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Jessup Standifer
Agency Owner

I’ve been with Standifer Insurance Group for over 14 Years yearsand have worn many hats in the company. My tenure and experiencehas allowed me to not only understand the ins-and-outs ofinsurance, but also to service hundreds of families regarding theirprotection needs. I can help you protect the things that areimportant – your family, home, car, boat and more.

As a small business owner, I understand the importance ofbuilding a solid foundation for the future and developinglong-lasting customer relationships. That’s why I’m committed tooffering you the same level of service I’d expect from my ownbusiness dealings. When you leave my office, I hope you’ll feelconfident, informed, assured and satisfied in your choices. The wayyou should feel.

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Dunagan Insurance 4.0 APK
Our family has worked closely in the insuranceindustry for years to help people with their insurance needs fromhomes to auto to boats and more. Our quality, service-orientedagency is not only owned and operated by a family, customers tellus we make them feel like family too.I am proud to work with a company who’s been serving satisfiedcustomers for over 70 years. I can offer quality insurance that’saffordable and provide easy access for you to contact me in person,over the phone, or through my Web site - wherever and whenever youneed. I know how important price and service are for a long-lastingrelationship.I take on a proactive working style with customers. I can helpidentify gaps in your protection and financial needs and assist youwith helpful ideas and information along the way. Personally, Imake sure to offer customers the professional service and solutionsthat can meet your financial needs.Features:- Quickly contact the agency- Notifications of special limited time promotions for events andrestaurants- Easily find and contact top local businesses in our Conciergesection
McMillan Insurance Group 2.0 APK
Why McMillan Insurance Group? Our approachissimple and straightforward:- Offer Excellent Customer Service- Provide Support, Ideas and Solutions to Your Insurance Needs-Fast and Simple- Offer the Customers What they Need, Not More thanisNecessary- Follow Up to Ensure Your Needs are Met - Annual Check Up- Insurance Options for Small BusinessesOne of the things I like best about working with Allstate isthevariety of products and services I can offer customers. Morethaninsurance, I can offer a variety of solutions to addresstheirfinancial needs - such as saving for a childs educationorretirement.As a small business owner, I understand the importanceofbuilding a solid foundation for the future anddevelopinglong-lasting customer relationships. That's why I'mcommitted tooffering you the same level of service I'd expect frommy ownbusiness dealings. When you leave my office, I hope youllfeelconfident, informed, assured and satisfied in your choices. Thewayyou should feel.Features:- Quickly contact the agency- Notifications of special limited time promotions for eventsandrestaurants- Easily find and contact top local businesses in ourConciergesection
ProVest Insurance Group 1.0 APK
About ProVest Insurance GroupOur mission individually and as a team is to provide the bestinsurance and financial services in the industry. Why ProVest? Ournumber one job is to protect the current assets you have worked sohard for, and to help you invest so you can retire with the rightamount of money. Our success is measured by customer satisfactionand the value we bring!At ProVest Insurance Group, we are committed to helping you:- Determine your immediate and long-term financial goals- Find solutions to meet your and your family’s needs- Understand investment solutions, such as annuities, IRAs, lifeinsurance and college savings- Review your insurance and financial needs as they change- Answer questions and provide ongoing service and support
Booth Insurance 1.0 APK
About Annette Booth - Booth Insurance AgencyAnnette Booth finds great satisfaction being involved in hercommunity both personally and professionally. She is the owner ofan Allstate Insurance Agency located in Mount Vernon, Washington -which serves the greater Skagit Community with a full line home,auto, business and life insurance products. She takes great pridein advising her clients so they can select the right insurancepackages that will provide the coverage that fits their individualand family needs.Beyond her insurance business, Annette is President of the Boardof the Skagit County Boys & Girls Club helping to raise moneyto support our kids. She is also a member of the local Chamber ofCommerce's and the Economic Development Association of SkagitCounty. She is a supporter of Hospice of the Northwest and theHumane Society of Skagit County Valley.
Jusino Insurance 1.0 APK
