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Speed Race

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    Speed Race
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    April 1, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    B-19, Shakti Nagar Ext., Delhi
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Gif for whatsapp - Xmas New year 2019 2 APK
Happy new Year 2019 and Merry Xmas wishes with GIF for whatsapp ,Gifs for facebook & gif in snapchat Xmas 2019 gif Enjoy everyfestival, celebration events with best GIF for whatsapp app toshare some social trends wishes gif on this festival & gif apphas lots of all festival wishes gif , friends gif, good morninggif, love gifs with cool gif with love and romance celebrations.Select and Send gif to your friends & family. Enjoy gif app of2018 to send wishes on Gif for facebook and gif in snapchat. Bestgif app - Gif for whatsapp to share gif on facebook, allo, snapchatWe have best gif for each festival like good morning gif, lovegifs, vampire gif, kiss gif and all festival gif. share gif allfestivals to your family. Download "GIF To Share" now. So send gifsto instagram and whatsapp sharechat even on pinterest and allo.This app will give you collections of upcoming festivals. This isone of the best dp and gif status app where user can set gifs inwhatsapp gif status. Good morning GIF & love Gif and allfestival gif tik tak Create your own GIF DIY and share best GIFseveryday, we have gifs with all festivals , world cancer day, funnygif, i love u gif along with i love u animated gif and many more.This is one of the most popular GIF sharing app to whatsapp. BestGIF app for whatsapp gifs to share app. Thank you Friends &families for making 2019 the best GIF sender app. Enjoy GIF shareto whatsapp app to share Funny Gifs (Emoji).gif viewer is the bestand simple way to share funny emoji (animated Gifs) that are easyto share with family and friends on whatsapp, fb, snapchat,instagram and popular Facebook messenger, Viber, Telegram, as wellall in social networks and chat apps. Dont feel tired while sendingthose looping gif videos so share these animated gifs (few fromgiphy and online available) and rest our in house team created foryou to use. All festival gifs like for God gif, Ganeshagif,friendship day,cute gifs,halloween day, Holiday and many morebest Gif available online so that you can choose and share yourwishes in single click. Best gif for whatsapp dp app Key Feature *New GIFs added everyday * Beautiful GIFs * Simple & effectivecontrols * Easy & cute animated images for gifs to share * Workwith multiple chat messengers (fb messenger, google allo,whatsap,tumblr, Hangouts, Line, social share chat apps) * Connectto gif maker - to create your own gif from photo to gif maker with"How to make your own gif" DIY gif * Gif search - now Search gifswith gif search engine * Mark best gif sender as favorite * Tags -keyboards with gif search Gifs for whatsapp app contains:- a. GoodMorning gif b. Good night Gifs c. Happy day gef d. All festivalwishes gif f. 2018 gif g. i love you gif i. Love Gifs j. Husbandgifs and wife gifs to share love k. Happy gif and Happy holiday gifl. Ghost Gif m. Happy Anniversary gif n. good night gif app o. gifinvitations p. kiss gif app q. Happy Birthday gif / birthday wishesgif r. happy friendship gif / dosti gif s. All Wishes gif / all giffor whatsapp t. dp and gif status u. love gif for whatsapp v.romantic gif w. cute gif & marathi gif z. happy Eid gif andhappy ramadan gifs gifs snapchat GIF to share as one of the topanimated gifs for whatsapp for all festivals and love app. gif insnapchat has best good morning gifs and good night gif app. Bestgif app to send gifs for messenger, enjoy & fun with friendsseason and share these GIFs for whatsapp and animated smileys tofacebook free and snapchat gif. Enjoy gif share. Don't forget toshare romantic gifs in facebook. It has all animate gifs in singleplace. animator GIF To Share now. So send gif in snapchat, lovegifs to facebook whatsapp & allo. Enjoy Gif Sharing app.
