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Rotating maze, one jump to the end! Simple and easy to play, enrichyour leisure time! *The ball falls down and the player needs toslide the obstacle through his finger to avoid the impact of thered brick. * Do not let the ball touch the red zone on the woodenring. The number of red areas will increase as the game becomesmore difficult. *Game props, such as shields, doubles, and rocketscan help you complete the game. These props can be collected duringthe fall to gain scores or protect yourself. *Level mode-There area total of 150 levels. Each level has different layers andhazardous degree. Endless mode-The endless mode can be infinitelyfalling, and each layer of the fall can add energy, and when theenergy is full, you can make a quick sprint.

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    January 26, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Nox Ltd.
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Nox Cleaner - Phone Cleaner, Booster, Optimizer 2.2.1 APK
Nox Ltd.
Nox Cleaner is one of the best cleaning apps on Android with arating of (🏆 4.8 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) features includes junk & cache filecleaner, RAM booster, game booster and others which can optimizeyour android speed & performance. Nox Cleaner is the perfectchoice to clean RAM, improve device performance & boost yourAndroid device speed! NOX CLEANER FEATURES: ★ Clear and optimizestorage space ★ Make phones faster than ever ★ Free favorite gamesfrom high ping ★ Keep phones secure from privacy threat ★ Keepprivate data secure ★ Extend battery life with one tap ★ Dropphones temperature fast ★ Clean blur and similar photos smartly NOXCLEANER FEATURES & CAPABILITIES: 🔥TRASH CLEANER Nox Cleanercleans the junk files that slow down your cellphone. With ourpowerful analytics engine, you will not only get more storage spacefrom the cleaning process of cache, applications, download folders,clipboard content and more; you can also delete cache data frommessenger applications such as Line, Whatsapp, and others withoutworrying about deleting the wrong file. One touch and cache or junkfiles will be cleaned! 🎲MARVELOUS GAME BOOSTER With the help of NoxCleaner's Game Booster feature, users now not only can boost yourfavorite games such as Traffic Run or Clean Road and others butalso can enjoy max speed and lag-free gaming experience. Try ourone-tap Game Booster to get your games run faster, smoother andslay all the enemies blocking your way to the victory. 👿 REAL-TIMEANTIVIRUS Protect users perfectly from harmful malware or adwarecontaining various dangerous viruses or online trojan at any timeand anywhere! One tap then your phone is secured against all theviruses threatening your privacy! 🔋 BATTERY SAVER Can analyzebattery usage status and helps to find and stop battery-drainingapplications. Nox Cleaner will optimize your battery life, extendand save battery power longer. 🚀 RAM BOOSTER The excessive use ofRAM makes your phone heavy. With just one click, Nox Cleaner canfree up RAM and makes the phone lighter & faster. Nox Cleanerworks smartly, making the Android user experience more comfortable.❄️ CPU COOLER Nox Cleaner optimally detects the system on yourmobile, intelligently detects applications that raise the CPUtemperature. This function effectively monitors and cools thetemperature on the cellphone CPU which makes android use morecomfortable. 📱 THE BEST CLEANER FOR ANDROID 8+ OREOS Android 8+system is not the same as other Android systems. Thereforedevelopers develop Nox Cleaner to work optimally on the Android 8+version. 👉 APP MANAGER Nox Cleaner is the perfect Android appmanager, giving information on apps that are not used based onusage. You can manage and uninstall apps that are rarely used toprovide more storage space that can speed up Android. 📷 IMAGEMANAGER Nox Cleaner can analyze photo gallery and sort them intodifferent albums where the user can see similar or blurry photos todelete. 🔐 EXCELLENT APP LOCKER App Locker function provides userswith the utmost security from unwanted access to SNS apps such asSnapchat, Instagram and others. All the private information(photos, calls, and messages) will be kept secure under thepowerful guarding system on your phone! Pattern lock let you lockand unlock your apps conveniently. NOX CLEANER NOTES: ▶ No otherpersonal data relating to you (such as a username or email address)process. ▶ Nox Cleaner will keep your information secure and notshare it with anyone else by the Privacy and Cookies Policy. If youlike our application, please rate five stars! We’d love to hear anysuggestions, questions or comments, so you are welcomed to installNox Cleaner and share your thoughts on our Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/NoxCleaner. You can also mail us forsupport at [email protected] Official website:www.NoxCleaner.com
NoxApp+ - Multiple accounts clone app 1.2.2 APK
Nox Ltd.
