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St. Teresa's School App is a very useful information andcommunication tool between parents, teachers and schoolauthorities. The App provides parents of the students of St.Teresa's School with relevant and need based information as updatedby the school. As a parent, you will be able to receive instantinformation from the school via push notifications after you havedownloaded and logged into the App. You will be able to review theprogress of your child, view circulars, timetable, exam schedule,homework, fee details, teacher's remarks, give your feedback to theschool and much more.

App Information St. Teresa's School

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Tiffinwala 1.2 APK
Tiffinwala App is a unique experience. This app lets you search anddiscover and call the vendors supplying tiffin services in variouscities. We are releasing information on tiffin vendors aroundDelhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore to start with. You can eithersearch by locating the vendors who are nearby or search them by thecity or their name. You can further filter your search results byvarious criteria. So go ahead and explore the app and never gohungry again!
Apollo International School App is a very useful information andcommunication tool between parents, teachers and schoolauthorities. The App provides parents of the students of ApolloInternational School with relevant and need based information asupdated by the school. As a parent, you will be able to receiveinstant information from the school via push notifications afteryou have downloaded and logged into the App. You will be able toreview the progress of your child, view circulars, timetable, examschedule, homework, fee details, teacher's remarks, give yourfeedback to the school and much more.
WakoW 1.6 APK
WakoW is a highly intelligent app that helps you discover andconnect with people in your vicinity based around activities ofcommon interest. With an unlimited range of activities, you won’tneed to download different apps for different things anymore. See!We help you unclutter your precious phone space. From findingpeople to play sports with, do yoga with, jog with, carpool with,party with or even finding playdates for your kids, all you need todo is download WakoW.Another USP of the app is it’s amazing UserInterface as well as ease of navigation. Constant tutorials willalso help you to use the app to it’s maximum potential.So what youwaiting for? Don’t be a Pakow and just download Wakow!
Bagga Link Maruti 1.5 APK
Bagga Link Maruti is one of the most comprehensive AutomobileService and information App available exclusively for the Customersof Bagga Link Maruti. As a customer, you will receive a usernameand password for accessing various services form Bagga Link Maruti.These include viewing your complete vehicle information asregistered with Bagga Link along with the ability to click andstore key documents such as Vehicle RC and Insurance Cover Note etcfor ready reference, receiving automatic notifications for yourservices and insurance due, booking your vehicle service online,viewing the vehicle service history for the services done at BaggaLink, one touch call to roadside and emergency services, locatingBagga Link service centres nearby you, requesting a quote for a newvehicle, raising an enquiry for exchange or True Value User Carsand many more. In case you have not received a username andpassword, you can send us a registration request after downloadingthe app. After receiving your request, our customer care executivewill contact you and register your vehicle. We urge you to kindlyreview our "Terms of use" before requesting registration and/orlogging into the app.
Prestrr - Save Medical Records 1.6 APK
Managing a record of doctor’s visit is a crucial part of treatment.Organizing the prescriptions on paper and then ensuring that thesame are available when needed can be a tricky one. Study showsthat most of the patients don’t seem to find their prescriptionswhen they need it the most.With Prestrr, we bring a solution toyour problem. This app is your companion in managing theprescriptions and your medical records on your mobile, for theirquick and easy access anytime, anywhere. Prestrr ensures that allyour medical records are available at your fingertips.You can clickupto 3 pictures of your prescriptions and related information andsave it locally on your Prestrr App on your mobile phone and backit up on your Google Drive. This means, anytime you need yourmedical history for reference, you either have it on the phone oron your Google Drive for immediate access. Manage your medicalrecords:- Upload or take a picture of your prescription for futurereference- Fill in the details corresponding to the prescriptionthrough options mentioned below and seach for them easily: . Dateof Visit . Doctor name . Hospital/Clinic Name . Problem Related to. DiagnosisIt’s that simple!Create Backup on your Google Drive:Tomake sure that you never lose the prescriptions you have saved onyour Prestrr App, you can easily link your Google Drive account andbackup the same on your own cloud. Just go to Settings, click onthe Google Drive icon to login, and save your medical records onyour cloud. So even if the account is deleted or something goeswrong with the phone, your medical records are safe on your owndrive.The prescription you save on Prestrr App will be saved onyour mobile ONLY or you can take a manual backup on your GoogleDrive. WE DO NOT SAVE OR PULL ANY OF YOUR PRESCRIPTION INFORMATIONON OUR SERVERS.
