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Right staircase design and good FengShuiplacement for stairs are important elements of balancedandharmonious house exterior and interior design that attractgoodluck. Good stairs design and proper staircase placementstimulateQi energy flow between floors and Feng Shui a homeforwealth.
Exterior and interior staircase design is extremely importantinFeng Shui. Exterior and interior stairs connect spaces andprovidechannels for the energy Qi to flow constantly and smoothly.Thenumber of step sets is especially important for luckystaircasedesign. There are two ways to count the number of stepsets inclassic Feng Shui.

A staircase is a vital part of home which can aid thehomeownersto get into other areas of the house especially thosefrom theupper areas. It serves as a connecting path from one floortoanother, usually to a bedroom or maybe a mezzanine. But asidefromthe functional purpose of a stairs, it also provides apowerfuldesign element to the entire home.

Hence, if you are still planning for your own home, then letthisarticle help you decide on the type of staircase that is aptforyour home. You cannot just look into a brochure or magazine andthenjust choose the design you want.

1. Balustrades and handrails.
One also needs to consider some things in designing a staircasewithbalustrades and handrails. See to it that these are durableenoughto carry loads. It also needs to go along with the home’sdesign.Try to review the building code because there might beadditionalconditions relating to handrails and balustrades.

2. Staircase designs.
Aside from the materials, you can also choose from thedifferentstaircase designs. It could be straight stairs, halfturnedstaircase, quarter turned staircase and spiral staircase.Thedesign also depends on your available space and in theinteriordesign of your home. Spiral staircases are good to savespace.

3. Consider safety.
It is very vital to consider the safety of your stairs. Thesafeststairs are those with a landing which are the returnstairsfollowed by L-shaped or U-shaped stairs. There are instanceswhen alanding is not required if the height is not so tall.Usually,stairs with landings are used in public areas likeschools,hospitals, hotels and others.

4. Materials.
There are many kind of materials that can be used for makingstairs.It could be timber, marble, steel and even concrete. Someeven useglass for their treads which looks elegant yet morecostly. Glassstairs are usually used for minimal and moderndesigns. See to itthat the materials used suit the interior designof the house andare durable. It is very important that your stairscan carry theload on it to avoid accidents.

5. Consider comfort.
You may also want to consider comfort in climbing the stairs. Ifyouwant to put comfort first, then you can opt for wide stairsthathave a less steep climb. Also, you have to consider once againonwho will be using the stairs. It would be difficult to use aspiralor circular stairs because it is quite harder to climb. Youcan alsomake the stairs larger so that it won’t be hard to go upanddown.

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