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They are mad, and they are back. Squad ofMadBirds putting their best to make thier way out of thiscrazyjungle.

- 32 selectible characters with 104 variations
- Jungle and cave games
- Season effects
- Option to play Old School with images disabled fromsettings
- Fun and challenging hours
- Addictive game play
- 2 leaderboards
- 52 achivements
- Zombies, and monster enemies

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Dioptra Thrace Pro 1.16b APK
Dioptra Thrace Pro is the tool you are lookingfor positioning, angle/slope measurment, navigation andsurveying.You can attacth text on your image, or save them as records.Dioptra Thrace Pro is a smart tool that combines theodilete,dioptra, charts, excel files and virtual ruler.FEATURES-Measure angles using camera.-Capture images, record them adding your personal notes, and get MSExcel file from DiopThrace folder inside your device.-Visualize your measurements using bar or line charts of theapplication.- Zoom in/out using pinch gesture.- Different reticle and font color styles- Selectible IMAGE RESOLUTIONS varying from 4096x2160px to640x480px- Approximate measurement of distance to an object by setting it'swidth or height- Add live notes to image on previewInstructions- To capture image press capture button or press scren about 3seconds- Swipe right to open navigation menu- Use pinch gesture to zoom in/outFeel free to contact us via thraciansoftware@gmail.com if you havenew ideas we missed out, or suggestions to make this app or any ofour app better.Thanks for using our app.
DiopThrace 1.16c APK
DiopThrace is the tool you are looking forpositioning, angle/slope measurment, navigation andsurveying.You can attacth text on your image, or save them as records.DiopThrace is a smart tool that combines theodilete, dioptra,charts, digital color detector, weather forecast, excel files andvirtual ruler with Professional Camera app.FEATURESGeneral Features• Zoom in/out using pinch gesture.• Different reticle and font color styles• Selectible IMAGE RESOLUTIONS varying from 4096x2160px to640x480px• Add live notes to image on preview• Weather Forecast with it's own section and icon and temperaturedisplay on camera preview• RulerPhotography Features• Adjustable photography feature at live camera preview• Focus control settings• Scene settings• Exposure Compensation• White balance• Color Effect settings• ISO settings• Light metering settingsMeasuremet Features• Measure laser level• Measure angle between three points• Approximate measure to an object by setting it's width orheight• DETECT COLOR RGB, HSV, HEX values and names using camera• Capture images, record them adding your personal notes, and getMS Excel file from DiopThrace folder inside your device.• Visualize your measurements using bar or line charts.FEATURES TO BE ADDED• Google Map support• Adding notes on map, or adding landmarks to be displayed on yourscreen with distance and direction• Synchronizing your location with your friends to displaydirection and distance info relative to you.• Messaging with your friends to make it a real team navigation andexploration trip.Instructions- Open camera menu from bottom right to open image capturingselections or press for 3 seconds to this button to quickly captureimage- Select capture plain to only capture image, not reticle or anyother info.- Swipe right to open navigation menu- Use pinch gesture to zoom in/out- Use color detector from camera menu(bottom right) to detect thecolor your indicator directing atIMPORTANT: If you find a bug using the application, PLEASE, writeto thraciansoftware@gmail.com with your phone model name and thedescription of the problem, before writing a negative comment. Wecare for your satisfaction, and will fix the issue as soon aspossible.Feel free to write if you have new ideas we missed out, orsuggestions to make this app or any of our app better.Support this app by going PRO to help us adding new featuresThanks for using our app.
Angle Meter Visual+Bubble+Ruler+Compass 1.162 APK
Check out NEW VERSIONhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thraciansoftware.smartclinometerAngle Meter Visual offers more than any angle measurementtool/clinometer. Easy to use, multi-functional application to helpyou measure, record, and get visual display of your measurements.Open an image from gallery or use your camera, gyroscope(ifavailable) and accelometer as Laser Level Tool. 3D compass withcamera, magnetic field, temperature, light, pressure and humiditysensors.(Availibility of sensors depends on your device)FEATURES:• Easy to use AngleMeter• Clinometer• Elegant Design• Accurate measurement• Angle measurement and difference between two measurements• Bubble/Sprite Level• Vertical or horizontal orientation to measure• Option to toggle y-axis direction• Record your measurments to database with title and note of yourchoosing or quicksave with one touch.• Ruler with length or area measurmet features• Open an image from gallery and measure angle from the image• Use camera to measure angle using laser level• Display chart of the your recorder measurements• Create a xls file to possess hard copies of your work• * 3D Compass with Orthographic and Perspective Projection• Temperature, Light, Pressure, Humudity Sensor Data(Sensoravailibility depends on device and manufacturer)* Beautiful 3D Augmented Reality compass is courtesy of AdamRatanahttps://github.com/ratana/rotation-vector-compass******** INSTRUCTIONS ********1- Select Measurement ModesThere are 3 measurement modes.Single Measurement: Measure angle and touch anglemeter to lockmeasurement.Difference Between 2 Angles: Measure difference between 2 objectsor surfaces, difference is absolute value of 2 measurementsRelative Measurement: Hold your device to slope or angle then touchangle meter and measure rotation relative to previous position.This mode is perfect for using as GONIOMETER.2- Select Measurement OrientationAngle is measured as all other apps on the market usingaccelerometer or gravity sensor. X axis is the short side of yourdevice, long side is Y axis. You can check the image from Googledocumentation. It's atan(y/x) or atan(y/z) gives the anglemeasured.You can check the link to get more info about sensorshttps://developer.android.com/guide/topics/sensors/sensors_overview.html#sensors-coordsIf you touch the orange button with rotated phone image on it, youchange you will be able to change axes from atan(y/x) to atan(y/z)which means measurement angle moving your device away from you ortowards you. Or if you enable tablet mode from settings you will beable to measure like you are using a tablet(adds an offset of 180°)and this will prevent buttons interfering with yourmeasurement.3- CalibrationCalibration is done by touching button wih + image on it. Touchgreen Calibration button to set current angle to 0Use a real angle measurement tool to calibrate your device'ssensors with better accuracy.If you wish to reset the current angle to built-in state touchreset button.4- Save measurement, records and chartsWhen you save a record it's written to database and you can displayyour previous measurement from records section, display themvisually using charts. If you have the pro version of the app youwill be able to retreive xls files of records or png files of thecharts.5 - CompassIMPORTANT: You should calibrate your magnetic field sensors onstart or if magnetic field strength is high.Metal or electronical objects interferes with magnetic field andcould result wrong results. Magnetic field strength should be lowand accuracy must be high to get correct results.https://support.google.com/maps/answer/6145351?hl=en**** FEEDBACK ****** If you add your email address to your crash report when itcrashes will let me send you feedback after bug you reported isfixed.You can check our other Tool/Productivity Apps too, they may alsosatisfy your needs. Thanks for using our apps.
