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Follow Josh Clark’s famous ‘Couch to 5k’ running plan. There isaplan for each day and after every interval the phone willvibrateand beep to let you know if you have to start or stoprunning. Theapplication can run entirely in the background soplaying musicduring the exercise will not be a problem. Impressions: 'Runninghelps manage my blood pressure' : Andrew took up runningafter aroutine medical check-up revealed he had high bloodpressure. Couchto 5K: tips for new runners : Expert advice to getyou started onthe Couch to 5K running plan, including what to wear,warming upand nutrition. 'My family's deaths were a wake-up call'HelenCleary took up running after losing her father and brother toheartdisease. Mother and son bond over love for running C25KgraduateJulia tells how a shared passion for running brought hercloser toher son. 'I took up running after losing a friend' :Father-of-twoAftab says he discovered running after losing a closefriendthrough a heart attack. ‘I struggled to get out of the bathbeforeC25K’ Loraine tells how she dropped three dress sizesafterstarting the Couch to 5K running plan. Get running with Couchto 5KOur C25K plan is designed to get just about anyone off thecouchand running 5km in nine weeks. How to run correctly 10 tipstoimprove your running technique to help you run faster, overlongerdistances and avoid injury.

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Comic Life 1.5.0 APK
Comics Life is a Quick navigation betweencomics – Long press image to view alt text – Search for title,transcript or number – Share comic url or image – Add comic tofavorites – Favorites are saved for offline use – Open links fromxkcd.com and m.xkcd.com – Support for large images (e.g comic 657)– Warning for interactive comics – Explain xkcd integration –Material design elements like Snackbars, Floating Action Button,tinted Status Bar…Comics is a medium used to express ideas via images, oftencombined with text or other visual information. Comics frequentlytakes the form of juxtaposed sequences of panels of images. Oftentextual devices such as speech balloons, captions, and onomatopoeiaindicate dialogue, narration, sound effects, or other information.Size and arrangement of panels contribute to narrative pacing.Cartooning and similar forms of illustration are the most commonimage-making means in comics; fumetti is a form which usesphotographic images. Common forms of comics include comic strips,editorial and gag cartoons, and comic books. Since the late 20thcentury, bound volumes such as graphic novels, comics albums, andtankōbon have become increasingly common, and online webcomics haveproliferated in the 21st century.The history of comics has followed divergent paths in differentcultures. Some scholars have posited a pre-history as far back asthe Lascaux cave paintings. By the mid-20th century, comicsflourished particularly in the United States, western Europe(especially in France and Belgium), and Japan. The history ofEuropean comics is often traced to Rodolphe Töpffer's cartoonstrips of the 1830s, and became popular following the success inthe 1930s of strips and books such as The Adventures of Tintin.American comics emerged as a mass medium in the early 20th centurywith the advent of newspaper comic strips; magazine-style comicbooks followed in the 1930s. Histories of Japanese comics andcartooning (manga) propose origins as early as the 12th century.Modern comic strips emerged in Japan in the early 20th-century, andthe output of comics magazines and books rapidly expanded in thepost-World War II era with the popularity of cartoonists such asOsamu Tezuka.Comics has had a lowbrow reputation for much of its history, buttowards the end of the 20th century began to find greateracceptance with the public and within academia. The English termcomics derives from the humorous (or comic) work which predominatedin early American newspaper comic strips; usage of the term hasbecome standard also for non-humorous works. It is common inEnglish to refer to the comics of different cultures by the termsused in their original languages, such as manga for Japanesecomics, or bandes dessinées for French-language comics. There is noconsensus amongst theorists and historians on a definition ofcomics; some emphasize the combination of images and text, somesequentiality or other image relations, and others historicalaspects such as mass reproduction or the use of recurringcharacters. The increasing cross-pollination of concepts fromdifferent comics cultures and eras has further made defining themedium difficult.
