1.6 / May 16, 2018
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Be Spider Hero of the anti terrorist squad in this warship battlespecial ops.

App Information Spider Navy Warship Battle - Spider Hero Shooting

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    Spider Navy Warship Battle - Spider Hero Shooting
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    May 16, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Sunstar Games
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    855 Bruce Dr East Meadow New York
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Gunship Helicopter:Air battle 1.1 APK
Sunstar Games
It’s a gunship and drone air strike game where users have criticalmissions to complete to restore world peace. Go against some of themost dangerous terrorists who play game of war with every country.In this age of fire, everyone suffers the consequences.Theirmilitary helicopter, war planes strike thunder at the publicplaces. Invading your country with the heavy machines and makingevery place is a war zone. Your king just wanted to save his ownempire and his throne, not thinking about the common people. Thealliances with other countries did not work out. The fire ofignorance is going to affect all. In this clash of power everyoneseems hopelessIt’s the time to strike thunder and destroy the worldof terrorists. The battleships and drones of enemies are on theshore and more soldiers are on their way.You are alone in thisfrontline warzone since your rulers have become a diamond diggerand it’s not a secret anymore, protecting your countrymen from thebrutal army, attacking everyone. Being equipped with the latestmachine gun and rocket launcher, you need to destroy the convoys,Humvees, tanks and helicopters of the enemies heading towardsfoursquare. There are waves after waves that won't let you settledown.Losing this aerial battle is not acceptable, you need tostrategize and win at any cost.The mission you have been assignednamed as “Helicopter Battle Operation Aerial Drone".Top gamefeatures-Multiple weapons-Variety of Armored Vehicles -Medical kit-Air strike-Enemies with Gunship helicopters, humvees,Tanks-Challenging missions-Machine gun and upgraded RPG-Optimizedcontrols-Amazing 3D environment-Real sound effectsThis game is forhardcore gamers who enjoy the top latest FPS, shooting and racinggames. Never before will you have found yourself shooting amidstintense enemy crossfire!PS. We work hard to ensure that our gamesrun properly on every major android phone and tablet. If howeveryou encounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy our games,please report it to mss@sunstarny.com.If you love to play our gamesand would like more addictive gunning games or would just like tosay hi, please like our Facebook pageathttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Gunning-Games/367867753407738
Crime City:Warrior 1.0.2 APK
Sunstar Games
Crush enemies and become a warrior. Equip advance weaponry andgears, destroy enemy’s bases and defend your country. Complete theimpossible missions and make it possible. Your code name is Jason.Innovative upgrades make your mini gun into a truly customizedkilling machine. Your enemy is also equipped with even better gear.Air force and tank back them and they are master of unique skills.It’s not a playground or a training ground but you are headingtoward some serious business.You are the world’s elite armoryagainst the forces of chaos and terror. There is a fierce battlewaiting for you. The warzone is just like an action movie, whereeverything is live on the screen. So load up your weapons and startraining down the fire on the opponents.You will be awarded for yoursuccess in the Crime City Just try hacking through theirstronghold. With these awards you may buy guns air supports healthguards and many more. So you can defend yourself and your countrywith monetary support. So you can buy mercenary air forces. We knowthat air force support is great plus for your success at war. Donot take it casual, it’s not a war of small weapons anymore!Terrorist are equipped with the weapon of modern era. They areroaming around in the tanks, surveillance of their strong hold ison apache helicopters, Rpg , AK47 is the normal weapons the use tocounter attacksIt’s a wicked gangster game and you need to showyour anti criminal skills and prove that you are the boss of town.With so much panic, society quickly crumbled and governments soonlost control. Now, survivors such as yourself are the last line ofdefense for the city. The enemies must not know your presence attheir premises otherwise they may rain down fire on you as a resultit may be an unstoppable offense. The underworld gangs are verywell organized, you need to become a part of them in order to breakthem. You will get the tanks to ride and will give you the chanceto storm into the stronghold of criminals.Amazing unlimitedcriminal’s missions. Neutralize the no go areas and clear it forterrorized innocent public.Feature of Crime City -Fantasticgraphics and sound put you in the heart of the action.