1.01.01 / April 27, 2016
(3.7/5) (44)


Only one Rule of Speed card
- To win, you get rid of cards quickly than your opponent.
- The rules are simple, but requires the ultimate in speed.

Simply enjoy the card game
- cards can be moved by one touch.
- press one button and run online play with real opponents.

Feature of differences between Speed card and other cardgames
- Amazing graphics and well designed.
- It is an easy game to learn.
- World ranking as a result of network battles.

App Information Speed Card

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    Speed Card
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  • Updated
    April 27, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 3.0 and up
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    1,000 - 5,000
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Is the game Three Kingdoms too difficult? Notany more~ Meet the game, "Card Three Kingdoms."Card Three Kingdoms is a strategy card game made of intuitive userinterface and automatic turn battle methods.* Simple hero card- You can check your military branch,strategy,and battle power information at once.* Easy battle preparation-If you choose automatic deploy, itcompletes unit organization.* Automatic turn battle method-Automatic characteristic battleeffect based on the card!* Open multiplayer battle-You can freely choose your opponent! Wewill let you know your opponent’s hero deploy.* Card upgrade-collect, reinforcement, composition, and training!We materialize all of our system for hero cultivation.* Everyday updated daily task list!* Encyclopedia menu, Check every hero and strategicinformation!Easy but powerful and abundant contents!! Download it Now!!>It is an online network game for Wi-Fi, 3G,LTE
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Speed Card 1.01.01 APK
Only one Rule of Speed card- To win, you get rid of cards quickly than your opponent.- The rules are simple, but requires the ultimate in speed.Simply enjoy the card game- cards can be moved by one touch.- press one button and run online play with real opponents.Feature of differences between Speed card and other cardgames- Amazing graphics and well designed.- It is an easy game to learn.- World ranking as a result of network battles.
World Chess Net 1.04.03 APK
THE BEST CHESS GAME IN MARKET !! World Chess net is a package oftwo chess game (Chess and Janggi(Korean chess))from the east andthe west. -2 extra modes: online match up and practice mode ☆Onlinematch up Played by the traditional rule of Chess and Janggi(Koreanchess) online Your play will automatically be saved in serverInteract with the community Use a message board in game and make afriends Compete worldwide network ☆Practice mode Played by thetraditional rule of chess and janggi(Korean chess) smartest chessgame ever with the cutting-edge AI provided by our accumulated AItechnology. It provides for beginners, amateur,semi-Pro &Professional level so you can find your opponents appropriate foryour skill. Save and load your moves to study the progression ofyour game and make your new move with strategy Player Data Roomprovides your evaluation based on your record. Features -- Highquality graphics : Cute and simple graphics make you comfortable --Easy controls:each game needs only one simple tap to play -- Theeasy game for every one regardless of sex and ages.
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It is a brand new and distinctive racinggame!Enjoy taxi-driving and car tuning in the streets of SEOUL, KOREA.* Game Features1. Level up by taxi driving!2. The realistic map in SEOUL, KOREA.3. Various mission tracks4. Detailed tuning items5 Ranking improvement by winning a ghost car!6. Two types of control padsWe listen to your feedback, send it to use so we can improve thegame for you.http://help@manastone.comhttp://www.manastone.com
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ヒーロータクティックス2はモンスターを召喚し、様々なスキルを使用して敵を倒す戦略防衛ゲームです。ユニークなジグソーパズル、ミニゲームと多くの段階であなたの時間をお楽しみください!ヒーロータクティックス2のスキルは様々な力を持っています。あなたは、モンスターを召喚し敵を攻撃したり、ヘルスポイントを回復することができます。あなたのスキルアクティベーションの魔石のみ強化可能と充電時間を必要としています。戦闘が始まるか、またはそのようなスキルが使用されているとき充電が始まります。充電が完了した後、右石のみ強化を使用して、スキルを有効にすることができます。私たちは、あなたのフィードバックは私達があなたのためのゲームを向上させることができますので、使用する送信に耳を傾ける。http://help@manastone.comhttp://www.manastone.com★ Invite Manastone ★Homepage http://www.manastone.comFacebook http://www.facebook.com/manastoneYouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/MANASTONE1Hero tactic Release 2 isa strategy defense game you summon monsters, defeat the enemy byusing various skills.Please enjoy your time at many stages unique jigsaw puzzle, andmini-games!Skills hero tactic Release 2 has a variety of forces. You caneither attack the enemy to summon the monster, to restore thehealth point.The magic stone of skill activation your only We need a chargingtime and strengthening possible. Charging starts when such skillscombat, or start is used. After the charging is completed, it canbe used to reinforce only the right stone and enable skills.Since your feedback can we improve the game for you, we listento the transmission to be used.http://help @ manastone.comhttp://www.manastone.com★ Invite Manastone ★Homepage http://www.manastone.comFacebook http://www.facebook.com/manastoneYouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/MANASTONE1