Drawing & Coloring 2.1.3 APK
Kids Paint is a Drawing and coloring tool based on the FingerPaintproject taken from API demos.[Paint History and aplications] Art:Since the time of the Renaissance, siccative (drying) oil paints,primarily linseed oil, have been the most commonly used kind ofpaints in fine art applications; oil paint is still common today.However, in the 20th century, water-based paints, includingwatercolors and acrylic paints, became very popular with thedevelopment of acrylic and other latex paints. Milk paints (alsocalled casein), where the medium is derived from the naturalemulsion that is milk, were popular in the 19th century and arestill available today. Egg tempera (where the medium is an emulsionof raw egg yolk mixed with oil) is still in use as well, as areencaustic wax-based paints. Gouache is a variety of opaquewatercolor that was also used in the Middle Ages and Renaissancefor manuscript illuminations. The pigment was often made fromground semiprecious stones such as lapis lazuli and the binder madefrom either gum arabic or egg white. Gouache, also known as'designer color' or 'body color' is commercially availabletoday.Application :Paint can be applied as a solid, a gaseoussuspension (aerosol) or a liquid. Techniques vary depending on thepractical or artistic results desired.As a solid (usually used inindustrial and automotive applications), the paint is applied as avery fine powder, then baked at high temperature. This melts thepowder and causes it to adhere to the surface. The reasons fordoing this involve the chemistries of the paint, the surfaceitself, and perhaps even the chemistry of the substrate (the objectbeing painted). This is called "powder coating" an object.As a gasor as a gaseous suspension, the paint is suspended in solid orliquid form in a gas that is sprayed on an object. The paint sticksto the object. This is called "spray painting" an object. Thereasons for doing this include: The application mechanism is airand thus no solid object touches the object being painted; Thedistribution of the paint is uniform, so there are no sharp lines;It is possible to deliver very small amounts of paint; A chemical(typically a solvent) can be sprayed along with the paint todissolve together both the delivered paint and the chemicals on thesurface of the object being painted; Some chemical reactions inpaint involve the orientation of the paint molecules.
com.mos7af.nawawyeh40hadith 1.0 APK
الأربعون النووية هي مؤلف يحتوي على أربعين حديثاً، مؤلفها: الإمامالنووي الذي التزم في جمعها أن تكون صحيحة، وعلل النووي سبب جمعهللأربعين فقال:«من العلماء من جمع الأربعين في أصول الدين، وبعضهم فيالفروع وبعضهم في الجهاد، وبعضهم في الزهد وبعضهم في الخطب، وكلهامقاصد صالحة، رضي الله عن قاصديها. وقد رايت جمع أربعين أهم من هذاكله، وهي اربعون حديثاً مشتملةً على جميع ذلك، وكل حديث منها قاعدةعظيمة من قواعد الدين، وقد وصفه العلماء بأنه مدار الإسلام عليه، أويصف الإسلام أو ثلثه أو نحو ذلك.»[1]ثم ألتزم في هذه الأربعين أن تكونصحيحة، وحذف أسانيدها ليسهل حفظها، ثم أتبعها بباب في ضبط خفيّألفاظها.[2] فرغ المؤلف من تأليفها ليلة الخميس ٢٩ جمادى الأول سنة٦٦٨ هـ.[3]وقال النووي في مقدمة كتابه عن هذا الحديث ومدى اعتمادهعليه في جمع الأربعين النووية: "وقد اتفق العلماء على جواز العملبالحديث الضعيف في فضائل الأعمال، ومع هذا فليس اعتمادي على هذاالحديث، بل على قوله -صلى الله عليه وسلم- في الأحاديث الصحيحة:"ليبلغ الشاهد منكم الغائب"، وقوله: "نضر الله امرأ سمع مقالتيفوعاها، فأداها كما سمعها". وقد علق الأستاذ ماهر الهندي على قولالنووي، بأن الأعتماد على الأحاديث الصحيحة في فضائل الأعمال هو قولالجمهور وليس متفقًا عليه.سبب التسميةالأربعون حديثا الأربعينات التىظهرت استنادا على حديث ضعيف يقول «مَنْ حَفِظَ عَلَى أُمَّتِيأَرْبَعِينَ حَدِيثًا مِنْ أَمْرِ دِينِهَا بَعَثَهُ اللَّهُ عَزَّوَجَلَّ يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ فِي زُمْرَةِ الْفُقَهَاءِوَالْعُلَمَاءِ».