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Congratulations for downloading the SquirrelGames app, home to an amazing squirrel simulator game, a slidingpuzzle of a squirrel, a memory game involving various cartoonanimals, a bonus nuts game where the target is a mean-lookingsquirrel and the option to download into your device another 8 freegames of similar quality.

Click Play Game on the main page to begin the flying squirrelsimulator. You have the option to play in English, Spanish orFrench for now. Your task is to jump your way home. For a smalljump, just tap. To do a bigger jump, leave your finger on thescreen a tad longer. Jumping down does not require tapping, onlyjumping upwards. Each time you jump up or down, you gain points.Small jumps earn you 100 points while big jumps can give you 200points. When you jump from the cross section of a tree trunk,expect to change direction. When you reach home, you progress tothe next round. Now here is a helpful hint. Pay attention to thesteps as that is what gets you points and lets you move to the nextlevel. Don't get distracted by acorns or falling leaves! If youlike flying squirrel games, you will love this squirrelsimulator!

Next one the main page is the Sliding Puzzle which has 3 levels:Easy, Medium or Hard. They split the main squirrel image into a3X3, 6X6 or 9X9 grid, respectively. Click Randomize for the tilesto mix up. You then need to order them properly and form theoriginal image.

The Memory Game makes use of 24 unique game cards which alwaysappear in one or more pairs on the game board. When you clickStart, they flip and you can no longer see the cartoon animals. Torestore them to their original state, you need to click on matchedpairs. By 'matched pairs' we mean 'identical game cards', if youremember where they were. If you can't, you can always guess butcompletion might take you longer. This mentally stimulating game isgreat for improving focus and short term memory.

The Bonus Squirrel Game is one of our favorites. Your task is touse the acorns to bring down the stone structure and expose thesquirrels hiding in it. You have 5 acorns and the structure is noteasy to bring down so use wisely.

Finally, the Squirrel Games app gives you the option to rate andreview, and also download another 8 free games of similar qualityas the Squirrel Simulator. They are Flappy Cat, City Builder,Marble Smash, Fishing Games, Flying Bird Game, Panda Bear Games,Magician Game and 2D Cube Game. Thank you for choosing the SquirrelGames app, which offers one of the most entertaining flyingsquirrel simulator games out there, and XL Apps would like toencourage you to leave an honest rating and review!

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Greek Eortologio 1.0 APK
The Greek Eortologio app was made to help youkeep you keep track of greek name days so that you never miss one.But it is more than just a Greek name day calendar.Tab 1 - DNamesUnder this tab there are 5 buttons:Εορτολόγιο (Greek name days in the Greek language)Eortologio (in the English language)Εορτολόγιο Plus (name days up to 12 days ahead)Ημερολόγιο (Greek name day calendar)Εικόνες Αγίων (icons of celebrating Saints)Tab 2 - NewsUnder this tab there are 3 buttons or means to access newsrelated to Greece:RSS (a listing of the latest headlines)Greek TV Live (streaming live TV from one of Greece's most populartelevision channels)Greek Radio Live (internet radio from one of Greece's mainstreamradio stations)Tab 3 - GamesUnder this tab there are 3 buttons:Ιπτάμενη Γάτα - an interractive game where you have to guide aflying cat through a series of obstaclesΕικονικό Πάζλ - a sliding puzzle where you randomize an image andthen you piece it togetherΠαιχνίδι Μνήμης - a memory game where you flip scattered game cardsand then you turn them up by clicking on matched pairs.The Greek Eortologio app offers several means to help you keeptrack of Greek name days so that you never miss an occasion on theGreek name day calendar. If you benefit from this app, please makeit known to your friends and relatives. XL Apps also encourages youto leave an honest review. Thank you for using GreekEortologio!
