1.2 / February 8, 2017
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A new breed futuristic robot is spread out in your cave area. Thecave is in danger. Being the superhero need to kill these robots.And save you and win the title of the battle hero. They are killingeveryone and you are the only one who is left behind to protectyour land. Be the part of this game and win it. You are the spiderhero.Nobody knows what will happen at the end of this story ofspider bat. This battle is of evil and the good. You need to be thepart of the hero battle and be the superhero. With this positiverole maybe you will change your identity entirely in this life. Donot worry about just download it and enter yourself in the newepisode of adventure of your life. The main objective of the gameis to kill and shoot the robots war and save the mankind. Becauseif they come out of the cave they will ruin the whole world andspread the destruction all around.You are the heroes you can savethe humanity. You have a machine gun, fire and the cob web skillsto protect you. These robots are very much dangerous if they attackon you and the attack is successful it will infect your whole body.With these dangerous creatures there are spider bats too. To getmore and more scores and fun you need to kill this creature. Todestroy and kill all you have to become smart, active and accuratein aiming. There is a cave you have to enter the insect world as aspider and build your colony. To establish your group in thatcolony you have to save it from this creature.If you love somedestruction and crazy adventure, come join us and have a blast.Destruction and implosion can be fun! Play as a crasher who has towreck and knockout other evil birds. Who comes at your way of thecave? Once you download this game you will be addicted and you willnot stop until you knockout all of your opponents. There are manychallenges await you in this game. You face many opponents aloneand they also try to wreck by attacking at you. That means you haveto watch out your health bar does not fall down to zero or you willfail the mission. Our game is really a crash course of destroyingand style. Spider Battle Robot Superhero Features: ★Real 3Dgraphics ★Play our robot futuristic game for FREE on your Androidphone and tablet★No Internet connectivity required whileplaying★Easy Control★Fast paced and action packed animalsimulator★Finish all 10 levels with different objectives andchallenges So are you ready to download this sequel epic? It istime for extreme survival test. Don not let the evil birdintimidate you. You have killed your enemies in the past and youcan do it again!Just ready for attack! Remember survival isnecessary!Rate us and give feedback as your comments are valuablefor us!What you are waiting for?Download this new game created bySablo Games and protect your city land and enjoy a life of war ofage! Be combos of swords and spells and save the world!

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    Spider Battle Robot Superhero
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    February 8, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Sablo Games
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In this Bridge Construction Builder game you will take the role ofbridge builder on the construction ramps site and build bridge onriver site. Test your bridge building skills and operate heavymachinery like road roller, tow truck, bulldozer, and excavatorcrane and be the best constructor in this city. You can choosebetween a range of materials for bridge construction, the range ofmaterials are given such as sand , dizel , concrete, blocks andasphalt. Use the appropriate materials and stay within budget tobuild the perfect bridge. You can build bridge in any number ofways your budget is the only limited. Set your imagination andcreativity free in this fun and enjoy this bridge constructionbuilder game. In this transport simulator game you can become aconstructor if you got wrecked you can change the role of tow truckand so on .Here you will do everything driving, parking and operateheavy excavator and bulldozers. You can use bulldozer to cultivatethe surface land into flatten path segment then use asphalt toconstruct, use road roller over bridge and drive road liner topaint road. Clear the missions with your imagination and hard workand enjoy being in charge of your own construction site. This gamepromises you to bring an amazing entertainment! Bridge ConstructionBuilder Features: ◆ Different 4 machines to operate.◆ RealisticRope Effects.◆ Different and unique 8 levels to construct thebridges.◆ Operate tower crane to fix bridge blocks.◆ Drive truck toput asphalt on bridge road area.◆ Use compactor to smooth asphalt.◆Drive road liner to paint road.◆ A real life experience to build 3dbridge on river side.What you are waiting for :You will bechallenged different shapes and devastating barrages in this reallife experience bridge construction builder game. It also makes thegame more interesting, more colorful picture. Easy game operationwill enable you to calmly face the challenges and complete 8 uniquelevels. Everything will show you a perfect gamer.Download this newgame created by Sablo Games and construct the bridge and enjoy thecreativity competition !
