1.0.3 / May 9, 2016
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Have you ever wondered to be a bullet man? Wonder no more and playSpring Tap! Most popular circus game. Feel the emotion of flyingwithout leaving home.One bullet, one objective, reach the topheight. Collect coins and unlock all our springy characters. Avoidspikes, lasers and jump platform to platform. Challenge yourfriends. Who will reach the top score? Will you beat your grandma?Endless family gameSecond mobile game of Mr. Melon Games and their2 weeks 1 game project.Feel the adrenalin!!!!

App Information Spring Tap

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    Spring Tap
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    May 9, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Demium Games Labs
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    C/ Martin de Vargas, 40 28005 Madrid
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Brawl Rabbit Mercenary Nonstop Clicker 3.3.0 APK
Prepare yourself to save Lepustopia with this group of crazymercenaries. Hire special rabbits to join your fight against theevil mutant vegetables in this RPG clicker. A nonstop battle withendless hordes of transgenics plants. Defeat incredible bosses inthis idle nonstop game. Tap, tap, tap and tap to save the world!----- CUTE BUNNIES -----Ready for an epic adventure? Play with awide variety of characters like Miss Rotter, the young wizard orRuppert, the nerd hipster. They may look like cute bunnies but theyare not! Each rabbit has his own special weapons and abilities todefeat the vegetables. Create your unique team of rabbits with morethan 32 possible combinations and get into the veggies brawl!-----TONS OF UPGRADES -----Collect rabbitcoins, the currency inLepustopia, to upgrade your heroes and make them stronger. Out fora while? Don’t worry, your rabbits will still collect coins evenwhen you are out of the game. Enter again to collect all the savedmoney! Did you see that? Is the Rabbitcorn, a magical creature partrabbit and part unicorn. This fantasy creature will appear randomlyflying through the sky. Tap him to collect extra rabbitcoins. -----ADVENTURE -----Complete different stages along your journey to earnextra rabbitcoins and unlock new rabbits to hire. Travel throughfive different stages, brawl epic giant vegetables and defeat allthe enemies!Are the vegetables too tough for you? Use the timetravel portal to earn new treasures and make your rabbits stronger!----- BACKSTORY ----- Charlie Chemium is a mad scientist and aveggie enthusiast who always loved to experiment with food. Duringone of his investigations on the FIC (Food Investigation Committee)he created a new formula to easily clone vegetables and make thembigger in order to give free food to all the planet. Howeversomething went terribly wrong and the vegetables turned to beendlessly evil. Worried about the situation going out of controlthe rabbits at the AIO (Anti-Threat International Organization)hired a group of special mercenaries to stop the disaster. Fightside by side with this special commando and help to save theplanet. LEPUSTOPIA NEEDS YOU!----- KEY FEATURES ----- • Hand drawncharacters and environments.• Play with up to 8 different rabbits!•Easy controls. Just tap, upgrade, tap, upgrade!• Supercutecharacters and story.• Endless hordes of enemies.• Giants mutantstransgenics vegetables brawl!• Nonstop Battle.• No Internet needed,play offline whenever you want.• 100% Free!This game is the secondgame by Koron Studios, a small indie studio located in Madrid. Havefun and thank you for playing! ( ^-^ )To know more about the gameyou can follow us on twitter at @KoronStudios