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Hey! Looking for spinner? This is right what you need!Everyoneknows what fidget spinner is. It is a new generation toy for teensand adults started at 2017!Fight with your boredom and stress byspinning it faster and faster!- Check out our new stylishcollection! - Spin in the reality with virtual reality mode!-Original spinners!- Create your own spinner!- Relax by spinning andhave fun with friendsEnjoy your favourite hand spinner everywhere.No time to think! Everyone has it! Get your spinner! Spin it in thedark and see glow effects and even explosions! It is much moreinteresting than having a casual fidget spinner.Thank you forplaying. Leave your comments and help us to improve! Have fun.

App Information Spinner Camera - Virtual Reality

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    Spinner Camera - Virtual Reality
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    July 24, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Big Pink
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Looking for ultraviolet or thermal vision camera live effects? Ordo you want to play as a detective or spy and use night vision? Allthis and other original live camera effects are right here!"Thermal vision camera effects" is a kit of the exciting livecamera filters! SEE AS AN EVIL CREATURE! Evil eye filter.Disclaimer: although this application provides only camera filtersand does not have real functionality of ultraviolet light orthermal camera with temperature, we tried to make it the mostrealistic way. Enjoy! Choose the filter look through them on cat ordog, make a stylish photo or just have fun with them. Make anexclusive photo or play any game you can imagine! Try all exclusivelive filters! Features: - Evil eye filter (exclusive) !! - Thermalvision effect simulator - Ultraviolet camera effect simulator -Night vision effect simulator - All filters work in Live mode usingyour camera ! Take the most interesting photos with "Thermal visioncamera effects". Open all filters, try to use thermal camera forghost hunting and have fun! Write comments, what live filters areyour favourite. Thank you for playing our games and applications!Leave feedback for applications and we will make them even better!
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Use our virtual reality camera to see the world in the thermalcolours or use night vision camera! Maybe you will love ultravioletcamera or neon laser vision. All this and other original livecamera effects are right here! Look around as you've never donebefore."Virtual Reality Thermal Camera" simulates virtual realityglasses functionality with pack of the exciting live camerafilters!SEE AS CYBORG! Modify your vision!Features:- Cyborg vision(NEW) !!- Thermal vision- Ultraviolet camera- Night vision- X-Rayvision- All filters work in Live mode using your camera!Disclaimer: although this application provides only camera filtersand does not have real functionality of ultraviolet light, virtualreality helmet or thermal camera with temperature, we tried to makeit the most realistic way. Enjoy!Choose the filters, look throughthem on cat or dog, make a stylish photo or just have fun withthem. Make an exclusive photo or play any game you can imagine!Tryall exclusive live filters!Take the most interesting photos with"Virtual Reality Thermal Camera". Open all filters, try to usethermal camera for ghost hunting and have fun!Write comments, whatlive filters are your favourite.Thank you for playing our games andapplications! Leave feedback for applications and we will make themeven better!