Call Break - card game free 1.0 APK
Callbreak multiplayer card game is popular asian spade game. PlayFree Spades Cards Game Online. Its fun playing cards game / taas inleisure time. Call Break multiplayer is a best call game and widelypopular card game free with online multiplayer feature on theGoogle Play Store. call break card game is very popular online cardgame and one can playcared as offline card game which is famous inBangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and old desi game of India and otherasian countries, people called it as Nepali trick taking card gameor trump Card game. Call Break is a trick-based card game similarto popular Spades cards games. unlike spades,in Callbreaking theterm "hand" is used for trick, and "Call" is also used for bid, youcan play call break offline. callbreak is the Best card games freeonline games Indian card games - Call break /lakdi is popularplaying card multiplayer game or nepali trick taking card game. Incall break apps, there will be five rounds of play or five deals inthis card trick game. First dealer will be chosen randomly andafter that, the turn to deal rotates clockwise from first dealer.In Callbreak game, Dealer will deal all 52 cards to four playersi.e. 13 cards each. After the completion of each deal, player passleft to dealer will make a Call - which is a number of hands he/shethinks will probably passing to capture, and call moves again inclockwise to next player until all 4 players finished calling aftermatch cards from virtual deck of cards. All fifty two 52 pack ofcards use in this 4 player game. In india card game call break gamealso localized version named as ghochi, Lakadi or Lakdi card gameand trick-taking card game or callbreak in Nepal and all 13 cardsuit used in this game. People called playing card games as asiapoker game with botts card of taash. call break card game rulessimilar to spades and bridge card game How to Play card gamecallbreak multiplayer card game : You will have the first go at itand make the most of it. This isgame first can throw anyplayingcard from their deck. The suit thrown by this player will bethe led suit and rest 3 players after you must throw any card ofsame suit. If they don't have this suit at all then you can throwother play card. The highest card of the led suit will capture thebid (call), but if the led suit was broken by spade(s), then inthat case highest ranked top card of spade will capture the bid. InCallbreak Spades are the trump cards and isgame popular in Indiaand nepal and Asia. The winner of a card multiplayer callbreak gameround can throw cards play to begin next round. There will be 13rounds and after that next deal will begin. Key Features top-ratedcall breaks multiplayer Card game: ** Free card game ** Simple UIand attractive design ** Smooth animations ** Counter-clockwiseturn rotation like in real game play ** Extreme User Friendly forcard tricks ** Bots with improved Artificial intelligence AI **Play callbreak offline as single player card game ** Asian Spadegame with trump cards (4 player game) ** Clockwise turn of rotationboard ** Can play as one player card game (rules matches with callbridge and spades) need 4 players ** Best trick-taking card gameand achieve high rank ** Rule match with spades ** Playcards andlearn call break card game tricks Download Call Break cardgame foryour phone today and have endless hours of fun. This is the bestcallbreak game, dont wait more for card games call break app freedownload just get free callbreak multiplayer game. Enjoy games cardwith trick based game of 4 players multiplayer or play offline.Download call break android game, four players playcard in rotationboard with 52 cards Please don't forget to Rate and ReviewCallBreak multiplayer with AI integrated. Enjoy playing cardgamefree with us. Thank you for enjoying call break multiplayer cardgame. Keep playing and share callbreak playcard game of 4 players.Call break download game now!
Sholo Guti 16 Beads - tiger trap 1.0 APK
Sholo Guti 16 beads is a new checker game like Chess played between2 players & 2018 game is traditional game. Play popular freeboardgame in abstract strategy game of boardgames. Abstract shologuti game of two players; exciting game to play with friends.alquerque sixteen soldier 16beads game is famous in south-east asiamainly in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arab, Indonesia Nepaland other south east asian game. Indian Boardgame also called asbagh-bakri (tiger-goat) / tiger trap or baghchal - crossing overgame of tiger trap,draughts, 16 gitti, Sixteen Soldiers,baghchal,16ビット, Bara Tehn or barah goti game of childhood game of twopersons. Local asian ladies and gentleman passes their leisure timeby playing sholo guti 16 bead game also known as desi game of 2players played with stones called as Village game or Rural game. Inold times, two player as solo team draw the cort typegame on theplay