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Looking for some super hero fighting war games ? we are offeringanew spider hero game "Spider Hero VS Terrorist War" forspidersuperhero games lovers. Nobody knows what will happen at theend ofthis story. Terrorist Attack on city and destroy all city.Darkforce and good force will fight with each other for the fateofUniverse. What is your role here? Maybe you will changeyouridentity entirely, will find a new superhero as a spider heroroleon your life. Don’t be afraid to battle a new episode ofthesuperhero games adventure. Remember, there is no need tograduate aspecial academy to join super champions team. Spider HeroVsTerrorist war is one of best free superhero games, speciallyinsuperhero war games against terrorist and gangster . you havetocomplete your mission as a super spider hero and killallterrorists. Features of Spider Hero VS Terrorist War:Realisticsuperhero spider characters. Amazing Spider hero stunts.Stunning3D Counter Terrorist Environment 3 Categories of levels.

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    Spider Hero Vs Terrorist war
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    July 31, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Socket Apps
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Hi guys n girls! Forget the rescue games with rescue boat fun andtry one of the best amazing boat simulator. The fun comical gameplay makes this rescue boat trip different from other 2D rescuegames. So get ready to play first rescue boat fun games and rescuethe peoples as much as you can. You are really going to amuse bythis awesome 2d rescue boat. This is the top 2D boat games for kidsand teens. Get a brand new gift boat simulator for kids with a funfor everyone. You can enjoy the amazing thrilling sounds as well acool user interface. we are sure, this boat fun for every one willkeep you busy every time whenever you'll start to play this superbboat game. In this game, you are a rescue operator, and you as anrescue ship driver need to save innocent people's life , who aretrying to jump from damaged ship. The fun game is very simple andeasy. Just swap and move your finger to move the boats right andleft to pick the falling people from the ship. So don't waste yourtime, just catch it now. you are realy going to love this newreleased RESCUE BOAT FUN. Please give us your feedback. What youlike and dislike about the game. Any features that might improvethe game and may help us to further develop the game. Features:Awesome virtual boat simulator Detailed HD cool graphicsInteresting game play Great 2d physics. Lots of ship climbing fun!Very easy to use interface. Disclaimer: All pictures, sounds, ideasand other assets used in this 2D game are the property of theirrespective owners. . In case of any objections, please do write tous so we may act and rectify the issue accordingly.
Santa Claus Runner 1.0 APK
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Christmas is coming. The most beautiful holiday of the year will beagain full of joy and happiness. More and more trees are decorated.People play Santa clause games. They present the Christmas giftsfor this awaiting moment. A nice Santa run game for the holidayseason, featuring Santa. Sonata’s games become more popular now adays, children wait for Christmas Santa and Christmas gifts. Santapresent gifts to the children. This is Santa clause run game, Santagoes on run highway for gifts. During game Santa’s toy can drop andSanta run fast. The game is full of Christmas gifts and Santa run.It can be snow man dancing around Santa run. Its ultimate challengefor Christmas Santa to run for Christmas gifts, Santa run forChristmas, Santa go fast and run Santa run for Christmas gifts. TheSanta’s run highway is snow-covered where Santa clause run for therun Santa run challenge. Ready for Santa run and enjoy the awaitingmoment of Christmas and Santa’s gifts. Let’s play and enjoy thebeautiful holidays with Santa clause run game. Features: * A gamewith real Christmas feeling, where we can play Santa run * Excitingsettings include a Christmas village, snow covered highway andother interesting places. * Basic control is very easy to handle,but alternatives can be found using Settings. * Differentobstacles, like roaming animals, hills, trees and difficult stagespassing by etc. * A lot of interesting power ups, like slowingtime, or coin magnet. * Competition using Google Play Games. *Achievement system using Google Play Games * We can deliverpresents not just with skates and chairs, but with a nice truck,sleigh and other vehicles.