Εφημερεύοντα Φαρμακεία 1.0 APK
Με την εφαρμογή αυτή, για Android, μπορείταινα βρείτε τώρα, εύκολα και γρήγορα τα εφημερεύοντα φαρμακεία στηνΑθήνα.Οδηγείες:Η κεντρική σελίδα, δηλαδή η σελίδα στην οποία προσγειώνεται οχρήστρης ή η χρήστρια, περιλαμβάνει 4 κουμπιά:ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΑΠατώντας αυτό κατευθύνεστε στην φόρμα εύρεσης εφημερεύοντωνφαρμακείων. Απλά επιλέγετε την περιοχή και τα φαρμακεία πουεφημερεύουν στην συγκεκριμένη περιοχή, εφανίζονται σε λίστα με τηνδιεύθυνση.ΧΑΡΤΗΣΕδώ παρουσιάζεται ο χάρτης Αθηνών, με κέντρο το Σύνταγμα, γιααναζήτηση των διευθύνσεων και βέλτιστη διαδρομή.ΠΑΙΧΝΙΔΙΤο παιχνίδι αυτό είναι τύπου arcade και εξασκεί τααντανακλαστικά. Ο σκοπός είναι να βοηθάτε ένα Panda να αποφεύγειεμπόδια και να αποκτά αμοιβές. Πατήστε πάνω στην οθόνη τη κατάλληληστιγμή για να κάνει άλμα το panta και να αποφύγει το εμπόδιο.ΠΑΖΛΕδώ μπορείτε να απολαύσετε ένα συναρμολογούμενο πάζλ με τρίαεπίπεδα - Εύκολο, Μέτριο και Δύσκολο. Αφού πατήσετε το κουμπίRandomize που ανακατώνει τα τετράγωνα, σκοπός είναι να ταμετακινήστε με έξυπνους τρόπους μέχρι να συναρμολογίσετε την αρχικήεικόνα ενός Panda. Τα επίπεδα διαιρούνται σε 3Χ3, 6Χ6 ή 9Χ9τετράγωνα. Συναρμολογούμενα πάζλ εξασκούν την στρατιγική σκέψη καιτην βραχυπρόθεσμη μνήμη.Αν σας είναι χρήσημη η εφαρμογή Εφημερεύοντα Φαρμακεία Αθηνών,διαδώστε την σε γνωστούς, φίλους και συγγενείς. Επίσης, θεωρείστενα γράψετε μια ειλικρινή αξιολόγηση. Ευχαριστώ από το XL Apps!With this application forAndroid, you can now find easily the pharmacies in Athens.Odigeies:The main page, ie the page on which lands the user or the user,includes 4 buttons:PHARMACIESClicking this form you navigate to find Pharmacies. Simplyselect the region and pharmacies on duty in the specific area, aredisplayed in a list with the address.PAPERHere is the map of Athens, centered on the Constitution, tosearch addresses and optimum route.GAMEThis game is arcade type and exerts reflexes. The purpose is tohelp a Panda avoid obstacles and acquires fees. Click on the screenat the right time to make the jump panta and avoid theobstacle.PUZZLEHere you can enjoy an assembled puzzle with three levels - Easy,Medium and Hard. After pressing the Randomize button scramblingsquares, the aim is to move up with clever ways to synarmologisetethe original picture of a Panda. The levels are divided into 3x3,6x6 or 9CH9 squares. Collapsible puzzle exert stratigiki thinkingand short-term memory.If you are chrisimi application Pharmacies Athens, spread it toacquaintances, friends and relatives. Also, consider to write anhonest review. Thank you from the XL Apps!
Penalty 2016 1.0 APK
Penalty 2016 is a sports game for kids andadults that can turn what might have been boring time intosomething fun, stimulating and challenging. As you know, a soccergame is often won (or lost) during penalty shootouts. Perhaps noother part of a soccer match carries as much suspense and that iswhat this game is all about, besides good reflexes.Click the Penalty button from the main page to begin the game.To shoot the ball, simply tap on it. What makes the gamepotentially challenging is that the arrow pointing forwards fromthe ball and the goal keeper often move in tandem. Your goal (punintended) is to shoot the ball at the right time so that the goalieis bypassed and the ball goes into the net. Whenever you score,your team gains a point. Whenever the goalie blocks the shot, theopposing team gains a point. The penalty shootout lasts 2 minutesand the score is clearly shown at the upper left. People who likesoccer games will love this Penalty game.The Bonus Game is a simple yet, at the same time, complex Throwgame. You have 5 acorns that you need to hurl with the catapult inorder to bring down the stone structure that houses the variousrodents. Not only does the game demand sound knowledge of physicsbut good strategy skills because the demolition in this case is noeasy task.The More Games button leads to a page through which 8 othergames can be downloaded. Unlike the Throw Game, these games are notin the app and they have to be downloaded and installed. They areFlabby Cat, City Builder, Marble Smash, Fishing Game, Flying Bird,Panda Games, Magician and 2D Cube. They are all high quality gamesthat emphasize quick response time and are suitable for all agegroups.If you find Penalty 2016 to be entertaining, please let othersknow about it. XLApps would also like to encourage you to rate thisgame and to leave an honest review. Although this is a free game,please be aware that advertisements may appear from time to time.Thank you for downloading Penalty 2016 and for playingfrequently.