[5]شروح الأربعينهذا ثبت للعلماء الذين شرحواالأربعين استنادا على كتاب «الدليل إلى المتون العلمية» لابن قاسم،مرتبة حسب تاريخ وفاة الشارح: الإمام النووي المتوفى ٦٧٦ هـ صاحبالمتن. تقي الدين أبي الفتح محمد بن علي بن وهب المصري القشيري الشهيربابن دقيق العيد المتوفى ٧٠٢ هـ. نجم الدين سليمان بن عبد القوي بنعبد الكريم الطوفي الحنبلي المتوفى ٧١٦ هـ. تاج الدين عمر بن علياللخمي الفاكهاني المتوفى ٧٣٤ هـ. سعد الدين مسعود بن عمر التفتازانيالمتوفى ٧٩١ هـ. زيد الدين أبي الفرج عبد الرحمن بن أحمد بن عبدالرحمن السلامي البغدادي ثم الدمشقي الحنبلي الشهير بابن رجب المتوفى٧٩٥ هـ. أبي حفص عمر بن علي بن أحمد الأنصاري الشافعي المعروف بابنالملقن المتوفى ٨٠٤ هـ. محمد بن العز الحجازي فرغ من تأيف الشرح سنة٩١٢ هـ. أحمد بن حجر الهيتمي المكي المتوفى ٩٧٤ هـ. أحمد بن حجازيالفشني المتوفى ٩٧٨ هـ. أبي الفضل محمد ولي الدين بن علي سالمالشبشيري المتوفى ٩٨٩ هـ. إبراهيم بن مرعي بن عطية الشبرخيتي المتوفى١١٠٦ هـ. ملا علي بن سلطان بن محمد القاري الهروي المكي الحنفيالمتوفى ١١١٤ هـ. محمد حياة السندي المتوفى ١١٦٣ هـ. عبد الله بن محمدالنبرواي الشافعي المتوفى ١٢٧٥ هـ. إسماعيل بن محمد الأنصاري المتوفى١٣١٧ هـ. محمد بن عبد الله الجرداني الدمياطي الشافعي المتوفى ١٣٣١هـ. عبد الوهاب بن مصطفى بن محمد الكفردا علي الحلبي الشهير بابن طلسالمتوفى ١٣٣٥ هـ عبد المجيد الشرنوبي الأزهري المالكي المتوفى ١٣٤٨هـ. محمد صالح فرفور المتوفى ١٤٠٧ هـ.Forty is the author of nuclearcontain newly forty, author: Imam nuclear program, which committedin their collection to be correct, nuclear and collected for thecause of the ills of forty, he said:«Gathering of scientists fromforty in the fundamentals of Islam, and in some branches, some ofthem in the jihad, and some of them in asceticism and some of themin speeches, all of which are valid purposes, may Allah be pleasedabout Qasidiha. I have seen the collection of forty most importantof all this, a newly fortieth containing all that, and all of themtalk a great base from religion rules, scientists have described asIslam over it, or describes Islam or a third or so. »[1]Then stickto in this forty to be correct, and delete isnaads to make iteasier to save, then I follow a hidden door in the set add to theirwording. [2] The author of authorship finished Thursday night June29 the first year 668 AH. [3]Nawawi said in the introduction to hisbook on the modern and the extent of its adoption in the collectionof nuclear session: "Scientists, agreed that it is permissible towork talking weak in the virtues of work, yet this is not my crediton this talk but on saying God's peace be upon him in the rightconversations: "a witness to the absent of you," and saying: "Godis succulent heard my article Vuaaha, Vodaha as heard." TheProfessor Maher commented on the Indian nuclear say, that relianceon the correct conversations in the virtues of the public saybusiness is not agreed upon.Reason of callingNewly forties thathave emerged based on an interview with weak Forty say «to save onmy newly forty of her religion is the mission of God in the Day ofResurrection coterie of scholars and scientists». [5]ExplanationsfortyThis proved to scientists who explained forty Based on thebook «Guide to the scientific texts» Ibn Qasim, sorted by date ofdeath commentator:    Imam Nawawi deceased 676AH His tenderloin.    Taqi al-Din Abu ConquestMohammed bin Ali bin Wahab Egyptian Qushayri the son of the famousdeceased Daqeeq 702 e.    Din Suleiman BinAbdul strong bin Abdul-Karim al-Hanbali Toffee star deceased 716AH.    Taj al-Din Omar bin Ali Allkhmi Fakhanideceased 734 AH.    Saad Eddin Masoud bin OmarTaftazani deceased 791 AH.    Din Faraj AbuZaid Abdul Rahman bin Ahmed bin Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi, thensalami Damascene Rajab al-Hanbali the son of the famous deceased795 AH.    Abu Hafs Omar bin Ali bin Ahmed AlAnsari Shafei known as the son of the deceased teleprompter 804e.    Mohammed bin Ezz Hijazi finished Toevexplanation year 912 AH.    Ahmed ibn Hajaral-Makki Haytami deceased 974 AH.    Bin AhmedHijazi El Fashny deceased 978 AH.    Abu alFadl Mohammed Wali Eddine Ben Ali Salem Alhbshira deceased 989AH.    Marei Bin Ibrahim Ben Attia Alhbrkhittideceased in 1106 AH.    Mullah Ali bin Sultanbin Mohammed Makki continental Heravi Hanafi deceased in 1114AH.    Muhammad Hayat Sindi deceased in 1163AH.    Abdullah bin Mohammed El-ShafeiAlenberoaa deceased in 1275 AH.    Ismail BinMohammed Al-Ansari died in 1317 AH.    Mohammedbin Abdullah al-Shafei Jirdani Damietta deceased in 1331AH.    Mustafa Abdul Wahab bin Mohammed bin Alial-Halabi Ulkiprda the son of the famous Atlas of the deceased in1335 AH    Abdul Majid al-Maliki SharnoubyAzhari deceased in 1348 AH.    Mohammed Salehfervor deceased 1407.
