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HISTORY OF ST. ANNE'S SCHOOL, ANATHADAM St. Anne’s Public School,Anathadam which was founded by the Sisters of St Anne, Banglore in1997. When they started Anathadam school, the founders had settheir minds fulfilling the expectations of parents, wherepriorities are highest moral standards, academic excellence, selfrealization, emotional stability and mutual trust. MANAGEMENT OFST. ANNE'S SCHOOL, ANATHADAM The school is managed by St. Annes'sEducation Society of St. Thomas Province, Kerala, that runs numberof educational institutions in Kerala and outside. It is registeredunder Travancore Cochin Literary and Scientific and CharitableSocieties Act 1995. ACADEMICS OF ST. ANNE'S CBSE SCHOOL, ANATHADAMThe school provides each student comprehensive and relevanteducation in a safe, supportive environment that promotesself-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning. Theybelieve that each child is unique and can contribute to society ina very positive way, if given the right foundation, guidance andthe opportunity to build confidence. The campus of St. Anne’sSchool comprises - academic blocks, play grounds, games field etc.This school is equipped with an extensive library and reading roomstocked with a wide collection of books, up-to-date magazines,educational films, music, educational CD - ROMs , etc. Thelaboratory with modern amenities is provided and prefers academicas well as extra curriculum and sports activities. The schoolprovides training on music, instrumental musics and a smart classrooms. They provide efficient coaching as per CBSE syllabus. Eachof the teachers and other staffs work for the integral developmentof the child and to make him / her fully human and fully alive. Theentire school provides friendly atmosphere where each of thestudents may develop social, moral and intellectual potentialitiesthat can leads to true freedom. CURRICULUM STANDARDS Full Name OfSchool: St. Anne'S Public School, Anathadam Syllabus: CBSE EnglishMedium Managed by: St.Anne'S Educational Society CurriculamStandards: Pre Primary, Primary, Upper Primary And High SchoolMedium Of Teaching: English Second Language: Malayalam SchoolHours: 9:20 Am To 3:45 Pm EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Thefacilities provided by Anathadam CBSE School are the extra meaningto the destination at peak level of each field such as Medicalservice, Sports & Games Coaching, Environment Club, Maths Club,Science Club, School Band, Karate, Spoken English, Drawing &Painting, Counseling, Value Education programe, Dance, EducationalTours and picnics, Activity room with audio-visual aids etc.


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Easyvet Veterinary Drug Index 4.1 APK
EasyVet is a very useful free mobile application for Veterinariansto access a complete database of Veterinary Medicines. Themedicines are arranged in organized manner so as to help the vetmake his search for the most appropriate drug easier.Easyvet'scomprehensive search facility helps in sorting these drugs on basisof their action on different physiological systems, genres,manufacturers and brands etc..All manufacturers within the reach ofa click - may it be the reporting of a drug's unavailability,requesting the answer to a query or registering a complaint.EasyVet - A Vet's life has never been easier!
Al Birr Islamic Pre School 1.4 APK
A FEW WORDS ABOUT OUR CENTER The new teaching- learning strategy isdeveloped with an aim to restructure the religious learning byintroducing modern and scientific methods of instruction in theelementary level itself. The objective of this project is tofashion the children in the true Islamic nature from their earlychildhood itself. Islamic teachings are more relevant todaythanever and more and more people are turning towards it simplybecause of its ability to withstand the devastating nature of time.Modern technology employed in the class rooms has madeteaching-learning a different experience. Instruction methodscombined with technology and psychological approach is the need ofthe time to make class rooms lively and student friendly. Thisproject is the result of long researches about how to reach theIslamic teaching to the targeted people in a more interesting andeffective way. The new teaching- learning strategy is developedwith an aim to restructure the religious learning by introducingmodern and scientific methods of instruction in the elementarylevel itself. The objective of this project is to fashion thechildren in the true Islamic nature from their early childhooditself. Islamic teachings are more relevant today thanever and moreand more people are turning towards it simply because of itsability to withstand the devastating nature of time. Moderntechnology employed in the class rooms has made teaching-learning adifferent experience. Instruction methods combined with technologyand psychological approach is the need of the time to make classrooms lively and student friendly. This project is the result oflong researches about how to reach the Islamic teaching to thetargeted people in a more interesting and effective way. In orderto