you Will Be addicted to it and fully Immersed into thegame environment. It's more challenging and fun than it semble!Thisgame Can Be Played By Any user of Any Age. You wont find Anyviolence THROUGHOUT the game qui Having a lot of levels.TopFeatures- 105 different Levels- Clean and colorful graphics- Smoothuser interface- Phone and Tablet Support- Music and sound effects-Play for all ages- Game is free, no purchase required.- Noviolence, crude pictures in the game (Suitable for kids andchildren)No doubt That this is the # 1 best Adventure games evermade - "Zombie Jumping 2015" on Android. Your ratings inspires usto make cool new funny games so please do not forget to RATE US:-)
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Phone Alarm 2015 protects the phone from touching the phone andwill be issued Alarm when touched even a small touch ? ? ?thisAlarm keeps your phone save from people and burglars. - newapplication in 2015 is an audio alert when someone touching yourmobile phone, even a small touch protect your phone from touching-audio alarm ? ?- Phone Alarm 2015 is completely free applicationthat helps you protect your phone from the touch so that an alarmwhen touched by anyone and the alarm can not be stopped unless yourpermission.- benefits of implementing protect your phone fromtouching- voice alarm 2015: ? ?? ?- 100% free and works withoutaccess to the Internet.- You can select a specific time to run theapplication and stop him in the sense that you can put theapplication runs after 10 seconds of the phone and the closure ofthe works must be alert and anyone touches will be issued warningbeep can not be stopped unless you have your permission.- and youcan also put a specific time to be alert to stop the work.- You canchoose the form of warning alarm in the sense that I wanted to be abeep or vibration only just or ringtone and vibration together.-Phone Alarm 2015- Upon completion of the only limitation on thetime press the button (ON) and you will see a notice at the top ofthe phone tells you that the alarm is working and ready just closedthe phone and after the time of the touches that you selected willbe launched alarm.With Anti-theft app you will not be anymoreafraid to let your phone on a table.- Now, no one can touch thephone Dhun to hear.- with an alert when you touch your phone 2015Do not touch my phone you can put your phone anywhere and whentouched an alert choose you.Forbidden to touch my phone - do nottouch the phone - beware do not touch my phone - from touching thephone - an alert when you touch - touch screen phone by hand ??Once you activate the alarm, no one could touch it, because thealarm will be triggered if any one try to take the phone.
Car Killer 1.0 APK
Collect rockets on the road and then press fire button to launch arocket to explode car. Also you need to collect gas or the gamewill be over. Avoid collisions with other cars. Enjoy!
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Here is the Love Meter 2015 that lets you calculate lovecompatibility and your chances of a successful relationship. Do youshare a special connection with someone? Is he or she your specialperson? This Love meter will help you find out.This is a simpleLove Meter 2015 which displays love percentage based on names.Enter your name and the name of your partner/lover/crush to findLove compatibility & chances of successful loverelationship.Love calculation by a Love Meter 2015 is based oncertain algorithm. Once two names are entered, this calculatormatches the name of the first person against some love, romance andrelationship related parameters. Similarly the name of yourpartner/lover is matched against the same parameters. The lovecalculator's algorithm then detects how many parameters you bothhave in common. It is based on this analysis that the calculatorreaches the conclusion and displays love percentage orcompatibility.
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Easy pencil Draw A simple drawing app allows you to draw anythingand share with your friends! Integrate with Whatsapp, Facebook andmany other apps!! Happy drawing!!Tips:- Click the advertisment tohide it- Long press back button to hide toolbarpaint, drawing
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The game to measure the reaction rate by Rock Paper Scissors -Fight.Measure the time until the correct answer 10 times.There aretwo kinds of games.Level1 is single tap, and Level2 is doubletap.it is wonderful when level1's record is 12 seconds or less.itis wonderful when level2's record is 20 seconds or less.Please tryto challenge.
Pirate Jewels Game 1.0 APK
Pirate Jewels Game is a simple fun gameThank you for your interestin Pirate Jewels Game! :) ???See below for explanation on thepermissions, thanks!Features:- Nice, clean graphics and smooth gameplay- Four game modes: Normal, Timed, Quick and InfiniteALSOAVAILABLE FOR THE iOS: iJewelsTIP for tablet devices: Disable theSprite filtering from Settings to speed up the game if it feelssluggish. It will be uglier, but works faster. :)ABOUT REQUIREDPERMISSIONS:- Internet Access: Jewels needs internet access forads.- View Network State: Pirate Jewels Game checks if internetconnection is up and enableds/disables online features asappropriatePirate Jewels Game is simply a fun gameThank you foryour interest in Pirate Jewels Game! :) ???See below forexplanation on the permissions, thanks!Features:- Nice, cleangraphics and smooth game play- Four game modes: Normal, Timed,Quick and InfiniteALSO AVAILABLE FOR THE iOS: iJewelsTIP for tabletdevices: Disable the Sprite filtering from Settings to speed up thegame if it feels sluggish. It Will Be uglier, aim works faster.:)ABOUT REQUIRED PERMISSIONS:- Internet Access: Jewels Needsinternet access for ads.- View Network State: Jewels Game Piratechecks if internet connection is up and enableds / disables onlinefeatures as Appropriate
Monster Crush 1.2 APK
Monster Crush is the Crushing Monster game with amazing powers andbeautiful graphics with four different modes.