1.0.1 / September 10, 2014
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Feel like playing a hard game..The most impossible game evermade.. dash your way through the endless space journey..You need toavoid the deadly spikes and the cube hindrances.Use the twomagnetic startrix to dodge the cubes and the spikes to fly in theouter space...

The game Startrix comes with some really addicting sound effectsand music SFX to keep you glued to the space scifiadventures.

Scrape and play this endless Startrix journey...

Startrix is a challenging high speed game which has Rapid moves,extreme turns and easy controls to play.

Test your reflexes and try out this game today

App Information Startrix Space Adventures

  • App Name
    Startrix Space Adventures
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    September 10, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Miracle Studios Games
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email raj@miraclestudiosgames.com
    Tower D 3rd Floor, DLF Building, Rajiv Gandhi IT Park. Chandigarh. India. 160101
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There are times when every parent needs to keep the kids busy.Popular 3D Running Games too tough for little kids? Well, we wantedto change all that. We made a game for little children to play withease with as less hindrances as possible. Keep your kids hooked onto this game keep them busy for hours.Get ready to be bedazzled by the fairy world endless adventureespecially designed for kids!The game revolves around Jasmine, whose eyes sparkle like astarry night sky, hair shines like diamonds and her magic makes herspecial. Experience the mesmerizing music and feel like a beautifulfairy collecting dazzling gems in this enchanted fantasy world.But, beware there is an evil rabbit in the fairy world who canstop you from collecting gems. Escape the evil rabbit by gettingthe power-ups like shield, magnet and boost.Fly through this fantasy forest world with beautiful mountains,striking waterfalls and lovely rainbows.Being kids friendly, the game has easy controls with the simpleswipe up, left, right, down – which will keep kids engrossed inthis dreamland.In the fairy world, the beautiful fairy named Jasmine liveshappily. She loves collecting glittering gems. But the evil rabbitdoesn't enjoy seeing her collecting all the gems. He createsobstacles in the path of sweet fairy so that she cannot collect thegems.Enter this amazing and adventurous fairy world to experience thelife of the beautiful fairy. Fairy Game follows the magical tale ofa fairy who loves exploring and collecting gems. Escaping theobstacles set by the wicked rabbit she flies through the fantasyland and collects the dazzling gems reaching the end of the game. Asuper addictive and exciting game that every kid will surelylove!Take the magical wand and become a beautiful fairy for the day.Get power-ups and fly through the magical adventure land.- Become a beautiful fairy and fly in the fantasy world!- Avoid dangerous obstacles and enjoy the breathtaking views ofmystic mountains, wonderful waterfalls and celestialrainbows!- Get power-ups along the way and increase your high-score in thisendless exciting game!
Classic Marble Ball Fall Down 1.0.1 APK
The Falling down Ball game offers awesome dynamics at yourfingertips. It is a simple android game but with awesomecrescendos. The hero of the game is the ball, which you have toroll from top to bottom. However the falling of the ball shouldfollow a few rules and you have to complete the game within aspecific time frame.How to play the game?Just simply roll down theball and it will start moving in its own course. However, you haveto follow two rules:• You have to stay away from falling in theblack hole, • You have to stay down from the wooden roofs, they aremultiple in number.• There are metal air blowers: it will forceball in opposite direction so be alert when these elements arenearby.You will get some supports from the game play:• You will getbonus for extra power• You are allowed to collect star: it willhelp you to accumulate extra score for you.It is an endless gameplay but each session is to be completed within a specific time.The ball will take more speed gradually, you have to remain alert.At the end of each game you will get to see the score: challengeyour own score and make new and higher score every time!Thefeatures of the game:It is a sheer advantage to know all its gamingfeatures so that you can master the game better.• Simple butattractive woody colored user interface: you can select play buttonfrom here, • Want to learn the game play: check instructions,• Youhave to move the balldown the labyrinth full of wooden-shelf: youhave to follow the rules or else the game will be over,• You haveto tilt the device to master the control on the ball’s movement,•Time and score will be displayed,• Personal score and best scorewill be displayed, • You can like the game in Facebook,• If youhave loved the game to play, you can rate the game by taping on the“rate” button.Download the game on your android device: it will bea wonderful study of your reflex and an entertainment unlimitedwith addictive challenging gameplay. Ask you kids to play the game,it will help him to improve his level of alertness.
