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This app is a free collection of more than 20 arcade games free in1!At Spritted Ultimate Games Collection you will find exiting gamesof all kinds so you never get tired of playing: casual games,arcade games, classic games, puzzle games, physics games, footballgames… You will always have the best game for each moment!Join usand choose between our numerous characters such as a space cowboy,super football players, dancing wrestling fighters, angry penguins,crazy bug exterminators, space pilots and many more.❤ SprittedUltimate Games Collection Features ❤ ★ More than 20 completely freearcade games. And every month a brand new exciting games comesout!★ Exclusive and unique games. We do our own games so you won’tfind them anywhere else.★ Fun games for the family. Our games aresuitable for all ages. Girls and boys will have so much fun!★Latest news and articles related to the world of video games.★Spritted is 100% free and in-app purchases free.Some of the gamesincluded in this collection:Foosball Super Shooter A table footballgame with super special shoots. Will you be able to win the WorldCup?Wrestle Jump Sumo Fever Two obese sumo wrestlers struggle toknock down their opponent. For ne and 2 players.War Games: SpaceDementia Gunshots and space explosions! Take command of yourspaceship and get rid of your enemies in this exciting game. Have afun time in this space version of neogeo Smash Tv.Get on Top Astreet fighting game where two flying robots face each other inorder to smash each other’s heads. For one and 2 players.Odissey:From Earth to Space Place bombs on the ground to get rid of yourenemies. Go through 5 worlds in this classic arcade game inspiredby the neogeo arcade classic Bomberman. This game is a blast!MathMax Did you know that math can be fun? Grab your calculator andyour weapon and defend what’s yours! Combining maths withpost-apocalyptic movie Mad Max sounds crazy, right?Soccer PhysicsMobile Jump and kick weird balls in this dumb soccer game. For 2players and one.Pandemix Defeat the epidemics in this puzzle game.A classic game inspired in the arcade Puyo Puyo, known in USA asDr. Robotnic and Mean Bean Machine. Connect three or more pieces ofthe same color and take revenge on your opponent.Gun Garden A newand improved version of Super Pang or Buster Bros. Make pang anddon’t stop popping bugs and bubbles in this adorable game.Escapefrom Mars Prove that you are the fastest cowboy in Space in thisexciting arcade game based on the Sega´s classic Bank Panic.Othergames included in Ultimate Collection:☆ Penguin Rescue Hero. Saveall penguins and be an hero in this casual game.☆ Boxes Barrels andEtc. Make a tower of blocks as high as you can. But be careful, ifyou don't place the boxes correctly, adding more boxes will make itmore and more unstable.☆ Runaway Ruins. An endless runner gamestarring a wannabe Indiana Jones☆ Shape Blaster. A relaxing game.Try and try and try again and do not fall asleep. Click to createthe first blast and every shape in its scope will explode as wellin a devastating chain reaction.☆ Super Fat. Super Fat is a newsuper hero more hungrier than Pacman☆ Monster Club. A scaryzookeeper. Connect three or more monsters and make powerfulcombos.☆ Ride the Virus. A flappy version of that frustrating game.Be patient please.☆ Sweet Crusher. A sweet version of the arcadeclassic Arkanoid ☆ Lumber Jack. This timberman has a mighty axe☆Jump Bot. The spring ninja of the future. 100% metal hell yeah!☆Fireman Fooster. Jump from floor to floor by taping on your phonescreen. But be careful not to step on the flames when you jump toanother floor or you will char.Available languages: English,French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and KoreanFollow uson Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spritted/Play at our web:https://spritted.com/

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    Spritted Arcade Collection
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    May 5, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    IDC Games
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    C/ Pasamar nº 1 C.P: 28231 Madrid