-Unlimitedchallenging missions -Drive the tank -Use the RPG to shot downhelicopters -Cool animationsPS. We work hard to ensure that ourgames run properly on every major android phone and tablet. Ifhowever you encounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy ourgames, please report it to mss@sunstarny.comIf you love to play ourgames and would like more addictive gunning games or would justlike to say hi, please like our Facebook pageathttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Gunning-Games/367867753407738
Spider Boy Strange Rope Hero: Amazing Homecoming 1.0.1 APK
Sunstar Games
Get into your superhero alien suit and save the world with spiderboy strange rope hero powers in this new superhero fighting game.As a flying spider boy ropes climb hero, roam free in extensive 3Denvironment where you fight people and rescue the citizens from thedeadly criminals and gangsters incredible monsters of the of Vegascity and miami crime city to end bombs reign in this spider boyarcade flyer. This game is a heroic battle against gangsters anddeadly criminals of open world mafia. Play plenty of criticalmissions filled with thrill and action as a flying spiderincredible brave hero, drive high speed cars and chase down thevice town open car thugs, deadly criminals and gangsters of miamiextreme crime city. You have been people's savior and always foughtlike a fearless fighter so fight people, arcade flyer & thesuper villains who are on verge to destroy the city and end thereign of evil from the city in this superhero fighting game withyour survival flight. As a Spider Web Shadow you have got someamazing rope hero powers, your walk like a shadow and fight like amonster. All the criminals and bombs reigning mafia gangsters fearyou, they fear your flying heroes strange super powers. They knowwhat you are capable of and that you have fought wars before andtheir modern weapons cannot harm you. You have destroyed theaircraft with your flying heroes powers and fought during bombsreigning. It's time to end the extreme crime.Boost up and staycareful in this war rescue universal defender mission. This endlessfighting game lets you fight like a super spider web shadow mutanthero facing incredible strange situations. You are an expert cityfighter & anti mafia hero in facing this type of criticalmissions. Crush monster and super villains. All this started whenyou were learning special ninja tactics in a forbidden city andwith an incredibly strange incident you turned into Mr. Incrediblerope hero with powers of smashing, using your super power rope andother super spider alien hero qualities to make your survivalflight.Now, with alien powers and great name of super spider WebShadow Rope Hero there are some responsibilities on you. Smashthose war criminals & city fighters in the bomb reign like afearless fighter with eagle eye skills and special features of darkheroes. Catch all the wacky runners by using rope jumps and climbsby focusing front-line tactics as an anti mafia hero. By usingsuper spider web rope make peace in Miami mafia by killing a megaantagonist along with his all gang members which are spreadingterror in the city. Lead the weapons and gear up to join themission super blast heroes.
Rival Gang : Bank Robbery 1.0.3 APK
Sunstar Games
A corporate city is densely populated and has countless banks init. Banks are always full with people, some are withdrawing moneyand some are there to deposit millions in their accounts. Gangs ofthe bad guys decided to make them their target and rob the banks inthe day time with heavy Weaponry in the urban areas. It's athoughtful game that'll make you crave to get the looted money backand become the city hero. Being a Police shooter you would need totake a hard-core action with your weapons against these ruthlessgangsters.This is a crucial bank robbery crime case and you have tocomplete all the tasks while showing your commando skills. Therobbers and thieves can Run from the bank and get in their vehiclesto exit the town. Cops and The Robbers are both genius and this isupto you now if you lose or if you keep the heads of your team upwith pride.The eyes of the bank staff and the visitors who got inthe bank are at you. The time is less in these kind of operationsand you have to aim with your sniper rifle and just shoot or catchthem alive for further interogation. We trust in your shootingskills and we know you could get the looted money back before itstoo late.