ground & uses stones as pawns & player used stonescross as pawns for tiger trap and make strategic plan to win thegame. Best app in gem board game zone with new games UI Play shologuti isgame to your android mobile application Rules of the shologuti board game online game celebrity :- Sholo guti is 16 guti appswhere 16 bead boards will be in gameplay like in checkers game.Each bead can move one step forward on the valid positions of thecort with gamespeed. If a player can cross a pawn of the other sidethen the player will achieve 1 storing point. In this way whoevercreate stategic planning & manages to achieve sweet 16 pointswill be the winner. sulla Game variation are 32 bead games and6-bit game. Game to win 16 gametop points in endgame, opponent hasto view game position in 6teen courtyard Key Feature of top-ratedSholo guti game - ** Play sholo guti online, challenge your friendscelebrities ** Simple UI attractive design ** Singleplayer with AI(Easy to Hard) - play with Computer ** Smooth animations ffsd ** 2player game offline game play ** Sholo guti 16 beads [offline] likein real game play ** Multi player sholo guti game ** Play totallyoffline ** Extreme User Friendly for baghchal / tiger trap tricks** Bots with improved Artificial intelligence AI ** Play sholo gutioffline as single player strategy board game ** Perfect familyboard games a kind of smart strategy boardgame ** Good game forkids / brain game ** Best indian board game night mode / truefamily boardgame ** Stones crossover game ** Play sholo guti onlinemultiplayer game new 2018 (realtime multi-player) ** Undos -undoing available in two player game mode and Play with bot(artificial intelligenace), 5 undo free ** free game apps on playstore Sholo goti game as tigers vs goats game, eighteen goat game,16-bit,Qirkat in middle east, 16 soldiers in sri lanka games,32godi,Alquerque, goats and tigers game or Sher-bakar. Best ruralgames popular indian game for locals popular game in Bangladesh& east asian games. Opponent bhag bakri game because theytreated 16 bit as goat and tiger new strategy boardgame 2018awesome fun game! Download sholo guti 16 beads game today and haveendless hours of fun. Best abstract game sholo gutti 2player boardgames Be smart player of gioco astratto "abstract game", strategicplan and play sola gote sixteen bondi as local russian checkers(draught game), Chess family. Top rated game as bangladeshi game(Bengali game) and islamic game. Two players game is game forintelligent people as player has to make stratigic planning. Playerplay sholo guti bead game with stones cross over like pawn in chessgame and rule as chess tricks Rate and Review, beat with smartstrategy tricks. Keep playing cards in family its best time passgame known as traditional lines game of 16bit Its a mind game &play strategy game as a leisure game sor & true rural indianboard game new 2019 Play best online board game 2019 sholo gutioffline in less than 10 MB game. Enjoy top card games and top boardgames
Tic tac toe multiplayer game <5 MB 2.0 APK
This is best below 5 mb oxo/Tic tac toe game with multiplayerfeature. Enjoy classic and most popular top tic tac toe puzzle game(Noughts and Crosses) with your friends online, challenge yourfriends with original tic tak toe game. Tictactoe game also calledas oxo x-o game or noughts and crosses game, x zero cross game,this isgame of 2 players game.play tictac 2p game can also be playby bluetooth its best to Play tic tac toe bluetooth devices. Nowyou can play tic tac tic tac toe online on your mobile phone forfree with your friends and family, even play this board game swithdifferent avatars with easy to expert mode. Try to beat Expert AI(Artificial intelligence) in this tictactoe play free version,player is smart and follow all strategies. Tik tok classicbest-selling puzzle of tictac is now more interesting. Here you canplay tic-tac-toe (3x3 grid) with your online friends or via bluetooth typegame. Play noughts and crosses game and be a top tic tactoe leader in google Leaderboard from your android devices. Afterendgame, player will win the game completion, its a short game andasynchronous multiplayer tic cross game strategy board game. Tiktaktoe is fast pacing gamespeed traditional game of two player games,can play as solo team. People also play tic tac toe - 5 in row gamewhich require 5 instead of 3 in row Free Tic tac toe multi-playergame key offers:- a. 1 Player - Play with Opponent, best possibleAI integration - with bot ; enjoy tic tic toe with levels mode b.Play tic tac toe offline 2 players c. Play ttt tic tac toe game viabluetooth with your friends d. Play Tic tac toe multiplayer onlinewith your friends (multi-player) -- Game statistics for all modesfor all -- Google Leader board and Achievement -- Player nameconfiguration -- 5 Themes integrated like tic tac toe glowtheme,jewels, tic tac toe emoji's, tic tac toe glitter featured etc-- Best oxo game or 0x0 game -- New Themes added with glow, seatheme of tic tac toe game -- free tictactoe game of 2 players (AIbots) - artificial intelligenace -- Best crossing games of oxo --Play kid tic tac toe bluetooth -- Play tic tac toe for kids --InApp for games no ads for ads free version -- Smooth gameplayonline below 10 mb games Start playing popular Tic Tac Toe freegame, enjoy the addiction of simple game. Rule is simple, likeother apps games for 2 players, 3 en raya like 3 in a row Thispopular game is also known as Naughts & Crosses, Tick tacktoe,xoxoxo, X and O (Xs and Os), OXO x zero above zero ,x-o game,TicTacToe, Tic-tac-toe. Best tictactoe game. Game also known asoxo,xoxo game of noughts n crosses Get Free copy of "X" & "O"now and let the entertain begins! Start playing online with us orplay with the best bot with easy to expert mode. Dont forget toshare top tic tac toe two player game which is online in just 5MBgame size tres en linea of 3 en raya para niños, this is наилучшийsuper best tictactoe game of multiplayer mode in small size buildof tictac toe game enjoy & play oxo tic tac toe 2 player andshare your feedback on [email protected] Keep playing fun boardgames tic-tac-toe free, its best multiplayer tic tac toe withlevels games offline bluetooth features of apps games
Smileys for Whatsapp 2018 1.11 APK
Love app for emoji on Valentine's day 14 February Special Enjoy andshare your emoji & animated smileys Cheers Friends! Enjoy thislove sticker season along with happy Valentine's day i lovestickers, share your happiness & love on this upcoming HappyLove week, we have curated best love app with beer sticker, coffeestickers and smileys. Enjoy share free stickers and smileys forchat with friends in this animated emoticons gratis with simple& beautiful smiley face, eggs, penguins, spring special insteadof boring texts and email wishes. smiley faces, whatsapp updatelatest stickers,love chat stickers Emojis, Picture Quotes &Romantic Images, GIF, Wallpapers, stickers for dating, smileys,smileys with thumbs up, wa sticker love whats app status app,whatsapp stickers new love Photos & Pictures for Whatsapp DP2019 : So are you looking for the best Happy Images, GIF,boysticker,school girl stickers text Wallpapers, stickers, Photos& Pictures for Whatsapp DP and Profile Picture love whatsapp?if yes then you come to the right place as we Images 2018 and GIFsfor Whatsapp free, sticker packs Facebook,whatsapp stickers andHike shareit and allo love app. Watsapp Emoji key Features :- •High quality smileys, GIFs, share chat stickers love pics andemoticons you can share with your friends and family! • Facebook,Allo, snapchat instagram Messenger smileys, whatsapppp,gifphy andeven more compatible apps! • Colorful and friendly interface ofwhatsapp emojis wasticker apps • Lots of hearts, signs, cuteanimals and even birthday wishes :) * share gifs and videoanimation to future whatsapp beta messenger free * Added festivalbased smily data. stickers whatsapp gratis * HD smileys forwhatsapp beta - better high quality smileys to share * animatedemoticons with smileys face enjoy smileys * chat smilyes & dogsmileys & smileys with sunglasses * Use happy smileys fortexting and smileys for chat Share new emoji on Whatsapp,Instagram, snapchat, twitter, Facebook Share in a single click.Well enjoy this animated emoticons, new app "Smileys" where you canshare the defined GIFs/ images / download stickers to whats app,facebook, twitter,stickers for dating snapchat, instagram , skypeallo, hike and all chat in single touch. Put a smilie on anythingwith this emoji, smiley whatsapp icons sticker pack of smiles. Nowyou can spice them up with all kinds of animated smileyys, crazyemoticone,thumbup,free smileys, dog smileys ,tennis emoji chatsmileys, cute cuddly animals and hundreds of other hilariousanimations. Nice and simple interface allows you to share yourthoughts instantly, everywhere. Everybody’s gonna love these cutesmiley faces and animated gifs :) And after gif in whattsapp beta,send happy buddies gifs for whatsapp app and even share gifs tofacebook and instagram as video As soon as you start sending smileyfaces emoji,chat smiley face & love smileys for whatsapp all ofyour friends will want them too! It has handy widget (quick send).Want to tell that special someone how you feel? Send one of ourlove animations to brighten their day & evening! We collect andshare data for almost all festival and updated automatically likefor Easter day, good friday, holy week, german day, Halloween day,german unity day, independence day, music day, food day, holidays,food Day (festival of life), beer day, dog day, pet day, worldday,smiley horror, national days, halloween day, valentines day,Eid & curated best Gif,latest whatsapp stickers, smileys,chatsmileys love images available online so that you can choose andshare your wishes in single click. Good for a laugh at any time.Share the happiness & enjoy smileys!
