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Square Ghost is a fun casual game. The ghost has taken over thesquaresCan you help them?

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    Square Ghost
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    January 6, 2018
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    X-Apps & X-Games
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Laser pointer simulated X2*** THIS IS NOT A REAL LASER POINTER,THIS APPLICATION IS SIMULATED, ONLY SIMULATES EFFECTS INSIDE YOURSCREEN ***Laser pointer X2 simulated is a fun prank game free. Itsimulates a laser pointer on your mobile device screen. Prank yourfriends and family making them believe you have laser pointer whichcan simulate cracking the screen of your phone or tablet afterstoring energy for 20 seconds. In order to culminate the jokeelectric lightning shocks are simulated on your screen after thishas been cracked. Every time the user tap on the screen, severalelectric shocks are born from the place you touched.This free appis just a game that simulates a laser pointer simulator. All theeffects are just simulated. No laser light comes out from yourphone. The effect when the screen becomes cracked and the electriclightning on the screen, are just images and simulated effects. Itis designed to joke and have fun with your friends and family. Kidsand children also can have so much fun with this app. Besides thelaser pointer X2 simulator, the app also includes a mini game,which is used to obtain coins and unlock the flash lightfeature.The game consists of 3 main parts: the laser pointersimulated, a super cool mini game included and the more apps andgames. The first time the player opens the game, only the normallaser pointer simulator is available, once you get enough coins andget the level 100 in the mini game then the super laser pointersimulated strobe flashlight feature shall be available too. Coinscan be collected in several ways: passing levels (+10) in the freemini game included as part of this free app, downloading games(+500) or sharing on social networks (+200).How it works is an easymatter: tap on the laser pointer and while you keep your finger onit, the laser beam flows. Keep it this way for 20 seconds and youwill find out what is the result of storing green and red energy.During the process the initial green laser beam transforms into ared laser beam until the screen cracks. Then tap again and you willdiscover how the electric lightning comes out from wherever youtouches the screen. * Remember this is a just a simulated app andall the effects are simulated effects. * The mini game included isa classic game which is a one tap game play game. The rules of thegame are very simple: touch anywhere on the screen of your mobiledevice and one ball shall be thrown to the center of the centralcircle. The goal is to achieve that all the balls are thrownwithout 2 balls touching. Every 10 levels there is a monster goshtspecial level, which is a time based one. The player has a certainlimited amount of time to pass the level. The difficulty of thegame comes when there are difficult movement patterns which makesso difficult to find the way of putting all the balls on thesorrounding circumference where the initial and thrown balls move.Hundred of challenging levels are awaiting for beingdiscovered.Enjoy the prank app Laser Pointer X2 Simulated and havefun playing the mini game. Achieve the final goal, unlocking thestrobe flash light effect. Collect 2500 coins and pass at least 100levels to enjoy the strobe flashlight effect on this free game.
X-Laser Piano Simulated 9 APK
★ ☆ ★ Welcome to the World of X-Laser pointers simulated mobilephone and Android tablet.This application is free and you candownload it and start playing directly.* X-Laser simulated is agame, not a real laser. The laser beam will not leave your device,only look inside the screen of your phone or tablet creating asimulation *Also this set has a flashlight that can change at anytime using the LED light flash your mobile phone. The flashlightonly works on phones or tablet incorporating LED flash on thecamera.DESCRIPTIONIn the main menu you will find three options:❶Option 1 (Icon X-Laser)❷ Option 2 (Icon X-Balls)❸ Option 3 (IconX-Flashlight Led)X-LASER - HOW DOES IT WORK?By accessing option 1you will enter the selection screen X-Laser pointers. The firstpointer comes unlocked and you can start using it at any time. Theremaining X-Laser pointers can unlock getting coins playing X-NeonBalls Trigger X (Option 3). Once pinches on X-Laser pointer willaccess the living laser shots. When you press the button on yourlaser pointer will get a laser beam color (red, green, etc.) ..depending on the pointer you've selected above. Further clickingwill issue a special sound simulating laser weapons science fictionand vibrator activate your mobile phone. If you've unlocked allpointers, then you can also activate the LED flash lightsynchronized with the laser beam.X-BALLS - How to play?In the mainmenu you must click on the icon of the X-Balls (Option 2) and willgain access to laser shot game balls to get coins X Neon.Enter theX-Galaxy, aim your cannon and shoot your X-Laser Light ball. Theaim is to shoot the balls to match 3 or more X-balls of the samecolor. This game works with one touch on the screen. The X-ballscan bounce off the walls always following the angle you have markedin the shot. Do not neglect because the roof will fall fast and ifthe balls touch the gun shots you've lost the game. There are over500 different levels, with each level you get get a coin win neonwill be added to your wallet. The more coins you get you can unlocknew X-Laser pointers.X-Flashlight flash - How I can activate theflashlight on my mobile phone?On the main menu click on the buttonflashlight and LED light will automatically turn on your phone.This option is only compatible with devices that incorporate LEDlight.Pressing once will keep the flashlight to turn off the LEDlight press the button.We have included in this first versionstrobe flashlight. Pressing the strobe flash the LED emit lightflashes, turns on and off automatically creating flashes of light.This light only works while the button is pressed, when you liftyour finger strobe flashlight off.Take special care with the use offlashlight, battery consumption is greatly reduced further if youuse the flashlight strobe not point directly to the eyes of peopleand animals that can be annoying. Therefore this application is inthe category of Adults. Age at maturity High.We hope you like thisgame and feel free to rate and review this application, all ratingsand reviews help us improve. If you think something could beimproved please notify us via email or opinions.The X-Laser Team ©2015-------------News (May 27, 2015):The new version of laserpointer simulated includes numerous enhancements and bug fixes.+New sound effects in laser light and game balls. All music has beenre synthesized stereo audio channels including on some tracks. Nowyou can enjoy better sound effects using headphones connected toyour device.+ Fixed bug in flashlight for some models of SamsungGalaxy Series.+ New graphics in some game sprites and alertmessages.+ Improved texting multiple language translation.