The Great Grand Masti VR Game 1.0 APK
Adding to the sequence after Masti and Grand Masti, the Great GrandMasti is set to hit the cinema halls on July 15th. The terrifictrio of the Masti boys from the series- Mastikhor Amar, MastikhorPrem and Mastikhor Meet is now on your mobile phone. The officialGreat Grand Masti game that lets you feel the masti the guys havebeen doing all these three movies. Ever wondered the spruced uplife the Masti guys live with their sizzling partners? The GreatGrand Masti Game gives you the exact chance to live that. And withthe hot and sizzling Urvashi Rautela sitting right next to you, howcan you any way not. Hang around with the super sizzling star castof the Great Grand Masti! Experience Great Grand Masti in VirtualReality with Procus VR.Buy Procus VR from amazon here :http://goo.gl/kCzSZwand experience the Grand Masti now !!Share theexperience of the turning tables and join the Masti fad!
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In a time before time, a little townprospered, nestled in the magical forest of the Land of Chibis.Led by a king who was both kind and wise, the town hadflourished for centuries. When danger threatened, the town reliedon a tiny band of joyful warriors—the Chibis. The skill of theChibis and the guidance of the king kept the town safe. But theking’s long life was near its end.On his dying bed, the king called upon his last born—hisyoungest son, Prince Roland.“There is a secret I have kept from you my son,” the old mansaid. “The forest is not our home. Our true kingdom lies towardsthe east, far across the two seas. More than 200 years ago, theEvil Witch of the North captured our kingdom. She destroyed theChibi Empire and slayed many. To save what was left of our people,we had to leave the kingdom and take shelter here.”“Long ago, I swore an oath to reclaim what was ours. Bravesoldiers tried to make good on my promise, led by your olderbrothers. None returned. And now my time is over.”“Before my last breath, I ask of you, my son: Recover ourrightful kingdom. You have heard of the four magical swords? Youwill need all four to kill the witch. Your journey will not beeasy. The world is full of perils, and the witch waits for you atjourney’s end. But my soul will not rest until my oath isfulfilled. You are my last chance. May the spirits be withyou.”So the old King died. Roland was determined to make good on hisfather’s oath. What dangers would he face? Would Roland discoverthe fate of his two brothers? Would he be able to gather the fourswords and defeat the Witch of the North? And so began the greatestadventure of the Chibis.
Pinball Candy FF 1.0.1 APK
Love Pinball? Well, here's a game with an awesome twist to it.Thiseasy to play game keeps you hooked on when you try to keep the ballwithin the gameplay zone. If that wasn't tough enough, you have tocollect the candies within the game before the time runs out.Youneed sniper reflexes to keep the game going on..This is a simpletouch game which you can play between those boring meetings, and onthose bus travels. Compete with players all over the world to reachthe top score. How to Play the Game:- Use left and right tap tomove the levers- Make sure the pinball does not fall down- Collectand crush the Candies before the time runs out- Reach as much scoreas possible
Doodle Dots & Box Puzzle Game 1.0.1 APK
Joining dots are perhaps one of the simplest actions even the kidscan perform. In the game Doodle Dots, you have to play with lots ofdots online where you have to join two dots in straight line ateach attempts of connecting dots. Apparently it seems to be asimple task, but once you will start the play you will find achallenging algorithm in its entire game plan.The most attractivequality of this Dots puzzle game is its simplicity and amazingdynamics. It is a real time pass on your android device where youcan play the game in single player mode as well as in double playermode. The user interface looks amazingly simple one and offers 100%clarity to understand the game play at one go. How to play thegame:There is nothing complicated in the game play: regardless youare playing single against computer or against another player youhave to join dots as fast as possible in straight vertical andhorizontal lines. Now the game is to join and close these initiallines into a square. Faster you wool be completing the squares, youwill be the winner of the game.The features:Check the cool featuresof this joining dots game: it will help you to get maximum fun andexcitement on board.