Καιρός Δωρεάν 1.0 APK
Ευχαριστούμε που επιλέξατε την εφαρμογή ΚαιρόςΔωρεάν. Μάθετε ειδήσεις και καιρός γρήγορα και εύκολα. Παρέχονταιεπίσης 2 διασκεδαστικά παιχνίδια δωρεάν και η δυνατότηταεγκατάστασης άλλων 8.Από την Κύρια Σελίδα μπορείτε να επιλέξετε Καιρός Ελλάδα,ΜΠΙΛΙΕΣ, Σκιουρομανία ή Κι' Άλλα Παιχνίδια.Καιρός Ελλάδα:Αυτό το κουμπί οδηγεί σε άλλο μενού απ'όπου μπορείτε να επιλέξετετην περιοχή. Πατήστε ΕΛΛΑΔΑ για να δείτε μετεορολογικό χάρτη όληςτης χώρας. Πατήστε κάποιο άλλο κουμπι για να μάθετε ειδήσεις καικαιρός. Για παράδειγμα, Καιρός Αθήνα εμφανίζει τον καιρός τώρα καιτην πρόγνωση του καιρού για τις επόμενες 2 ημέρες. Επίσης υπάρχει ηδυνατότητα να πάτε πίσω μέχρι τέσσερεις ημέρες και να δείτε κάποιοπρωτοσέλιδο με ειδήσεις και και καιρός. Για να λειτουργίσουν τακαιρός widgets, χρειάζεται σύνδεση με internet.ΜΠΙΛΙΕΣ:Παιχνίδι πάζλ με καταπληκτικά γραφικά. Κάντε κλικ στο κόκκινοκουμπί Play για έναρξη και επιλέξτε Puzzle ή Time Attack. Το Puzzleέχει 4 επίπεδα που είναι Πολύ Eύκολο, Εύκολο, Μέσο και Δύσκολο. Τοκάθε επίπεδο περιλαμβάνει 100 υπο-επίπεδα τα οποία είναικλειδωμένα, αν δεν έχουν παιχτεί στο παρελθόν. Στο Time Attack ταπαιχνίδια είναι υπο χρονομέτρηση και υπάρχουν μπίλιες με ιδιαίτερεςδυνάμεις που μπορεί να σας σώσουν σε δύσκολες καταστάσεις. Πιέστεομάδες τριών ή περισσότερων μπιλιών του ίδιου χρώματος για ναεξαφανιστούν. Πρέπει να εξαφανίζονται στρατηγικά ώστε πάντα ναμένουν ομάδες τουλάχιστον τριών, αλλιώς δεν θα τελειώσετε τογύρο.Σκιουρομανία:Ένα εθιστικό παιχνίδι όπου πετάτε βελανίδια μέχρι να αποκαλύψετεόλους τους κρυμένους σκίουρους. Όχι τόσο παιχνίδι στρατηγικής όσοδεξιοτεχνίας και συντονισμού μάτι-με-χέρι. Πάντως πολύδιασκεδαστικό!Κι' Άλλα Παιχνίδια:Η δυνατότητα να κατεβάσετε 8 επιπλέον παιχνίδια πάζλ τα οποία είναιεπίσης εντελώς δωρεάν. Όλα τα παιχνίδια εντός της εφαρμογής ΚαιρόςΔωρεάν, και αυτά που μπορείτε να κατεβάσετε, είναι κατάλληλα γιαόλες τις ηλικίες και δεν παραπέμπτουν σε άλλες σελίδες. Δενχρειάζεται γονική συναίνεση. Προωθούν την τόνωση εγκεφάλου καιοξύνουν τα ανταντακλαστικά σας. Όμως ποτέ μην τα παίζεται ότανκάνετε άλλες δραστηριότητες ή είστε απασχολημένος με κάτι άλλο!Αν σας εξυπηρετεί η εφαρμογή Καιρός Δωρεάν, παρακαλώαξιολογείστε την. Ακόμη καλύτερα, γράψτε μια ειληκρινή κριτική, γιανα κατατοπιστούν και άλλοι πιθανοί χρήστες αλλά και γιαενημερωθούμε κι εμείς τι σας αρέσει και τι όχι. Ο καιρός δωρεάν σταΕλληνικά, για οποιαδήποτε περιοχή, με τα λιγότερα Κλίκ, για ακριβήςκαιρός. Σας ευχαριστούμε για την υποστίρηξή σας!Thank you for choosingthe Weather app Free. Find news and weather quickly and easily.Also 2 great games for free and can be installed another 8 areprovided.On the main page you can choose weather Greece, BALLS,Skiouromania or Ki 'Other Games.Weather Greece:This button leads to another menu from which to select the area.GREECE Click to see meteorologiko map of the whole country. Pressanother button to find news and weather. For example, weatherAthens displays the Weather and weather forecast for the next twodays. There is also the possibility to go back up to four days andsee a headline and news and weather. To leitourgisoun the weatherwidgets, requires connection to internet.BALLS:Puzzle game with amazing graphics. Click the red Play button tostart and choose Puzzle or 'Time Attack. The Puzzle has 4 levels isVery Easy, Easy, Medium and Hard. Each level contains 100sub-levels that are locked, if they have not played before. In TimeAttack games are sub timing and there are balls with