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¿Quien quiere ser millonario? ¡Ahora puedes serlo!Juega gratis a¿Desea ser Millonario? en español y demuestra al mundo quien es elmás culto. Esta app es un juego de preguntas y respuestas enespañol inspirado en el popular programa de la tele quien quiereser millonario. ¡Totalmente gratis! El concurso contiene más de2000 cuestiones de cultura general y dos modos de juego en dondepodrás testear la inteligencia que posees. ¡Lo que vas aaprender!En el modo de juego Clásico te sentirás como en el quiz oprograma de television quien quiere ser millonario en español. 15preguntas de cultura general de tipo trivial pursuit y un millón deeuros por objetivo. En este modo encontrarás preguntas dediferentes categorías ordenadas según su dificultad. Pon a pruebatus conocimientos de cultura popular en las clásicas categorías detrivial pursuit de geografía, historia, ciencia y tecnologia, artey literatura, musica, deporte y futbol. Usa los comodines si tienesalguna duda, y si no sabes ¡Arriesga o abandona!¿Crees que elconcurso de television es demasiado tranquilo? Entonces atrévete yúnete a nuestra contrarreloj. En el modo maratón debes contestartantas respuestas como el tiempo y los comodines te permitan. Cadavez que aciertes tres seguidas recibirás un suculento bonus gratis.¡Acepta el reto de nuestro juego de preguntas y respuestas enespañol, compártelo en facebook y hazte rico!Si quiere aprendercultura general y te gustan los concursos o programas detelevision, quiz como trivial pursuit, pasapalabra, ahora caigo,quieres ser rico, atriviate, app chupistica, no dudes endescargarte nuestro juego de preguntas y respuestas gratis ydemuestra quien es el más sabio. Además, como si fuera un test deinteligencia o iq, podrás comparar tus ganancias con los máslistos, sabios y cultos del mundo.☆☆☆☆☆ Características Principalesdel trivial quiz ☆☆☆☆☆ ✓ Quiz con más de 2000 cuestiones tipotrivial pursuit. ¡Así no dejaras de aprender!✓ Modo Clásico. ¡Cómoen el concurso de television 50x15 quien quiere ser millonario enespañol!✓ Modo Maratón. ¡A ver lo que duras!✓ Tres bonus: comodindel público, comodin de la llamada y bonus 50:50✓ Comparte tusrecords online en facebook✓ Ranking mundial de mejores jugadores✓Gráficos en HD✓ Compatible con móvil / celular y tablet✓ Quizcompletamente gratis✓ Actualizaciones periódicas✓ Todo tipo decategorias: geografía, historia, ciencia y tecnologia, arte yliteratura, musica, deporte y futbol✓ En perfecto castellano ylatino. Adaptado para Latinoamérica y España✓ ¿Te convertirás enrico?Legal: Por desgracia cualquier premio encontrado esficticio.Esta app antes se llamaba ¿Quieres ser Rico?Who wants tobe a millionaire? 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In the marathon so youmust answer as many answers as time will allow and wildcards. Everytime you hit three straight succulent receive free bonus. Acceptthe challenge of our game of questions and answers in Spanish,share on facebook and get rich!If you want to learn generalknowledge and you like contests or television programs, perhaps astrivial pursuit, word of mouth, now I fall, you want to be rich,atriviate, chupistica app, feel free to download our trivia gamefree answers and shows who the wiser. Also, like an IQ test or IQ,you can compare your profits with smarter, wiser and faiths aroundthe world.☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ trivial quiz Key Features ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆✓ Quiz withover 2000 questions trivial pursuit type. So let not learn!✓Classic Mode. How in the TV contest 50x15 who wants to be amillionaire in Spanish!✓ Marathon Mode. To see what hard!✓ Threebonus: public wildcard, wildcard and bonus call 50:50✓ Share youronline records on facebook✓ Ranking of top global players✓ HDGraphics✓ Compatible with mobile / cell phone and tablet✓ Quiz forfree✓ Upgrades✓ All kinds of categories: geography, history,science and technology, art and literature, music, sport andsoccer✓ Perfect Castilian and Latin. Adapted for Latin America andSpain✓ Will you become wealthy?Legal: Unfortunately I found anyprize is fictitious.This app was previously called Want to be rich?