Health care Tools - EP++ 2.11.1 APK
Health Softwares provides tools for cardiac electrophysiologists,cardiologists, cardiology fellows, internists, emergency roomphysicians, medical students, nurses, technicians, and other healthcare workers who deal with cardiac arrhythmias.Features:- Drugreference with creatinine clearance toolbar- Creatinine clearancecalculator- Pacing tricks: Para-Hisian pacing and RV apex vs basepacing- Drug dose calculators: dabigatran, dofetilide,rivaroxaban,sotalol, apixaban and edoxaban- Warfarin clinic weeklydose calculator- Interval to rate conversion- QTc calculator(Bazett, Fridericia, Sagie and Hodges formulas)- Atrialfibrillation risk scores (CHADS2, CHA2DS2-VASc)- Bleeding riskscores (HAS-BLED, HEMORR2HAGES)- ICD in-hospital complication riskscore- Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy risk score calculators- Syncoperisk scores (SF Rule, Martin, OESIL, EGSYS)- CMS (Medicare) ICDguidelines calculator- VT localization algorithms- Epicardial vsendocardial VT- Outflow tract VT- Mitral annular VT- WPW accessorypathway location (Arruda, Modified Arruda, D'Avila, and Milstein)-Atrial tachycardia localization algorithm- Entrainment mapping-Date calculator- Body weight calculator (ideal and adjusted bodyweight)- Long QT diagnosis, subtypes and ECG patterns- Long QTdrugs- Short QT syndrome diagnosis- Brugada syndrome diagnosis-Brugada drugs- LVH ECG criteria, including Romhilt-Estes score andothers- Right ventricular hypertrophy criteria- ARVC/D 1994 and2010 diagnostic criteria- Normal EP values- Wide complextachycardia algorithms- Copy risk score results to the clipboardfor pasting in reportsClassical electrophysiologicaltechniquesElectrophysiology is the science and branch of physiologythat pertains to the flow of ions in biological tissues and, inparticular, to the electrical recording techniques that enable themeasurement of this flow. Classical electrophysiology techniquesinvolve placing electrodes into various preparations of biologicaltissue. The principal types of electrodes are: simple solidconductors, such as discs and needles (singles or arrays, ofteninsulated except for the tip), tracings on printed circuit boards,also insulated except for the tip, and hollow tubes filled with anelectrolyte, such as glass pipettes filled with potassium chloridesolution or another electrolyte solution.The principal preparationsinclude: living organisms, excised tissue (acute or cultured),dissociated cells from excised tissue (acute or cultured),artificially grown cells or tissues, or hybrids of theabove.Optical electrophysiological techniquesOpticalelectrophysiological techniques were created by scientists andengineers to overcome one of the main limitations of classicaltechniques. Classical techniques allow observation of electricalactivity at approximately a single point within a volume of tissue.Essentially, classical techniques singularize a distributedphenomenon. Interest in the spatial distribution of bioelectricactivity prompted development of molecules capable of emittinglight in response to their electrical or chemical environment.Examples are voltage sensitive dyes and fluorescing proteins.Afterintroducing one or more such compounds into tissue via perfusion,injection or gene expression, the 1 or 2-dimensional distributionof electrical activity may be observed and recorded.HealthSoftwares -- The Swiss Army Knife of Electrophysiology!,Categories:Medicine, Cardiology, Electrophysiology, ArrhythmiaIf you havesuggestions, features you'd like to see, or complaints, pleaseemail us!