NoxApp+ is a master of managing multiple accounts, especiallydesigned for social apps and games. If you have more than oneaccount for the same app, use NoxApp+ to run them simultaneously onyour phone. . It solves the annoyance of frequent accountswitching. All you need is cloning an app in NoxApp+ and startusing parallel accounts with convenience. Your privacy is securedat the same time. Main Features Run multiple game and app accountson one device You could clone any app in NoxApp+ to run parallelaccounts ○One account for life and one account for work. Doubleaccounts for double identity. ○Log in multiple gaming accounts atthe same time to boost levels and powers. NoxApp+ is compatiblewith most Android apps and games ○There is no interference betweenmultiple accounts. Receive notifications separately andeffectively. ○You can clone up to 3 instances for the same app inthis version, which means creating 2 accounts or 3 accounts at thesame time. And more will come in future updates. Full-featuredfunctions of multiple accounts management and privacy protectionYour privacy is secured in NoxApp+ multiple accounts managementtool ○Customize notification styles for each app. Only read themessages that you want. ○Use gesture password to further protectyour privacy. ○More optimized functions will be added in thefuture. Basic Operations NoxApp+ is very easy to learn and use○Create shortcut to every cloned app on your phone screen. Removethe cloned app with one tap. It has never been so easy. Long pressto rename your app. It helps to distinguish parallel accounts andhelp find your preferred app more quickly Highlights ○Absolutelyfree and clean interface with no Ads! ○Automatically configuredGoogle components and no need to add them manually. ○Low memory andbattery usage. Running NoxApp+ won’t affect your phone performance.Notes: Permissions: in order for the apps you cloned in NoxApp+ torun properly, please allow as many permission requests as possibleto NoxApp+. Otherwise you may find some of the functions of yourapp fail to work. In order to receive notifications of cloned apps,please whitelist or uncheck NoxApp+ from memory clean settings.While logging in to different accounts, you may need to providedifferent phone numbers as well. Please make sure the mobile numberyou provided is valid to receive verification code. Examples ofapps you could clone in NoxApp+: • Snapchat • WhatsApp • BBM •YouTube • Twitter • Instagram • Facebook • Amazon Kindle • Viber •DropBox • eBay • Firefox • Flickr • Flipboard • Gmail • Instagram •LINE • Netflix • Opera, Opera Mini • Pinterest • Skype • Spotify •Telegram • Threema • Tumblr • WordPress • Yahoo Mail Contact Us Ifyou like our application, please rate 5 stars! If you have anysuggestions, please click “Setting”to send in-app feedback, oremail us directly at [email protected] We look forward tohearing from you!
Nox Browser - Fast & Safe Web Browser, Privacy 1.13.0 APK
Nox Ltd.
Nox Browser (🏆 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) is your best choice for the Androidbrowser with the rating of 4.7⭐ complete with features such asincognito mode, night mode, popular videos, multiple tabs,high-level data protection, search engines choices, offlinebrowsing, and many more! It can bring you a fast and secure webbrowsing experience! Say goodbye to the regular slow internet andenjoy high-quality browsing with Nox Browser! 【NOX BROWSERHIGHLIGHTS: 】 ★ Incognito mode: protect private data from trackers★ Download video: watch your favorite videos offline ★ AD Block:block annoying ads on main sites ★ Night Mode: protect eyes withreading mode ★ No Image Mode: save your traffice date ★ Favoritesites: popular video and sites on the homepage ★ Offline Browsing:save your favorite pages to read later ★ Multiple Tabs: accessmultiple tabs simultaneously ★ Switch default search engine ★Download manager ★ Simple and elegant interface design ★ Protectyour device with Safe Browsing 【NOX BROWSER FEATURES &CAPABILITIES: 】 👻 INCOGNITO MODE Nox Browser for Android makesprivate browsing simply and to accomplish history-free browsing.Whenever you are in the mood to go off the records on the browserfor Android, just open up the settings panel by taping the menu andselect the option New Incognito Tab. You can now browse freely onthe new incognito tab without leaving any browsing history, searchhistory and cookies. Nox Browser Incognito Mode offers you realprivate browsing experience without leaving any historical data. 👀Protect Your Eyes The Night Mode feature of Nox Browser can changeyour screen into natural color and protect your eyes so it canreduce the blue light which will affect your sleep. It can help toavoid headache and eye pain in a dark environment or at nighteffectively. ⭐️ MULTI-TAB BROWSER Nox Browser can help you setmultiple tabs browsing so that all your favorite websites canautomatically start loading every time you launch your browser. Youcan also open more web pages at the same time! Easily create newtabs by long pressing the tab button and new tabs will be opened,create as many tabs as you want! 