1.2.13 / January 8, 2020
(4.2/5) (28)


Starship Shooter is the newest unique match-3 like puzzle game!Actually, it is more than a match 3. There are various items to poplike cubes, hexagons, and balls with a super starship shooter! Whatmakes you say 'amusing' for a game? When you play an amusing game,you lose track of time and stop thinking about vexing things. Wedesigned all the features of this blasting game to make you say'yes, it is really amusing!' The level design is completelydifferent from other games that you progress level by level. InStarship Shooter, there are 5 stages in a level! So, you will shootmore bubbles thanks to this feature. Each stage offers a differentchallenge and if you overcome these challenges, you can play bonuslevels with extraordinary and funny pixel-art level designs! Uniquelevel and stage design let you play the game without waiting forany loading. While you play bubble shooter games, you need to waitfor the game-win screen and then loading the next level. StarshipShooter offers a non-stop bubble popping gameplay! Its futuristicgame-design takes you to space. Also, this bubble blast game is abit similar to the arcade games you play in the 90s. Get in yourfavorite starship and clear all hexagons, balls, cubes, and blocksby shooting and bursting them. Features: - Non-stop cube popgame-play - Futuristic space theme - Unique level design to shootmore bubbles quickly - Bonus levels with pixel-art - Achievementsand daily rewards - 3 different items to blast: hexagon, ball, andcube - Hundreds of levels and level stages - Super power-ups

App Information Starship Shooter

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    Starship Shooter
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    January 8, 2020
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    NARCADE TEKNOLOJI LTD STI Asmalı Mescit Mahallesi Kallavi Sokak No:1 Daire:1 Beyoğlu / İstanbul
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Bubble shooting is funnier with cats. Our only concern is to makeTia happy. You’ll see it is not so easy to satisfy this lovely cat.Uhm, I am not sure whether this cat is really lovely. Maybe it is abit itchy :) Anyway, you can make Tia rejoice with biscuits andsome toys like clew and balls. Bubble Pop is a fun bubble shootergame free for adults. Some of the levels are easy to relax, someare difficult to challenge just like brain training puzzle game.Aim and shoot bubbles! Never get bored thanks to the surprises andchallenges in this bubble shooter game! This shooting bubble gameoffers many puzzle game modes to avoid being bored. Deliciouscookies, cat food, milk and toys are placed among bubbles. You willpop bubbles in the same color with the bubble on the launcher. Someobstacles like bubble spinner modes, icy bubbles on your way makeyou shoot bubbles strategically like in a puzzle game. Don’t worry!We put some surprising bubbles blasting all bubbles under it! Superpower-ups help you be the favorite playmate of Tia! If you don’twant to see Tia glaring at you, you can use super power-ups such asmarbles and peg-tops to burst bubbles in different colors in onemove. The more stars you collect, the more gifts you win! Eachbubble popping level you achieved adds star to your star box andafter 20 stars are collected, gifts like unlimited lives, power-upsand coins are given to you! Some tips to get more fun of thisbubble game: Shooting bubbles continuously brings more coins. Spendyour coins to use power-ups popping more bubbles in one move.Bounce the bubbles on the walls to thread through bubbles andobstacles Win gifts with the daily spin wheel. Connect to Facebookto synchronize your progress on all devices Update the game forfree when new updates are available on the market How to playbubble games: - Tap the targeted area to launch bubble to blastbubbles - Aim the same color bubbles, you need to match 3 at leastFollow us on social media:https://www.facebook.com/Bubble-Popland-607256949413375/https://twitter.com/PoplandBubblehttps://www.instagram.com/poplandbubbleshooter/
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Gummy Dash is a classical match 3 puzzle game with hundreds of freeand amusing levels. You can find many jewel matching or candyblasting games but Gummy Dash presents gummy candies to match anddash. All the rules of match 3 games go for Gummy Dash, too. Swapthe two near tasty gummy or lolly to dash three or more yummygummies. Blast and get a combo of special jelly gummy and lollycandy or go and use power-ups to bomb delicious and scrumptiousgummy without match3 . Take a journey to fantastic and shiningsweet gummy lands. Start your match 3 puzzle adventure on sublimecandy kingdom separated into different seasons and burst gummycandies of icy, greeny lands filled with delicious cupcakes, tastydonuts, chewy taffy, and dashy bonbon. Create sugar combo , juicytwist , and striped milk gummy to dash more jelly , yummy andscrumptious gummy to be the best candy smasher. Various match 3missions are on your way: 1- Dash gummy in the blocks to breakjelly or chocolate blocks . 2- Drop gummy items by matching gummycandies under gummy totems 3- Create great blaze and make a hugecombo to get a high score before the moves finish or time is over4- Save the cute Gummygums by matching and blasting candies Matchmouthwatering jelly gummy strategically. Check whether it ispossible to dash four or five of gummy. If you can get stripedgummy , yummy twist or gumdrop , it will be easier to drop moregummy. Show your brainpower in this brain training puzzle game. Tocrush gummy candy has never been so funny. Follow your match threeadventure on level map offering different gummy gemmy lands . Lifeis sweet with these gumy juicy j jellies. Become the best candysmasher of everlasting chewy candies. Each crushed gummy increasesyour score. To play jelly match 3 games and to crash juice cubes isgood choice to pass time. Instead of gummy bear or panda bear,there are lots of juice cubes, lolly and scrumptious; mouthwateringcandies everywhere of this sugar land.
