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HOW TO PLAY:Move around the screen by holding the indicator with afinger.When you remove your finger from the indicator, the gamewill pause.Collect everything from the rotating white rings. Avoideverything else.GAME FEATURES:Endless episodes, endless excitingand highly dynamic stages plus bonus stagemany types of enemyunitsstrong weaponsmany bosseselectronic soundtracks STORY:Due tothe technological development and discovery of the red matter in2051, colonization of Mars became a fact. Developing the new timetheory enabled controlling its existing form. The world has changedthanks to that! Machines which slow down the time are a permanentelement of the human life.In 2056, just after establishing the EIA(Earth Interplanetary Alliance) and determining the space law,people started to make regular trips into space. Thanks to theminerals obtained during the explorations of other planets, thetechnological development continues to pick up pace.15 years later,at the beginning of 2066 after intercepting an unusual signal froman unknown civilization, the EIA Ministry assigned all itsfinancial and logistic resources in order to make anothercontact..Unfortunately, the Aliens turned out to be uninterested inthe diplomatic contact with humans and the only activity which theywere willing to take towards human beings was to begin militaryaction.The First Contact War began in 2067.Thanks to thediversifying actions we found out that the foreign race, the Aliensas they would call themselves, had expansive intentions. After abiophysical analysis of a captured alive alien, our scientistsfound out that the destructive genes in those species wereassimilated in their DNA artificially, thus we can be certain thereis something of the very unknown and unimaginable to the human racebehind the invasion.However, the foreign race committed a hugemistake. They have misestimated their chances not knowing what thehumans are capable of. Although the human civilization is coming toa destruction point, people have come together as neverbefore.Physicists have discovered the source of supply of theforeign units. They are the crystals of Xelors which in most casesare undamaged during destruction. The physicists have developedprovisional mechanisms which can reinforce the kinetic propertiesof specific weapons when implemented into them.You are an airman ofa standard EIA hybrid unit of the 4th generation. Current aim:resist and prevent the attack on Earth

App Information Star Ship Warfare

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You're going for the best ride on Explore Ha Noi Ocean - One of thehottest mobile games in the world is now available on GooglePlay!Imagine the future in 3015, the global temperature spike soHanoi capital of Vietnam was below sea level. Let's discover theocean at Hanoi!Navigate the ocean depths collecting the maximumpossible coins and avoiding accurate torpedoes that try hityou!During your incredible adventure on the ocean deep, searchingfor the end of the seas, traps will appear. Be careful not to getcaught by any of them. Good things will appear to help you! Extralife and some specials are part of this underwater world.Youradventure is endless, days and nights pass and will continue hisjourney, but do not worry when the night comes down a powerfulflashlight will help you to see obstacles in front of you! When thenight is over everything will return to normal.After leaving thesecret hangar, simply touch the screen to ascend and release todescend, bubbles will be left behind by a powerful propeller thatwill boost you forward. bobEnjoy it, Our warranty is your fun!Onthe main menu you can equip your submarine making it more powerfulfor battle!This game will appeal to all age groups of players.After all, it is necessary both youthful enthusiasm and maturethinking. You will feel yourself like a pilot that controlsmaneuverable, armed, and beautiful Submarine. Dive into amazingadventure! And, of course, wonderful in-game music, which does notleave indifferent any gamer, because it is intertwined with theactive scenario game.Features: - Great models game and beautifulgraphics- Simple controls!- Endless game!- Amazing effects !- Touchthe screen to ascend your submarine! - Collect coins and avoidobstacles!- Day & Nigth effects!- Nice flashligth effects-Endless game-play, endless fun!- Simple Controls: One touch play!-Collect coins and power-ups- Support of high resolution displays-Realistic physics- Amazing submarine engine sound and cool specialeffects and in-game music- Leaderboard using Google Play GameServicesIf you experience any problems with the app or have asuggestion for the app, don't hesitate emailing me:pivot.vietnam@gmail.comNote: There are no viruses in thegame!PLEASE READ: This game is completely FREE. Developer spent alot of time making this game and bringing it for you. The only wayfor the developer to cover spends - is by Ads. Please, do notignore them.Thanks for playing Amazing Submarine AdventureHave fun!