Assassin Sniper Wildland War 2.0.2 APK
Sunstar Games
Enter the incredible wildlands of the city where dangerous cartelsand militants have taken over the city. With chaos all around, nowis the time for sniper assassin to roll out all the tricks from hissleeve and take back the city. In this sniper assassination game,your duty is to take out high value targets to restore justice andorder. In this 3D Sniper game, you are also responsible forrescuing hostages apart from shooting. This sniper shooting gamewill put you in the shoes of world's best trained sniper who isready to go on a killing spree. You are a fearless shooter so snipeyour target. In this sniper shooting game, it is also a part ofyour mission to recon and shoot your target that has blended withincivilians. Marvelous war in the wildlands of the city is beguntarget your enemy with intelligent soothing. Choose your killing.Be a crazy sniper cover your fire. Chase your war with superaction. It’s an rescue mission for sniper assassin shooter. In thissniper assassin game you will be equipped with state of the artmodern sniper weaponry strike. Work through the levels to gainaccess to a lethal sniper arsenal sure to put fear in the hearts ofenemies. You have to be quick in shooting because you are awesomerifleman. This free sniper shooting game also offers various freegame modes. Apart from the main sniper shooting mission; take oncontracts to earn extra cash to get better weapons and bestshooting equipment. Sniper weaponry is at your disposal so make itlook easy to the newbies on the battlefield. Features :* Assassinsniper ultimate 2017 Free shooting game* Stay with us with Dailytasks and earn cool rewards* Play contracts to earn more money*Upgrade your weaponry to become more lethal* Great graphics andaddictive gameplayPS. We work hard to ensure that our games runproperly on every major android phone and tablet. If however youencounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy your games, pleasereport it to mss@sunstarny.com
Super Hero Gangster Crime City - Open World Game 1.4 APK
Sunstar Games
Enter into the spider 3D world & play as a strange shadowflying spider spiderweb legend hero in this action packed game.Save civilian and take down the Vegas gangsters of extreme crimecity in the superhero blast heroic battles of Vegas crime. Gangstercity survival flight free roam flying spider endless fighting superaction game will let you experience the electrifying city rescuechallenges & missions to face. Swing, superjump and blow flyand use cat bomb & all your weird but true full super actioncombat corda ninja spider boy super powers as one of the shadowsuperhero blast heroes of chaos special agent to combat the vicethug open car bandits of the vegas extreme Miami crime city anddefend and fight people in hero city as a special ops incrediblehero fearless fighter from the Vegas gangsters, gunfighters, mafia,war criminals, weed dealers and all the vegas crime gangstersduring bar rescue mission.As exciting touch of modern actionsuperhero game, you will get the spider boy new superhero secretescape rescue is set in open city. Super Hero spider in GangsterMiami Crime Survival City endless fighting game is an open worldenvironment flying spider hero battle game which allows you to roamfree as a legacy of superhero alien. Fight people in infiltrationmission, use your super powers modern laser to rescue the civiliansfrom the vice thug open car bandit war criminals and fight thisfull combat incredible hero battle alone. Where the entire rifleman& climb hero failed in this new superhero game you need tosolve this conflict by playing it amazingly. With great power comesgreat responsibility, serve your day to get nobile by saving peoplein rocket crisis from the evil and defeating enemy, deadlyterrorists and using your special ops superhero alien spider powersin this war rescue. Climb the buildings like a ropes hero &climb hero or fight hand to hand combat like an alien age cordaninja, swing and fly to survive like a spider boy legend hero or doanything with your commando counter attack in survival city usingyour ninja rope. You want to become one of children favorite combatmodern galactic attack heroes of chaos this super action game haseverything to keep you thrilled.People of the Miami crime city havebeen living under fear of deadly criminals, weed dealers andgangsters who fight people. They need super spider galactic warfareheroes of