Sudoku offline game free download 2.0 APK
Play most popular #1 board game "Sudoku offline" is best sudokufree game to download" . Best sudoku numbers game / sudoku app isalso known as mental brain games or brain teaser games. Learn &Play Sudoku! Best challenge - complete sudoku dailySudoku game isvery popular in US (united state of america), UK, Russia, Germany,India and across world. Download logic game "sudoku game freeoffline" most popular logic-based numbers cross puzzle game. If youlike the classic Sudoku games in newspapers and puzzle magazines,definitely you will like this sudoku game free and it help to learnsudoku tips and new sudoku tactics. As we all love to train ourbrain, and sudoku free is the best puzzle games for adults, andfree sudoku game for kids. The aim of the sudoku numbers game is toplace 1 to 9 into each grid cell so that each number can onlyappear once in each row, each column and each mini-grid. Simplesudoku games free download offline is a simply easy-to-use dailysudoku classic game, with fresh and cool suduku game interface,very acceptable difficult/hard levels, suitable for sudoku beginnerto sudoku expert. sudoku 9x9 is best sudoku solver easy game appfor kids too, kids will learn sudoku and help to learn with hints.Solving sudoku free is available with hints.No worries for gamebeginners, a sudoku solver techniques/strategy will guide you tohow to solve sudoku and it helps to learn new sudoku help you moveup to expert mode!Sudoku offline game key Feature:-* Simple andeffective controls* Sudoku classic Puzzles for free* sudoku dailychallenge (earn points & rewards for best sudoku brain)*CHALLENGING 4 levels of game difficulty - easy, medium,hard toexpert* Undo Feature & number highlighting key feature* NewThemes for sudoku for kids* * Multiple to change sudoku color ofthe board* No Ad integration and sudoku hints available (as asudoku tutorial to Sudoku techniques / sudoku rules)* New sudokulevels are locked, unlock them :)* Solving sudoku free in sudoku9x9 play mode* Learn & Play sudoku techniques* Best game Sudokufor beginners* Best sudoku offline available in 15 multi languages(multilingual sudoku offline game)How to solve Sudoku is availablein game play, which helps Sudoku for beginners and sudoku for kidsto learn new sudoku techniques. Sudoku offline game has dailychallenge which gives daily new soduku puzzle. Enjoy world'sbiggest sudoku board game free offline game. Be a puzzler anddownload sudoku world's best Free strategy offline game. Hints areavailable which work as auto sudoku solverWhat are you waiting for,sudoku game free offline is available, Download sudoku now on yourandroid phone. sudokus free app is available for android, soon willbe on online too.Be brainy and play sudoku brain game, Enjoy Sudokuboard game! Share your feedback on key feature you want tointegrate on [email protected]
Panchang 2019 Hindi Calender 1.0 APK
Panchang calendar 2019 (Android Edition) is best calendar app. Thisis best hindi calender 2019 app for panchanga. Apart form pangangdata, it displays the list of festivals in Hindi and english forthe every month including maas, vaaram, thithi, and Nakshatrainformation for all days in the year 2018 in Hindi. Hindu Panchangहिंदी कैलेंडर 2019 calendar 2019 is classic festivals advisormobile panchang utility app to see hindu tithi, vara (vaar inhindi), Nakshatra and yoga, all hindus should have this app. 2020Panchang app is based on the positions of Sun and Moon. This is themost simple and FREE panchangam tool available now on Android thatwill showcase basic handy information & sunsign on your palm.This is a utility app(calendar app) based on Hindu lunarcalendar/astrology science. With Panchang calendar 2019 on android, we put the five key attributes of time at your fingertips both inPanchang 2019 hindi and panchang 2018 english edition. We collectand share data for almost all fast list, festivals 2019 in thishindi calendar and update automatically in panchangam like for "festival of light from Ekadashi, Ganesh Chaturthi, pooja, Pongal,Navmi, Holi, Vrat, Dhanteras , Diwali 2019 , Ganesh Puja ,panchanga festival so that you can see and update about festivaleusing Hindu Panchang 2019 App along with panchang 2020 hindi. Hindu"Panchang" Key Features of Panchanga - the best hindi calendar 2019app:- * Simple and useful utility app * Hindi Calendar 2019 with 2languages (2019 Hindi and English) , soon gujarti and otherlanguage will be added * Tithi Details of panchangam * Never missGanesh Chaturthi , Ekadashi fasting * Hindu panchang calendar 2018is full offline * Zoom in and zoom out feature * ज्योतिष sunsignintegration for monthly कैलेंडर महीने and yearly * Can see panchangfor today / today panchang * Best महिलाओं के कैलेंडर * Totallyutility for hindu app of kalender This is the best panchang 2019hindi version app of hindu calendar. India Hindi Calendar panchang2019 best calendar App contains: 1. Vara (day of the week) 2. Tithi(moon phases) 3. Nakshatra (star group/constellation) 4. Yoga(relationship between the sun and the moon) 5. Sunsign (Zodiac) 6.Moonsign panchang 7. 