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Get ready to fly F16 fighter jet over therival army bases and Secret Island now! Experience the stealthfighter jet attack in one of the newest fighter jet games whichcontain the most advanced and classy military F16 fighter jet airforce plane with no match in supersonic speed and maneuverabilityand it’s equipped with assault missile and powerful artilleries foryour mission. So, play as an ace heroic pilot in stealth fighterjet attack 3D tactical dog fight simulation game. STEALTH JETFIGHTER F16 war has a detailed raid mission that you need tocomplete for becoming a concluding savior warrior in the fighterjet games.
The game offers you five intense fighting levels. The basic missionin this game is to steal F 16 jet from the enemy’s base and fly itcarefully towards your destination. Enemy rivals are fast enoughand, so on the way, we’ll have to face the enemies and our coreduty is to destroy them. Basically, we have to destroy all enemy’smeans of communication which includes the communication tower,enemy’s army base, and ammunition station and water tank. We haveto destroy all these chattels by shooting through our missiles andbombs. Being a brave pilot, we have to be extremely careful andprotect the fighter jet from the bombing attacks towards us fromthe enemy base site. This is an extreme thrilling dogfight amongstthe F 16 fighter jet and enemy jets.
Stealth fighter jet attack with precision bombing is a veryaddictive action adventure, aerial combat game, for people who loveto play fighter jet games, action games, and flight simulators. Sofasten your seat belts in the cockpit of stealth F16 jet to travelthrough air high ranges flying advanced super-fast F16 fighter jetplane over ocean waves. STEALTH FIGHTER JET F16 war adventure gameis one of the modern midair battles that is definitely worth tryingif you love F16 jet fighter 3D battle.

App Information Stealth Fighter Jet F16

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    Stealth Fighter Jet F16
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    February 7, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Raydiex - 3D Games Master
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    10,000 - 50,000
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Hey Guys, Brace yourself to one of the best 3Dpolice horse chase games which is one of the classic horse racinggames and a horse simulator having a brand new concept of policechase games. So get ready to start the full throttle action with apolice horse in one of the hottest police games with police chasegames frisson to become a daring cop. Play as a real cop takingcontrol of the crime town in this new kind of earliest cowboy stylepolice vs thief game. POLICE HORSE CHASE: CRIME CITY is truly goingto pep up your inner police pursuit to show your fury required inpolice games. Believe it! There has never been such a remarkable 3Dhorse simulator.Police chase horse is actually an action and 3D horse simulatorgame that will let you take control of a police horse going crazyin the crime city. In this horse game you are the top cowboy policecop and as a heroic police officer your real mission is to rideyour horse to chase down the thieves, law breakers and criminalswho are trying to escape and getting away after breaking into thecity and running fast on their horses through the city roads. Keepfollowing the direction arrows and remember not to lose their sightas they are clever enough to deceive you. On sighting, criminalswill run fast and try to fade but with your horse you need to runspeedily and hunt them down by following the arrow on the cityboulevards with in the given time. Play something different from asimple horse simulator or horse racing games. Your horse isprofessionally trained and same is for you so let’s ride andchase.Features:• One of the greatest horse riding games• Professionally trained cop horse• Horse hunting criminal suspects• Interesting police vs thief missions with pedigree horse• Exiting horse’s hitting actions• Amazing old city environment of ancient times• Excellent horse sound effects• High quality 3D graphics and exciting gameplayEnjoy the stunning ride of a realistic horse simulator and sharethe experience with your friends. The game provides a number ofchallenging missions to chase criminals, unseen in other policehorse racing games. Crime city police chase horse is one of thebest police games and police horse games of the year. It’s time toplay police chase games with the hunting police horse for policechase missions. This special chase horse simulator 3D is the modernof police chase games that let you forget the regular horse gamesby adding fun to police games and horse racing games. So challengeyourself as a perfect top class cop and horse rider. You are reallygoing to love the latest arrival of POLICE HORSE CHASE: CRIMECITY.