chaos by modern arms weapons like turrets & guns,which could save them from the gangs of gunfighters with his ninjarope. Police and army have failed to control the vice town thugsand lower the rate of extreme crime rate. They need a weird buttrue vigilante in this battle of heroes of chaos never loses hopeand defeats the terrorists in your war rescue. Fight with crime andput an end to this brutality. You have been performing your specialops duties for long time it's time to put an end once and for allto this crime game. With all your mutant spider hero powers takedown the vice gangsters who are using guns, cat bomb and handgrenades to fight people and ensure the safety for everyone byending this crime game. Do not let them escape, hope you enjoy thegame & keep the city safe and clean with the mess ofgunfighters and kill the terrorists in this heroes battle. Openworld free Roam environment will let you fly to survive, rescue thecitizens and chase down the bad guys.Features:Stunning 3D openworld city environmentFly and swing and use othersuperpowersAmazing sound effects with realistic gamephysicsExciting gameplay and different missions to complete
Modern Battle Commando 2.2 APK
Sunstar Games
Modern Battle Commando is the perfect balance of strategy,realistic shooting and easy to play FPS (First Person Shooter)Game.We are in a modern war! If you Want to be an action hero, takeall-important Kill Shot! Control the action, take the aim and testyour skills against the fearsome special soldiers on thebattlefield and shoot them! Take down different enemy types eachwith their own strengths and weapon load outs.If you love combatgames and if you think you are a brave shooter, take hold of thecombat arms like AK47, M4, M1911, MP5 and Shotgun to counter strikethe invading enemy. They are retaliating at their utmost and youare the only savior of the innocent people.You must counter waveafter wave of enemy strike who are hell bent on killing you!Enemieshave brought the modern weapon to destroy everything with a push ofa button. So make a move before the enemy do. For the hostages,it’s the end of the world but you are the only hero for them like alost guardian. So jump in the battle city, take the aim and letsfight with the opponents who are thirsty for the good men. ModernBattle Commando does not require you to be always online in orderto have fun. You can enjoy it in the subway, in the car on theroad, while flying on a (real) plane. Here you are about toexperience realistic 3D graphics with real life sounds effects.GameFeatures:* Small file size just a little over 14mb.* Quick loadingand very low waiting times* Multiple addictive and thrillingMissions and levels for fast, fun and long enjoyable gameplay!*Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations* Great graphics fora compact First person shooter game!* ADDICTING gameplay (FPS)*EASY and INTUITIVE controls* FREE game: play it on your phone andtabletHow to Play:* Just touch the screen with your finger or thumbto kill the enemies* Make sure you do not miss the shots andrespond quickly* Do not kill the civilians.Following are some GameTitles which can be used as a New Game Name 1 : Killer CommandoCombat2 : Warzone Commando3 : Modern Battle field Hero4 : FuriousCommando5 : Commando on Rescue6 : 3D War Commando7 : Commando :Mission Rescue
Helicopter Fire & Rescue 1.0.3 APK
Sunstar Games
It is always difficult to fly or play helicopter simulation thantruck or bus simulator games.Have you ever had a chance to rescuesomeone or ever dream to be a firefighter??. This is not anordinary fire fighting or simulator game. A city has one of thetallest building of the world and ordinary Firefighter trucks orfire-fighters can't help.So here is the challenge to rescue thecitizen and extinguish the fire from the helicopter. Fly throughthe city , look for buildings on fire and help the needy. Test yourflying skills in one of the best simulator free game.The Helicopterwill be parked on its heliport. After the fire alarm , truckdrivers of fire department would rush to the effected area. Reachbefore they can to minimize the damageMultiple challengingmissions** Buildings on fire** Fire to due to accidents** Sensitivemilitary base on fire** Rescue missions** Public place rescuemission** School Bus on fire** Commercial Parkingarea***Features***- Realistic gameplay- Helicopters with amazingcontrol- 3d city environment- Challenging missions- Real soundeffects