Basketball Stars 1.2.1 APK
We've designed a perfect basketball gameincluding both basketball shot and tournament. 3D realisticphysics, detailed stunning graphics take you into a real basketballexperience. Customize your basketball player by connecting to yourFacebook account and share your scores in Google Plus and Facebook.Besides, you can buy new balls and unlock new environments with thecoins you earned in basketball tournaments and missions.Play easy or hard mode. Select one of the environments: CityPark, Basketball Court, and Garage. After selecting the basketballand the player, go to rock! There are various missions andsubmissions to complete and to earn coins. At each trophy, newfeatures are waiting you. Test and develop your skills atbasketball shot in one player mode. At the beginning of this sportgame, you should complete 60 Seconds Rush where you shoot basketsas many as you can in 60 seconds, Career in which you achieve thetarget basket, 9 Lives to shoot baskets in 9 different angles, and1 Ball Hero missions.If you like multiplayer basketball games, Basketball Starsoffers you many basketball tournaments where you challenge a realonline player around the world. Make flawless shots to get thehighest score. Challenge all the online players and get all thetrophies!Basketball Stars offers you real basketball environment whereyou smash and shoot to develop your skills at basketball sport.Super slam dunk, basketball jam and more are in this game to keepbasketball mania going.Features:- One of the most realistic basketball games- Multiplayer and one player modes- Easy and hard options- 5 main trophy with various submissions- Customizable basketball player and the ball- Three environments: City Park, Basketball Court, and Garage- Changeable camera views- Stunning graphics and realistic 3D physics- Connectable to Facebook and Google Plus accounts- Shooting bar to set your angle and power
Rich Slots 2.6 APK
Rich Slots is an amusing Vegas casino gamedesigned elaborately. Thanks to its detailed graphics, amazingbonuses, atmospherical sounds feel in Las Vegas.There are 3 stages in this multi-slot game: Happy Farmer, HappyFisherman, Happy Chef. Each slot machine offers you unique symbolsand original gameplay. Happy Farmer has fruit and vegetable symbolslike apple, grape, eggplant. To play the next stage pokies , youshould fill the level bars of the 30 levels. Between the 30th andthe 60th levels, you are in the Happy Fisherman stage. Then, youcan play Happy Chef's 30 levels for quick hit .At each stage of this free casino game, different bonus symbols anddouble casino games are waiting you. There are 'scatter' symbolsgiving you five free spin.Besides, Rich Slots gives you more and more bonus coins frommoney bag at each 4 hours. To get more bonus, reset the counter.then have a new money bag to play more pokies in this casino house. Let’s continue slots mania .Take big risk to win big money bag and jackpot . No matter howmany you lose because at each level in this casino house, you getextra free coins. Increase the number of the line to 20, of the betto 100. The number of the max bet is 8000 at the 75th level formore slots mania !Double casino fun in this las vegas like environment. Thiscasino house offers a huge money bag to get rich and hit jackpot .Spin pokies to continue slots mania.Features:- The best one of free slot machine games- Bonus casino games for jackpot big win- Scatter symbol: minimum combination of 3 scatter gives 5 freespin- Wild symbol: substitute for all symbols except scatter andbonus- Bonus symbol: minimum combination of 3 bonus symbols will opendifferent gameplay- 3 Slot Machine Stages: Happy Farmer, Happy Fisherman, HappyChef- 90 slot machine levels in total- Bonus counter for 4 hours- Extra free chips for each level- Max line: 20- More and more max bet at each level- Auto spin- Fast-paced tumbling reel action
Motocross Frontier 2.0.0 APK
A new physics based dirt bike racing game hascome to keep you busy for hours. Dangerous ledges and xtreme rampsbrings high-octane action to this side-scrolling xtreme motocrossrace for extremo sports lovers. Be assertive about your drivingskills and perform mad flip-flaps to feel more excitement and toget higher scores. Pace and jump the ramps to fly in the sky roadsand to roll at frontiers.There are 7 off-road or dirt bikes to ride at the full speed.Complete levels successfully by overcoming obstacles, hazardousdownhill and mad ramps. Look at the speed and handling abilities ofthe motorbikes or its responsiveness to have a more exciting andfaster race experience. Hell ride is waiting for you at crosses.Hard ride to hell at full speed with motox . If you areunassertive, try to develop your skills at ramps. Then, go tobecome a motocross mad and perform unbelievable flip-flaps onfrontier flapper .The controls are simple: touch the left and right of the screento move back or forward. Tilt your device to roll