2048 X, two, zero, four, eight 1.0.0 APK
x2048. Dive into the exciting world of numbers and chips with laserlight edges exciting new two zero four eight: 2048 X.Twentyforty-eight X is a game created to put the limit your mind andboldness, only the best will be able to solve the puzzle andachieve exponential mathematical target marked chips. Will you beone of them ?.Two thousand forty-eight, X has seven different gameboards. The three by three, four by four, five by five, six, six,seven times seven, eight by eight and sixteen by sixteen amazing.Inlarge board you can use the automatic game engine by pressing thesuper tornado to select the algorithm that you like: corners,sides, black hole, random, etc.2048 How to play?By starting eachgame two tabs appear, they may be two or four random value, slideyour finger on the screen of your phone or tablet to one side (leftor right), (up or down), and all the chips will move to the emptyboxes on the side that you've slipped. By bringing chips same value/ Color merge these creating a new record of double numericalvalue. For example if beget together two twos is a four, two fourstogether they will generate an eight, to merge two chips wortheight sixteen a chip value and thus always created to achieve thetarget tab. Every time you make a move a new tab will appear on theboard located anywhere with value two or four. Each level of 2048 Xhas 3 goals for every goal achieved a red star is won when you getthree stars can keep playing to try to mount a greater laser sheetand put your best score in the ranking of Google Play andachievements also They will be included.tricks and more funThe besttrick to play correctly and achieve better results in the game isto try to keep the most valuable record number in a corner, thelower right corner is perfect for better usability, intended thatthe record of greater value is placed in that corner and the nexthigher value next to it. Do not forget you can use the button(undo) to correct the last movement, this button is useful or evennecessary to get on well in the game, you can use it as many timesas you like for example if you want the next record to appear it isa four but will appear one two, you can undo again and again untilyou display a four. This is the trick used by professionals2048.According to most users who tried the alpha and beta versionof X two thousand and forty-eight, funniest board is three timesthree (3x3) with the challenge of getting the record of fivehundred and twelve (512), some professionals managed even twentythousand sheet value (1024). Being the smaller board that there iscertainly more fun for most people. But some people prefer to go tomaximum and playing board 16x16 super boxes, getting through theuse of automated algorithms chips even 2G, 3G and even 4G value.They use the car at full speed tornadoes leaving the game runningfor hours or even days continuously to achieve the best globalscore.characteristics:- The first to incorporate 16x16 and 3x3boards, plus 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 and 8x8.- Undo button and multipleautosave of items in each mode board.- Ranking and achievements foreach game mode- Five game modes automatic, whirlpool, black hole,corners and sides and crazy random.- Optimized for tablets andphones, full development in android 2.3 and beyond.- Use yourGoogle + account and access or share achievements and ranking inthe Google implemented Plus button.You can say and you value. Thereviews and ratings help us improve
Square Ghost 1 APK
Square Ghost is a fun casual game. The ghost has taken over thesquaresCan you help them?
Portal Finger Simulator Teletransporter Prank 1 APK
Portal finger simulator teletransporter prank. Use your imaginationand imagine to teleport your finger to another dimension from yourmobile device and make it come back to your phone or tablet througha wormhole. Sounds like magic or science fiction, right? Now youcan prank your friends and family to make fun using this funnygame. This free game simulates a fingers portal in a transparentscreen through a simulated hole that teletransport your finger orother object that touches the adequate place on the screen of yourmobile device. But this is not the only awesome teletransportationeffect that the magic of this free game can provide, during theteleportation process the universe can produce some random failswhich can transform the original object in any surprise at theother end of the space time path. Just try it by yourself to findout more about how the cosmos can behave when any element movesfrom one side to the other of the portal. The user can also provethe reversal way and will get an unexpected entertainingresult.Disclaimer: This free game is just a game for entertainment.It is a teletransporter portal simulator. Teletransportion isimpossible, this app is just a portal finger simulator, that is theidea, although you can tap on the screen with any object and prankyour friends telling them you have a super app that teleportobjects from one hole to another one on your smart phone or tablet.You can easily prank kids. Show your children this awesome game andlet them think about the super power you got using this app. Thatwill create a lot of fun. But always have into accout this is justa prank app.The are many features and 2 main modes.The funny modeis the one that in a simple and quick manner teletransports yourfinger. Many unbelievable and amazing surprises are awaiting at theother side of the portal, like for example: sharks, cats, dogs,lions, horses, fishes, love messages, famous presidents, fingers,hands and feet. Really fun what you find at the other part of theportal, but even is funnier what you can find on the reverse way,just tap and discover it.The dizzy mind blown game mode shall showyou the complete process of teletransportation. How the teleporterhole is created and open on the space time dimension throughtransparent screen simulator. You can see a reflection of your ownhand and finger on the open wormhole through a transparency on thescreen. All this is just simulated, the transparency is made usingthe camera of the device. As well there are several speed levels ofteletransportation. The higher the level, the faster theteletransport.Initially not all the features and elements of thegame are available, but you will have the chance of using all ofthem just following the instructions given to such a goal. There isa cool game mode to be unlocked: the random game playmode.Furthermore, the user can find a super fun game included as amini game. This will provide more time of entertainment. The minigame is a simple one tap game play game, based on a rotating loopwhere the player has to put all the balls without one ball touchinganother.Enjoy the fun this free cool game can provide you. Yourfeedback is important to us: ratings, comments and emails arewelcome and appreciated.