make class rooms lively and successful, different types oflearners – Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic- are to be made a partof the class room activity through Differentiated Instruction.Formulation of curriculum and method of instruction should belearner-centered. Effective learning strategies are to beformulated to achieve the objectives of teaching. Teachers are tobe role models in keeping up the spirit of Islam and should leadfrom the fore in every walk of life. They should be able to inspirethe children and help them develop their creative talents. Theyshould be adept in spotting undesirable qualities in children likekleptomania, insincerity, timidity, laziness, carelessness etc..They are to be well-versed in handling such situations withmaturity. Children, by nature, demand affection, security,recognition, freedom and victory. Negligence of their needs willmake them psychologically fragile. Their healthy mind can beensured only by fulfilling their natural demands. Value orientedteaching can only create a healthy and effective generation.Recitation of Quran and its keeping by heart, traditions ofprophet, routine prayers and rituals, manners and etiquettes are tobe introduced to the children in a more child-friendly way so thatthey absorb them in a natural way. Different possibilities are tobe explored including Montessori Method, Micro-teaching, Teamteaching and the broad highway of Information Technology. Aboveall, a child needs the constant care and attention of their parentsin their education. This project envisages that a child achievesknowledge of Arabic Alphabet along with 20 sura:s from Quran andsome essential routine prayers from the first year itself. Hesuccessfully learns in the first year subjects like Maths, Englishand Malayalam taught at IPS-I level. In the second year, apart fromlearning IPS-II subjects, he learns to recite the Holly Qur’an andsome more prayers.
St Francis Koramangala 1.8 APK
St. Francis School (ICSE) is a minority Institute conducted by theSociety of the Franciscan Brothers. The school aims at the moral,intellectual, social, psychological and physical development ofdeserving pupils. The school is founded on the life and teachingsof Jesus Christ, the master teacher who promulgated the values oflove and service to humanity. The Congregation of the MissionaryBrothers of St. Francis of Assisi (CMSF), an International Societyof Religious Brothers was founded in 1901 in India by late Rev.Bro. Paulus Moritz of Germany. The Congregation conducts more thanforty schools spread across twenty states, each of which aims to becentre of excellence. St. Francis School (ICSE) was established inthe year 2000. The school is set amidst the tranquility ofKoramangala, Bangalore. With its well manicured garden andcalmness, it provides a perfect learning environment to stimulatehigher levels of thinking and pursue their cherished dreams. Wecater to classes from Nursery to Std X and follow the ICSE (IndianCertificate of Secondary Education) syllabus. We have 100% resultsin the ICSE Board examinations. We attribute our success to theProvidence of God, the vision and charisma of the management,commitment of the teachers and all staff, enthusiasm of thedisciplined students and the encouragement and support of theparents. What began as a simple endeavor is now making a tremendousprogress in the field of education. The school, now, has grown into a huge ‘family’ of more than 1450 students and 87 dedicatedstaff which includes 65 teaching staff, as of 2014-15. The schoolgot its permanent affiliation to the ICSE board in the year 2011.It has travelled very little and has a long way to go. Trustingconstantly in the providence of God and working hand in hand withparents and well wishers, we try to shape and mould the destiny ofour nation. May our strivings produce abundant fruits.
Stcharles School is situated at kadakkal, kollam this was startedby sisters of St.CharlesBorromeo. Full Description about School inmaximum of 4000 characters.- Catholic church specially sisters ofSt,Charles Congregation considers education as its mission andcalled St.Charlesconvent, ThrikkannapuramKadakkal convinced of thismission, started a school at Thrikkannapuram. It began in the year1998 and was upgraded as a high school in the year 2007. Till nowit is the main educational institution (ICSE) of thechadayamangalam block and functions as holistic knowledge house forhundreds of students. Nearly 750 students are studying here. InKollam we have two schools one at Perumon and kadakkal. Both theschools secured cent percent result. Seminar for students,teachersand parents were conducted. Science exhibition and all otherimportant festivals were celebrated and extracurricular activitiesare conducted. Our social activities; All round development of thegrowth of students and families were taken care by regularcouncilling, spiritual and psychological formations. Free coachingclasses are conducted, Smart classes are introduced for allsubjects in every classes in both the schools, financially poorstudents educational expenses were met by us. We always giveimportance to the quality than quantity.