your dirt bike.This trial racing game is easy to play, hard to master. Avoidcrashing and falling down or see the clear effects of crashing andbreaking into pieces. Motox are not indestructible . Thisadrenaline rush game restarts from the very beginning, if you crashbefore passing one of the checkpoints. Be ready for hard ride tohell . There is no bike rack to take a breath. Ride until motocrossmeltdown. No pain & gain. Just proud of mad max motocross raceat trails of a dakar like place.You'll be amazed at the physics and xtremo effects in this dirtbike racing game. Perform tricks to pump adrenaline in yourbloodstream and to feel extremo excitement. Experience anunbelievable motocross extremo race on tracks filled withadrenaline rush dangers. Keep your balance on your motorcycle andrun fast up and downhill. Perform xtreme dangerous jumps and flipflaps after reaching full speed. Don't crash fast moving extremoobstacles to maintain motox trials at full speed.An unassertive motocross racer can’t survive in this hell ride .There is a dakar like environment but you don’t ride the excitebike freestyle. Freeride is impossible on these crosses andfrontiers. You don’t need to know bike tech to ride a dirtbike .Let a hell ride begin and deal with dirt ramps like you are atmountain biking . Try to use your skills instead of getting tooangry to headbutt. It is not easy to keep trial balance no matterhow much skilled you are. Enjoy activating adrenalina at eachmotocross flip flapper at frontier .Features:- Freestyle motocross racing game with bone crushingclarity- A responsive dirt bike ready for tricks and flip-flaps- Coins on your way to collect- Weird ramps to run upon- Physic based platforms making you fly in the sky- Simple controls- 4 stages offering different settings, race platforms- 48 xtreme dirt bike racing levels- 7 motorbikes to select- Speed and handling skills
Zipline Valley - Physics Puzzle Game 1.7.1 APK
Physics game lovers enjoy this new puzzle game in which they draw asafe path for the zip line and avoid the dangers. The mission is tomove people cabin to cabin safely. Many dangers and traps arewaiting for you on this rope road but if you think strategicallyand connect the two homes with a safe zip line, passengers willarrive their destination alive. To rescue the friends waiting atthe starting point of this dangerous valley, draw a line with yourfingers and after reaching the other home, tap on the screen to letthe passengers go on the zip line. How long you hold your finger onthe screen, the more passengers do zip line. To avoid the dangers,you can draw the line around the blocks, you can move the line justlike a rope. The game mechanic is based on whipping a rope. Thereare many hazards and traps to challenge, so this brain trainingphysics puzzle game won't let you get bored. Minimalist and uniquedesign and tons of free puzzle levels keep you entertained forhours. As drawing the line, take the coins and keys intoconsideration. To collect coins and keys bring some gifts to you.
Ignis - Brain Teasing Puzzle Game 4.8 APK
Brain teasing puzzle lovers will be addicted to this minimalist andunique puzzle game Ignis. Sparkle all mind twister shapesstrategically in this minimalist puzzle action game. Tap on thepoint to ignite and watch all rectangles, hexagons, and circlesburning. When one shape burns out, its sparkle spreads on thenearest shape and ignites it. If you like concentration games orchallenging games, this physics puzzle game keep you enjoy forhours! Engaging games start easy and simple but get harder as youpass the levels. Ignis just like all addicting games for freebegins with a level that you burn just one shape. However, aftercompleting a couple of puzzle levels, you need to think how to burnfive or six shapes only with a sparkle in this logic game. Thereare hundreds of logic master levels to complete and mind twistershapes, difficult mechanics, exigent lines and zigzags are waitingfor you. Fuse all skillfully and have a challenge fun!!! Ignis isone of the best challenging and addicting free games to play whenyou bored. Its unique sounds, simple designs, relaxing fuse andsparkle effects and physics based mechanics can make it the bestarcade game. How to play: Think strategically and tap the point youdecide, then, watch the burning lines with the sparkles. Eachsparkle will connect to other shapes if you can find the correctsparkle point! Unique and simple game mechanic and design let youlive a different puzzle game experience. Puzzle levels gettingharder and harder makes you addictive to this exciting puzzle game.Physic based levels are a great joy for the lovers of brain-teasingpuzzle games. This classic logic game keep you entertained forhours! Features: Simple & unique game mechanic Physics puzzlesgetting harder to solve Relaxing music Various shapes to blast andburn Hint feature Enjoying casual style gameplay for the lovers ofbrain training games