1.4 / September 29, 2017
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Sky dogfight battle against the Empire!Jointhe space war squadron USS Millennium Falcon gunner game withHanSolo as the commander!

Strike the commander to fly space star fighters and force inskydogfights through rebel wars!

* Straight to laser bullet hell battlefront in starflightgame!
* Easy controls using galaxy starship cockpit!
* Over 100 force jet fighter aircraft to unlock! (X-Wing,TieFighter, Sky Enterprise, also Jedi starfighter)
* Space battle campaign covering 3D trek of air laserblasterstarship simulator!
* Progress through most advanced galaxy trek on MilleniumFalcongunner simulation wars game!
* Become an Ace rebel pilot! See how you rank against yourfriendson arcade mode to combat the Empire Galactic on Death Startrenchrun!

This best 2017 SHMUP games contains advertising, in-apppurchasing,and social sharing. If you have any interest inaviation, downloadSquadron Wars now and try it out, it'sFREE!

App Information Squadron Wars : Millennium Falcon

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Tayo the Racing Bus 1.1 APK
Tayo Bus is ready to race foranadventure.This is a game that trains to drive safety and learn thetraffic,you must run the bus child and race to avoid the cars onthe road.you have to pass the obstacles and race the car up to thefinishline, so you can reach next level that more challenging forthelittle bus games.Racing of Tayo Bus Game equipped with HD and good qualityimagesthat can make you feel comfortable playing bus simulatorgame.Install now for FREE and play Tayo together withyourfriends.
Squadron Trek : USS Enterprise 1.1 APK
Take command of USS Enterprise starship!The USS Trek has been destroyed by an unknown attacker,andStarfleet has chosen USS Enterprise to continue its missiondeepwithin a mysterious area of space known as the GalacticExpanse.Build your ship, shoot them up, learn the plane simulation,andexplore the stars in the name of the Federation.Destroy your enemies in starship battles, one on one spacecombat,and destroyer squadron. SHMUPS and use the special simulatorofyour troops and starfleet to bring opponents to their knees.Shootand battle for the Galaxy against different races andtheirspacecrafts, like the Klingon, Jabba, Shmup and Hutt!
Squadron Wars : One Last Strike 1.2 APK
These are the one you’re looking for…Reliveall the star galactic adventures of Rey the last with thefirstever Squadron Wars starship battle experience!Including 8 episodes of escape from jakku, starkiller base,nymevelake, and escape from star destroyer spaceship fleet.From the rise of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Kylo Ren andtheadventures of Last Jedi Starfighter, all the way to the epicbattlebetween ace one rogue, X Wing, Tie Fighter, Millennium FalconandPoe Dameron in force awakens, this is your ultimate starairshipbattle.
Ice Princess Run 1.1 APK
Elsa the ice princess must run toescape!Join the most freezing endless surf!Ice princess run is the latest 3D infinity running game setinfreeze subway city.Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid hitting frozeobstacles,barrier and subway trains. Have exciting run surfers onBus,collect coins and buy defrozen power up. dressupcartooncharacters, and see how far you can run! Underground cityadventuretravel along the ice subway tracks start now, surf withyourfriends. Run like hell and challenge your best score. Elsa mustrunfrom the cannibal jungle tribes. Download it now and startyourSubway run, join the most thrilling dash.You must help the ice queen to run to escape chase of amonster.Collect coin and jetpack.Don't forget to dodge all obstacles to save Anna and Olaf.Cycle though temples in the ice world.
Squadron Wars : X-Wing 1.5 APK
Intense sky battle against the Empire! Jointhespace War jet squadron X Wing game with Luke Skywalker astheresistance commander!Fly the modern T65 space X-Wing star fighters one and engageindogfight through 8 episodes of rebel wars!* Strike the battlefront in star combat flight game!* Flying controls using plane cockpit!* Over 100 modern jet fighter aircraft to unlock! (X-Wing,TieFighter, Millennium Falcon, also Jedi starfighter)* Space battle campaign covering 3D spaceship planesimulator!* Conquer the galaxy in X Wing simulation wars game!* Become an Ace rebel pilot! The best 2017 SHMUPS featuring inThelast Death Star trench run!This SHMUP games contains intuitive maneuvers, deathmatch mode,andcostumized laser system. If you have any skill inaviation,download Squadron Wars red five VIII now and try it out,it'sFREE!
Super Jett Wings 1.1 APK
Let’s go to race around the world withSuperJett! Here we go and experience the postal boy racing andjourney!Here we play the funny games to exercise our speed andupgrade ourplane.Grab the board and get ready for a airplane adventure now.Thissuper wing wants to become a faster plane as he run acrossthesubway. And it is your job to superwing to surfers throughtheobstacles to collect all the points while on patrol. The morebonesyou collect the more points you score!How to Play:- Tap bottom left button to turn left- Tap bottom right button to turn rightGame Features:- 3 beautiful trolley worlds to get in the jungle.- 100 challenging robo car enemies poli.- Realistic racing to ensure a familiar jet race experience.- Multiple characters : Wing, Jerome, Dizzy, Jet.
Squadron Wars : TIE Fighter 1.3 APK
Laser shot battle against the Rebels! Jointhespace Wars squadron TIE Fighter game with Darth Vader as theSithcommander!Fly space TIE Fighter star one and engage in dogfight with darksideof the force clone!* Strike the battlefront in airship combat game!* Your challenge will be to get the best scores among theplayerswho will fight in this bullet hell spaceship combat!* Space battle campaign let's you upgrade your TieFighter,interceptor, bomber and destroyer!* Enjoy a video game that simulates the war between galaxies!* Your mission is to save the empire from the first order in anoldrepublic of planets, meteorites and comets to destroy theGalacticDeath Star trench run!This SHMUP games contains advertising, in-app purchasing, andsocialsharing. If you have any interest in aviation, downloadSquadronWars vs now and try it out, it's FREE!
Tayo The Bus Game 1.1 APK
Tayo the Bus is a playable game for childrenasyoung as 3 years old. Play alone or, better for kids,co-operativelytake it in turns in this boardgame style app.Each turn, roll the die and move the little bus if you can.Watchout for traffic jams - Beep! Beep! Telolet! Get all four busestotheir destination before bedtime.Adventure of Tayo the Bus kindergarden comes with HD andgoodquality cartoon that can make you feel comfortable playingit.Instal now and play Tayo together with your friends.