🌝 SWITCH SEARCH ENGINE Nox Browserautomatically uses Google as the default search engine in thebrowser tab, and it is possible to change the default search engineto any search engine of your choices, such as Yahoo, Bing, andBaidu. Keyword search suggestions and the personalized searchability to do the quick search in many search engines. 📥 DOWNLOADMANAGER Nox Browser download management feature can help you easilyaccess and view information of downloads. It shows downloadsprogress with pause, resume and cancel options, furthermore, itdownloads files in parallel to increase and accelerate the transferspeed. 📹 TRENDING VIDEOS FOR YOU Never miss the newest trend! Aswipe to the left when you open the Nox Browser and the currentmost popular videos on Youtube is available for you. One click andnew sets of videos are available! Newest videos from top Youtubersavailable for you! 🤖 SMART BROWSING EXPERIENCE Nox Browser offers afast browsing experience. Users can find the article that browserselected based on users previous browsing history, and give accessto top sites, spend your time browsing your favorites sites andcontents instead of looking for them. ⛑ SAFE BROWSING Nox Browserexamines billions of URLs and content and warns users when theynavigate to unsafe sites. Protect mobile devices against onlinethreats. --------------------------- If you like our application,please rate 5 stars! More and more features will be added in thefuture, so don’t miss it. Share your thoughts on ourhttps://www.facebook.com/NoxBrowser/ or send e-mail to [email protected]
Nox Security - Antivirus, Clean Virus, Booster 1.1.3 APK
Nox Ltd.
⭐Nox Security is a free security and antivirus app⭐ with free viruscleaner, wifi security, message security, notification blocker,applocker, call blocker, file encryption...on Android devices. 【NOXSECURITY FEATURES】 💀FREE Virus cleaner : Keep your mobile fromviruses and malware 📲Message security: Prevent others from peepingyour notification preview 🔕Notification blocker : Block annoyinguseless notification 🔐Applocker : Protect apps and guard privacy🧐Wifi security: Protect your device from any network attacks 📞Nodisturb: Block spam and unwanted calls effectively 🔋 Battery saver:Stop power-draining apps with only one tap 🚀Junk cleaner :Free upand get more storage space 💀Keep your mobile from virus and malwareNox Security provides the best protection for your mobile andprotects against malware – including virus, spyware, rootkits,hackers and online fraud and more. It can help you clean virus andalso can protect your privacy files and make it more safer. 🔕Blockannoying useless notifications Nox Security provides a powerful andefficient notification blocker and manager. You can usenotification blocker now to get rid of junk notification fromjamming and slowing down your phone by blacklisting apps that pushannoying junk notifications. It will keep your phone fromdisturbing and make your notification bar clear. 📲Message securityAre you worried about your privacy message peeing by otherssometimes? With message security of Nox Security, it can help youprevent others from peeping your notification preview once you openmessage security function. Just install Nox Security, clean virusand stay away from the notification preview by others! 🚀Free upmore storage space with junk cleaner & memory booster Junkcleaner can clean the junk, including system cache, apps cache,useless APKs, residual files, AD cache. Nox security also hasmemory booster, free up memory and boost your device's speed with asimple tap. 📞 Block unwanted calls Nox security will be your goodchoice if you are already tired of annoying calls liketelemarketing, spam and robocalls! The only thing you need to do isto add the unwanted numbers to the block list or to block calls notin your contacts with easily one tap! 🔐Protect apps and guardprivacy with applocker Nox Security can lock all android apps andgive your phone privacy protection by pattern lock and number lock.You can use it to lock your private apps and private files and keepaway from being opened or viewed by others. ⏰Real-time protectionfor anti-theft features Not only does Nox Security get the basicfeatures such as device scanning, protection from malware, but itcan monitor real-time device. Real-time protection protects againstmalware, viruses, adware, spyware, spyware, phishing, rootkits, andbanker Trojans. 🧐 Network Detection & Security Check With WIFIsecurity, Nox security can protect your device totally safe fromany network attacks. WIFI security will help to check whether theWiFi you are connecting is safe or not. It will also protect yourpersonal information during the time you are surfing the internet.🔋Stop power-draining apps with battery saver With battery saver,Nox Security can help you extend battery life and close inactiveapplications which run at the background. It is the simplest way tokeep your battery healthy by stopping power consuming apps andmonitoring battery status.------------------------------------------- 【NOX SECURITY NOTES】Nox Security will keep your information secure and not share itwith anyone else by the Privacy and Cookies Policy. If you like ourapplication, please rate 5 stars! You are welcomed to share yourthoughts: https://www.facebook.com/NoxSecurity-1998700043513309/[email protected]
Nox File Manager - file explorer, safe & efficient 2.0.6 APK
Nox Ltd.
