2.0.0 / February 11, 2019
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After Freecell Solitaire, Solitaire Klondike, and la Belote,Valiprod is back with this brand-new and modern version of SpiderSolitaire! This free Spider Solitaire (Spiderette) card game usesthe codes of the classic game, but with new awesome animation,customization (playing in portrait or landscape mode) as well as asimple and intuitive gameplay! Just hit 'play' et enjoy! You canmove a single card or a bunch of them really easily by dragging anddropping them on the chosen stack. You can also undertake greatchallenges depending on your level, as this game is made for alltypes of players: - Beginner Mode: 1 suit - Intermediary Mode: 2suits - Expert Mode: 4 suits The main goal of the Spider Solitaireis to build stacks of cards of the same suit from King to Ace. Youare a beginner? No worries, all the rules are explained in-app.Thanks to the different in-app real-time statistics, you can alsocreate your own objectives in terms of time / number of moves orsimply play as you like to. The statistics all gathered on onescreen are the following: Games Won per game mode Total time spentin the game (and per game mode) Highscores per game mode ... Duringthe game, you can also see your time, your number of moves and yourpoints. You can also hit the 'hint' button to show you which movesare available, or also 'cancel' your previous move. Big fan of cardgames? Then download this amazing free Spider Solitaire app, andenjoy! For all the latest exciting news and to be informed of newgames releases, make sure you follow us on social media: Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/valiprod/?fref=ts

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    Spider Solitaire 🕷
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    February 11, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    10 rue de penthievre 75008 PARIS
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# Meet new categories to entertain you even longer! If you love our'Movies' category for major cinefiles and if you can't wait towatch and re-watch Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and NCIS, tryout our 'TV Shows' category! If you miss high school and think thatkids these days are getting dumber, show them what's out there withthe 'Idioms' category! If you're looking for a romantic eveningwith your better half, play 'Romantic' category and make every daythe most romantic! # GuessIt! is a thrilling, exciting and anaddicting guessing game of riddle. Are you tired of playing thesame old charades and taboo? Then welcome the new game full of funacting, miming and socializing! This FREE game will mobilize andstimulate all your hidden talents. Be ready to mime, imitate,describe, show, sing and most importantly to LAUGH! Just a quickheads up – the game is super addicting! Accept the challenge andmake your partner guess whatever is written on the screen. It’s agreat game to test your general knowledge and culture, yourcreativity and reactivity as well as to discover many new things!More than 2k words to guess! The game features an innovativetilting system for answering: tilt down to mark a correct answerand down to pass on the question. Our App’s Features: Playone-on-one or with more people at the same time. You can play withyour family, friends, and even colleagues! You’ve got 60 seconds toguess as many words as you can! Put your phone on your forehead formore fun and convenience! If you guess the work tilt the phone down(or press on the left side of your screen). If you want to passtilt the phone up (or press on the right side of your screen).Challenge your friends to a real smartypants battle! We’ve gotmultiple categories to satisfy all the needs (swipe between thedecks to switch categories): Act it out! For kids Accents &mimicry Animals Celebrities Brands Actors Countries Food VideogamesHistorical figures Jobs Characters TV Shows Idioms Romantic Flipyour party upside down with this hilarious game!