Doll House Design & Decoration : Girls House Games 1.4 APK
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This is the most unique game which is FREE to download here createdby Sablo Games. Take your cap and sit behind the gigantic machineryto build the construction city. As you move towards the challenginglevels of interior home decoration it will increase with more funand addiction. We hope this game never let you bore from buildingtycoon games to the end. Here you need to build a beautiful dollhouse for yourself. You have to decorate the bedroom, kitchen,bathroom, living room and garden in this my town home games. Thereis cute furniture for you to decorate these rooms as you want. Ifyou are ready to take on this challenge, just download and play 3dinterior planer. We guarantee you will not be able to stop playingthis immersive and addictive of builder tycoon! Being the player ofthis Doll House Design & Decoration : Girls House Games youhave to build a doll house with different objects to unlock nextlevel. There are 2 types of levels of this construction games 2017the one is exterior and the second one is the interior. Allprocesses of this house decoration and design games are dividedinto multiple levels. The first work of this dollhouse furniturewhich is assigned to you is drive concrete mixer to constructionarea. Then throw mixer in hole to make base of this city buildergames. Place pillars on highlighted area in this build crafting andbuilding. With the help of mobile crane you need to pick walls andthem onto the loader. Then place walls on the marked area of thisconstruction vehicles .Now you are supposed to pick and placepillars and slabs to make front side in this unique games. Pickpillars and them onto the loader in this construction simulatorgames. Take the help from tower crane and place the pillars. Placethe walls and then turn your construction vehicles towards the roofof the doll house in this construction vehicles .You have to picktrash material with the help of bulldozer and load them onto thetruck and throw waste material out of city in this building sit. InInterior levels you have to decorate different rooms of doll housein this car construction games 3D. There are four rooms likebedroom, kitchen, washroom and dining room. You just got a cutedoll house. How do you want to decorate the bedroom, kitchen,bathroom, living room and garden?. The furniture is given in theroom set them and enjoy the fun! Doll House Design & Decoration: Girls House Games Features: ★Play our doll house games for FREEon any Android device ★Buckle up your seat belt and take control ofawesome home furnishing ★High-quality 3D graphics ★ Many hours offree fun of house decoration ★Awesome environments ★Enjoy superimmersive environment and realistic sound effects. ★Finish all 10levels, with different objectives and challenges. What you arewaiting for? Download Doll House Design & Decoration : GirlsHouse Games and enjoy the FREE thrill of decorating games forgirls. It is more interesting and more colorful which is holdingconstruction world for you. Easy game operation will enable you tocalmly face the challenges and complete levels of doll housedecoration games for girls. Everything will show you a perfect megagamer in this exploration games. Download this town buildingcreated by Sablo Games Test your skill on multi vehicles and becareful while working in this building construction games. Do notforget to rate us or give us feedback!
Gangs Prison Yard: Sniper Duty 2.1 APK
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In this shooting game the main character is the sniper who has amission to shoot some wild prisoners with shotgun and rifle .Thoseprisoner belong to a crime city and they are doing crime in yardtoo.You will play as a role of sniper, your sniper mission in thisshooting game is to kill the killing subject. As a professionalsniper you need to complete more missions to the best of yourability. In this criminal game your mission is to shoot all thekilling subjects who are in the playground of the prison you mustbe careful because there are many shooters and have weapons withthem. These killing subjects’ wants to break the jail and go out inthe crime city they want to ruin the crime city. Sniper’s duty isonly to stop them and shoot them with gun and rifles. This criminalGame involving jail break tactics and real simulation of commandoshooting though Jail break is not an easy task but these prisonersare very criminal they want to escape prison as soon as possibleand they have weapons with them too. You are playing as wardensniper duty and your duty is as a jail keeper. Your sniper missionin to protect the jail and Halloween defense. You as a wardensniper duty need to play wisely in dead zone prison yard. Hold yourbreath & pull the sniping silencers’ trigger in this shootinggame and save the dead zone prison yard. the criminal game gives anexhilarating experience to complete this mission of prison breakrun with the help of sniping silencers. Use your weapons wisely andkill the insane prisoners at a distance in prisoners’ yard beforethey get a chance to aim at you. Complete each challenge of thiscriminal game and test your skills with your dedication. GangsPrison Yard: Sniper Duty Features: ◆ Slow motion camera effect. ◆Different and unique missions. ◆ Console like realistic snipercontrols. Gangs Prison Yard: Sniper Duty game is waiting for you:< /u> You will be challenged different shapes anddevastating barrages in this real life experience Gangs PrisonYard: Sniper Duty game. It also makes the game more interesting,more colorful picture. Easy game operation will enable you tocalmly face the challenges and complete unique levels. Everythingwill show you a perfect Mega gamer. Download this new game createdby Sablo Games and kill the prisoners of crime city and enjoy thecompetition! Rate our game and give feedback as your comments arevaluable for us.