Swargarani School and PU College Bangalore 2.0 APK
Established in the year 1997, Swargarani is the result of theuntiring efforts of its founders run by the Sisters of VisitationCongregation. The school follows the philosophy of selflessservice. We motivate and prepare the student by laying a strongfoundation to lead a balanced life by strengthening their positiveapproach to life, intellectual competence, value consciousness andsocial commitment. Swargarani School and PU College gives itselfabundantly and plays a key role in helping dreams come true. TheSchool embodies the very essence of its motto “Lead Kindly Light”.The learning it imparts, the opportunity it provides or thesterling values it encourages, Swargarani strives to provide a lifeof enriched experience to the students. Synonymous with brilliantacademic results, Swargarani is constantly evolving and works uponthe conviction that a new vision is vital for its young members. Itaims at creating an atmosphere of friendliness and intellectualcuriosity, thus nurturing a generation of progressive young men andwomen, prepared to embrace changes in the future as an opportunityrather than a treat. The outstanding performance of the school isevident from the innumerable laurels achieved in variouscompetitions. The spirit of participation, discovering inborntalents, the pleasure of winning, the lessons of failure are all apart of the personal growth needed for the highest development ofthe young mind. Swargarani is ranked among the top few schools inBangalore on the basis of its exemplary results; our unrelentingpursuance for excellence is reflected in the consistentlycommendable performance of our students year after year. Our VisionSwargarani's aim is to educate young men and women, to mould intomature persons who are proud to be Indians, individuals who arekind, compassionate along with human excellence and who also aim atacademic excellence. Hence a balance of academics as well ascocurricular activities is emphasized. Our Mission “LEAD KINDLYLIGHT” We believe in giving young minds the encouragement, freedom,facilities and resources to lend a hand believe in their dreams.Swargarani equips the students with advanced knowledge and skillsin their chosen vocation and provide value based education andopportunities to students to help them face challenges in life.Students of Swargarani will be challenged to venture into new waysto push the limits of learning to the furthest possible extent inthe new millennium. Students will create new possibilities, newknowledge and demonstrate new ways of doing things.
St Goretti Hss Punalur 1.2 APK
The institution seeks to make a qualitative contribution toeducation.It is intended to give good education to all peopleirrespective of religion,caste or community,particularly the underprivileged and disadvantaged.In a quality school such as St.GorettiHSS Punalur which essentially aims in the service and thereconstruction of the community with a basic component of overalldevelopment of the children should provide a warm climate.In suchan environment,the children,Parents and the educators all cometogether.Lot of giving and receiving takes place in a learningenvironment.It creates circles of confidence and self articulationwithin the child.School enabling to provide a comprehensive packageof academic , extra curricular and co-curricular programmes whichfocuses on best needed skills in children such asthinking,speaking,writing,reading,listening and computingskills.Every child is unique and he is to be respected and loved.Wehave a common mission to work with commitment,dedication andresponsibilities in changing students into strong personalities byour team work.We pray God to help us to achieve this goal.
The Christ CMI Public School, Kanhangad, is a Christian minorityinstitution under the management of the Carmelites of MaryImmaculate (CMI) fathers of St. Thomas Province, Kozhikode, who runseveral educational institutions and professional colleges at alllevels throughout the country. Conceived in 2002 and affiliated tothe Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Delhi in 2005, thisSchool tries to offer holistic formation and quality education bynurturing creativity and cultivating talents. “Excellence andService” is the motto of Christ CMI Public School. This schooloffers her students opportunities for the development of anintegrated personality. Sound character formation coupled withlearning is our aim. Moral, social, intellectual and practical lifevalues are stressed. Co-curricular activities, games and sports,health and physical education, arts and crafts and other sociallyuseful productive works also form part of the school programmes.Code: 0338
Peace Public School Kottakkal 1.2 APK
Amidst lush green surroundings stands the impressionable buildingof Peace Public School. The serene atmosphere and thestate-of-the-art infrastructure provides the right environment forthe students to excel in academics, sports and alignedactivities.Education is the development of the abilities of themind. Keeping in tandem with the ever-evolving, ever changingdimensions of education, the school not only pursues academicexcellence but also lays equal emphasis on the development of thepersonality as a whole, to prepare the young learners to strideahead in life with confidence and right perception.To achieve this,learner- centered methods are employed to kindle the light oflearning in the minds of young students. These play-way methods areinteractive thereby providing a conducive environment to draw outthe inherent talents of the student.Today the school stands tall asone among the eminent schools in Malappuram. It has carved a nichefor itself in the field of education in a short span of time. Theschool aspires to grow manifold giving quality education, keepingwith the changing trends in school curriculum.