Police Dog Sniffing Criminals 1.0 APK
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Here we are with a crazy police dogsimulator3d in one of the solitary police dog simulator games. Thisamazingpolice dog games 2016 having multi concept of police vsthiefgerman shepherd games and police dog chase games with ournewgerman shepherd simulator. So get ready to start the fullthrottleaction with new police dog simulator 3d in one of the brandnewpolice dog games 2016 with best german shepherd dog trainingtobecome a daring sniffing and hunting dog. This crazy policedogsimulator games is surely going to enliven your innerpolicepursuit. Believe it! There has never been such an awesomegermanshepherd games that having concept of crazy police dog chasegameswith our best german shepherd simulator. By now, you must nothaveexperienced this kind of police dog 3d crime chase that is thebestof the best police dog training game. So come and startanincredible police dog games voyage with police dog stuntsthat’swaiting for you. This one of the exclusive police dog games3D isthe newest of dog training games that give you the try toplaysomething else then the regular dog games, dog survival gamesanddog simulator etc. Don't miss this golden chance to try outthebrand newfangled 3d cop duty police vs thief game. You haveplayedmany other police dog games like dog training games , policedogstunts game, police chase games or other police vs thief games,butthis amazingly developed POLICE DOG SNIFFING CRIMINALS willgiveyou more pleasure than others.Crime city police chase dog is one of the best police doggamesof the year. It’s time to play police chase games with thehuntingpolice dog simulator for police chase missions. Thisexclusivepolice dog training game is the newest of police dogsubwaycriminal game that give you the chance to play something elsethenthe regular dog simulator games, dog survival games and crazydogetc. Challenge yourself as a perfect police trained huntingdog.Enjoy the POLICE DOG SNIFFING CRIMINALS.The objective is very interesting. There will be total 5levels,you have to control the dog and transfer the packages withingiventime , sniff the criminals and put them on the ground.Have your amazing fun in one of the latest police dogsimulatorgames. We have a professional germen shepherd simulatordog to huntcriminals in a one-on-one german shepherd games. Sniffaround tohunt convicts in the adventurous police dog simulator 3dwithgerman shepherd dog training concept. So get ready to startthefull throttle action with a sniffing police dog in one of thebrandnew police dog subway criminal with police dog chase missionandthrill to become a daring sniffing and hunting dog. Chase downthebad terrorists in this police dog crime city 3D to becomeafearless savior. This POLICE DOG SNIFFING CRIMINALS isdefinitelythe best game for people who love to catch criminals inpolicegames.Features :• Amazing German Shepherd, Police trained Dog• Multiple missions with 3D breeding dog• Awesome 3D environment• Excellent sound effects• Stunning and High quality 3D graphics• Super exciting gameplay
Car Transporter Truck 3d 2016 1.3 APK
Socket Apps
Time to shift gears like a cartransportertruck driver. Drive heavy duty truck and trailer andtransport carson hill climbing roads. Go off road with modern cartransporttrailer truck 2016 and show your driving skills. Get theexperienceof driving heavy trailer trucks loaded with cars. Smoothhandlingand realistic controls will make your drive even thrillingonmountain climbing roads. The gameplay offers a wideenvironmentincluding city and massive off road mountain paths. Anew challengein the cargo truck extreme hill driving games. Youneed to load andunload racing cars, police cars, sports cars andother drivingvehicles. Some of the city tourist have requestedtheir cars to betransported to the hill side. Complete yourdelivery task andtransport cars on your big cargo truck.With 10 exciting levels of car transporter truck 3d 2016 in thissimgame, you will be driving the car transporter truck 2016 like aproand making the people who own the sports cars very happy. Youneedto use the 3d camera and maneuver your big cars transportertruckthrough the roads of the mountain area. These carstransportertrucks will be very crazy at the turns of the hillyroads. So, becareful while turning these big trailer cartransporters.First you drive racing cars into the loader cars transportertrailertruck 2016. Begin the mega 3d truck driving carrying racingandsports cars and don’t risk the safety of the vehicles. Makeyour tocomplete your duty as the transporter modern trucker anddeliver allcars to their destination. When you’re reached ondestinationposition then unload cars on big 3d transporter truck.Theexperience of driving the big trailer truck with cars loaded onitis simply awesome.Cars Parking games and other vehicle simulation games like Bigtrucksimulator, European truck simulator, Stunt cars simulator,Cargotruck transporter and snowplow trucks usually are challengingyetsimple, but this game can be very crazy because you are notonlydriving a huge transporter trailer truck but that heavydutytransporter 3d truck also contains expensive racing carstotransport them to their destination on hilly environment.Car Transporter Truck 3d 2016 Features:• Challenging and outstanding City & Off-Roadenvironment.• Clock is ticking so transport these racing cars on time.• Extreme precision 3D truck simulator.• Great dynamic game play.• 10 Challenging levels.• Excellent sound effects.• Amazing 3D graphics.