Live Soccer + 0.0.1 APK
Live football results information in real time soccer / resultsLigue 1 Ligue 2 (France), Champions League, Europa League, PremierLeague (England), La Liga (Spain), Serie A and Serie B (Italy) ,Bundesliga (Germany) Eredivisie (Holland).Live Soccer: live games,live standings Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Champions League.Liga Sagres inPortugal, Argentina Primera Division Primera B Metropolitana,Brazil Serie A and Serie B, Denmark SAS Ligaen and 2. West / EastDivision Austria Bundesliga Belgium Jupiler League Gambrinus LigaCzech Republic, Finland Veikkausliiga, Greece Super Liga, MexicoPrimera Division Apertura, Sweden Allsvenskan Turkish Super Lig andNorway Eliteserien leagues.Do you want to receive alerts for thismatch? You will receive a notification when the score of the gamechange.Live Soccer:Football results live football added for USMajor League Soccer, Japan League 1 and League 2, China SuperLeague, Russian Premier Liga, South Africa Premier Soccer LeagueSingapore S-League, Poland Ekstraklasa, Slovenia 1. Liga.The appshows the scorers of each match, yellow cards, red cards, penaltykicks and so on.Results Soccer live:The application automaticallysaves the countries you are interested as per your choice.FootballLive Results live Soccer 7 days 7, 24, 24 hours.
CPU Status 1.1.0 APK
CPU Stats that displays usage details within your phones statusbar.Features: * Single Core, Dual Core (NVIDIA Tegra 2), & QuadCore (NVIDIA Tegra 3) support!! * Statusbar notification for CPUUsage * Statusbar notification for CPU Frequency Currently we havethose translations :English/ German/ Czech/ Japanese
Scientific Calculator ++ 1.27 APK
"Scientific calculator ++" is an android application designed tocalculate problems in science, engineering, and mathematics. Theyhave almost completely replaced slide rules in almost alltraditional applications, and are widely used in both education andprofessional settings.For higher education, "scientificcalculator++" have been superseded by graphing calculators, whichoffer a superset of scientific calculator functionality along withthe ability to graph input data and write and store programs forthe device. There is also some overlap with the financialcalculator market.Scientific calculator with complex numbers andgraphing of user-defined functions.[Main duties]- Move the cursorby pressing the screen, and slide your finger to scroll- Copy andpaste- Select from a history list of formulas calculated in thepast, edit and recalculate- Calculate binary, octal, decimal andhexadecimal up to 32 bits, and perform the basic conversion- Usethe memory functions M + / M- and 6 types (AF) variables memories-Use arithmetic operations, inverse trigonometric functions,logarithmic functions, power functions, root functions,factorization, absolute values ​​and percentage calculations-Select between degrees, radians and degrees for angle units- Selectbetween FloatPt (floating decimal mode), Fix (fixed decimal mode),Sci (index mode) and Eng (the index is a multiple of 3) for thedisplayed values- Define the types of decimals and thousandsseparator parameters- Horizontal Screen Display- Check your inputwith vibration and orange colorFunctionsModern scientificcalculators generally have many more features than a standard fouror five-function calculator, and the feature set differs betweenmanufacturers and models; however, the defining features of ascientific calculator include: scientific notation floating pointarithmetic logarithmic functions, using both base 10 and base etrigonometric functions (some including hyperbolic trigonometry)exponential functions and roots beyond the square root quick accessto constants such as pi and eIn addition, high-end scientificcalculators will include: hexadecimal, binary, and octalcalculations, including basic Boolean math complex numbersfractions statistics and probability calculations