1.2 / January 29, 2015
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How to play Tap anywhere on the screen to make the Star jump andavoid the evil star.Very simple to play but hard to master. Howlong can you jump for? -Very addicting gameplay -OnlineLeaderboards- Bouncy fun!- You will Get Rekt!

App Information Star Hop -Bouncy Fun

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    Star Hop -Bouncy Fun
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    January 29, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Nlightened Touch
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Are you fed up with bird a word that you can’tescape from in the app stores?Do you want to just punch those flapping and tapping birds?Download now for your chance!Use your mighty fist of bird rage to knock those flying menacesfrom the sky in this epic side scrolling, bird punching game offinesse and PoWeR! To play you merely guide the fists of power andfurious punching action into the lines of oncoming birds and watchthem as they splat! This new and genuinely creative bird punchinggame was professionally developed and expertly designed to give youthe striking power of a heavy weight champion to eradicate yourselffrom the waves and waves of pesky flying birds! In Punch Bird youwill notice that there are over 14 birds with varying flightpatterns to challenge you! But the challenge just starts there andgets better with every passing punch of bird splatting brutality!As the levels progress the game gets more and more challenging andwhen you think it can’t possibly push you further, it does! Thosewho love duck hunt for nes, will find this game very fun andaddicting.Punch Bird has multiple modes for you to explore! Download nowto explore all the facets of this amazing game of challengingfun!Punch Birds Features:• Free game• Awesome fun• Great HD graphics• Sweet bird punching• Easy to use axis controls• Amazing gaming experience• Two game modes to try and explore• Endless gaming that will thrill all gamers• Exact revenge on the game birds that plague you• Professionally developed and created to bring you the best• Extremely addicting and satirical gaming for maximum birdpunching laughs!Unlike most bird games, Punch Bird is not all about the cutelittle birds finding love and happiness! It’s about punching themsilly! Though we don’t recommend punching REAL BIRDS, these littlemoochers have had it coming since January 2014. You know you wantto do it! Go ahead unleash your tapping and flapping RAGE! Punchthose little peepers and chirpers right out of the sky! Punchingbirds is fun all by yourself but why not get the whole familyinvolved for a little birdy retribution? Go ahead and share thisapp with everyone you know! The sound of Chirp, chirp, SPLAT willsoon be music to your ears! The awesome HD graphics and sweet gameplayer experience blends nicely to bring you a game that you andyour peeps will love to play for a very long time! Never againworry about crashing birds into pipes, other birds, or any otherobstacles besides you magnificently furious fist of bird revenge!Give it all you got! Download and rise to the challenge, see justhow many birds you can turn into nugget bird tenders! No gameanywhere will bring you the thrills of punching birds with suchoverwhelming power and knockdown potential as Punch Bird! Give thisgame a try and unleash all of your rage and power! You know youwant to do it! You know you can rise to the challenge! You know youcan’t resist! Download today and exact your bird revenge!
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Star Hop -Bouncy Fun 1.2 APK
How to play Tap anywhere on the screen to make the Star jump andavoid the evil star.Very simple to play but hard to master. Howlong can you jump for? -Very addicting gameplay -OnlineLeaderboards- Bouncy fun!- You will Get Rekt!
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