1.0 / July 14, 2015
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App Information Ssundee minecraft game

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    Ssundee minecraft game
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    July 14, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    TopTen Free Games
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    100,000 - 500,000
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Craft Games 1.0 APK
If there is an adventurer between you, thisgame is perfect oportunity for you. There is an island full ofmysteries and cryptic places. You can find there beatiful places aswell. What is your goal in this game? It´s very easy. You have tosurvive and build your own empire. By crafting you can producepractically everything. You can enlarge your castle, build newstructures, make the island bigger. There is no need to havecrafting guide, because all of it is intuitive. Practicallyeverything you want to do is real. If we can give you an advise,try to explore whole island at first. There is a cottage, tower andsmall castle. Maybe you´ll find some ruins with secret passage. Youwill see beautiful nature arround you, it´s full of flowers, trees,minerals, rocks and much more. That´s why we can integrate thispiece in category games for kids. But it will catch the adults aswell. It´s because survival craft is very adventurous and survivalitself ins´t easy. You will find a big challenge.The game offers you:✪ Freedom of movement✪ Survival island✪ Adventure✪ Awesome graphics✪ Many opportunities for self-fulfillment✪ Craft your own worldEvery minute spent with this game give you fun and improves yourimagination of infinite world. Build your own empire with manybuildings, create a new world full of adventure and beauty.
worldCraft 3D:Craft & Survival 1.0 APK
Worldcraft is open world and offers you many possibilities. You canfind tresures or just explore the world. Sometimes there is need tofight against enemies. But primary it´s survival minecraft, so youhave to save your life. Survival games tests your limits andability to solve many problems. You can craft many materials andthen make new items. Craft games can adjust the mirror of yoursurvive capability.In this game you will find yourself on abandoned island. Try touse you skills and survive with things you can find. It´s a bigsurvival test in Worldcraft 3D. Maybe you will discover the wayfrom island. It´s not easy, but with a little patience you canachieve more then you would expected.What brings the game to you?★ Lot of fun★ Perfect 3D world★ Crafting adventure★ Original graphic modelIt doesn't matter if you are young or adult. Try to use yourbrain and skills to survive. Soon you discover, that living on theabandoned island can be very interesting and funny. Is craftingminecraft your lifestyle? Then you are on proper place.
Ssundee craft games 2.0 APK
You apper on abandoned island and your firstgoal is to explore it. There is many interesting things on theisland including animals. This craft world gives you manyposibilities for self-realization. You will have a roof over yourhead, your own cow. Basic things for surviving are secured. It isonly up to you how you will transform the island. Try to craft newobjects which can help you to survive. Try to find some activity,because the day on abandoned island is very long. Take care of yourcow which gives you milk. Eventually it can give you meat. Theisland is something like your kingdom and you are the king. Doeverything what you think is good for surviving. Ssundee games willgive you many oportunities to fulfill yourself. Especially craftgames will test your capability of beeing alive.Why play this game?★ Awesome graphics★ Crafting games★ Based on minecraft★ Games for kids★ Survival gamesHow can you handle with solitude on abandoned island? Only thestrongest person will survive. Everything is based on yoursurviving abilities.
Awesome free games for girls 1.0 APK
Here comes an adventure for girls. Try toovercome as many platforms in the pink world as you can. It will bevery funny because gaps between platforms are growing. Little girlin this game can´t help herself without you. You have to adjustpower of each jump accordingly to the gap. Games for free can bringyou a lot of fun, so don´t hesitate. Your score will be saved.Everytime you play, there is a place for beating own records. Thenyou can compare them with friends. Thanks to that you will enjoyawesome games. What will be your highest score? Awesome games forfree have often poor graphics, but this game is an exception. Ourgame falls to cathegory girl games and is prepared firstly forlittle girls.Awesome free games for girls:✪ Superb graphics✪ Awesome games for kids✪ Pink environment✪ Free games
Flappy jump 1.0 APK
Have you ever imagined that people can fly?Almost everyone had this imagination. But it is not true in thereal world. So come and try to help Flappy bird. Flappy hasproblems with wings a needs your help, because otherwise it will doflappy crush. He can rest only on little platforms. You have tohelp Flappy to overcome gaps. These gaps are bigger and biggerafter each fly. You have only one possibility to make flappy birdfree. You have to be careful with adjustment of your jumping poweror flying power? It doesn´t matter, because you have to save Flappyanyway. Flappy bird games are very popular and this one idperfectly prepared for you. You can achieve more fun with friends,because you can share your best score. Best score will always besaved. So you can beat your own records a try to improve yourresults.Why to play Flappy?✔ Popular bird games free✔ Nice Flappy graphics✔ Games for kids✔ Simple controls✔ Funny gamesHow far can you fly for the first time? Prepare yourself andfocus on Flappy, because it needs your help. Try to beat your lastrecord and have fun with Flappy bird free.
Defend Your Nuts 1.0 APK
Defend your Nuts is classical jumpinggame.Control the squirrel and try to hit next platfrom in front ofyou.It consist adjusting of jumping power, because if you misstheplatform, you will fall down to the abyss. Next platformappearalways casually. Also the gap between platforms is changing.It isgrowing with each jump. You can also improve your score. Foreverynut you catch you will recieve five points. Try to catchaveryoneon your long road. Flying squirrel will be hungry if youfail. Nutsappear casually and it´s not easy to catch themeverytime. Try tobe patient and focus on jumping. It´s the only wayto improve yourresults. Your best score will be saved so you cancompete withyourself or share results with friends. We can say,that squirrelgames are very rare, that is why you have to play thisone. Thishungry squirrel will be your best friend for couple ofmoments.What brings you this game?✪ Jumping free games✪ Fun✪ Games for kids✪ Nice graphics