programmability —see Programmable calculator equation solving calculus letters thatcan be used for spelling words or including variables into anequation conversion of units physical constantsWhile mostscientific models have traditionally used a single-line displaysimilar to traditional pocket calculators, many of them have at thevery least more digits (10 to 12), sometimes with extra digits forthe floating point exponent. A few have multi-line displays, withsome recent models from Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, Casio,Sharp, and Canon using dot matrix displays similar to those foundon graphing calculators.UsesScientific calculators are used widelyin any situation where quick access to certain mathematicalfunctions is needed, especially those such as trigonometricfunctions that were once traditionally looked up in tables; theyare also used in situations requiring back-of-the-envelopecalculations of very large numbers, as in some aspects ofastronomy, physics, and chemistry.They are very often required formath classes from the junior high school level through college, andare generally either permitted or required on many standardizedtests covering math and science subjects; as a result, many aresold into educational markets to cover this demand, and somehigh-end models include features making it easier to translate theproblem on a textbook page into calculator input, from allowingexplicit operator precedence using parentheses to providing amethod for the user to enter an entire problem in as it is writtenon the page using simple formatting tools.
My Favorite Places 1.1.0 APK
Have you ever seen a nice place library, restaurant, gallery , shop… and said: "I have to come back here" - but never found itagain?Well, 'Your Favorite Places' is your App, Yes it's for you:),it lets you create a places list with géolocalisation referencesfor your most favorite places, your favoritePlaces. create yourfavorite places on the go, when you discover a cool :restaurant -you go here when you don't want to cook at home. They prepare mealsfor you.library - a place where you can read and borrowbooks.museum - you can see many old objects (and sometimespaintings)supermarket - a large store that sells food, drinks andhousehold itemsvideo store - you rent a movie or a DVD for a coupleof days from this place.zoo - a place where you can see many typesof animals in cages.gallery - you can see paintings and other worksof art.airport - the place you go when you want to travel by planeto another city.bakery - you can buy fresh bread and cakeshere.bank - you deposit or withdraw/take out your money here. Youcan cash a cheque.bookstore - a place where you can buy books andmagazines.bus station - the place you go when you want to travel bybus to another city.café - you can buy a cup of coffee and cakes orsandwiches.craft market - a place that sells typical products(normally hand-made) of a region/country.department store - a largestore that sells clothes, household appliances etc. insections.cinema/movies - you can see the latest movies here. Manypeople eat popcorn while they're here.gym - you can do exercises,weight training and keep fit here.hairdresser's - you go here whenyou want to cut your hair.hospital - you go here when you need anoperation or someone is going to have a baby.hotel - where yousleep when you visit another city.laundromat / launderette - aplace where you can wash your clothes in coin-operatedmachines.pharmacy/drugstore - you can buy medicine and (legal)drugs.park - An area of public land in a city that contains an areaof grass where you can rest, play or walk your dog. Sometimeschildren can play on swings, a slide or a climbing frame here.Addan image representing your place and write some notes. When youfeel like rediscovering, just look at your favorite place list ormap (geolocalisation) and find out where your FavoritePlacesare!Currently we have those translations :English/ German/ French /Japanese / Portuguese/ Brazlian