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Are you ready for unlimited adventures to play like a top secretagent of US secret service in this mafia gangster shootout missiongame, taking responsibility to arrest Vegas city museum robberycriminals? The main objective is to locate the crime scene in carand shootout all jail escaped prisoners who trying to stealprecious and ancient treasures. Drive like professional TAXI driverbut act like a swat police force secret agent to chase theprisoners & arrest them within time limit. The criminals are inmuseum and you need to chase or shoot down them to rescue museumhostages. Are you ready to join the US secret service? Game willgive you some missions to see if you are good enough to take partof crime vendetta. Proving you the most customized vintage classiccar. The criminals are out there in the museum. Your duty is tolockdown against downtown mafia gods while they will try tocriminal escape and stealth but you have to arrest them or killthem all to release hostages. An exciting gameplay, shoot criminalsand rescue hostages. A lot of tasks on your way while chasing thegangster squad. Beware!! It’s a public place, robbers will try toescape from museum building hiding themselves behind the humanshields but you have to make sure you don’t hit any citizen.Becomethe real army secret agent and chase the gangsters. All themissions contains stunning and challenging game-play filled withextreme city car driving like chasing, drifting & ultimatestunts adventure. We are sure you will enjoy this cool and realsecret agent mafia arrest action 3D game. Enjoy the best Policesecret agent mafia gods escape mission game that includes speeddriving, parking, drifting, and chasing the Vegas city robbers.Secret agent is now all set to drive & arrest the robbers. Soyou are going be a real SWAT secret agent in this amazing shooting,parking simulator & action game.First time in Vegas citytraffic you are driving classic car and chasing the criminal gangs.Enjoy super car drive as fast as you like, but drive carefully toavoid hitting downtown city traffic and road sides. Complete thegangsters hard time criminal escape mission objectives againstmuseum robbers to unlock the next levels. Police officer taskincluding driving, chasing & heavy assault gun shooting, eachlevel of game will give you the different mission of driving andshooting. Different tactics to complete the tasks or unlock thenext missions. Driving & shooting game play is very addictive.You have to chase & museum robbery gangsters, with assaultrifle & sniper guns. Just drive your public transporter carthrough the downtown city traffic and reach the crime scene torescue museum hostages & ancient treasures. Stealth AgentGangster Mission Game Features: • Secret Agent City Car Driving& assault shooting against mafia criminals• Highly challengingstealth games mission for real secret agent spy• Real time stealthand sniper shooting game play• Extreme car Driving Stunts withsniper shooting challenges• A Complete US City Environment toExplore• Chase and Arrest Museum Robbery Criminals to kill &Lockup into the Jail• Driving Fun with secret agent stealth missionDuty Adventures• Multiple Camera Modes to Enhance GameplayExperience So what are you waiting for? Download the “Stealth AgentGangster Mission” 3D Action Game and enjoy the experience of realsecret service agent adventures stealth & assault shootingmissions.

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    Stealth Agent Gangster Mission
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    February 9, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Whiplash Mediaworks
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    Apt 16, 425 Ashton Old Road, Manchester M11 2DL
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