12.0 / September 8, 2015
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Provides instant notifications, documents andinformation to St Mary's Primary School Community

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Hampton SHS 2.1 APK
This app is for the community of HamptonSenior High School in Western Australia. It provides easy accessfor often sought school information such as the latest newsletter,the canteen menu and the term planner. Parents and students canchoose to get notifications for year levels and specialty groups.The school can send push notifications to all users of the app forwhole school announcements and can also send specialisednotifications to groups.
Hamilton SHS 22.0 APK
This app is for the community of Hamilton Senior High School inWestern Australia. It provides easy access for often sought schoolinformation such as the latest newsletter, the canteen menu and theterm planner. Parents and students can choose to get notificationsfor year levels and specialty groups. The school can send pushnotifications to all users of the app for whole schoolannouncements and can also send specialised notifications togroups.
St Joseph's Bunbury 12 APK
Keep up to date with St. Joseph's Catholic Primary Bunbury. Receiveinstant updates from the school and easily access importantdocuments.
St Marys Kalgoorlie 12.0 APK
Provides instant notifications, documents andinformation to St Mary's Primary School Community
City Beach RC 11.0 APK
Provides updates, instant notifications and information to parentsand students enrolled at City Beach Residential College
Endeavour Schools 11.0 APK
Endeavour Schools (Primary and Education Support Centre) arelocated in Port Kennedy, Western Australia. The Schools pridethemselves on being student-centred and pastoral careorientated."Every Child is Special"
Shareability Demo 1.0 APK
Shareability is a tool that allows you to easily create, publishand manage your own smartphone app.Shareability makes yoursmartphone app available in the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore so that your customers can quickly search and download totheir mobile device. Your app can contain all kinds of media, whichyou can update in real-time. You can even send push notificationsso your customers receive alerts at the push of a button.We wouldlove to talk to you about how you can use Shareability for yourbusiness or group. Email Jaime at sales@abilityware.com.au to makefirst contact, and let us make Shareability and it's tools work foryou.
Oberthur PS 11.0 APK
This app is for the school community of Oberthur Primary School inWestern Australia. It is designed to complement the communicationopportunities and provide easy access to relevant and timelyinformation, especially for parents of our students. It alsoenables notifications for year levels, classes and special groups,as well as whole school announcements.