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Stack tower is a single tap hypercasual game in which You willfindyourself playing FireBalls for hours without even notice. touchandhold dot to dot fire towards stack tower, avoid movingabstaclesand complete levels. play this most papular new free gamethat willkeep you hooked for hours! The best ball shooting gamesfor 2018.If you are a 3D shooter game lover, then this is yourfavourite hitgame. Best and most addictive balls shooter. FireBalls is newarcade game that allow you to use cannon to shoot yourperfecttower with tiny canon balls. There are no limit in 3D ballsgame.But you must destroy towers to pass the levels. Shoot andRollquickly, be alert, manage your way through the amazingobstacles,get your high score and challenge friends. One-tapandeasy-to-learn control with stunning visual effects andaddictivegameplay mechanics. Features :- ◉ Playing in one handed.One fingercontrols. ◉ Multiple colorful stack themes ◉ Endlesslevels andbeatiful gameplay ◉ Maze tower to complete levels withfireball ◉Thrilling ball shooter game with canon ◉ Shoot balls tomake targetfinished How to play :- ◉ Aim to Shoot the Fire Balls totower ◉ Donot hit to moving obstacles ◉ Fire the fissionable ballsand wipethem out! I sure that Fire Balls is the best game of ballgames.Try it one time and don't want to stop to destroy Stack Tower

App Information Stack tower 3D Ball Shooter

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    Stack tower 3D Ball Shooter
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    November 14, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Citrus Studios
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    San Luis Gonzaga 2346970 Alaquas, Spain.
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