Action ou Vérité Famille 4.0.0 APK
Action ou Vérité Famille sera l’app parfaite pour vos moments enfamille, avec vos enfants ou entre amis ! Mettez de l'ambiance avecce jeu drôle qui en fera rire plus d'un ! Parfait pour une activitéconviviale pendant les vacances estivales ! Découvrez les secretsde vos amis ou réalisez des défis improbables, tout est fait pourque vous passiez de super moments avec vos proches autour du jeuAction ou Vérité ! Entre amis, à la maison ou en soirée, choisissezde réaliser des actions ou de dire la vérité, et battez vosadversaires au classement final ! Ajoutez vos propres règles pourencore plus de fun ! Choisissez de réaliser des actions comme : •Imite Tarzan • Danse comme un lutin mutin le ferait • Fais la pouledans la pièce • Ferme les yeux pendant 1 tour • Imite superman quisauve un innocent … et bien d’autres ! Ou bien, choisissez derévéler des secrets plus ou moins grands avec des vérités tellesque : • As-tu déjà triché en cours? • Ou voudrais-tu te marier? •Qui est ton meilleur ami? • As-tu un talent caché? • Le plusimportant, c'est l'amour ou l'argent? … et bien plus encore ! Enviede passer de super moments ? Alors qu’attendez-vous ? Téléchargezdès maintenant l’application Action ou Vérité – Famille!   Truth orDare Family will be the perfect app for your family moments withyour children or friends! Set the mood with this funny game thatwill make laugh more than one! Perfect for a friendly activityduring the summer holidays! Discover the secrets of your friends ormake improbable challenges, everything is done for you to spendgood times with your family around the game Truth or Dare! Withfriends, at home or in the evening, choose to perform actions or totell the truth, and beat your opponents in the final standings! Addyour own rules for even more fun! Choose to perform actions suchas: • Imitates Tarzan • Dance like a mischievous elf would • Spreadthe chicken in the room • Close your eyes for 1 turn • Imitatessuperman who saves an innocent … and many others ! Or, choose toreveal more or less big secrets with truths such as: • Have youever cheated in progress? • Or would you marry? • Who is your bestfriend? • Do you have a hidden talent? • Most important, it is loveor money? … And much more !  Want to spend great times? Sowhat are you waiting for? Download now the application Truth orDare - Family!
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Rediscover the famous game of Truth or Dare in a new version madefor family and friends and 100% kids-friendly! *New update: sleekand colourful design that makes it so much easier to start playingthe Truth or Dare game that will forever replace party charades foryou! Do you always play with your family or with your besties? Noproblem - now the app remembers the names you’ve added and keepsthem. Time to make it personal ;) Get hold of the Extra pack with100 more questions and a 100 more dares - imagine all the fun youcan have! You can also play alone or up to 20 players now, and addyour own rules to the game in the app! Play the best teens game andthe best new free game 2017! Choose truth or choose dare - sosimple and so much fun! Will you have the nerve to try it out?Perfect for a house party, better than charades. The cards withTruth or Dare on them are super easy to use - start playing in 1click! The app Truth or Dare – Family will be the perfect app foryou! Have fun with your children, your family, and your friends!Find out your friends’ secrets or face funny challenges, everythingis here for you to have amazing times with your close ones and theTruth or Dare game! With friends, at home or partying, choose toaccept challenges likes: • Walk around the room like a duck • Playleapfrog with other players • Name 5 world capitals within 10seconds • Tickle someone for 30 seconds • Wear your clothes insideout … And many more! The app fits any occasion: play it with yourkids whether they like kid charades or not - it’s not only aclassical truth or dare, it’s also the best free trivia game thatwill make you learn all the new trends, play it with the wholefamily, use it to reconnect with your teenage son or daughter, dareyour friends and have fun! Or choose to reveal your secrets withtruths like: • Tell your biggest dream • Who could you kiss in theroom? • The craziest thing you’ve ever done • Your favorite movie!• Your secret crush … and a lot of other truths like these ! Fun iscontagious! So what are you waiting for? Download the app Truth orDare – Family right now and for FREE!
Truth or Dare - Hot 4.0.0 APK
The Truth or Dare - Hot game is full of the hottest dares andtruths! Spend torrid nights with your partner thanks to thisamazing app. • Unspeakable fantasies? • Unappeased desires? • Inthe mood to spend a crazy sex night? Wanna test new positions? Youand your boyfriend / girlfriend are gonna spend unforgettablenights together playing Truth or Dare Hot game! Reveal your dirtypleasures and take actions to make your craziest fantasies cometrue: • Reveal your biggest fantasy • Do a strip-tease for yourpartner • Become the slave of your partner … and many other crazychallenges ! If you don’t want to do the dare or tell the truth,brace yourself and be ready for a gage! Download the app Truth orDare - Hot right now, and enjoy yourselves ;)!