1.3 / February 21, 2015
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Triangles game puzzle is simple.Rotate left or right.Rotate thefield to change the color.Remove the triangles adjacent to the maintriangle of the same color.Removing just three triangles of thesame color remove all the triangles of that color from the field.

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    February 21, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Россия, г.Москва, ул.Красного Маяка, 8-1-227
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Does stock trading scare you? Try the Stock Exchange Game! 📈Youwill learn how to make money off financial quotes by 🎲 playing it!💰 It's an easy, free game with no registration or demo accountsneeded. It is not just some simple simulator — you’ll be immersedin the real trading game! The Stock Exchange Game is the onlyEconomic Strategy game in the world, based on thousands of worldevents. Analyze the financial news and its impact on quotes. 📊 Youwon’t just guess when the price will fluctuate — you’ll know itprecisely! Millions of complex combinations make the game, whereevery step is unique. Buy and sell on the world’s stock market.Earn as much as your courage allows you. 👨‍💼Try yourself in therole of a real trader! Competent investments are guaranteed to payoff. The Stock Exchange Game has a unique management and level upsystem, which allows you to effectively use your knowledge andskills. This is the game where you develop your knowledge based onreal stock exchange experience. Here you can train yourintelligence, memory and analytical processes. You will want tobecome a real trader! 🎓 This game will help you face stock tradingwithout fear, learn about finances and investments, and prepare forreal trading on Forex! Game Features: 🗺️ A unique gameplayexperience based on the world’s complex economic model 🎲 Every stepis unique and diverse 💸 Completely Free ❌🔑 No registration needed❌🌎 No Internet connection needed 🏆 Records tables of thousands ofplayers around the world “A speculator is a man who observes thefuture before it occurs.” – Bernard Baruch. Join our community!Telegram: https://t.me/marketgames Vkontakte:https://vk.com/public124316446 Discord: https://discord.gg/5sCYsFr
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Week after week this application will accompany you right up to thebirth of the baby. Exhaustive answers to all your questions, aswell as the necessary functions of the application to help thefuture mother. Congratulations, you will soon be the happiest momin the world! This app will let you know how the baby isdeveloping, and how you change every week of pregnancy. Many ofyour fears will be lost. The application will tell you how to eatproperly, how to reduce the negative impact of toxicosis,heartburn, leg cramps, as a future mother to live with raginghormones. • Definition of the preliminary date of childbirth(gestation period) • Pregnancy calendar (weekly information aboutyour baby's development and your well-being) • Signs of pregnancyand symptoms of pregnancy • Conducting a personal pregnancycalendar (including visits to doctors) and notes • Weight magazinewith recommendations for nutrition during pregnancy • Timing oflabor during labor • Baby stirring counter • List of necessarypurchases for the child • Names for boys and girls Thank you forchoosing our application!
ru.borik.mineblocks.android 1.4 APK
Fast and simple - a fun classic arcade game. Break multi-coloredblocks with great speed, gain points and pass interesting levels.In your hands picks with different efficiency, powerful EXPLOSIONand other useful bonuses. Wood, dirt and brick - nothing can standbefore your dynamite! This is the endless joy of destruction invarious game modes. All the subtleties and nuances of the game youhave to learn yourself. A real puzzle for children. Communicatewith friends, find the differences of the blocks, play together andexchange experiences. You can play for free and without theInternet. Only the best of the best can go through the whole gameto the very end! Excellent logic game and time killing in English."Mine Blocks" is calling you!
Babe in arms 1.08 APK
When to feed and bathe the child? What was the diaper yesterday?You definitely will not forget anything, because the "Feed Baby"keeps a detailed and convenient record of all events.A simple andintuitive interface developed by the nursing mother. There are nocomplicated menus, drop-down lists and small buttons. All importantinformation is always at hand.With our application, you can createreminders for yourself. You will not forget to feed the baby, givethe medicine or drink in time.If you have more than one child, thenyou can add additional profiles. Two children, three, or anynumber.It is a reliable and convenient assistant, which allows youto take into account: - feeding the child with each breast,interval and duration; - the child receives medicines andtheir quantities; - Feeding the child from the bottle, theduration of feeding the baby; - lure feeding, product type,duration, interval; - Change your baby's diapers, indicatingwhile peeing or pokaking your baby.Also the application allows youto track: - the duration of sleep, bathing and walking yourbaby. - the time since the last event.Let the birth of a babyand care for him be a joy for the mother!
ru.borik.eggscounter 1.184 APK
Our application is designed to facilitate the collection ofinformation and keeping statistics of your poultry farm. After all,literate analysis and keeping the history of your bird'sdevelopment are the guarantee of a healthy and reproductivelivestock of the poultry farm. In the section "incubator" you caneasily track the incubation of eggs, the date of the bookmark,temperature and humidity. Chickens, Ducks, Quails, Turkeys, Geese,guinea fowl are the most common birds with which a poultry farmworks. To conduct a history and carry out analysis for each bird isnow very simple. With our application, you definitely will notforget about the number of eggs laid down, about timely feeding,cleaning, treatment and other aspects of breeding poultry. Visualdiagrams will allow you to analyze the results of introducing newfeeds and their quantity, changing diet regimes, temperatureregimes, and analyzing the number of birds by sex. Incubation ofeggs is no longer a problem either. You only need to choose thebird species (Chickens, Geese and others), and the program itselfwill remind you about the need to change the temperature in theincubator or humidity. Growing in a brooder is also not a problem.Choose the type of bird, watch the temperature and lighting in thebrooder. Or set your own settings for the brooder. The programincludes the ability to display statistics on your poultry farm atvarious scales from a day to a year, which will allow you tocorrectly assess the results of your work and predict the furtherdevelopment of your poultry population. Thank you for choosing ourapp!
Contraction's Counter 1.2 APK
Congratulations! If you are going to download this application,it’s means that soon you’ll become mom! When time of childbirthcomes, future mother sometimes doesn’t know how to behave and whatto do. Our application is specifically designed for mom’s comfortduring contraction period! Easy to use and intuitive, ourcontraction counter will allow you to track contractions duringchildbirth, and not to be mistaken, when the pregnant woman shouldhave to go to the hospital! This application will allow to trackthe beginning of the contractions, the end of the contractions, theintervals between contractions, delete the contraction, and startcounting the session again. After tracking a few contractions ourapplication will provide you a visual information about theeffectiveness of contraction activity, tell you how to properlyconsider the contractions. This application will tell when a futuremother should go to the hospital.
Splinters 1.3 APK
Triangles game puzzle is simple.Rotate left or right.Rotate thefield to change the color.Remove the triangles adjacent to the maintriangle of the same color.Removing just three triangles of thesame color remove all the triangles of that color from the field.
Pipe Swipe puzzle 1.1 APK
This logical puzzle is devoted to all fans of games about pipes,labyrinths and a tag.Pipes can't be rotated, but it is possible tomove. To pass level, you need to connect a labyrinth of pipes frombeginning to end. In some levels you will puzzle over solution,fixed pipes make this logical game more difficult.Variety ofcolors, fascinating gameplay and huge number of levels. Try to passthem all.