Bridge Construction Builder 2 1.4 APK
Sablo Games
Once upon a time there was a mist environment and the prediction ofthe rain was in the waves of the air. Suddenly heavy rain breaksout and due to the water roads destructed from a site. Now the citypeople of both sides are waiting for an engineer who will come andbuild 3d bridge to join the still people of both sides. Now it is aserious and realistic duty which is assigned to you. In thisBuilder pro game your role is like a constructor who has highskills and test your building skills while using and operatingheavy machinery like road roller, tower crane, bulldozer, and clawmachine and be the best constructor in this city. The range ofmaterials are given such as sand, dizel, concrete, blocks andasphalt. Use the appropriate materials and be a hero for the bothsides of people. Use heavy vehicles and smooth the roof of the roadwith the help of bulldozer. Play crazy levels operate constructingcranes and move concrete blocks using tower crane. Drive roadroller over bridge. Tackle and clear the missions then you have toclear all the segments like liner and ramp. Pass the givendifferent levels and enjoy this builder pro experience. Features:Heavy construction machinery Great architecture, construction anddriving experience Different machines to operate Realistic RopeEffects Different and unique levels to construct the bridgesAwesome designs and high quality 3D graphics
Blocky Plow Farming Harvester 1.7 APK
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Harvest the different corps in this harvesting season and earn lotof profit by selling them. Be the tycoon of farming business in USAand beat all your farming rivals in this farming sim. Farm thecorps in new blocky farm and earn the fame among the other entirecountry farmers. Take your forage farming experience to the nextlevel and be the most experienced block farmer. Smash the otherbusiness rivals in this farming tycoon simulation in farming usaand crush them. Plow the fields in the blocky farm alongside thehighway and try to produce quality corps. Produce the corps inlarger quantity in order to save some for yourself and sell in tothe market. Earn heavy profits and buy more corps to plow in yourblocky farm and produce more corps. Be the king pin of the farmingbusiness in the open country road side and stay on the top.Harvests the Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Corn, Sugarcane & Sunflowerand sell them into markets. This massive block open world stylegame let you harvest and manage your own farm. Plow your fields,seed them, spray them for safety and then the harvest them aftercultivating. Expand your farming business by unlocking andpurchasing new type of corps to harvest. Take the control of yourharvester and drive it towards the fields by following thedirectional arrow. Complete the given task within time limit tocomplete the level successfully and upgrade the corps. If you arefailed to complete the mission within time then the level will befailed. Features: ◆ Experience the real farming environment. ◆Harvest the different corps with real tools and machinery. ◆ Drivethe harvester with real driving physics and functions. ◆ Cultivatethe farm, unlock new corps and upgrade your business. ◆ Be theultimate farmer tycoon and rule the farming business. ◆ Sell yourcorps and buy more from the market.
Crime Fighter Crazy Grandpa 1.6 APK
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This action game is totally based upon the grandfather who isplaying a role like a mafia in a city. You can play as a crazy manwho has assigned different missions each mission will lead you tothe final mission. In the first mission or task you have to get anawesome car from the garage you have to follow the radar to getthis car in the crime city. Work your way through all differentkinds of missions earning rifles and guns so you can battle yourenemies even better as well. Your tasks are very simple get missiondata from the criminal scene within the given time. City police canfollow you as you have narcotics in your car. You are spending avery thug life now you want to kill your gangs partner and hit theworld with your gun fighter skills. You are a desperate terroristof the city your last mission is to fix a bomb in the citybuilding, here comes the first aid guidance by keeping in mindthese precautions come out the building as soon as possible andsave your life. This is very addictive game you cannot stop untilyou explore each and every corner of this region.Features: Use anyweapon. Both gangster and driver mode. Five unique missions. Do jobas killing criminals and get reward in weapons.
Road Builder Construction Site 1.7 APK
Sablo Games
In this building game take on the job of a construction man operatethe heavy excavator, construction, cement & dump trucks and aroad roller to paint the road. In this Road Builder ConstructionSite game you have to play a role of crafters, drivers andbuilders. Use you driving skills to steer this heavy constructionvehicles around the construction site and do not smash with them.This building game will let you have the full control over theheavy construction vehicles including heavy excavator , dumb truck,road liner .In this game you will have to play the role of theconstruction man to transport building material on yourconstruction truck and dump it on the construction site. Then youget to drive the road roller. So be perfect in your duty as aconstruction driver. Drive the heavy excavator truck to pick up theroad construction material and load the dump truck with sand,cement. Next step is to use the automatic switch control to driveyour dump truck to the desired location on the city roadconstruction site where you will unload the road building material.Now, it's time to bring the giant road roller into action and byusing your crafting skills paint the city road. Complete eachchallenge of this building game and test your skills with yourdedication. Road Builder Construction Site Features: ◆ AmazingGraphics & Environment◆ Real life machinery models◆ A number ofheavy machinery to operate◆ Progressive levels◆ Real lifesimulations Road Builder Construction Site game is waiting for you:< /u>You will be challenged different shapes and devastatingbarrages in this real life experience Road Builder ConstructionSite game. It also makes the game more interesting, more colorfulpicture. Easy game operation will enable you to calmly face thechallenges and complete unique levels. Everything will show you aperfect Mega gamer.Download this new game created by Sablo Gamesand construct the road and enjoy the creativity competition! Rateour game and give feedback as your comments are valuable for us.