About Lisa JusinoJusino Insurance ServicesI opened my current agency in 2002 and we are committed toCustomer Service, Growth, and Market Penetration.I take great pride in being an Insurance Agent. I am able toassist my clients in securing their future by providing them withproducts that protect what they have worked so hard to obtain andwith products that help them achieve their future dreams. Whetherthat is their children’s education, their retirement, or saving fortheir first home, if tragedy occurs before they reach those dreams,I am able to help their family fulfill them with the life Insurancewe put in place in order to help them keep their dreams alive.As a Small Business Owner I enjoy working with businesses inhelping protect them from Mayhem that may affect their day to dayoperations to planning for how to handle the unexpected.To bestserve my clients I have built a team of professionals to assist mein providing immediate service. Together we make sure that ourclients are aware of the coverage’s and discounts available. Itruly enjoy what I do and I want my clients to feel that they havea great team handling their insurance needs.
Saylor Insurance 1.0 APK
Lisa SaulAgency OwnerLisa started working in the family business just a couple ofyears after graduating from UC Santa Barbara. Her father, JerrySaylor, a very experienced insurance agent, started SaylorInsurance Agency in 1966. He was Lisa’s mentor until he retired inMarch 2012 and she became a second generation Allstate Agent. Sincetaking over Saylor Insurance Agency has achieved the Premier AgencyDesignation, Circle of champions, National Conference and two HonorRings. Lisa believes these achievements have been made possible byplacing her client’s needs a t the center of the business. Familyis everything and protecting it is our number one job. Lisa liveswith her husband Steven and they have two children. Kona, aYorkshire terrier, is the family dog and mascot of Saylor InsuranceAgency.
Georgia Insurance 1.0 APK
About Mack McClungGeorgia Insurance Advisors Insurance ServicesGeorgia Insurance Advisors Insurance Services providesinnovative solutions and professional assistance to help youprotect your family and achieve your lifelong dreams. Our goal isto help you feel better prepared and more in control of your futurethan ever before.As a Personal Financial Representative servicing Georgia for 6years, I know many local families. My knowledge and understandingof the people in this community help me provide over 2300 customerswith an outstanding level of service. I look forward to helpingfamilies like yours protect the things that are important - yourfamily, home, car and more. I’m also here to help you prepare astrategy to achieve your financial goals.One of the things I like best about working in the insuranceindustry is the variety of products and services I can offercustomers. More than insurance, I can offer a variety of solutionsto address their financial needs - such as saving for a child’seducation or retirement.I'm committed to helping you:- Determine your immediate and long-term financial goals- Find solutions to meet your and your family’s needs- Understand investment solutions, such as annuities, IRAs, lifeinsurance and college savings- Review your insurance and financial needs as they change- Answer questions and provide ongoing service and support
Aspire Insurance 1.0 APK
Rob McBrideAgency OwnerAs an entrepreneur, investor and business professional, I havebased my companies and represented my clients from the same placein which I was born… right here in Central Indiana. Indiana hasbeen my life long home that I always return to. I feel honored andblessed to take care of my neighbors and policy holders just as ifthey are my personal family.Our Agency has grown over 500% since 2008 and has earnedmultiple awards including the Allstate designation of “Inner CircleElite” on two occasions which is reserved for the top 2% of allAgencies nationwide. We strive to deliver the promise that ourPremier Service Agency status, and my personal achievement of HonorRing, means to our clients… delivering a dedicated and trustedapproach to insurance services on your home, life and retirementprograms as your professional insurance advisor. Our Agency isfederally listed as a Member SIPC within the Securities InvestorProtection Corporation, and I maintain a Series 6 and Series 63Securities License with FINRA, the Financial Industry RegulatoryAuthority as the member regulation, enforcement and arbitrationoperations of the New York Stock Exchange.Personally, I am very interested in Music and InternationalTravel as well as secretly being a bit of a technology nerd. Iproudly volunteered and served in the US Army, the Boy Scouts ofAmerica’s Leadership and Woodbadge programs. I provide support formany charitable community causes, and as being a Father, aGrandfather, and active community member, feel that I understandlocal personal values as it relates to knowing how to advise andsuggest proper solutions to your family’s insurance and retirementneeds. Thank you in advance for your interests in my Agency. Welook forward to delivering on the interests by becoming your Agencyfor life.