Geometric Brick BBTAN 1.01 APK
Destroy bricks with your one and only ball atthe beginning. As the game progresses collect hearts to gain newballs, and coins to buy new balls, bricks, explosion effects.If you are bored of only monoton RECTANGLE BRICKS, Brick BreakerLoop is the new horizon for you. Destroy TRIANGLE, CIRCLE and evenHEXAGON bricks. And think twice before making your move. Eachposition will reshape your next move, adept and surveve.Brick Breaker Loop uses Box 2D Physics engine to handlecollisions and impacts which offers realistic movements.- 21 different balls- 14 different brick styles- 24 different brick explosion effects- 16 different backgrounds- 3 difficulty modes (achivements and leaderboards are disabled oneasy)- 36 Achivements- 2 leaderboards
Laser Level Capture 1.164 APK
Laser Level Capture is advanced laser andlevel measuring tool that offers three measurement modes,calibration setting, azimuth, bearing, pitch and roll values withphotography options such as, white balance, focus-modes, scenemodes, color effects, exposure compensation, switch camera if bothcameras are available and flash modes for night photography.Also you can save your measurement to database, get Excel file ofyour measurements, visualize with charts and you can use elegantruler to measure any length or area within your device's screendimensions .FEATURESMeasurement Features•Measure angles using accelerometer and camera.•Capture images, record them adding your personal notes, and get MSExcel file from Laser Level Capture folder inside yourdevice.•Visualize using bar chart of the Laser Level Capture.• Ruler with elegant design can be used with both single or twohands to measure length or area with calibration setting.Photography Features• Adjustable photography feature at live preview• Focus control settings• Scene mode settings• Exposure compensation settings• White balance settings• Color Effect settings• Auto White Balance Lock setting• Auto Exposure Lock settingFeel free to contact us via thraciansoftware@gmail.com if you havenew ideas we missed out, or suggestions to make this app or any ofour app better.Thanks for using our app.This version contains ads, if you want to support us you can getthe pro version.
Smart Tools Ruler Pro 1.07 APK
Ruler app for phones and tablets. Measureanglewith single or double touch, measure area or calculatervolume of abox. Easy to use, and elegant design.• Imperial (inch) and Metric (centimeter) units• Very simple so everyone can use it - touch with one or twofingersto measure• Record your measurement attached with a note and date• Visualize your measurements with bar or line charts• Display or even save to Excel file if you ever need ahardcopy• Whenever you need to measure you will have it in yourpocket• Stylish design that looks great both on phone and tablet• Option to calibrate if it' s inaccurate
MarVAJED Goniometer 1.30b APK
NOTE: THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT STAND-ALONE. Youneed to purchase the device to be able to use thisapplication.This is the Android application for, the device, MarVAJEDgoniometer that measures angle between joints using bothaccelometer and gyroscope with better precision than any otherdevice available on the market.The device and the application is consisted of; 1- corsets thatsupport the position of the joint of patients, 2- electronicallygoniometer inserted in the corset which measures angles of thejoint excursion 3- Android application that goniometer connectedvia BluetoothApplication displays measurements received from the device recordsthem to corresponding database tables. There are three types ofmeasurements1 - Goniometer: Measurement screen displays angle and visualanimation that corresponds to angle value. Also displays maximum,minimum and difference values of the session.2- Proprioception: Before the measurement angle value is displayedin the screen after test button is clicked, measurement display isinvisible to test patients ability to perform same position ofjoints to test the patient's process.3- Activity: This is a frequency and time based measurement. Set atimer and measurment frequency. Maximum number of measurmentdepends on your device, what we get from an avarage device is about700 measurements per minute. After the time is zero or session isended manually it displays the graphical representation of thesession.All values gathered during these measurements are recordable todatabase and convertable to MS Excel format, to help you keep yourprocess as a soft or hard copy.Also, there are games to make it easier and fun for children toexercise.For more info or to purchase the device contact us viathraciansoftware@gmail.com
Laser Level Capture Pro 1.162 APK
Features-Measure angles using accelometer and camera.-Capture images, record them adding your personal notes, and get MSExcel file from Laser Level Capture folder inside yourdevice.-Visualize using bar chart of the Laser Level Capture.- Zoom in/out using pinch gestureIf you like it or have any suggestions feel free to contact viathraciansoftware@gmail.comThis version is ad free.