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【SQL - Certification】Oracle's Oracle Database 11g: SQLFundamentalsexam is part of the Oracle Certified Oracle Database11gAdministrator track, combining training, experience, and testingtoendorse candidates with a strong foundation and expertise intheindustry’s most advanced database management system.【TopicsCoveredin this App are Listed Below】SQL - IntroductionSQL -ExamsSyllabusSQL - The SQL SELECT StatementSQL - Restricting andSortingDataSQL - Using Single-Row FunctionsSQL - ConversionFunctionsSQL -Conditional ExpressionsSQL - Using the GroupFunctionsSQL - GetData from Multiple TablesSQL - Subqueries toSolve QueriesSQL -Using the Set OperatorsSQL - Manipulating DataSQL- Using DDLStatementsSQL - Creating Other Schema ObjectSQL - TheSQL SELECTStatement(MCQ)SQL - Restricting and Sorting Data(MCQ)SQL- UsingSingle-Row Functions(MCQ)SQL - Conversion Functions(MCQ)SQL-Conditional Expressions(MCQ)SQL - Using the GroupFunctions(MCQ)SQL- Get Data Multiple Tables(MCQ)SQL - Subqueries toSolveQueries(MCQ)SQL - Using the Set Operators(MCQ)SQL -ManipulatingData(MCQ)SQL - Using DDL Statements(MCQ)SQL - CreatingSchemaObjects(MCQ)SQL - Mock Exams【Important Notice】This Apk Iconor LogoGoes To Totally Credit-Icon made by "Mcmurryjulie"fromhttps://pixabay.comhttps://pixabay.com/en/license-icon-legal-icon-2793454/(ImgHomepage)

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