6.6.66 / February 21, 2018
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App Information Squadron - Galaxy Shooter

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    Squadron - Galaxy Shooter
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    February 21, 2018
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    Android 1.6 and up
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Super Adventure Run 6.6.670 APK
Lost in the deep forest, where you have to find to the castle,where many treasures introduced the game Super Adventure Run. Wheredo you become a warrior? Go exploring the deep forest to find thecastle contains treasure, this is extremely difficult and arduousstate, so many pitfalls on the way you go. You will take a look Onthe adventure is extremely interesting but also full of danger. 🍀Options and how to play 🍀 - Use the left navigation key to move thecharacter forward - Use A to shoot - Use B to jump - Buy additionalitems to make it easy to join the expedition - Along the way lookfor brick blocks, inside which you can earn coins and support itemsSuper Adventure is a great game, it helps you train your ingenuity,put you in an exciting world, where there are strange creatures,very special game system, lots of play to create The richness ofthe game. 🍀 The ability 🍀 - Extremely light weight, easy to install- The screen system is rich, many levels you will play up themountain, underground, go to the jungle scene, or cold ice. - Thedrama of the game - Beautiful graphics, lively - Dynamic sound ️🏆One of the best action genre games ️🏆   If you have difficultyin playing but also want to contribute, please contact the emailaddress below for the fastest support. Email address:nguyengamesthanh@gmail.com Thank you for downloading the SuperAdventure Run game, wish you a happy game
Funny Farm 8.8.90 APK
Introducing the new game, extremely interesting game, funny, FunnyFarm brings you the moment of relaxation extremely comfortable.Play the role of a farmer who protects his farm, where the fence isinvaded to destroy the trees, to steal chicks. Your task is to usethe weapons available in the farm to quickly destroy the invaders 🍀Options and play 🍀 - Use your finger to quickly destroy theinvaders - There are many weapons in your inventory for you tochoose, you can update the strength of each weapon - There is a lotof support in the store so you can more easily protect your farm -In Funny Farms there are different kinds of things in the game,which will be more and more difficult to destroy Animals attack thefarm, but the farmer's fault, let's kill them, kick them off thewall so they do not eat your chickens. The new gameplay style, youwill not be bored when playing, this is where training your skills,show your agility, intelligence to destroy all kinds of pests 🍀 Theability 🍀 - Extensive support system - Extremely light weight, easyinstallation - The best graphics in farm games - The sound comesalive to every detail   If you have difficulty in playing butalso want to contribute, please contact the email address below forthe fastest support. Email address: nguyengamesthanh@gmail.comThank you for downloading the Funny Farm game, wish you a happygame
Ninja Fishing 6.6.71 APK
Have you ever heard of the game of cutting fruit, this is a verynew version, interesting no less, please introduce Ninja Fishinggame, the new version with lively graphics, where you turn intoninja to cut the fish. The new version is extremely fun withjumping fish, your job To draw his blade cut very fast to writemany points 🍀 Options and how to play 🍀 - There are differentlevels of difficulty in playing a game, so that you have to reach acertain target score - Swipe your hand to the screen to slice thefish - You have 3 networks to play, be careful not to lose yournetwork and slip any fish - When cutting with the fish lose pointsand lose the game You are looking for a game to train your agility,this is a game not to be missed, game training for you fast, quickeyes, clever in the way of his guillotine. While playing, younotice the fish lose points and lose the game, avoid it far, youcan read A guide to finding out which fish have different points.🍀Ninja Fishing feature 🍀 - Ultra lightweight, easy to install atall times, no worry of network traffic - Training speed, accuracy -Suitable for all ages, can play at any time and anywhere  ️🏆One of the best games in the genre of slicing fish ️🏆   If youhave difficulty in playing but also want to contribute, pleasecontact the email address below for the fastest support. Emailaddress: nguyengamesthanh@gmail.com Thank you for downloading theNinja Fishing game, wish you a happy game
com.drmqm.kjcbv 6.6.691 APK
Hello, you are the type who likes action war games, you like thebattle tanks, introduce Super Tank game. Where you transform into amighty warrior, drive the tanks into the battlefield to destroy allenemies on the way, your mission is extremely difficult, jogthrough the walls, jump through the walls This is a veryinteresting and dramatic game 🍀 Options and how to play 🍀 - Swipeleft or right to control the tank - In the Super Tank there is avery attractive weapons system, in addition to the other tanks tochoose from - Very nice graphics, Live sound like you are in thereal battlefield The war is fierce, you can not avoid it but youhave to fight the war with your trained skills, the game brings youthe dramatic suspense, training for you but fast hands quick Yourjob is to train as a true warrior, you want to be the winner, youwant to destroy all enemies on your way, keep practicing as wellbut use your skills. to fight bravely 🍀 Game Features Tanks🍀 -Extremely light weight, you will not have to think much aboutinstalling the game - Drama, attractive but in the real battlefield- Train your agility - Can play at any time, anywhere, suitable forall ages Email suppport: nguyengamesthanh@gmail.com Thank you fordownloading the Super Tank game, wish you a happy game
New Fishing 6.6.89 APK
Introducing the new version of the game New Fishing, this is quitefamiliar game, always top in the top 50 hotest in the world, Whereyou have to explore the deep sea, with different types of fish, youare page guns can catch fish, the task of the wall is simple butvery difficult, so many fish do not easily subdue under your gun. 🍀Options and how to play 🍀 - You have a lot of guns to choose from,each with different strengths to catch different species - You haveadditional support items to make it easier to catch fish - In thegun shop, you can upgrade each of your guns to become stronger -There will be some fish you can be rewarded and the secrettreasures inside it - Dynamic graphics, extreme audio Fishing is avery difficult task, you will find it not easy, you have toskillfully choose guns as well as support items to easily catch thefish, Practice daily so you can easily adapt as well as improveyour fishing skills. Remember that some fish will bring you hugetreasures 🍀 Features 🍀 - The game system is very rich, easy toaccess - Super lightweight, compared to the same game - Play at anytime, anywhere, any age can participate in the game - Explore thedeep sea with all kinds of fish If you have difficulty in playingbut also want to contribute, please contact the email address belowfor the fastest support. Email address: nguyengamesthanh@gmail.com