Horse Riding Sim 3D 2016 1.1 APK
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Play as jockey and enjoy riding horsebackonoff road bumpy rocky tracks. Wild Horse Rider Simulator 3D 2016isvirtual racing game with Arabian Stallion horses on thedangerousmountain landscape paths.Horse Riding Sim brings you the best Horse riding & Horseracingexperience in 2016 with amazing 3D graphics, realistic hillclimbingand jumping game play, cool 3D animations with full ofchallengesyet easy to play for peoples of any ages including kids,boys, girlsand adults. Horse riding simulator is one of the besthorse ridingand horse racing games of 2016 so download one of tophorse racinggame FREE from Android store and enjoy horse adventuretraveljourney while riding through the hill climbing 3D off roadpathenvironment. If you love animal games especially Horse ridingandHorse racing games then you must download Horse RidingSimulator 3Dand enjoy horse riding, horse jump, horse travel atone place toanother place.How to Play:Avoid the obstacles & hurdles along your way by jumpinghorseabove the obstacles. Time your jumps properly otherwise yourhorsemight collide with the hurdles & fall down. Horse mustberunning on hilly road. Horse must be reached on destinationpointwithin time.Horse Riding Hill Climbing Features:• 5 challenging levels to play in 3D horse jumpingsimulatorgame• Amazing mountain terrain with treacherous off road paths• Realistic horse animation for running, walking, dieandjumping• Smooth Camera movement• HD graphics with amazing sounds to enhance yourgamingexperience
Zombie Highway Survival 3D APK
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ZOMBIE HIGHWAY SURVIVAL 3D: Begin this amazingzombie highway game and become the ultimate zombie shooter withphantom shooting skills of pro dead zombie target killer . In thehistory of zombie shooting games , this one is the most heroiczombie killing games along with addictive and tactical ridermissions. As a skilled dead zombie target killer in this zombiesurvival games free you have to take out the dangerous ZOMBIES withyour legendary zombie shooter expertise and complete the consignedzombie defense and dead zombie target killer missions. In one ofthe modern zombie highway game , our player has to figure out howto bring this highway zombie game to a prosperous solid finish andachieve victory in this zombie killer games . It’s time to havesome real fun action with this brand new zombie shooting games .One of the best zombie killing games having the friction of allzombie survival games free . This is definitely one of the besthighway zombie game for all the fans out there, who love to shootwalking dead zombies and kill targets with zombie defense . So, thetime has begun for our zombie shooter who knows the dead zombietarget killer expertise. Now start your journey with walking deadzombies and conquer in this best zombie highway game . Here’s theZOMBIE HIGHWAY SURVIVAL 3D game, bringing exhilarating ecstasy inthe world of zombie survival games freeGame play: In this new zombie killer games , you have beenrecruited as a zombie shooter while on vehicle as well and yourcore duty is to complete the dead zombie target killer missions byeliminating all walking dead zombies and be the king of this zombiehighway game . Make the right choice by observing the surroundingscautiously and then aim your gun towards the walking dead zombiesto eradicate it. In this zombie highway zombie game you have not tokill only the targets but also protect your own self from thewalking dead zombies . Become a highly skilled zombie shooter andrun towards success.ZOMBIE HIGHWAY SURVIVAL 3D is one of the best highway zombie gamewhere your hunter instinct comes into play. Be a best rider becauseNOW, you are ON to RIDE with zombie defense in this zombie shootinggames . You need to hunt and eliminate the targets with zombiedefense and lethal strike in this awesome zombie killer games .Master the art of being a shooter in our zombie shooting gamesmission. You need to be a high precision zombie killing gamesshooter to get maximum points in this zombie survival games free .You will score more with a head shot. Kill and be the winner bykilling all ZOMBIES in this one of the best new zombie killinggames .Features:• Taste of all zombie killer games• Optimized Game play• Pro shooter of zombie survival games free• Smooth 3D Graphics• Amazing Game Play Sound• Brilliant Artillery
Fury Desert Death Race 3d 1.4 APK
Socket Apps
Get ready to play fury death racing game in desert. Madman racersand killers will follow you during death race. Fire missiles usingmachine gun to destroy mad racer and mad truck on furious road.Drive in amazing desert furious road and death racing for the topposition against mad truck driver and mad racers. Make way throughroad drive with your death race skills and enjoy addicting racinggame like never before. Be careful from road killers firing duringroad drive; clear all killers to become champion in death racinggames. Get crazy death race killers experience on your device. It’snot ordinary death racing game on furious road. Road killers cancounter attack on you as a mad racer. Mad racers have mad truck,crazy monster truck, police car and 4x4 jeeps. Road drive in desertlocation is difficult, CSR locator help you to the next level andexact death race guideline. If you love fury desert death race, 3Dleads you to next generation action packed game play. Key features- Addictive game play - Attractive desert environment - equippedwith machine gun &Unlimited Bullets - Opportunity to play bothracing and shooting action in one game - Awesome Control and EyeCatching Graphics - Realistic physics. Let’s start action furydeath race and enjoy the shooting and road drive.
Turbo High Speed Car Racing 3D 1.0.1 APK
Socket Apps
Race your dream car! Conquer street and sky in Car Racing Highspeed a mix of high-octane driving on 8 wonderfully hilly tracks.This is Turbo High Speed Car racing 3D. The ultimate hilly endlessrace in the mountain roads, countryside roads and snow hilly roads,featuring amazing sport Cars and addictive gameplay. Amazingrealistic fast racing turbo car driving simulation game is packedfull of super cool fast race furious cars and exciting, 8 dynamicracing levels. How to Play: 
 - Tilt phone to control cardirection
 - Touch on NOS for car noise. Features: - Beautiful 3Dgraphics - 5 different turbo racing cars - Easy to learn and drive- 8 breathtaking visuals and amazing tracks - Earn cash rewards tounlock new racing cars - Smooth and realistic car handling