1.40 / March 21, 2016
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The Star Wars Theme Park is Minecraft PE mapisan amazing map to experience, especially if you are a big fanofStar Wars. There are loads of things to explore andexperience.Everything from roller coasters to minigames. The designand layoutof the theme park is just surprisingly impressive. Toreally get anidea of what this map offers check out the imagesfurther down,you’ll love it! Download Minecraft PE Star Wars ThemeParkmap

App Information Star Wars Theme Park Map

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    Star Wars Theme Park Map
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    March 21, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Funny PE Maps
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    100 - 500
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Five Nights at Candy’s 2 1.14 APK
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Five Nights at Candy’s 2 is Minecraft PE mapisa hide-and-seek minigame map based on the game with the samename.It’s supposed to be a replica of the warehouse which much ofthegameplay takes place in the game. The minigame is recommendedto beplayed by at two players (and with a maximum of four) whereone ofyou needs to be the seeker. It’s a quite dark map as it isbut ifyou want to add some extra difficulty then set brightness tozeroand turn off the volume. Download Minecraft PE Five NightsatCandy’s 2 map
Bikini Bottom City Map 1.40 APK
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Enter the universe of SpongeBob andhisfriends. This is Bikini Bottom City Minecraft PE map. It’safictional city, of course, but nonetheless an amazing maptoexplore. It includes most of the locations as seen in theanimatedTV series. Some of the houses include SpongeBob’s pineapplehouseand along with the neighbouring houses. There’s is also theBikiniBottom Mall and lots of other places to explore we can assureyou.Download minecraft pe Bikini Bottom City Map now.
8 Redstone Creations Map 1.10 APK
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8 Redstone Creations is Minecraft PE mapHereis a redstone map which demonstrates eight advanced andextremelyuseful redstone creations. Some of the structures includea lockdoor combination system with a built-in defense mechanism.I’m sureyou will be able to use many of these machines todrasticallyincrease the safety and efficiency for your own bases.DownloadMinecraft PE 8 Redstone Creations map
Do You Know 0.14 Map 1.88 APK
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Do You Know 0.14? That’s the question whichyoucan answer by completing all 6 puzzles which are included inthemap. Each puzzle is in some relation to the most recent 0.14updateof Minecraft Pocket Edition. As the update was primarilyfocused onredstone the majority of challenges will include sometype ofredstone mechanism. Download Do You Know 0.14? minecraft pemapnow!
TN City Map 1.10 APK
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TN City is Minecraft PE map is a big citywhichhas been in development for over two years by two brothers.The cityinclude a vast variety of areas and buildings. Some of theonesinclude a big airport, several famous company buildings suchas theFacebook headquarters, McDonald restaurants and even an IBMofficebuilding. There are lots of weird things to come across inthe citysuch as a tank in the middle of the street. DownloadMinecraft PE TNCity map
Paradise Parkour Map 1.10 APK
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Paradise Parkour is Minecraft PE map is abigmap with 25 different levels. Each level exists in a space of9×9blocks and has a unique theme which usually somehow relates tothebiomes in Minecraft. Most of the levels are fairly easy tocompletebut there’s definitely a few ones which require someextraattention while playing. Download Minecraft PE ParadiseParkourmap
Five Nights at Freddy’s1 1.40 APK
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Five Nights at Freddy’s is Minecraft PE mapisa very popular horror game which has gained a lot of attractionforthe songs included in the games. For example, the original songonYouTube which this redstone map is based on have more than60million views on YouTube. That by itself equals a total ofmorethan 300 years of time which has been spent by people watchingthevideo. download is Minecraft PE Five Nights at Freddy’s 1SongmapFive Nights at Freddy'sisMinecraft PE map is a very popular horror game which has gainedalot of attraction for the songs included in the games. Forexample,the original song on YouTube which this redstone map isbased onhave more than 60 million views on YouTube. That by itselfequals atotal of more than 300 years of time which has been spentby peoplewatching the video. download is Minecraft PE Five Nightsat Freddy's1 Song map.
Sonic the Hedgehog Map 1.10 APK
Funny PE Maps
onic the Hedgehog is Minecraft PE mapisoriginally a speed-based platform game. This is a parkour mapforMinecraft Pocket Edition which design was based on thetypicalcolorful design which can be found in all of the games. Itwasoriginally created for PC but due to its popularity a coupleofPocket Edition players have decided to port it to Minecraft PE.Allin all, it’s a unique parkour map with many uniqueelements!Download Minecraft PE Sonic the Hedgehog map