2019 prediction for Yearly & monthlyकैलेंडर महीने Horoscope with zodiac sign special for career,family, love & relationship & hindu puja 8. कैलेंडर महीनेMonthly Horoscope ज्योतिष with zodiac sign special for career, love& relationship 9. all festival and all fast details 10. simplecalender & advanced calendar Hindu's Popular festivale dataVrat contains - Ekadashi Vrat, Pradosh vrat, Chaturthi vrat andmany more, you can get notification in advance. It has all We willsoon launch panchang telugu and panchang 2018 gujarati edition.This is very usefulkalender app in hindi to see daily panchang andall festivals and holidays list for 2019 - 2021. This 2019 hinducalendar Panchang / Calendar 2019 is very small in size and itworks without active internet connection. Enjoy panchang 2019 hindiand panchang 2019 english edition and we wish you great new year2019, it has notification for important holidays and days! If youhave feedback on hindu calendar 2018, please write [email protected], share digital calendar 2019 Keep sharingkalender app your friends and family and enjoy best calendar app /महिलाओं के कैलेंडर from available hindu calendars app
Ludo game best boardgame new 2018 1.0 APK
Ludo game is best classic board game of 2018. Its Online! Ludo freemultiplayer game is Download for Free! Ludo 2018 (new) is a classicboard game for all ages that never gets old. Ludo games free is aboard game for 2 to 4 players. Ludo 2018 is a most popular boardgame. Ludo game is Download for Free!Ludo new is one type of puzzlegame & Ludo online is a top popular game of board games ofstrategy in which the players take turns according to die rollsaround the board. You can play against your friends or android togive challenges, make high scores and beat them. Its old time ludoclassic game. People sometimes called ludo game as loodo or ludugame or sometimes dudo game Ludo 2018 Game free played with 2players to 4 players game :- - Play against computer AI ( Ludo GameVS android )- Play with Friends (Local Multiplayer) - 2 players to4 players a. 2 Player mode (Choose any 2 colors from red, yellow,blue and green) b. 3 Player mode (Play with 3 multiple users) c. 4players can play ludo offline multiplayer game on same deviceLudorules of Ludo classic game :-This is old ludo classic game ofchildhood. Each ludo new player start the ludo offline multiplayergame with four tokens. In ludu game , each turn starts with a diceroll, if a six is come, the player rolls the dice again and both(or more) numbers are used but in case when dice rolls and one iscome then player is not dice the rolls again. One has to defeatopponent, that way ludo is mind game. The tokens are moved aroundthe game board. In order, start the position, six and one must become, otherwise the token stays at the base position. The game endswhen a player has moved all of their tokens into the home, restwill be loser. Key Features in ludo board game :-- Play ludo gameagainst android (smart AI botts)- Simple and neat graphics- playwith friends new ludo offline , play ludo without internet- Fun,excitement & entertainment- Smooth game play for 2 to 4multi-player (same device)- Awesome ledo user interface withamazing themes- Ludo is a mind game / classic boardgame- below 5 mbgame build - Play with friends offlinemultiplayer (a True Offlinemulti-player game)- ludo easy game (good game for kids)- ludo rulesand help is available for how to play ludo game***Localized name ofthe ludo game in other countries ***>> In France Le Jeu deDada or Petits Chevaux >> Spain Parchís or Parkase >>Italy Non t'arrabbiare >> Sweden Fia med knuff >>Colombia Parqués >> Greece Griniaris>> NetherlandsMens-erger-je-niet >> China Fei Xing Qi>> Iran Pachîsof boardgame>> India ludo loodo or lodo , parcheesi orpachisi or ludu /dudu >> Best board games androidphones>> online ludo game>> King of board gamesOur oldname ludo 2017 now back in action with new Ludo 2018 best boardgameto play online with friends Play and dont forget to share with yourfriends and family :) Check more on Wikipedia about new ludo gamepeople called as parchisi, parchis, ludu or loodo athttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludo_(board_game)