• User friendly interface: it is easy tounderstand the game play,• There is music in the background: themusic will keep your engrossed on your target,• It is an arcadegame: each of the game session has to be completed within a fixedtime,• You can play the game in single player mode as well as indoubles,• It can be played on both Android phones and tablets.•There is a rate button; once you love to play it you can rate thegame for sharing your delight.• Want to learn the game: you willget the support on online tutorial here.Download the game now andstart playing its dots joining game play. Its amazing graphics areentertaining enough and the game is super addictive! You can askyour kids to play the game: it will help them to enjoy better levelof concentration. Joining dots: a game about connecting andenjoying puzzle at your fingertips.
Dirt Bike Llama Stunt Rider 3D 1.0 APK
Llama BikerBiker games are known for their user-access to frenzy ofspeedand awesome dynamics of biker stunts that are almostimpossible anddangerous to perform in reality.Do you love riding bike reckless but cannot enjoy in realityforthe sake of safety? If yes, you can now satisfy your passionforjoining super-speedy bike racing virtually by playing LlamaBikerGame on your android device.This Bike Racing Simulator 3D game will allow you to runyourbike in super-fast speed. The rider of the bike is thedaredevilLama Biker who is ready to take all sorts of risks andstunts andyou have to help him to run his bike and to survive himagainst allimpending obstacles lying on his running track. You willbe able toplay this Stunt Bike racing 3D in differentenvironment.How to play the game?In one word, this Llama Biker game is extremely simpletounderstand but it is quite difficult to master the control onthemovement of the bike. Tapping on the play button you canstartplaying the game and if you want to upgrade your bike, you candothat by tapping on the upgrade icon.Tap the screen to start the bike running game. On the roadyouhave to help the Lama biker to collect coins. More the coinsyourLlama biker will collect you will make more score and willbepromoted to the next level of biker racing. You can play thegamein different environment and that is one of the enticing partsofthis Bike Racing 3D game.The features of the game:You must have decided to play the game right now: beforeyoustart playing checks its cool features:• Dazzling user interface: it is simple to play the Llamabikerracing game but it is equally challenging to masterthecontrol.• In this game you also get the option to increase ordecreasethe senstivity• Excellent stunts can be performed as well as there isscopeenjoying super risky front flip: challenge your biker’s skillandbe a super skilled winner,• There are total 30 levels you can play with Llama biker: oncealevel is complete, you will be automatically promoted to thenextlevel,• You can select out of 7 motocross bikes• You can play any previous complete level at perdiscretion.Drive at super-fast speed; no matter if you have tocrossjungles, meadows, or icy paths
Jurassic Parking World 3D 1.0.4 APK
Welcome to the World of Prehistoric Land of Dinosaurs! A DrivingSimulator Adventure in the Ice Ages..A thrilling adventure awaitsyou, as you enter into this pre historic world of Killer Dinosaursand treacherous terrain. As soon as you download this game, youenter the world of these gigantic Trex Dinos, Fire breathingDragons and many more creatures.. You have no guns, no weapons tohunt these Dinos.. The only way to survive is to be the best driverand park your vehicle into the safest zones.This game is a perfectblend of Car Parking Simulation games and the Prehistoric JurassicEra This is not a racing game where you could drive fast and bedone with each level. You have to be a very skilled driver to drivearound these Harsh Zig Zag Terrains, making this one of thetoughest driving games available. Come be a part of this DinosaurWorld Safari, and experience the most thrilling game of2014.Awesome Features that await you in this game!- One of the bestdriving simulation physics. - Multiple Vehicles such as Trucks,Cars, Jeeps and 4x4’s- Drive easily via tilt control(accelerometer) and Steering control- 33 Levels of pure terror asyou enter the backyard of these Killer Dinosaurs that lurk aroundto hunt and kill you.- A Real Car Parking experience with highquality 3D Graphics and Animations- Drive through Various Terrainslike The Lava filled Volcano mountain, the Frozen Ice AgeLandscapes, and The Dense Jungles.- Have a one of kind weathercontrol button to play god and change the weather as per yourwishes- Many Steering designs to choose from- Awesome Backgroundscore/music to keep you moving ahead- A really tough andchallenging game play- Time based Challenges - Quick RepairFeatureSo what are you waiting for, Download this simulator todayand have fun!