N-Jyote Group 3.7 APK
NEXA IN YOUR PALMIntroducing one of it’s kind NEXA Cybercity, NEXAStadium Road and NEXA Salt Lake Mobile APP in a single app -N-Jyote Group App.N-Jyote Group App brings to you convenience inyour palm. Yet another first from the Jyote Group, this app can bedownloaded for FREE on you Android Mobile Device. With the N-JyoteGroup Mobile App you can do following:• Get the latest news aboutNEXA Cars as they launch• Get offers from NEXA Cybercity, NEXAStadium Road and NEXA Salt Lake• Book a test drive• Request a quotefor a new NEXA Car and much more...So go ahead and download theN-Jyote Group App now.
SchoolBox 2.5 APK
DEMO App for Schools Use of mobiles and handheld devices has becomean integral part of human life. This medium of communication can behighly beneficial in the field of education by empowering theparents, students and the teachers of an educational institutionand providing them vital information on the go at the right time –WHENEVER, WHEREVER.SchoolBox is a customized Mobile App provided tothe school with their branding and acts as a very usefulinformation and communication tool between parents, teachers andstudents to provide each stakeholder with the relevant and needbased information as updated by the school. It gives the governingbody full control to view information pertaining to vitalparameters of each school across the board directly on the handheld– NO NEED TO ASK ANY INFORMATION TO ANYONE.Please note that this isonly a demo app. Respective school administrator can request anaccess for login in order to evaluate the demo and standard appfeatures.
Warranty Bazaar Secure PLUS 1.1 APK
WarrantyBazaar.Com is India’s premier provider of WarrantyExtension such as Extended Warranty Packs, Annual MaintenanceContract, Accidental Damage Insurance and related value-addedsolutions for mobile phones and tablets.Our solutions are designedfor and deployed through the players in the product value chainbetween the consumer and electronic appliances. Our design willdeliver the solutions that guarantee trust, profitability andenhance customer loyalty.All this is possible because we have ateam of expert professionals. Their vast experience in the WarrantyExtension Pack arena is unmatched; proprietary technology andbusiness processes that are setting the industry standard; and anunwavering commitment to address customer needs and increasecustomer loyalty.Why do I need to buy a WarrantyBazaar.Com ExtendedWarranty Pack offered only by WarrantyBazaar.Com?WarrantyBazaar.ComExtended Warranty Pack provided by WarrantyBazaar.Com not onlyextends the term length of manufacturer's warranty but also enhancethe coverage and services provided during the extended period. Withextended time and enhanced coverage and services, you can enjoyyour product without worry and happiness.With WarrantyBazaar.ComExtended Warranty Pack provided by WarrantyBazaar.Com;1. You canextend the term of your coverage for up to additional 1 (one)year2. Your product is covered for mechanical and electricalfailures of Mobile Phone that occur during normal use. Your productis covered for mechanical and electrical failure, normal wear andtear and environmental factors such as heat, dust, and humidity arenot covered.3. You are entitled to unlimited repairs during the WBExtended Warranty period. Every time your product fails, contact usand we will repair it or replace it with an equivalent product atour sole discretion, which will be non debateable.4. Your mobilephones are repaired at a WarrantyBazaar.Com authorised servicecentre near you.5. 9/6 (9:30 AM to 6:30 PM) customer support fromToll Free Number 1-800-103-35936. Your, WarrantyBazaar.Com ExtendedWarranty Pack transferable to subsequent users of the phoneregistered only / owners but not to other mobile phones.