With powerful functions and simple interface, Nox File Manager helpAndroid users to manage mobile phone files and preview mediacategories such as videos, audios, pictures, and many more! Userscan also access to your SD card, browse, create, rename, copy, moveand delete files. 【NOX FILE MANAGER HIGHLIGHTS: 】 ★ Explore andcategorize your file ★ Access to Google Drive cloud storage ★Transfer files to and from PC via FTP ★ Photo manager to managepictures ★ Lock and save your important files ★ Manage all app withapp manager ★ Different ways to share big files ★ Secure privateand personal data 【NOX FILE MANAGER FEATURES & CAPABILITIES: 】📁 File Explorer and Automatic Categorization Nox File Manager canaccess to all files and folders on your Android devices. Users canwork with phone files in a similar way with PC like browsing,copying, pasting, deleting, moving and renaming. Files in internalphone storage and SD card are supported. The user may also browsefiles by categories, such as Images, Audios, Videos, Apps,Documents and Downloads. Nox File Manager also help you sort yourfiles and folders by categories and properties automatically! ☁️Cloud Storage Access and manage your Google Drive files via NoxFile Manager! Move or transfer files between your Google Drive anddevice storage! Creating and opening files from your Google Driveis also available via Nox File Manager! 🗃️ Transfer files to andfrom PC No more space for your files in device storage? Move it toyour computer via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), it helps you browseand transfer files via pc to your mobile! Login to your FTP serverand transfer your files easily from device storage to FTP via NoxFile Manager! 📷 Photo Manager Photo manager is here to help youmanage your photos! Nox File Manager is able to separate yourphotos in accordance with the date and location! You can alsocreate your own photo album to put your favorite photos! 🔒 FileLocker Do not want certain files to be seen by others? Lock yourfile with our file locker function! Assign pattern security to yourfiles so only you can access those files! Keep your files safe withNox File Manager! 🔅 Quick access file history Nox File Managerallows users to access the frequently used files and recently usedfolders, and lists all files you recently received, reviewed ormodified. Quick access feature is a great time saver! 🤖 Superb appmanager Nox File Manager can manage all applications installed onthe local devices, and allow users to choose whether to uninstall,to open or to view information of each app. 🔍 Powerful storageanalyzer Nox File Manager will analyze the storage usage of mobilephones. Detect large APK and duplicate files and support thedeletion of these files to free up space. Helps users analyze localstorage and recycle bin, clean up useless files, and get morespace. 📂 Share big files Nox File Manager allows you to share bigfiles via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), SMS and email.Share multimedia files, such as movies, music, and apps to othersin different ways! 👻 Private, Secure, and easy to use Nox FileManager keeps your information secure and not share it with anyoneelse in accordance with privacy protection. Eliminate the risk ofleaking information and your files will be kept safe.------------------------------ 【NOXFILEMANAGERR NOTES: 】 ▶Nopersonal data (such as a username or email address) is processed.If you like our application, please rate 5 stars! We’d love to hearany suggestions, questions or comments, so you are welcomed toinstall Nox File Manager and share your thoughts on our Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Nox-File-Manager-1946181218769092/ You canalso mail us for support at [email protected]
Nox Ltd.
Rotating maze, one jump to the end! Simple and easy to play, enrichyour leisure time! *The ball falls down and the player needs toslide the obstacle through his finger to avoid the impact of thered brick. * Do not let the ball touch the red zone on the woodenring. The number of red areas will increase as the game becomesmore difficult. *Game props, such as shields, doubles, and rocketscan help you complete the game. These props can be collected duringthe fall to gain scores or protect yourself. *Level mode-There area total of 150 levels. Each level has different layers andhazardous degree. Endless mode-The endless mode can be infinitelyfalling, and each layer of the fall can add energy, and when theenergy is full, you can make a quick sprint.
Dash Snake 1.3.4 APK
Nox Ltd.
Slide a snake made up of many small balls to break thebricks!Different skins have different skills, come and discovertheiruniqueness! Simple operation and test brain power,getadditionalballs and make the biggest snake ever! Game features: -Free toplay, a variety of skin   - Endless mode   -Simple slidecontrol   - Challenge your friends with the besthigh scores