Trump on Top 1.5.1 APK
IDC Games
Warm up your knuckles and get ready for the final fight of theelections! Choose between Donald Trump’s bloc and the democraticone led by Hillary Clinton and show us who the best patriot is.Play against the machine or challenge your friend with the 2players mode. Will you be able to win this bloody fight for theWhite House? Find out now!Tournament modeDefeat all the enemiesthat want to push you away from the White House and become the mostpowerful President of the United States in history. Fightimpersonating Donald Trump or choose the democratic bloc if youprefer. Use your flying super powers in order to make your enemy’shead hit the ground and bite the dust. Each time you win anopponent will be unlocked so you will be able to play with himlater on. Who needs elections with such fighters?2 players fightinggameFight against your friends or enemies on the same device! Takepart in exciting multiplayer combats and use everything you learnedin the Tournament mode.Lots of fightersAre you a democrat or arepublican? It doesn’t matter! Fight with or against Donald Trumpor one of its many versions, or choose Barack Obama, HillaryClinton, Johnson the rapper, Clovin the Irishman, Frank the obese,Pancho the Mexican mariachi... And so on up to 20 powerfulfighters. Will you be able to unlock them all? HIGHLIGHTS• 20fighters to unlock. Put yourself in the shoes of politicians justlike Donald Trump, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, or in the shoesor Mexican citizens, Irishmen and even aliens, and soak the ring inblood.• Single and 2 players mode: play against the device oragainst a friend with this 2 players fighting game.• Crazy flyingfights. Become a Super Saiyan from the very first moment.• Controlwith a single finger. Easy but challenging gameplay.• Multiplestages. Crazy fight in the desert, at New York, Washington DC andeven in the moon.• Two difficulty levels. If you think you are sogood try the difficult level!• Completely free game with no in apppurchasesHOW TO PLAYThe objective of Get on Trump fighting game isto make your opponent’s head hit the ground or the many obstacleson the stage. Both fighters are permanently connected by theirhands so you will have to find the way to win the position. Luckilythe fighters can fly so it won’t be so complicated. The bestfighter in two rounds wins. 2 players mode uses the samecontrols.Play this fighting game and make America great again!
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Play Millionaire for free and demonstrate that you are the one thatknows more. The quiz contains more than 2000 general questions andtwo modes where you can test your cultural knowledge.This game’sClassic Mode will feel like you’re on a TV show. 15 trivia pursuittype, general knowledge questions, and one million dollars is yourtarget. In this mode you will find the classic trivia categoriesorganized by their level of difficulty. Use lifelines if you havedoubts, and if you have no clue: risk it or leave!Playing inMarathon Mode will leave you huffing and puffing. Match as manyanswers as the time and wildcards allow. Every time you answerthree questions correctly in a row you, will receive an amazingprize. If you wish to be cleverer, acquire more general culture andyou like television contests or TV shows, download the free app andtest your culture before the world. Use it as an intelligence or IQtest and compare your winnings with those of the clever peoplearound the world.☆☆☆☆☆ Key features of Millionaire ☆☆☆☆☆✓ Free quizwith over 2,000 trivia pursuit type questions✓ Classic Mode. ✓Marathon Mode. Let’s see how long you hold up!✓ Three lifelines:Ask the Audience, Phone-a-friend, and 50/50✓ Top players’ worldranking✓ HD Graphics✓ Quiz compatible with mobile devices:smartphones and tablets✓ Regular updating of question ✓ Challengeyour friends ✓ Share your scores with your friends on Facebook✓Question categories, just like on trivial: geography, history,science and technology, art and literature, music, sports andfootball!
MILLIONAIRE premium no ads 1.1.80 APK
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Remove those annoying ads! Download "Do youwant to be a millionaire premium" now!☆☆☆☆☆ Features of Do you want to be a millionaire premium☆☆☆☆☆✓ Over 2,000 questions✓ Classic Mode. Just like on the TV game show who wants to be amillionaire✓ Marathon Mode. Let’s see how long you hold up!✓ Top players’ world ranking✓ HD Graphics✓ Compatible with mobile devices and tablets✓ Regular updating of question✓ Share your scores with your friends on Facebook✓ 0% ads
Bubble Bugs 1.01 APK
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Tap and drag with the bubble wand to blow abubble around a bug. The more bugs you capture in a bubble the morepoints you get. Get more time by capturing clocks and get morebubble juice when you capture a bubble bottle. Have fun!f9dcdc2c7e
Basketball Challenge Shot 1.1.4 APK
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Basketball Challenge Shot100 levels of extreme difficulty andchallenges!Prove you are a basketball expert by collecting starsand score at least one basket in every level. The path to scoringgets more intricated round after round.How to play:- Touch the ballwith your finger and release to throw.- To gain speed and controlthe ricochet effect, keep the finger touching the screen to spinthe ball around.- Tap on the replay button to reset a ball that hasbeen thrown.- Tap on the pause button to return to the levelselection menu.Take into account...- You must score at least onebasket and collect one star to complete a level.- Increase yourscore by collecting as many stars as possible.