special powersthat can save you in difficult situations. Click groups of three ormore Bill of the same color disappear. They must disappearstrategically so always be kept at least three groups, otherwise itwill not finish the round.Skiouromania:An addictive game where you throw acorns until they reveal allhidden squirrels. Not as game strategy and skill as eye-to-handcoordination. However much fun!And 'Games:The ability to download 8 additional puzzle games which are alsofree. All games in the Weather Free and what you download isappropriate for all ages and no referrals to other pages. You donot need parental consent. Promote brain stimulation and sharpenyour antantaklastika. But do not ever play when you do otheractivities or you're busy with something else!If you serve the Weather app Free, please evaluate the. Evenbetter, write a review eilikrini to acquaint and other potentialusers but also we informed what you like and what not. Weather freeon Greek, for any region, with fewer clicks for exact time. Thankyou for your ypostirixi!
Guess What Color 1.0 APK
This free app offers three color puzzle gamesthat can be played by all ages. The names of the games are GuessWhat Color, Color Puzzle and Guess The Colors. Not only are theyhighly entertaining, they are great brain boosters and can beplayed by all ages.Guess What Color is a speed game that tests how quickly you canmatch the name of a color to the actual color, out of 2 or more.How fast you can do that is critical to this puzzle which is greatfor speeding up the brain. Click the first button on the main page,click Play and then pick one of three levels which are Easy, Normalor Hard. Your previous score appears above the buttons. In Easy youhave to choose between 2 colors, in Normal between 3 colors and inHard between 4 colors. Sometimes the same name appears twice in arow but the color in a different position so it can be quitetricky. If you tap past a certain time limit, you lose the game andhave to start over again.Color Puzzle too has 3 levels which are named Easy, Medium andhard. They separate the starting image into 3X3, 6X6 and 9X9squares in that order. Once you click Randomize, the squares mixand you have to move them around until you piece together theoriginal image. This works like any sliding puzzle and is great forstimulating both sides of the brain and promoting strategicthinking.Guess The colors is a memory game that employs 17 different gamecards. What's different about them is the color, of course. Thegame cards appear in one or more pairs on the game board. After youclick Start, they flip over and all you see is question marks. Tounflip them, or restore them into their original state, you need toclick on matched pairs. The more you remember from before youclicked Start, the faster you will be able to finish the game.Don't worry if you can't remember all the pairs. You can stillfinish by guessing but we expect it will take you a little longer.Guess The Colors fascilitates short term memory and can be quitebeneficial to sufferers of Alzheimer's.Guess What Color, the color puzzle and Guess The Colors arethree wonderful games that can be played by women and men of allages, at all times. This is a free app although advertisements canshow at times. If you enjoy this app and you think it adds value toyour time, feel free to tell others about it. XL Apps alsoencourages you to give it an honest rating and, even better, a fullreview. Thank you for your choice and support!
Panda Bear Games 1.0 APK
This is an app with 6 awesome panda beargamesfor all ages and tastes. They will sharpen your reflexes,stimulateyour mind and keep you engaged when you have spare time.There are 6 buttons on the main page, each leading to pandabeargame. Follow along as they are explained left to right and toptobottom...The First button leads to one of the most fun Panda RunGames.Click Start if you play for the first time or Continue topick upfrom where you left off. Your goal is to help the baby pandabearavoid the obstacles and reap the rewards. This game runsincontinuous mode and each screen becomes more challenging.The Second, Fourth and Sixth buttons lead to sliding puzzleswithpanda bears that have 3 levels. The levels are Easy, Mediumand Hardand they divide the initial picture to 3X3, 6X6 or 9X9squares,respectively. After you click the Randomize button, whichmixes upthe squares, you need to move the tiles back to theirstartinglocation and piece together the original image. Goodluck!The Third button leads to a Throw game where the task is tousethe catapult to throw lonsenges into the mouth of a cartoonmonsterthat stands next to a baby panda bear and othercartooncreatures.Finally, the Fifth button leads to mayby the mostchallenginggame. This is a memory game with various baby panda bearicons thatare presented in pairs on the game board. After you clickStart,the icons turn upside down. The only way to turn them to faceupagain is by clicking on matched pairs. If you don't rememberwherethey were, that's okay, you can guess. It just means it willtakeyou more time to finish the round.Panda Games Panda Games! This is all this app is about. Ifyouenjoy this app and know other who are looking for free pandagamesfor their kids or for themselves, feel free to let them knowaboutit. We would also like to encourage you to write an honestreviewabout this app. Thank you for having downloaded Panda BearGamesand use to your best advantage!
Greece News Info 1.0 APK
The Greek News Info app gives you access tothe latest news from Greece in the Greek language, easily andquickly. Although its main intent is to inform, a section isincluded with options to download any of several free games.There are 4 tabs on the top menu for ease of navigation, and abrief description of what each tab does follows:Tab 1 - Home:Under this tab, which is also the starting page, you will find amenu with various buttons. POSTS takes you to the latest Greeknews. This is the place to glance at the breaking stories whichupdate frequently. CATEGORIES takes you to a menu where Greece newshave been categorized. The menu lets you read stories that dealwith specific categories such as Nation, Abroad, Politics, Economy,Technology, Sports, Health, Culture, Cars and Environment. PHOTOSdisplays random pictures taken from Greece.Tab 2 - TV Live:This tab gives you access to live streaming TV from Greece,however, the service may not be accessible from outside of thecountry.Tab 3 - Weather:By clicking this tab, you gain a quick view of Athens weather fortoday and the next 4 days, and also the most popular front pagenews.Tab 4 - Games:From here you can download and install 6 arcade games or readilyaccess a sliding puzzle. The games are City Builder, Flying Cat,Magician, Marble Smash and Crane. All games are free, highlyentertaining and test your reflexes. The Sliding Puzzle testshigher mental functions like visual thinking and strategy.Greek News Info is a free app that was built in order to giveyou Greek news from Greece in Greek. If you want to read breakingnews from Greece in a quick and easy fashion, this is the app tohave installed into your Android smartphone or tablet. If you findthis app beneficial, please spread the word about it. Also, feelfree to leave an honest rating and review. Thank you for usingGreek News Info!
Marble Games Free 1.0 APK
MarbleSmash is a premium game, withgreatdesign, but it is free! It is for those who like marblesandplaying marble games.Click the red Play button to start. Then choose between PuzzleorTime Attack. Puzzle has 4 levels which are Very Easy, Easy,Mediumand Hard. In turn, each level has 100 sub-levels which arelocked upif you haven't played them before. In Time Attack thegames aretimed and you have special power-up marbles which can getyou out ofdifficult situations.In either mode, tap groups of 3 or more marbles of the samecolorand enjoy them pop out of existence! You need to clickthemstrategically so that groups of three are alwaysguaranteed,otherwise you will not be able to finish the particularround.In addition to Marble Smash, this app also offers a MemoryGame,a Sliding Puzzle and also a Throw game.To start the Memory Game, click the Start button to flip thegamecards. Your goal is to turn them face up again. You can onlydo thisby tapping on identical game cards. This game improvesshort termmemory. It is great for people into their third age andbeyond, andideal for battling Alzheimer's. The Sliding Puzzleincludes 3 levelswhich are Easy, Medium and Hard. They split thestarting image into3x3, 6x6 and 9x9 blocks, respectively. ClickRandomize to mix thesquares and then proceed towards forming theoriginal image. Slidinggames stimulte both sides of the brain andpromote strategicthinking. The Throw Game involves simple physics.There is acatapult that you need to bend back just enough so as toreach thetarget with your ammunition.If you enjoy MarbleSmash, feel free to let others know aboutthisfun marble game for free. Please also consider leaving apositivereview. Thank you for installing and playing MarbleSmash!